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Hit and Run

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To say she was a crime boss was a crime in of itself. She was a god among men and only three truly knew this fact. She was their goddess and they were her archangels. Motifa had found each of them individually, bringing them together in some kind of bond that felt like a family. Chris was the first. He had seen her power first hand when running from police, and after trying to make sense of what he had seen, the Irish man quickly made up his mind. It took no convincing for him to follow her and do her work. Motifa did not need help, but she welcomed his presence. Chris ended up being a close friend and almost family to her. He was eager to please and help her, and in return, Motifa felt she had a friend, someone to comfort her in her time of ultimate being, someone who caused her to laugh with the small things that he did.

Julian was the next. After a case of miscommunication, he had found himself in trouble with a local gang. They had cornered him in a back alley, ready to finish what was started. No matter what he said, he couldn’t convince them to spare him and soon enough, fighting broke out with Julian fighting for his life. When she found him, Julian was already on the edge, about to collapse. He was wounded and bleeding, but Motifa had seen Julian’s strength as he fought, and his strength to continue on. She sent them away with only a look after brutally killing one gang member. Motifa took Julian in, tending to his wounds and in return, he too came to follow her. Chris and julian grew close quick, and the duo had become a feared threat in the city along with their leader, but it wasn't until their third member arrived that things really began.

Ding Dong was an alien, simple as that. He crashed in Julian’s backyard one night creating quite a fuss for them. An alien crashing to Earth brought the government, but like the others, Ding Dong found safety in Motifa. They couldn't touch her. It was like she was a powerful force of nature, a law. His own kind was praised for their speed, strength, and intelligence, and while Ding Dong had to admit he wasn’t the strongest as he was still young, his skills could only come close to matching Motifa’s natural ability. She reminded him of his own people, of trained elders who had seen wars only young ones could dream of in stories told to them by their mothers, but she was no elder. She was young. She could only grow more powerful from here, and that thought terrified the alien. She was not of this planet. She was not of any planet.

Motifa loved them like her own children. They were not kids, in fact they were adults, but to her, they were children. She was beyond their mortal understanding and their small brains humored her, but also humbled her. They were the reason she was still here protecting this city. She had more important matters on her plate beyond here, but those were things that the boys would never know. For now, they lived in peace together with Motifa, doing her work and living under her protection. These were things Chris held as a standard in his life. Motifa was above them, and he wasn’t going to argue that.

Chris shifted again for what seemed to be the millionth time. He squinted, looking through the telescopic sight on the sniper once more. He could see the target down below, he just had to wait for the right moment. He was laying on his stomach on the roof of a building, his gun set up on the edge. He usually wasn’t one to work with guns, but he liked to think he was the best when it came to long range sniping. He didn’t need to worry about up close combat with guns like Ding Dong did. He could relax and put everything into one shot with him unseen. He didn’t have to worry about the retaliation that would come with it. That would be put on the shoulders of someone else. Chris watched his target slink into a back alley, meeting up with a drug dealer. Chris bit his tongue, lining up the shot.

“Boom.” He said, pulling the trigger. The bullet hit his target right in the forehead causing them to collapse. The dealer did not freak out, as he was a plant sent by Motifa to smoke out the target. Chris smiled some, moving back from the scope as his walkie came to life in his ear piece.

“Chris, you got ‘em?” Ding Dong asked.
“Yeah, piece of cake.” Chris sat up, beginning to clean up his station. “I’ll be back in a few.”
He took the scope off the gun as he heard what sounded like chewing coming from the walkie and Ding Dong confirmed what Chris had said.
“Dee, are you eating? Fuck, did you guys go to McDonalds without me?” Chris asked angrily.
“You were taking too long and Julian and I were hungry!” Ding Dong protested. Chris stuffed the gun back in its case and shut it with a huff. “Yeah well, some of us actually like getting shit done.”
“Excuse me, asswipe. Who told you to go do that after you put it off for three weeks?”
“AND who covered for your ass when you screwed up and let Stevens get away because you farted really loud?”

Chris reached into his pocket and shut off his walkie talkie. Fuck this. He picked up the gun case and stood up stretching. He adjusted his green hoodie which had been pushed up when he was laying down. His hoodie and jeans had become a staple. It was common and pedestrian, which didn’t call much attention to himself, not to mention it was comfortable.The one thing that stood out in his uniform however, was a red bandana tied to his upper right arm. He liked the idea of them being united by something physical, so he had suggested the bandanas. The others allowed it, not wanting to hear Chris go on and on about it until they caved like he normally did.

It was a sign of their friendship, of what they were. At least, that’s how Chris saw it. He kept his on his arm, Julian’s around his head, and Ding Dong’s was around his neck. A red band of friendship and crime. How poetically stupid.

The Irish boy headed to the door on the roof. His job for today was done, and he was looking forward to video games with Ding Dong and Julian. He was also looking forward to giving the two of them hell for eating without him. If they knew what was good for them, they’d save him a burger.