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Feel It In My Bones

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The Uchiha Family is blessed with two beautiful and bright children.


Itachi dropped his school backpack at the threats hold a huge smile appearing on his face.

"I'm Back! Mom, Sasuke!" He announces, taking off his shoes and neatly placing then at the door. Then he follow the daily ritual. He runs to hug his little sister, that awaits gingerly sitting in the sofa, pretending to not be really excited.

"Wah! Put me down!" She shrieks as her older brother lifts her by the arms and spin her in the air as if she weights nothing.

A soft chuckle follows. Mikoto laughs as she watches their antics, putting the book she was reading down. "Your sister is the cutest, isn't she?"

"She is." Itachi agrees, making Sasuke beams.

She loves itachi-nii. He is clearly her favorite since she was born, which makes her mother jealous sometimes. Itachi let her go, and sit besides her. As he grabs the controller of the Nintendo, he throws her an apologetic look.

He flicks her in the forehead. Sasuke imediatly pouts.

"Sorry, Sas." Its never good when he says her baby nickname, much less when the tap comes. She she is not surprised when he says. "I want to play mario cart today."

That isn't fair, Sasuke thinks, deflated. He was supposed to play with her today, with her new stuffed toy mom bought to her.

"Itachi." Mikoto intervenes. Sasuke is five, old enough to know that this is the tone of voice she meant to say "Sasuke is a girl and she is a lot younger than you".

Sasuke doesn't like it one bit. When mom helps her she feels uncool. And Mom never help Itachi, that is the coolest. Even people say so. They say he is mature, intelligent and sensible.

At five, she wants nothing more than be just like her bother. She sits by him and grab the other controller with meaning.

Itachi smiles to her, and her mother watches fondly. "Are you up to it?" He challenges.

"Yeah!" She cheers. She likes video game just as much, she just doesn't like loosing. But today she will beat him.

Perhaps reading the competitiveness in her, Itachi brushes a long streak of hair behind her ear and whisper. "Let's play with Mr. Dinasour after this."





She knew she was special. It was because she was an Uchiha.

Her parents never said so, not itachi-nii, but Sasuke was smart and she could notice people treated them differently. At dad's work, everyone would bow or nod when they walked. And she could get away a lot when messing around than usual.

Often, relatives she never remembered the name would come to eat in her house, and they would talk about the great things destined to her and Itachi. They were all serious and a bit boring, but she liked hearing them say they would be the pride of the family one day.

Her family was traditional, and they had made history and would again and again.

As much was she heard this, it got stuck in her mind. Every time her mother would bring to the dancing lessons, she would also hear it.

"Its tradition." Her mother would say first with pride, but then apologetically.

Sasuke was bad at ballet and was really embarrassing about it. But she couldn't quit. She laughed when she first saw the dance, thinking the skirts were silly and the girls standing at the point of her feet made her inch to push them to the ground.

When she was the one doing the ballone, there was nothing funny about it. Her feet hurt, the clothing was ugly, and she was really really bad at it. All the girls were better than her.

"Cmon, Sasuke-chan, you can do this." The teacher would cheer her own, and the girls too when she was out of pace or when she abandoned a position. But the encouragement only made her worse, because she couldn't focus with the growing tight knot in her throat.

Eventually, she would burst crying out of frustration. The class would stop making it a even bigger commotion.

"Now, now, Sasuke-chan" The teacher, a very than and thin woman was the most irritating. She would never stop fussing over her.

Sasuke bit her lips to keep the sobs away, turning her back to the huge mirror that insisted on showing her red faced. She hated crying. She hated crying when people would notice, most of all.

"You are bad at it, all right." A girl with blond hair and blue eyes had keeled before her. Sasuke growled, it was Ino Yamasomething.

"I know." She snapped, facing away.

"We are all bad before we get better." Ino said, smiling, making Sasuke dislike her more. Even she, the best dancer, was doing the cheer up. "You can keep crying or you can get up and try again."

"Shut up."

She snapped, making the girls pause, alarmed. Sasuke sobs dyed down, just knowing that they were shocked by the curse.

"I don't want your help. This is stupid."

Even the teacher was schocked then. Sasuke was fed up. "Ballet is stupid. I don't want to look... " she hesitated, she don't know much curse words so she repeated, heated. "I don't want to look stupid like you!"

Ino blue eyes glistened with tears and the teachers too. Unbeknownst to little sasuke, she feared for her career, since she owned it to the Uchiha.

And thus was the first time she made girls cry. It was also the first time she went against the tradition of the family. It would be a recurring trend. Her father was very disappointed.




Even after the ballet fiasco, Sasuke couldn't drop out.

She suffered thought it in Mondays and Tuesdays with the dignity of a martyr. The girls attitude chanced after that, they left her alone. Which was just fine by Sasuke.

On Tuesdays she also played tennis, and Wednesday she had piano classes. She was really good at both. On Friday she had classes with Kurenai-sensei, that taught her different things than she learned at school, like painting, or other times just helped her with the homework. Sasuke liked doing all of this activities, except dancing of course, and she would do it because it was the tradition, but she hated how she didn't have much time to play with Itachi-ni anymore because of her tight schedule.

"I don't want to go."

Sasuke woke up one morning and said she was done with school. Logically, it was the weakest link in her routine, since all the kids went to school and it wasn't a special Uchiha thing. Besides, Kurenai could teach her already, why did she need to go to that noisy place?

"Let's play, Nissan" she proudly announced as she descended the stairs, brandishing her pajamas as symbol of revolution. She met Itachi in the kitchen, just when he was eating breakfast.

It was perfect, since he studied in the afternoon, so they had the morning to themselves!

Itachi wasnt so thrilled by the idea.

"But... Why don't you like the school, Sasuke?" He asked, bowing down to her height, deciding the thought out decision of hers boiled down to this. Not even itachi-ni would get her sometimes, Sasuke thought, looking down as she played with the ends of her dark hair.

"Its just boring. I just sit all day." She mumbled, arms crossed over her chest.

Itachi frowned.

"Sit all day?" He echoed, then gave her his older-brother knowing look. "You don't have friends to play with you during lunch break?"

When Itachi asked like that she felt ashamed , even if she thought she wasn't bothered by it. Before she could reply, they heard steps rushing in the corridor.

"What is she still doing here?" Father's voice was closer and following it there was the maid's.

"I just couldn't make her change into the uniform." She was apologizing panicked.

Father appeared in the hall, dressed in a dark suit. "Sasuke, I'll take you to school." He said, his tone not leaving room for argument.

Usually she would be thrilled to spend time with her father, but just looking at his face she knew she was in trouble. She left without putting resistance. And the ride to her school never appeared so long in the silence of the car.

She expected him to ask what happened, even say he was disappointed, but he just kept the silence, and in a way it was worse.





"So what's happening?" Mikoto asked, worried.

The teacher sighed, looking at the paper she held. Outside of their room, the children were having PE class.

"Your daughter is very bright, Ms. Uchiha."

Mikoto knew that starting with a compliment asked for a but.

"She is isolated though. She isn't shy to answer aloud in class, or to participate in the exercises. But when comes time to play with other kids she never takes initiative to join. I've seem kids trying to befriend her and she usually brushes them off. She acts very reserved and aloof."

"But she is so energetic at home! She loves playing with her brother."

"Maybe that's so because she feels comfortable at home. Try to tell her to put a bit of effort into it."





Itachi-ni and her mom wouldn't let this subject drop, and it was ruining Sasuke's plans.

"So, did you make any friends today?" MIkoto asked her conversationally during dinner, oblivious to the tension in her daughter.

Not this again, not today! She thought, frantic, looking into her father direction.

He had his eyes downcast, looking at his meal, but he had heard, no doubt. She was crestfallen, what would dad think of her? He had just returned from a month trip and she was eager to try to impress him, and not to disappoint him further.

She had by now understood that not having friends at school was also a failure.

So she replied, curtly. "I talked to two girls." It wasn't a lie, she talked to them in the group project they were doing. She quickly changed the subject, as this wasn't supposed to be the focus of tonight.

"They gave us our report cards." She announces, neutrally, as if it's no big deal.

Itachi smiles at her. "I've seen it already, you two will be proud."

Sasuke grins at him, grateful, as she gives her parents the paper she had in her lap since the beginning of the dinner.

"Ah, look at this, honey!" Her mom squeaks. "Top marks in all subjects. Congratulations!"

Sasuke beams, but she is still anxious about her father feedback. He finally glances at her. "Well done, as expected of an Uchiha."

Sasuke smiles again, but something feels wrong. It didn't make her feel as glad as she thought it would. She eats her dinner in unusual quietness and head straight to her bedroom. When she opens the door, Itachi is crouched at the ground, besides countless pieces of a puzzle.

"Finally, you've come to help me!" Sasuke exclaims, sitting besides her brother. It was a 500 pices puzzle, the biggest she had yet to play with. It was the image was of one smiling Pikachu.

"I thought you looked upset at the dinner." Her brother says as he fits a peice in the puzzle. "Is it because of dad?"

A pause.

Sasuke felt her face hot at his mentioning of it, her eyes filled with tears.

"I wanted him to say "as expected of my child", just like he says when you make him proud." She said, tone wavering, she tries to put a piece in many places but it refused to fit. Itachi immediately went to her side and put a hand in her back.

"He never looks at me." As Sasuke kept talking, all the feelings of rejection she had swallowed down came to surface. "All he talks is about you."

Itachi sights. "Dad isn't good at expressing himself. But he loves you too."

Sasuke blinks back her tears. She doesn't tell her she thinks he loves Itachi more because she doesn't want to upset him. He simply is always asking questions about Itachi's school, and praising him to relatives.

"Now he will think I can't even make friends right." She mutters.

Itachi flickers her in the forehead. She looks up at him and he's smiling.

"Don't be so gloomy, little sis. Before you know it, you'll have lots of friends."





Despite Itachi's and her mother's incentives, it was only in the end of her first year of school that she found her best friend.

Sasuke knew that girls usually moved in groups, pairs, at the least. So it was very easy to realize her position was different in class.

But as of late, she was comforted by the fact she wasn't the only one always by herself.

There was a girl with green eyes. Sakura Haruno, as in for spring. She also didnt play with anyone at the breaks. She usually spent her free time reading, when she was not being picked on because of her large forehead. When that happened, she hid and cried, Sasuke could tell, because of the way her eyes would remain red at class.

One day she decided to intervene in the bullying. She crossed the patio and looked at meanly at the three girls surrounding Sakura.

"What are you doing?" She asked, very serious.

Sasuke couldn't understand why she wasn't picked on like Sakura, instead the girls were wary of her. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the popular Ino hated her guts and avoided her like plague.

Her question itself was already enough to break their formation surrounding their victmin.

"We and the forehead are just chatting." One them said defiantly.

Sasuke smiled.

"This doesn't look like a good conversation to me. She doesn't seem to be liking it." The girls were tended speechless. "Let's ask Sakura what she wants to do."

Sasuke then looked at her the first time in her eyes. "Do you want to stay with them or to leave with me?"

" I.." Her voice was horse by crying. "I'll go with Sasuke-san."

Sasuke smiled, feeling incredibly proud of herself as she held Sakurras wrists and pushed her away from the girls. Much to her surprise the girl didn't stop crying at it.

"Don't worry, I won't pick at you." Sasuke tried to reassure her.

"I know, thank ahh-you" Sakura replied, between sobs that didn't seem to be quieting down. Sasuke was both dismayed but also a little more warmed by the fact she wasn't the only one in crying fits that didn't seem to stop at the most odd times.

They sat by the shadow of a large willow, Sasuke's favourite spot in the patio. The silence lingered for a bit more,and she decided to cut the chase.

"Let's be friends Sakura." She told her, suddenly feeling shy. She was susprised how the idea never occurred to her before, it was such a great idea.

Then she added, more sure of herself. "If they decided to pick on you again I will be there to stop them."

Sakura immediately stopped crying, she didn't even seem to be breathing for a second. Then she gasped, a huge smile appeared in her tear streaked face.

"Yes! Yes!" She agrees, beaming. "I've always wanted to be friends with you, Sasuke-san"

She was taken back. "Why?"

Sakura smiled at him, her eyes shining with admiration, an expression she would earn to see every time.

"You like reading just like me. And you are really smart. You are also the cutest, and the coolest girl in our class! You seem so mature and confident, and the thing you just did for me, talking back to Immi, Kioko and Lilychan was awesome!"

She said it in just one breath, shoeing her bubbly side Sasuke didn't get to see yet. As for Sasuke, she felt bashful but immensely proud of the praises, it sounded just like people would fuss over Itachi, excepted maybe the "cute" part, but hearing it warmed her chest too.

Looking at her shiny black shoes, Sasuke decided she liked having a friend.

"You are wrong, Sakura, you are the cutest in our class."

Sakura did a thing that made Sasuke curious, she went red, almost matching the color of the shirt she wore. She was almost worried, if not for the fact she was smiling again.

"You are really nice too, Sasuke-san" she said modestly, as if she couldn't believe her.

"Tch." she clicked her tongue. "Just call me Sasuke."