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“Min Yoongi! When will you actually do something with your life? You’re just lazing around. You don’t do homework, and the only times you meet up with friends are when I drag you out of the house! College is supposed to be the best years of your life! Go out and meet a cute boy and stop being miserable around me, you’re bringing negative vibes into my apartment!”

Yoongi was, in fact, not just lazing around doing nothing. Someone around here had to lay on the bed and check out the newest cat memes on Buzzfeed, and if Hoseok didn’t want to, he would gladly take this one for the team. And it was as much his apartment as Hoseok’s, since the last time he checked he was still paying rent, thank you very much.

“Yah, brat, it’s hyung for you! And where am I supposed to meet this cute boy?” Yoongi asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically towards his disrespectful best friend.

“I don’t know, go to the new-opened café around the corner. They just hired a bunch of college kids, one of them has to be cute, right?”

Yoongi snorted sarcastically. “In that case, you can go by yourself. You’re just as lonely as I am, if not more. I’m more of a lone wolf, a dangerous man. I don’t need to meet anyone, I like my inner circle just as it is. Plus, I don’t like cafés, all they serve is oversweet hot chocolate with too much whipped cream.”

Hoseok shook his head. “My good friend, you’re lowkey the softest in the whole world. The purest. You crave affection and attention like a kitten. And I actually enjoy being a single pringle, I don’t have time to date, because I actually have a hobby, remember? I’m married to dancing.” After a moment of thought, he added, “and I know for a fact that you love hot chocolate, don’t think for a second that I haven’t seen the box in the cupboard hidden behind the cereal.”

If Yoongi blushed, no one had to know, and he groaned as he buried his head in his pillow. “Stop. I won’t go. You can’t force me.”


As it turns out, Yoongi can in fact be forced, as they ten minutes later are in the process of finding a table at the new café.

“I invited Namjoon and Seokjin, they’ll be here in five,” Hoseok grinned as they sat down at a table for four.

Yoongi groaned.

“Great, just what I was in the mood for today. Being a third wheel for the honeymoon couple.”

A slap and a scowl from Hoseok.

“Don’t be like that, be happy for them. They’re literally your only friends, and they’ve danced around each other for the past four years, I’m just glad they finally got their shit together and started dating.”

“I literally had to lock them into a closet for two hours at the last party. Who knew they had to be in the closet first to come out of it,” Yoongi chuckled as he remembered the state he had found his friends in after opening the closet door, as they were in the middle of a heavy make out-session.

Speaking of their friends, the café door opened and the little doorbell tinkered in an uplifting way, and two men walked in, hand in hand, the tallest of them with soft pastel pink hair, making Yoongi do a double take.

“What have you done to your hair, Namjoon-ah?”

Namjoon grinned sheepishly and scratched his neck with his free hand. “Jin kinda convinced me to dye my hair pink, he said it would suit me. You have nothing to say, Mint Yoongi.”

Yoongi shrugged. There was nothing to say, as his hair was, in fact, mint colored. One of his brilliant 3 am. ideas, and, if he had to say it himself, it wasn’t one of his worst. He had found out in the hard way that in the ungodly night hours when he couldn’t sleep at night and was bored, it was better to ruin his hair color than his hair cut.

Throwback to when he had to wear a bandana for three weeks.

He shivered just at the thought.

“Have you ordered yet?” Seokjin asked with a smile as they sat down.

“No, was waiting for you. I could go order for us now? What do you guys want?” Hoseok said, pointing at Namjoon.

“Surprise us.”

“Four oversweet hot chocolates with too much whipped cream coming up, then!”

A sigh from Yoongi. “I hate you, Hobi.”

“Love you too hyung, play nice while I’m gone, okay? It’ll just take a minute, don’t miss me too much!” Hoseok turned around and made kissy noises over his shoulder as he walked to the register.

“So, Yoongi,” Jin said as he put his elbows on the table and chin in his hands. “Do you see any potential guys here you think you could woo into being your boyfriend?”

Yoongi looked around the café with a pondering face, just for show. The thing is, he wasn’t that bad at wooing, but there weren’t anyone in particular catching his attention. Some of the employees and costumers seemed to be on his age and were okay looking, but didn’t seem like his type. But that was okay, since he wasn’t really looking for love. He was dragged here against his will, a victim to his friends.

“No,” he answered honestly, even if he knew that would get him disappointed looks.

“Then lower your standards, you know you can’t afford to be picky, people aren’t exactly standing in line for a chance to date you. If you want to, I could introduce you to one of my classmates, as far as I know he’s one of those who are forever alone as well,” came from the sideline in a light and chirpy tone. Yoongi made a mental note to not invite Namjoon to his next birthday for that comment alone.

“I’ll let you know that there’s actually someone who really wants to date me,” Yoongi hissed.

Jin gave him a look, like he didn’t believe him. Yoongi couldn’t blame him. “Who would that be? I haven’t heard you talking about anyone?”

“I have a boyfriend,” Yoongi lies smoothly. He’s tired of people nagging at his sad dating life.

At that exact moment, Hoseok came back with four mugs balanced on a tray. “Who in their right mind would date you, hyung?”

“He lives kinda far away, the other side of Seoul, so you haven’t seen him. Really busy too, I barely get to see him myself. I haven’t mentioned him because we’ve only been together for like two weeks, so I wanted to see how it would go before telling anyone.”

More smooth lies.

“And how exactly did you guys meet? You never leave the apartment, hyung, I would know, I live with you.”

“I met him at that music store that I visit from time to time, you know the one with the old vinyl plates?”

Seokjin took his mug from the tray. “The one in that shady alleyway?”

“Yes. That one. Met him like two months ago. He was cute so I asked for his number, and as they say, the rest is history.”

Three pairs of narrowed eyes were aimed towards Yoongi, who felt like he was digging himself into deeper and deeper hole the more he spoke.

“Okay, Casanova, what does he look like then? Any pictures of you two together?”

Oh shit. Okay, what could a boyfriend look like? Eyes? Yes, he has eyes. Safe bet.

“No, he’s shy, so I don’t have any pics. I’ll tell you this though, he has the cutest nose and big eyes, and the plumpest lips you’ve ever seen. The guy looks like a prince. Way out of my league.”

“Sure he is.”

For some reason, Namjoon sounds skeptical. Why would he be? Yoongi has perfected his poker face, and likes to believe that he’s a decent liar. Nothing is wrong. He’s just tired of nagging.

“I kinda want to see proof that he actually exists, though. Could you get him to send a pic of himself? I would never nag at you ever again, I just think it’s too much of a convenient timing.”

Damn Hoseok. He wouldn’t get a birthday invite either.

“Of course, I’ll ask him as soon as he gets home from college.”

“Oh, okay, what is his major?”

Looks like Yoongi wouldn’t even celebrate his birthday ever again. Seokjin is also banned from the list for asking questions he couldn’t answer. What would sound plausible?

“Dance, I think. He has an amazing body. Yes, it’s dance. He’s a dance major. Yup.”

Forget the deep hole Yoongi was digging himself into. This is more like a full 6-foot-deep grave, ready for him to throw himself into. “Here lies Min Yoongi”, his gravestone would say, “Who finally gets to lay in one place and not move at all, like he’s always wanted. May he be reborn into a stone in his next life”.

“Wow, he sounds good. Can’t wait to see your proof,” Hoseok smiled over his mug.


That’s how Yoongi finds himself on his bed when they get home from the café, searching on the app store. He came to the conclusion that a pic of his “boyfriend” from a search engine wouldn’t be enough, he should have messages too. And since he didn’t actually have a boyfriend, he would have to stoop to the level of play-pretend. Since (as Hoseok so nicely pointed out earlier that day) he didn’t have any friends who would be willing to play his boyfriend with a cute nose, he had to get one himself.

Only, he wouldn’t actually get one himself.

He would download one of those realistic fake boyfriend apps, and pretend like he was in a healthy, new relationship with a guy with a cute nose.

No big deal.

As Yoongi scrolled down on the app store, he found several apps designed for his purpose, but they all had bad reviews that said they lagged and wasn’t realistic enough. They all had a two-star rating, and he wasn’t here to waste any time. He found one with four stars, but it was way too expensive and looked to complicated.

Eventually, he found an app called “inmessenger”. With a four-point eight star rating, and a price tag equivalent to a packet of ramen, so he clicked in on it to read the description.



Tired of your friends and parents nagging at you for not having a significant other? Not anymore! Answer some questions and get started with inmessenger beta version!

inmessenger beta version features:

  • A personalized girlfriend/boyfriend for you, who has their own name and personality
  • Realistic chat times and topics
  • Endless chat options
  • Emojis
  • Voice recordings
  • In-chat pictures for realistic chatting


Updated 13.05.18: Minor bugs fixed, improved chat times




Hwang Hyunjin


Great for forgetting unrequired crushes!


Kim Jennie


So nice to have someone cute to talk to, love the pics~


Lee Taeyong


It somehow made me more lonely haha but it's still kinda fun, it convinced my friends lol



Was this app made for him specifically? It sounds too good to be true. If this would’ve been fake, it would have a full five-star rating, right? Right? Yes. With a price tag like that, it couldn’t be that bad. No chance for scam at all. And the reviews seemed real. Do scammers write haha and lol? Nope. They didn’t.

Yoongi clicked install.

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As Yoongi waited for the app to finish downloading, he started to rethink his entire life. What did he do to deserve this? He wasn’t a bad person. He shouldn’t have to resort to lying through his teeth to keep his near non-existing dignity.

The app finishes, and it looks like a normal messenger. No one would need to know what it really was.

Without any more thoughts, Yoongi opened the app.

Hello, and thank you for installing inmessenger! To get started, answer some questions about yourself to get a step closer to your digital significant other! Continue?

Yoongi clicked yes.

Please type in your full name to continue. This is what your significant other will call you in the app.

Should he write his real name? Yoongi decides not to. This digital boyfriend could just call him by a sickly-sweet nickname, like “honey” or “baby boy”, so he types in “honey min” and taps continue.

Please type in your real full name to continue, as this will give you the best results. This is what your significant other will call you in the app.

What? Yoongi frowned. Weird. What if his first name was honey, what would the app do then? How could it know it wasn’t? Stupid.

“Remember the reviews, Yoongi, they seemed real and not shady at all. Sure, we’ll play it your way, inmessenger,” he says as he types in “min yoongi”. He wanted to keep his lowercase aesthetic, after all.

Welcome, min yoongi! Please type in your phone number and email address for the full experience and future free updates.

Sure, that sounds reasonable. Continue.

Where are you located?

Just “Seoul” wasn’t valid as an answer, so he had to specify where. A little too close for comfort, as he had to type in his address, but what wouldn’t he do for love? Or in this case, fake love? This app better be good.

What is your date of birth? (A special birthday event will be available on this day!)

Uh, no thank you? He wasn’t planning on keeping this up for that long. By the time his birthday rolls around, he could just tell his friends that they broke up, and uninstall the app. Yoongi tries to skip to the next question.

Please type in your answer before you continue, min yoongi.

Sigh. Fine. He types in 930903 and continues.

What gender are you looking for in your significant other?

Easy one. Male. Continue.

What age would you like him to be?

Oof, this was a tougher one. A bit younger, maybe? Yoongi quite liked being called hyung by people, as he had, as his friends loved to remind him of, an old soul. Since Yoongi’s currently 25, the least creepy would probably be around 22-24 years. Sounds about right.

Check the qualities you want your boyfriend to have.

As Yoongi scrolled, he saw near a hundred boxes with different qualities. Sticking to the story he told, he describes his boyfriend as shy and adds playful and flirty to the mix for good measure. For looks he wants cute nose, big eyes, plump lips, and a killer body. The last one wouldn’t have been necessary if he would meet someone in real life, since hey, he wasn’t exactly the poster kid for a healthy life style with his pale skin and not-at-all toned tummy, but since he’s committing to this whole fake-boyfriend-from-the-other-side-of-Seoul story, he may as well go all out.

Before you get your new digital boyfriend, you have a submit a selca to check your comparability and match you with each other.

“I guess it makes sense,” Yoongi grumbles, “it’s a bit creepy, I’ll admit that, but I wouldn’t want us to look like brothers”, so he finds a selca he took a couple of days ago. That’ll do.

[image attached. Continue?]

Great! Thank you for signing in, min yoongi! You can ask your boyfriend any question, and he will answer and hold a conversation like a real human. The details about when and where you met will be discussed in the chat, and he will remember the details correctly if you were to ask him about it on a later occasion, making him able to converse properly. You can change in your settings if you want your boyfriend to contact you only during specific hours.

Oh, that sounds convenient. Yoongi could feed his fake boyfriend with lies, and there would be no one left among his friend group to question his credibility, since he would always have someone on his side. Nice.

Warning! Since this is still a beta version: if the messages start to glitch and your boyfriend starts telling you weird things, the software is most likely broken. If this is the case, you should delete the app and then reinstall, and ask for a new boyfriend with another personality. This is completely free, and we recommend this if the app starts acting up.

You will now be connected to your digital boyfriend. Happy chatting!

[Connecting… please wait]

[Connecting… please wait]

[Connecting… please wait]

[You have been matched with 951013PARKJIMIN]


951013PARKJIMIN [sent 5.39 pm]

Hey there! I’m in messenger, Park Jimin at your service! Here’s a photo of me! Am I acceptable? ~


951013PARKJIMIN [sent 5.40 pm]

[image attached]



951013PARKJIMIN [sent 5.40 pm]

Oh! I see in your info that you’re older than me, hehe~


951013PARKJIMIN [sent 5.40 pm]

Nice to meet you hyung! I’m honored to be your boyfriend, I hope you’ll be happy with me ^.^


Yoongi’s screen flickered and froze for a second, but that was okay, because he had to do a double take at the picture currently on his phone screen. This guy? He looked ethereal. And kinda familiar. Had he seen him somewhere before? Did they have real people take photos of themselves specifically for this app? In that case, those creators deserved creds. He matched his description to a tee, and looked like he was also way out of his league. Perfect. He saves the picture. You know, just for later. Not because he was planning to stare at it for hours and hours later, hahaha nope.


min yoongi [sent 5.43 pm]

uh, hey? your name is park jimin, right? nice to meet you too. yes, you look more than acceptable, you look like a fucking prince


min yoongi [sent 5.44 pm]

by the way, is it possible to change usernames? i would love to have your name as something else than 951013PARKJIMIN, you know, it seems kinda suspicious that i would call my boyfriend that, is that your birthday and your name mashed together or something


951013PARKJIMIN [sent 5.46 pm]

Hehe thank youu, you don’t look bad yourself, hyung ~~ yeah it is, what would you like me to change my username into? A nickname? Honeybun? Sweetiepie? If that’s too much, my friends usually just call me Jiminnie <3


min yoongi [sent 5.47 pm]

wow they even gave you friends? well, i guess they said this app features own personalities. sure, you can put jiminnie


[951013PARKJIMIN has changed his username to My Jiminnie <3]


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 5.49 pm]

Is this better? <3


min yoongi [sent 5.49 pm]

yeah, thank you jimin


min yoongi [sent 5.49 pm]



My Jiminnie <3 [sent 5.50 pm]

OMG you sent a heart :o <333 Does this mean you like me, hyung? ~~


min yoongi [sent 5.50 pm]


min yoongi [sent 5.51 pm]

i mean i guess you’re kinda my boyfriend, right? you’re supposed to flirt with your boyfriend


min yoongi [sent 5.51 pm]

I just have to apologize in advance, because my flirting is shit, so you’ll have to pull a lot of weight here jiminnie


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 5.52 pm]

I don’t think you’re THAT bad lol, that’s what I’m here for anyways ;p


min yoongi [sent 5.55 pm]

speaking of. here’s the details about where, when and how we met…


Yoongi chuckled. This digital guy was kinda cute. Maybe this could work well enough to fool his friends for a couple of weeks. Hell, maybe he could even fool himself for a while. Hoseok was right, he was kinda miserable, and always felt like a third wheel with Namjoon and Seokjin. Maybe he needed this distraction.



Hoseok jumped on Yoongi’s bed and rolled over him like a log, with his arms over his head, squealing loudly as he stopped on top of him.

"Go away, nerd, you're fucking heavy, what do you want?”

Yoongi pushed Hoseok away, but was still laughing with affection for his best friend.

Hoseok grinned widely from ear to ear. "Has your shy boyfriend from the other side of Seoul" (with air quotation marks and a long break before continuing his sentence, who the fuck did Hoseok think he was) "gotten home from college and sent you a selca yet?"

Yoongi pulled the selca he saved earlier from the chat with Jimin up from the gallery and shoved his phone in Hoseok’s face with a triumphant grin.

This was totally the reason he saved it, yep.

"His name is Park Jimin, two years younger than me. Flirty brat when you first start talking to him, I'll tell you that much," he laughed. 

Hoseok took the phone in his own hands and tapped a few times, seemingly zooming in on the picture with a concentrated look, before he glanced up at Yoongi.

"Watch out, hyung," he started laughing. "Your face seemed a shade less miserable for a second there, don't tell me you're going soft for your new boyfriend?"

"I might be," Yoongi shrugged and smiled innocently.

Had to keep up the role of being in the honeymoon phase of a totally real relationship.

"You were right."

"Yah! I always am. You have to specify why I was right this time."

Hoseok's grin got, if even possible, even bigger.

"He's really good looking. Way out of your league."

Yoongi gasped mockingly and slapped Hoseok's arm.

The phone was eventually handed over to Yoongi, before Hoseok dropped his grin and gazed to a corner of Yoongi's bedroom.

"Park Jimin. Why does he seem familiar? I feel like I've heard his name and seen his face before."

Yoongi shrugged again.

"On the streets? At a dance show you both went to? I told you he's a dance major."

"Yeah, that's probably it," Hoseok said as he got out of Yoongi's bed, only to fall back on top of him, making him have to catch his best friend in his arms.

Yoongi let out an undignified squeak.

"I'm so happy for you, hyung. Look at you being all sappy and cute for once, I love it. You'll have to excuse me, though, I have some errands to run," he said as he once again got out of the bed.

"You? Where? You never run errands."

Hoseok snorted.

"As if you're the right person to criticize me, Min Yoongi. The only running I've ever seen you do is running from your problems. I don’t think that count."

Oh, if only he knew.

"You got me."

Yoongi winked and gave him finger guns while clicking his tongue.

"Humor me, Hobi, what could be so important that you have to do it now? It's like, midnight."

"It’s barely past 8 pm, grandpa. I'll just go visit Namjoon and Seokjin. It won’t be long."

Yoongi sat up properly on the bed.

"You just saw them a couple of hours ago though, can't it wait until tomorrow?"

“Nope,” he got as an answer, with a sharp pop on the p. “It’s super important, it can’t possibly wait.”

Yoongi hesitated and gave his friend a sharp look.

“… Why do I get the feeling that this has something with me. Do I even want to know?”

“Me and Namjoon kinda bet 20$ on whether you really had a boyfriend or not? I had to get sufficient proof, and I believe you. Have to go tell Namjoon to pay up. He didn’t have any faith in you. He lost.”

Hoseok started sneaking towards the door, thinking he got away with it, leaving Yoongi in silent shock. His life was a gamble for his friends, but he eventually disregarded it with a wave of his hand in Hoseok’s general direction. He was disappointed, but not surprised.

“Oh, by the way, I emailed the pic of Jimin to myself, if that’s okay. He was cute, maybe I’ll print it out, frame it and put under my mattress.”

A pillow flew towards the door, and hit the doorframe where Hoseok’s head had been only milliseconds before, and a loud cackle was heard from the small hallway.


A couple of days went by, and Yoongi got used to talking to his digital boyfriend.

After their first conversation where he informed Jimin about the details on their relationship, he went to the app’s settings and changed the contact hours so Jimin could only message him between 4 pm and 11 pm, so his phone wouldn’t buzz at ungodly night hours or when he was busy with school.

Speaking of Jimin, he felt his phone buzz silently from the back pocket. He unlocks it and opens inmessenger, seeing as the notification was indeed from him.


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.25 pm]

Hey baby boy, what are you doing? You’re done with school work for today, right? ~


min yoongi [sent 10.27 pm]

yah brat, i’m older than you, if anything you are the baby boy here


min yoongi [sent 10.28 pm]

and no, i still have homework but it’s for the day after tomorrow so i can chat for a bit


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.31 pm]

Yeah sure, as if you don’t like it, baby boy ~~~


min yoongi [sent 10.31 pm]


min yoongi [sent 10.32 pm]


min yoongi [sent 10.33 pm]

don’t tell that to anyone or i swear i’ll delete this app and never talk to again jimin


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.35 pm]

Lolololol I knew it :D A soft baby boi, the actual softest, too precious for this world, must protecc at all cost <3


min yoongi [sent 10.35 pm]



My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.37 pm]

No but hyung, you’re actually really cute, have I told you that? In a tsundere “most protect my image” kinda way and then BAM~ sometimes you put a tiny heart behind your texts and my heart goes :o


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.40 pm]

Not to sound weird or anything but I kinda love affection? A lot? Even if I’m just a smol bean, too shy to ask for it to the level I crave even from my friends? So please don’t hold yourself back whenever you are talking to me! We’re boyfriends, remember? :D I crave affection like a sunflower, watch me grow and take care of me and I’ll become strong and pretty <33

My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.41 pm]

Maybe not as tall as a sunflower tho bc those things are fucking huge and again, I’m a smol bean


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.41 pm]

Not that smol tho, mind you, I’m just tall enough to reach the top shelf in my cupboard


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.42 pm]

BUT those tiny hearts you send kinda make my whole day tbh, it’s what’s keeping me going, making me all warm and fluttery


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.43 pm]

And I’m honestly so glad and thankful to you for accepting me as your boyfriend and wanting to talk to me


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.44 pm]

It kinda got a bit lonely all alone here before you came…


The app froze. Green and purple streaks flashed all over the screen, before it stopped and the phone returned to the home screen. Yoongi frowns.

This is a beta version, after all.

This is to be expected.

He opens inmessage and quickly taps on his chat with Jimin, with two new messages waiting.


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.48 pm]

I’m so glad you’re being this nice to me, it’s only been a couple of days and I already feel kinda attached to you, I’m so so so thankful that you downloaded this app ~ 


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.48 pm]

Sorry for ranting to you, I just have a lot on my heart right now so bear with me for a bit longer lol, sorry if it’s boring you, you don’t have to read all of this if you don’t want to


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.50 pm]

I just really like talking to you hyung, you make me happier than most things ~


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.50 pm]

Oh no!!!


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.52 pm]

I forgot to put in emojis, sorry for being a downer and a disappointment, just ignore everything up until now :(


min yoongi [sent 10.53 pm]

no no no wait a second here


min yoongi [sent 10.54 pm]

it’s okay jiminnie, you’re allowed to feel down sometime, you have your own personality, I guess that negative feelings are also part of the package


min yoongi [sent 10.54 pm]

but were you seriously gonna write me a whole novel separated into texts


min yoongi [sent 10.55 pm]

because i kinda like the idea of that tbh


min yoongi [sent 10.55 pm]



My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.55 pm]

Aish, my heart is racing because of you, hyung, how do you do it so effortlessly, I thought you said you were bad at flirting <33


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.56 pm]

I wish I could continue, but I have to cut it short for now, I can’t keep going for longer tonight :( maybe another day <3


min yoongi [sent 10.56 pm]

huh, why not now?


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.57 pm]

The hours in the settings, Yoongi. I can’t reach you after 11 pm, the messages won’t send and just get deleted, I’ve tried it before and it just didn’t work ://


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.57 pm]

Well! Don’t mind me, it’s not that bad, I can always reach you later and I guess I need all the sleep I can get without you there to distract me haha :p


min yoongi [sent 10.58 pm]

what, are you programmed to just sleep when not talking to me? what would you do if i changed the settings so you could reach me during all hours then?


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 10.59 pm]

Goodnight Yoongi, have sweet dreams my cute little cupcake <333


min yoongi [sent 10.59 pm]

oh okay, goodnight I guess, talk to you later then <3


Yoongi went to bed early, feeling kinda guilty. Why should he, though? The instructions of the app spesifically stated that he's free to regulate the contact hours as he may wish.

There's no reason for feeling guilty that Jimin apparently tried to contact him outside of these hours.

None at all.

But why was the feeling still there?

Chapter Text

The restricted contact hours lasted for a total of two more weeks, until one of those faithful nights where he drank coffee at 11 pm to finish his homework without thinking about the consequences.

Of course, the consequence was being awake well into the night, and it was currently half past three am.

Yoongi sighed and sat properly up in his bed, giving up the idea of sleep for now, ruffling his hair in the process.

His hair was still kinda vibrant mint, so he saw no reason to ruin it further tonight by re-dying it.

He also considered putting on some music, but he had forgotten his headphones at Namjoon and Seokjin’s apartment the other day, and listening without them probably wouldn’t make Hoseok happy, as the apartment was kinda cheap and therefore not very sound-proof.

What else could he do that wouldn’t disturb his best friend that was sleeping in the room down the hallway?

Then it hit him.

He hadn’t chatted with Jimin this late (early?) before, but he should still answer him if he changed the chat time settings, right?

Yoongi had originally planned to delete the app from his phone by now, but as Namjoon, Seokjin and Hoseok frequently pointed out, he smiled a lot more nowadays.

And it was all thanks to Jimin.

Yoongi had started looking more forward to going home the days he was in college. Not that he didn’t do that before, but now he had actual plans instead of just watching cat memes.

And those plans were telling Jimin about his day and tell him about stupid things he saw or heard that day, and Jimin seemed just as excited to hear about them.

Hoseok had started nagging less too, noticing Yoongi was less mopey.

“It’s still so unusual to see you in such a constantly good mood. Unusual, but it makes me happier too,” Hoseok had told him the other day while they had sat in the couch together, eating Chinese takeout.

“You’ve been together for, what, a month?”

Yoongi nodded slowly without looking up from his dinner.

"I hope you’ll get to meet up with him again soon, you seem to miss each other a lot based on how much you talk to each other!” Hoseok said while grinning around his chow mein.

Yoongi had just weakly nodded again at that. He knew he and Jimin would never meet because, well, he wasn’t real, but that was okay. He was happy with how it was now.

At least that was what he told himself.

Yoongi often started the conversation with him, but Jimin was the one who started it just as frequently with random messages or pictures.


( My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.39 pm]

Hyung! I didn’t know that you came to surprise visit me! ~


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.39 pm]

[image attached]


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.40 pm]

So cuteee, just like you are in your photos <33


min yoongi [sent 4.41 pm]

yah! park jimin! is that an actual trash can


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.42 pm]

Noo what are you talking about, this is a cute selca of us ;D


min yoongi [sent 4.41 pm]



And that was how he ended up in the living room at nearly 4 am, with a blanket over his legs and a mug of the hot chocolate he made from the box hidden behind the cereal in the kitchen cupboard in one hand, and his phone in the other.

(He didn’t admit it to Hoseok when he confronted him about it a few weeks ago but the box was, indeed, his.

He loves hot chocolate.

Sue him.)

Yoongi opened inmessenger, went to settings, and changed so that he could talk with his “boyfriend” at all hours, before he sent Jimin a text.


min yoongi [sent 3.53 am]

hey jiminnie


min yoongi [sent 3.54 am]

are you awake


min yoongi [sent 3.54 am]

or as awake as you can be, i don’t know how you work


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 3.55 am]



My Jiminnie <3 [sent 3.55 am]

Yes, I’m here!!! Thank God


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 3.56 am]

I really wish you were here with me :(


Yoongi smiled, and was just about to answer when his screen went pitch black.


It wasn’t locked, because his lock screen (which may or may not have been the first selca that Jimin sent him. Again, sue him.) wouldn’t show up.

That probably meant the phone had died.

When he tried holding the power button down for a few seconds, the phone told him that it had low battery.

Didn’t he just unplug it from the charger by his bed, though?

With a sigh, Yoongi put his mug on the coffee table to go get his charger. He threw the blanket over his shoulders like a cape, and quickly went to his bedroom.

He unplugged the charger and brought it with him to the living room, before he plugged it into his phone.

Eventually he tried to turn on his phone again, and it showed only 2%, but it was enough to get it started.

Yoongi reopened inmessenger, with a few messages waiting for him.



37293152127012358PARKJIMIN [sent 4.01 am]

Yoongi???? Are you okay??


37293152127012358PARKJIMIN [sent 4.05 am]

Baby?????? PLEase answer


37293152127012358PARKJIMIN [sent 4.06 am]

Okay I’m officially freaking out


37293152127012358PARKJIMIN [sent 4.07 am]

Yoongi please answer me, are you okay, did anything happen, I’m getting really scared


min yoongi [sent 4.08 am]

oh no baby i’m so sorry, my phone was dead all of a sudden


min yoongi [sent 4.09 am]

please don’t freak out, had to get the charger


min yoongi [sent 4.09 am]

i’m here now <3


min yoongi [sent 4.10 am]

but your username is weird tho? the app crashed and i think your username got reset, but that’s not the numbers of your birthday, what are they for?


37293152127012358PARKJIMIN [sent 4.11 am]

Oh, that’s weird, idk, I’ll just change it back~


[ 37293152127012358PARKJIMIN has changed his username to My Jiminnie <3]


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.12 am]

Thank fucking God you’re okay, I was worried something really bad happened to you :’((


min yoongi [sent 4.13 am]

i’m fine, thanks for worrying jimin but I swear i’m okay <33


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.13 am]

If you insist then I guess I’ll just have to trust you then


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.14 am]

Shit hyung, you scared me, you have no idea :(((


min yoongi [sent 4.15 am]

what could I do to make it up for you?


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.16 am]

Hmm, let me think…


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.17 am]

A selca please, I feel like I need to see your face to know that you’re really okay ~~

min yoongi [sent 4.18 am]

i’ve literally been awake for way too long, i’m not in a state where i’m able to take selcas


min yoongi [sent 4.19 am]

can i just send one from a couple of days ago


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.19 am]

Suuure, as long as I can see your face <3


min yoongi [sent 4.21 am]

[image attached]


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.22 am]

Waaah so good looking, I’m literally in love, hyung, I’m saving that one <33333


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.22 am]

Who’s that behind you? A friend? I bet hyung has a lot of friends ~


min yoongi [sent 4.23 am]

yeah, that’s hoseok, best friend, flat mate and a general pain in the ass


min yoongi [sent 4.24 am]

dude i have like literally three friends


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.25 am]

Pic or it didn’t happen ~


min yoongi [sent 4.26 am]



min yoongi [sent 4.26 am]

are you trying to hint that i have to send more pics of my friends to prove that i’m not a loser


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.28 am]

Solely for scientific reasons, yes :D


min yoongi [sent 4.29 am]

[image attached]


min yoongi [sent 4.29 am]

[image attached]


min yoongi [sent 4.31 am]

seokjin and namjoon, they’re dating, the biggest motivation for downloading this app was for both them and hoseok to stop nagging about me not dating anyone and to stop them treating me like the forever alone third wheel


min yoongi [sent 4.31 am]

you owe me for this btw


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.32 am]

Waaaah is it something in the water over there?? You’re all so handsome, it’s unfair :o


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.33 am]

My friends are dating too! They’re also both really really good looking, much more than me, you should’ve met them instead of little ol’ me~


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.34 am]

Hold on for a second, I may still have some pics


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.36 am]

[image attached]


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.36 am]

[image attached]


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.39 am]

Jungkookie took the second one of me and Taehyung, he’s such a good photographer even tho he’s also majoring in dance like me, and Taetae is in singing, he has such a lovely voice and together I swear they make the prettiest couple~~~


min yoongi [sent 4.41 am]

not to sound too sappy or anything, i may be biased, but i kinda think that you’re still the prettiest of you the three of you


min yoongi [sent 4.41 am]



min yoongi [sent 4.42 am]

but wow? i seriously have to give creds to the maker of this app for giving you friends and even pics of them, this is so realistic it’s almost creepy


min yoongi [sent 4.42 am]

how do you know each other then? what’s the backstory?


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.44 am]

Thank you hyung, making me blush like that, you’re so pretty too <333 We all went to the same middle school and started at the same college and have been best friends for a long time, I miss them and their pretty faces so much ~~


min yoongi [sent 4.45 am]

went? miss them? aren’t you two years younger than me? you should still be in college with them then… or did you drop out?


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.46 am]

I don’t really… want to talk about it if that’s okay


min yoongi [sent 4.48 am]

it’s none of my business if you did, Jiminnie, it’s okay, we can drop it


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.49 am]

Yeah, thanks.


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.51 am]

So, what are you doing up anyways? You should be sleeping, baby boy, or you won’t grow tall


min yoongi [sent 4.52 am]

aish, so rude to your hyung, i’m tall enough, i bet you’re just saying that bc you’re short


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.53 am]

Shh, don’t expose me like that >:(


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.53 am]

How tall are you then, Yoongi-hyung?


min yoongi [sent 4.53 am]


min yoongi [sent 4.54 am]



My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.55 am]

LOLOLOLOL you’re literally only four millimeters taller than me, you have no right to call me short


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.56 am]

Not that short tho, we’re just fun-sized ^w^


min yoongi [sent 4.58 am]

i’m neither fun-sized nor fun. i’m a creature of darkness, a destroyer of happiness


My Jiminnie <3 [sent 4.59 am]

You are fun tho, I like talking to you <3


min yoongi [sent 5.01 am]

… i guess you’re not too bad either


min yoongi [sent 5.02 am]

i’m still not tired, tell me more about your friends please


About four hours later, when Hoseok walked through the living room to get to the kitchen, he saw a mug and went to pick it up on his way.

He then noticed Yoongi laying on the couch in a blanket burrito with only his arms and face sticking out, and he had his phone in both hands.

Hoseok cooed quietly at his sleeping friend, and brushed the mint hair away from his forehead.

Even in his smile, Yoongi had the same soft smile on his lips that he had started wearing these last few weeks.

It suited him, Hoseok decided.

The phone was carefully pried away from Yoongi’s hands and put on the coffee table, so he wouldn’t accidentally drop it the small distance it was from the couch to the floor.

The half full mug on the coffee table with the now cold chocolate was picked up and brought to the kitchen.

Hoseok decided to send a quick text to Namjoon to check if he was awake, and maybe ask him to that café around the corner.


Hobi :D [sent 9.15 am]

Namjoon-ah, are you awake yet? :D


Hobi :D [sent 9.16 am]

Don’t feel like cooking breakfast, join me at the café in 15?


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.17 am]

Sure, Jin went to visit his cousin yesterday and hasn’t fed me since, I’ll be there


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.18 am]

Yoongi coming too?


Hobi :D [sent 9.20 am]

Nah, he’s asleep on the couch, didn’t seem like he got a lot of sleep tonight


Hobi :D [sent 9.21 am]

Had to pry his phone out of his hands in his sleep tho, so I’m like 99,7% sure he texted Jimin until he fell asleep


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.22 am]

Is he, by chance, what the kids would call ‘whipped’


Hobi :D [sent 9.22 am]

LOLOL don’t use such words, you’re old


Hobi :D [sent 9.23 am]

But yes, he is, what the kids would call whipped


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.25 am]

You’re older, jerk


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.26 am]

I’m happy for him though, he deserves to experience real love, I hope he found it with Jimin


Hobi :D [sent 9.27 am]



Hobi :D [sent 9.28 am]

We’ll be nice dongsaengs and bring him a chocolate croissant to express our love for him <3


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.29 am]

Why are you like this


Hobi :D [sent 9.30 am]

Like what? Amazing? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know, Namjoon-ah! I’m here btw ~


Hobi :D [sent 9.32 am]



Hobi :D [sent 9.32 am]



Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.33 am]

… Oof, you saw that, didn't you


Clumsy Destroyer of the Universe [sent 9.33 am]

Don’t text and walk, kids

Chapter Text


Yoongi woke up from several loud pinging noises at 2 pm, since it was the weekend and he had stayed up well past what he should have to finish writing a paper he had been procrastinating up until the last minute.

He stretched and made a small yelp a he nearly tipped backwards in the office chair he fell asleep in.

Wondering if the sounds came from Jimin trying to talk to him, he opened the fake boyfriend app, but was met with another sight than what he was expecting.


[Please update inmessenger to continue]


He didn’t particularly care for a new update, but he couldn’t access the app without it, so he had to go to the app store to find that so-called new update.


Tired of your friends and parents nagging at you for not having a significant other? Not anymore! Answer some questions and get started with inmessenger beta version!

inmessenger beta version features:

  • A personalized girlfriend/boyfriend for you, who has their own name and personality
  • Realistic chat times and topics
  • Endless chat options
  • Emojis
  • Voice recordings
  • In-chat pictures for realistic chatting


Updated 05.07.18: More personalities + pictures added, fixed voice recording feature, minor bugs fixed


Yoongi sighed, but proceeded to update.

He left the phone to do its thing, and went to raid the fridge for potential breakfast (lunch? Brunch?). He found a plastic container with stir-fried rice with a sticky note that simply said “:D”, so he guessed Hoseok had left him some before he went to dance practice.

Yoongi would never admit it out loud, but that kid really was a blessing sometimes.

He quickly re-heated the food, put it on a plate, and went back to his room to get his phone. He sat down on the big couch, and opened the chatting app.


Warning! Since this is still a beta version: if the messages start to glitch and your boyfriend starts telling you weird things, the software is most likely broken. If this is the case, you should delete the app and then reinstall, and ask for a new boyfriend with another personality. This is completely free, and we recommend this if the app starts acting up.


Yeah, yeah.

Same bullshit as last time.

He just wanted to talk to Jimin.


You will now be connected to your digital boyfriend. Happy chatting!

[Connecting… please wait]

[Connecting… please wait]

[Connecting… please wait]

[You have been matched with 951230KIMTAEHYUNG]


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.20 pm]

Hey! :D


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.20 pm]

Finally someone to talk to!


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.20 pm]

I felt rather alone tbh…


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.21 pm]

OH! How rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself!


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.22 pm]

I’m in messenger and my name is Kim Taehyung! Hope we’ll be friends and that you’ll take good care of me ~


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.22 pm]

… Hello?


min yoongi [sent 2.26 pm]



min yoongi [sent 2.26 pm]

where’s jimin


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.27 pm]

Jimin who? I know several Jimins, my dude, b more specific


min yoongi [sent 2.27 pm]



min yoongi [sent 2.28 pm]

park jimin


min yoongi [sent 2.28 pm]

my jiminnie


min yoongi [sent 2.28 pm]

who I’ve been talking to on this app for the last, like, months


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.30 pm]

… Is he by any chance v smol and looks like a god with orange hair


min yoongi [sent 2.31 pm]



min yoongi [sent 2.31 pm]

?? how did you know


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.31 pm]

Oh thank GOD


951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.32 pm]



951230KIMTAEHYUNG [sent 2.32 pm]

mY tInY bEaN bAbY


min yoongi [sent 2.34 pm]

literally what are you talking about


min yoongi [sent 2.34 pm]

of course he’s okay, i just talked to him last night before i fell asleep


min yoongi [sent 2.35 pm]

like i have been doing every day for the past months


min yoongi [sent 2.38 pm]

… are there any reasons why he might not be okay


min yoongi [sent 2.46 pm]



min yoongi [sent 2.47 pm]

kim taehyung, is it


min yoongi [sent 2.47 pm]

are you okay?


[951230KIMTAEHYUNG has changed his username to TaeTae]


TaeTae [sent 2.50 pm]

Haha of course! :D


TaeTae [sent 2.50 pm]

I just vant beliece tat you knowjimin


TaeTae [sent 2.51 pm]

My bestest frien in the whole invierse


min yoongi [sent 2.51 pm]



min yoongi [sent 2.52 pm]

oh wait where you that music kid that he talked about? that had a bratty boyfriend who danced


min yoongi [sent 2.54 pm]

[image attached]


min yoongi [sent 2.54 pm]

is that you with jimin


min yoongi [sent 2.55 pm]

He called him taetae if i recall


min yoongi [sent 3.17 pm]

you’re like really bad at texting, dude


min yoongi [sent 3.18 pm]

are you really sure that you’re okay?


min yoongi [sent 3.44 pm]



TaeTae [sent 3.45 pm]

Haha y do u have a pic of me tho


min yoongi [sent 3.45 pm]


min yoongi [sent 3.46 pm]

i’ve kinda saved everything jimin ever sent me?


TaeTae [sent 3.51 pm]

I just


TaeTae [sent 3.51 pm]

I miss them so much


TaeTae [sent 3.52 pm]

It hurts


TaeTae [sent 3.52 pm]

So fucking much


min yoongi [sent 3.44 pm]

what hurts? talk to me, tae-ah


TaeTae [sent 3.52 pm]



[TIME-OUT] Oops! Seems like you are unable to connect to the server! Please close the app and try to connect again, and report eventual bugs you may encounter. The beta version is still not perfect, but we are working on it! Remember that you may at any moment ask for a new boyfriend to switch out the old one.



The phone died, and like the last time it happened, the battery percentage was again at 0%, so Yoongi scurried off the couch to find his charger.

Was this really the same Taehyung that Jimin was friends with?


This app sure had a complete backstory, if they really created different profiles for people mentioned by others, making it all seem that more real.

He had wanted to talk more to Taehyung.

He had seemed almost… scared? No, that was probably not the right word to describe him. On edge?

And why was he hurt?

Yoongi shook his head violently. He was getting too invested. This was all fake, remember?

A scam to make him forget how lonely he was.

Well, at least it worked well as a distraction.


It was a late Thursday evening later that week when Yoongi ventured down to what was quickly becoming his favorite café. Hoseok had just finished dance practice and would be down in a few minutes, so he had texted Yoongi to order their favorites, find a table, and wait for him.

As Yoongi got out of the surprisingly long queue for this time of the day after getting a caffé latte for Hoseok and a cocoa for himself (it was late, okay, he wasn’t going to risk ruining his sleep pattern by drinking caffeine) as a kid ran through the doors.

Yoongi wouldn’t have noticed him if the kid hadn’t crashed into him at full speed, causing him to spill hot beverage over himself.

The mint haired man almost cursed at the kid who had ran into him before he looked up.

Yes, up. He was taller than him. Disrespectful.

The kid couldn’t have been older than 20, maybe less. He had dark hair and big eyes, and looked like he was on the verge of bursting out crying.

He seemed familiar?

The kid started blushing furiously and bowed so deep that he might as well have snapped in half.

Then it hit him.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I-”

 “It’s okay. Do your name happen to be Jungkook?”

The kid froze in his bow, and slowly straightened himself, before he narrowed his eyes.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?”

The taller kid, whose name was probably indeed Jungkook, shifted on his feet and looked down at his harms, which were full of a stack of paper.

Yoongi shook his head.

“Not really, I just think I’ve seen you somewhere. I’m sorry. The name is Yoongi, by the way. Figured that it was fair that since I know your name, you may as well know mine.”

“Well, Yoongi-ssi. I’m really sorry about your drinks. And your hoodie,” Jungkook said even though his white t-shirt looked way worse than Yoongi’s black hoodie, looking shy and dropping his earlier suspicion. “Could I please buy you new drinks to apologize?

“Sure, thanks,” Yoongi shrugged, smiling slightly at the kid in front of him.

“I was waiting for someone, but knowing him, he’ll probably be late anyways. Why don’t you sit down with me for a while, keeping me company until he’s here?”

Jungkook looked a bit shocked, but quickly nodded.

“Sure thing, Yoongi-ssi. Thank you for not being mad at me! Could you please take these posters and find a table, so I could carry the drinks back?”

The stack of papers was handed over to Yoongi, and he started walking towards an empty table in the corner, before he suddenly froze as he looked down at the posters in his hand.

It was a missing person-poster, and on it, were a familiar, grinning face.

Kim Taehyung.

According to the papers, he had been missing for a month.

The surprise caused Yoongi to drop the papers, which he didn’t realize before he saw them scurry away and slide under nearby chairs and tables.


As he bent down to pick up the stack he dropped, he saw that the papers that had been on the bottom had a different missing person.

If Yoongi had been in shock before, it was nothing to what he felt now. His blood suddenly felt like ice, and his hand stopped moving towards the rest of the papers.

On the posters, grinning towards him with a smile so wide that it made his eyes disappear, and an undeniable cute nose, was none other than Park Jimin.

The same Park Jimin that he had been texting every day for the last three months.

The same Park Jimin that he was fake dating, because he was a programming in a fake boyfriend app.

The same Park Jimin that was fake.

Except for now the obvious fact that Park Jimin wasn’t fake.

And had been missing for three and a half months.

Then, who had he been talking to the whole time?

Chapter Text

okay so i'm not dead!! really sorry that i'm gone again but after i got back my pc some weeks ago, i couldn't log in?? it was fine for like three days, and i managed to write the rest of the previous chapter and post it, but after that it wouldn't let me use it. i just finished high school and started university, and i got my pc to my old high school, and i think i wasn't able to properly disconnect it from my old user and server as i'm now shut out (does this make any sense at all???)

i'm borrowing a pc from my dad atm but since i already started writing the next chapter on my old one and have all my notes on where the story is going on there, it kinda sucks to have to start all over again ((again)). i'll do my best to get back on track soon! i'm so sorry for any inconvenience with the hiatus, especially when i said last time that it was finally over :((( i know it's not that many chapters but this fic kinda feels like my child and i love writing it, and i feel guilty for leaving you hanging in the last chapter?? sorry about that :))

hope you understand, and thanks for reading so far! ❤❤ the story is not over, i'll update as soon as i can, he hiatus is just a bit longer than i had expected!