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It's Hard Out Here For A Kit

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“Fear the wrath of the Recyclify!” the akumatized villain yelled out as Chat landed onto the street beside the other Miraculous wielder. Ladybug was on the way but in the meantime it was up to Kit Lynx and himself against the woman ahead of them. Her dress seemed to be made out of old newspapers in a layered skirt with an elaborate grabber in her other hand acting as her guide. Her head was covered in a mask that shaped her hair like a tree with a crown of cans around it.

“So what’s her paw-blem?” Chat questioned as the other hero snorted out beside him. At least someone appreciated his puns still, although he gave Ladybug credit for not murdering him after nearly twenty years of them.

“Seems like she was trying to clean up the park and someone ruined her bins or something.” Kit responded as he pointed to the pin on her chest that was shaped in the recycling logo. “I think the butterflies in her pin-” Kit began only to be cut off mid way when she waved the grabber and all the recycling on the street was lung at him in waves. Kit and Chat ducked and jumped out of the waves whenever possible, destroying them when they could no longer avoid.The recycling formed into a giant figure, as Chat gulped. This was a little more complicated, wasn’t it?

Immediately, Kit ran towards it, dropping to his knees and sliding on them to avoid a swing. Chat was on the other hand, taking a lesson from Ladybug to strategize when he noticed Kit being wrapped in newspaper and yanked into the recycling beast’s giant hand.

Taking the risk, Chat ran towards it, using his cataclysm to destroy it. Kit fell as Chat caught him. “So if its raining kits, when do the dogs start?”

“I think for the sake of both of us, let’s keep the dogs away.” Kit teased before planting himself on his feet.


Kit looked up at Chat with a grin. “Hey Chat, I have an idea” Kit started waving his hands, keeping an eye on the distracted akuma that had the tell tale purple mark on her face as he winked. “We just need to immobilize her until Ladybug arrives, right? Follow my lead if you think those old paws can keep up.”

Kit heard Chat yell out behind him. “This cat still has at least six lives!” before Kit pulled his whip off from around his waist. It was long but on the end had a grappling paw. Wasting no time, Kit threw it up onto a street light and flung himself up and over Recyclify. Chat charged at the Recyclify with his baton in a distraction as Kit snuck up. Using the whip, he wrapped Recyclify’s arms and torso in a tight bound as Chat grabbed onto the pin and the grabber while stepping away, in hopes she couldn’t do anything without her miraculous or weapon.

“You had all the fun without me kitty?” a voice spoke as Chat turned around to see Ladybug.

“What can I say, I got this kitten to apprentice in how to be fantastically clawsome, milady and it couldn’t wait.” Chat Noir responded as he pointed towards Kit having the akumatized victim wrapped up off to the side. Chat broke the button in half as Ladybug made quick work of grabbing the butterfly.

Kit came to stand beside Chat as they were talking until Ladybug came over. “Kit, although it is appreciated, what are you doing here?”

“The akuma-”

“Yes but you have school.” Ladybug spoke as she put her hand on his shoulder. “School is more important. Chat, myself and the others can handle akumas while you have class.”

“But I was able to get here first and actually halt her from hurting more of Paris.” Kit rebutted in a mumble as he averted his eyes.

Chat could see Kit’s ears flattening on his head, knowing the kid was probably feeling quite upset in that moment as he stepped in.


“I think milady is trying to say we want to make sure you can have a successful future without this getting in the way. Skipping classes can really affect you, even if it is for the greater good. Besides, your school may worry if they can’t find you after the akuma lock down. You were amazing today though.” Kit heard as he was going to argue more, but Ladybug’s beeping alerted him that he could not argue.

“Okay.” Kit spoke, in a tone that was quite defeated as he turned and headed to the nearest rooftop.

Chat and Ladybug went together. “Think I was too hard on him Kitty?” Ladybug asked as Chat shrugged at her.

“I understand Milady, but he’s just trying to help. It’d be easier if we told him you knew what it’s being a teenage hero. He already is worried about you not trusting him.” Chat offered as they both de-transformed in a deserted alley behind the dumpster..

“That could risk our identities being revealed though.” Marinette spoke as Adrien put a hand on her cheek. “I’m still hesitant since I am still trying to prove his story, look what happened with Volpina.”  

“I suppose you’re right, but look at how much help the rest have been, bugaboo. Sometimes you need to risk giving someone trust.” Adrien gave her a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you at dinner?”


“Of course my chaton.”



Gabe came into his house as he immediately dropped his bag and flopped onto the living room couch. All he wanted to do was nap after his long day; especially with patrol coming up that night. He just imagine exactly what would be said by his parents in the morning, telling Gabe he needed to do his homework earlier so he could get more sleep and avoid detention, even though his mother was also perpetually late too.

Knowing it was probably the best idea though so he could get some sleep after patrol, he moved to the kitchen table and got to work before his whole family was upstairs with him.

Downstairs was his mother, Marinette’s shop. It was a reasonably popular mostly online with each year having business increase with each charity fashion show Marinette did. However, she would arrive home after his father, Adrien, who was a part time instructor in math and science courses at École Polytechnique. It was a well known college for their science and business that Adrien loved working for.

Adrien would arrive home with his siblings Emma, Hugo and Louis.


He did get along well enough with his siblings, as best as anyone could. Emma was his older sister. She had a chipper attitude and was taking the school by storm as the class president for the last three years and the robotics team captain. Hugo was next, the quietest of the group. He loved to speak about poetry and podcasts he had heard, but was shy about discussing his own poetry. Louis was the youngest by a few years and full of life. The youngest of the Dupain-Chengs enjoyed dinosaurs and superheroes, especially Ladybug and Chat Noir. Like Gabe, Louis disliked actual classwork at school.

Several times a week, the kids were fortunate enough to see Pépère Dupain and Mémère Cheng, since they typically babysat Louis after school if Adrien had afternoon classes or if Emma and Hugo were scheduled to help out part time at the bakery. Gabe stood out though, choosing to work part time for Grandpapa Agreste as a model, even though Adrien was hesitant at first and only agreed with strict guidelines Gabriel had to follow for his grandson to ensure his son didn’t get overworked. It came with its own slew of problems though, with everyone comparing Gabe to Adrien at his age. Although Gabe thought it better than being reminded of how his siblings were better at things than he was.


It was a struggle having to fight to be separate from the shadows of Emma and Hugo, while trying to not make a shadow for Louis to fall under. After all, he wasn’t that smart in school subjects, and did not get any semblance of the baking skills his maternal side was known for, and his sewing was only okay.  


All of this the young teen could deal with, but there was one thing that troubled him. Gabe hated lying to his parents about being a hero of Paris. It had only been a few months so far, but it was the greatest months in Gabe’s life. Every other part of his life was quite open with them so it felt strange.

His kwami, Nyxy was his best friend, even though it meant that Gabe constantly needed to smell jerky because of him. As Kit Lynx, Gabe was a separate person that could escape all of his drama. He wasn’t compared to his siblings or told how he should be taller at his age. Gabe could make a difference to the people of Paris without them judging for how he looks.

Yes, people compared Kit Lynx to Ladybug and Chat Noir, since they were the original duo and people were nervous of him at first, but he had shown that Kit was the real deal of a hero so far. This led to more leniency in doing rounds without having to report as much to Chat Noir or Ladybug. Although he would say, there had been little miraculous incidents while he was on patrol, but due diligence and showing Paris they were around. Hawk Moth was a pest, but Le Paon was the one to be worried about. Any hint of Paon and it was high alert mode since she focused more on larger brain schemes that required the heroes to all work together.  


Some time passed and Gabe leaned back on his chair as he pushed away his homework, deciding on giving up on it for now. At the very least, he finished half the worksheets and he was exhausted from a photoshoot that afternoon in the park after the akuma. He was enjoying being home alone, but knew it would end soon. His family had a pattern of coming home for about 6:15 and judging by the time, he knew they would come in shortly.

He ran his hand through his mess of blond hair as the sound of footsteps could be heard from a group of people ascending the stairs to the house.


“Three, two, one.” He muttered as Adrien pushed the door open as the house erupted in a flurry of chatter.


“-it’s amazing to scientifically explain how it works but another to do it. It took awhile to get the hang of it. Tomorrow’s croissants will all be with my dough though!” Emma chirped as Hugo followed behind, his nose stuck in his book.


“I like Memere’s cwoissant!” Louis chimed out, a slight speech impediment coming out as he grinned. “Papa, can we have that for dinner?”

Adrien laughed as he shook his head. “No, your Maman made a casserole to cook.” Adrien began as he began to call out. “Gab e, is it in-”


“It only needs twenty more minutes Papa.” Gabe called out as he grabbed his books to stand up as he walked by Louis and patted his head. They could at least trust Gabe to not mess up putting a premade casserole in the oven... typically.


“Perfect.”  Adrien began as he walked to his office with his messenger bag to drop off his day’s works. Emma had led Louis to the television as they decided to play some Mecha Strike until Marinette got home, which would be in the next twenty minutes seeing as her store was below. Hugo began to set the table as he hummed a tune under his breath.


Gabe set the books in his bedroom on the main floor, beside his dad’s office before stepping in. Adrien was organizing his desk putting the new sheets in the ‘to be graded’ bin on his desk. Gabe was amazed by how organized his father was.


Hearing his son’s steps, Adrien glanced up with a smile. “What’s up kiddo?”


Gabe was nervous as he leaned himself against the doorway. He already knew this would be a tough question. “I was thinking maybe, we could try to ask Grandpapa Agreste over for dinner sometime this week.”


Adrien paused as he raised his brow. “Why?”


“I don’t know. I just think that we see our other grandparents all the time and he doesn’t see us often. Especially more than you and I.”


“You know why-”

“He’s not trying to be mean, he just is blunt.” Gabe argued back as Adrien ran his hand through his hair.


“Yes, but it is a stressful event, Gabe.” Adrien rationed. “I love my father but he’s not the easiest to be around and he’s a busy man.”


“Probably because he’s alone so much. Christe, papa. He spends most of his days just with Nathalie and the chef as company. Even they don’t see him often. The company sees him as a reclusive designer. Maybe if we put in some effort, he’d warm up.”


Adrien sighed in defeat. “I’ll ask your maman, okay?” This was an argument that happened quite frequently in this house.


Gabe nodded, knowing that it wasn’t going to be a winning battle. They would come up with an excuse about how they were busy with something or Grandpapa would not like to be at the small home compared to his larger manor. He accepted it as such as to not start another disagreement.


He went to his room, knowing that the timer would let Emma know to take the casserole out. The moment the door shut, Nyxy flew out of his sweater pocket.


“Kit, why do you want your family to have him over so badly?” The kwami flew over to his desk where the bag of jerky rested. The lynx kwami loved it and Gabe did not know why. “Like you’re chasing your tail here.”

Gabe sat on his bed as he looked over to his kwami. He was greyish brown with large ears that had dark tuffs of fur coming off of his ears and from his cheeks. Wide hazel eyes were rimmed with dark colouring and he had the spotting and what looked like a bow tie on his chest. Honestly, Nyxy reminded him of a stuffed animal sometimes and Gabe even tried making one to look like Nyxy.


“He seems so sad Nyxy. Every time we go, Hugo, Louis and Emma talk about all these things our other grandparents do, and he’s in the shadows.” Frowning, Gabe continued. “I know he was strict on papa growing up, but he’s still family. Every year he goes out less and less.”


Nyxy shrugged as he flew over and sat on Gabe’s knee. “Well you gave it a shot again.”  The kwami tilted his head. “So, you going out later on the town?”


“Yeah I think so. Maybe Chat will be on the prowl.” Nyxy laughed.


“I get it, he’s your role model.”


“Of course he is, he’s so carefree and punny.” Gabe began as he smiled. “He doesn’t get mad at me when I make a mistake and it’s nice to have someone focusing on just me.”


Nyxy smiled at his holder as he sat on his holder’s chest. “You know it could be Ladybug on patrol tonight, Rena Rouge or even the new Bee, Drone.”


Gabe immediately turned red. “Ha, yeah maybe.” Nyxy rolled in laughter as he looked at Gabe. “You got it bad, Kit.”

Gabe swatted at the air towards Nyxy. “Shush you! I just get easily flustered when he flirts with me.”


Nyxy flew up as he rolled his eyes. “HA! And I like cheese.”


“Ha ha.” Gabe spoke as he rolled his eyes. “Besides, it’d be hard to have that kind of relationship. What with not knowing each other’s identities.”

“Why can’t you?”

“Since Ladybug has been emphasizing the whole to not reveal your identities thing. She even said that she doesn’t know Chat’s identity still.”


Nyxy rolled his eyes, which was kind of hilarious to Gabe because of how comically large his eyes were. “That’s ridiculous. Wouldn’t it help if you knew who the other was? I’m not saying tell your parents or anything but you two could help each other with covers. “

“You think I’m going to go against LADYBUG? You are delusional Nyxy. She already is wary of me from just finding my miraculous.” Gabe responded as he heard someone calling his name.

“Dinner time Gabe.”  He stood up, as he looked over to Nyxy.

“Anyways, dinner time and then patrol.” Gabe spoke before heading out of the room.

At dinner, it was a hustle and bustle of conversation as everyone was updating each other on their days. Gabe decided to listen quietly as Emma told Marinette and the rest of the table about the science experiment from today. Gabe was more interested in finishing to go on patrol as he wolfed down food.

He was on his second plate of casserole before Marinette aimed the conversation towards him. “How was your day Gabe?”

He took a moment to swallow the bite of food before responding. “It was a decent day. You know, school was school. The shoot went okay.” Gabe honestly thought the day pretty plain as he leaned back. “What about you Maman?”


Marinette smiled at Gabe as she set down her fork. “It was actually wonderful, I mean, I did trip over a mannequin but then I found out I’ve been offered a spot in a runway show in a month’s time. We will all make designs and people can auction for them with the theme of Paris’ superheroes. There’ll also be other sorts of fun things going on there too like games and silent auctions. The proceeds are going to help give people presents for Christmas.”  Marinette explained. .

“That’s amazing mom!” Emma spoke, as Louis immediately began spouting off ideas for what Marinette should do. He focused mainly on Ladybug, Chat Noir, Rena Rouge and Carapace. Gabe’s bit back his response, since he wanted to tell Marinette to give focus on Drone and Kit Lynx since most people wouldn’t. He knew that he was being biased though since he was Kit.


Pushing his empty plate away, Gabe looked at Adrien. “May I be excused?” he asked politely before running his hand through his hair. “I wanted to get homework done.”

Adrien and Marinette looked at each other. Marinette could see the shift in Gabe, but chose to not say anything as Adrien smiled at Gabe as he nodded. “Sure, bud.”


Gabe took his dishes to the sink and rinsed them before heading to his room. As soon as he got in, he shut the door and locked it behind him. The key for it was in his pocket as he looked over to Nyxy who was lounging about on his bed.

“Ready Nyxy?”  The kwami shot up as he grinned.

“You know it!”

“Alright, Nyxy, time to prowl!” The kwami was engulfed into his bracelet as the change took over him. A brown mask covered his eyes and nose, changing his eyes to a pale hazel instead of the green. Wide ears with tuffs of fur covering the top. His hair now had dark brown at the ends with his hair going wild. The suit was a light brown with dark brown spots and stripes. A long belt was wrapped around him twice with a small weighted cylinder that rested on his back like a small tail onto him. A dark brown scarf was around his neck, jagged like chest fur. His boots went to his knees, with large wide feet at the bottom that were dark. On his hip were brass knuckle like things with claws for him.


All in all, it felt amazing to Kit, no matter how many times he had transformed. Opening the window, Kit pushed out of window as he made sure the coast was clear before rushing up the fire escape to the roof.

Landing softly, Kit looked around before he started his patrol and ran across the rooftop of his buildings before he saw a tall figure in front of him. Bright yellow and black stood out as Kit grinned. “H- hey D-Dr-rone!”


The figure turned around as Kit jumped to the next building where Drone was. Even with wedges in his boots, Kit was a head shorter than Drone. Kit liked patrol with Drone. The yellow clad man was also new on the scene and trusted what Kit said wholeheartedly.


Chat had told Kit that he was given the kwami on recommendation on Queen Bee, who got too busy in life to continue. Drone had his almost pinkish hair combed back slickly. His entire suit was yellow with thick black stripes on his thighs and black boots. A large black stripe was over his torso. His hands were black with thick stripes shrinking as they went up to his elbows. His mask covered his eyes were black and yellow around bright blue eyes and was topped off with antennae. It looked quite a lot like Queen Bee’s.


“Hey Kit Kat,” Drone spoke as he stood in front of Kit. “So, does this mean I get to spend the night chasing you?”

“Ye-yeah, well no- maybe? We’ll have to see how the night goes.“ Kit began, knowing that he was rambling as he took a deep breath and leaned back a bit on his heels, yelping as he felt his body falling back. He grabbed onto Drone’s arms to catch himself as he flushed. “I mean, I guess so?”

“I can already see you’re falling for me.” Drone laughed as he pulled Kit closer away from the edge as Kit smiled. “Come on.”

“Shouldn’t we separate to cover more ground?”

“Nah, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Drone spoke as he started walking through the rooftop. “This gives us more time together anyways.” Drone offered as the two began to run on the rooftop on patrol. It was a common route, ending at the Louvre where they would rest.

Drone was grinning back as he jumped off the building, hovering a bit in the air before going as Kit decided to show off and flip between the buildings, laughing the whole time.

They could see some people watching the two as they did patrol, that was fine with him, even if Ladybug could see it and chastise them for not splitting up. Drone stayed a bit ahead of Kit in their run, unable to speak during this time but would occasionally glance back to ensure Kit was still there.

Kit decided to speed up in order to take the lead, teasingly winking at Drone before sharply turning so they could get the other part of the patrol before their break at the Louvre. This would be more exhausting but allow for them to take a longer break. Kit continued as he curved around a building, immediately seeing a body as he tried to stop himself but Drone, following close behind crashed into him. Kit then tumbled against the black clad body in front of him, shrieking out as he clung onto him.

“Haha, I litter-ally was just wondering where you two were.” a voice spoke as Kit glanced up and his smile widened.


“Chat Noir!” Kit spoke as he took a step back, Drone was standing close behind him, and Kit could feel the other boy resting his arm on Kit’s shoulder as he ignored it. “See anything tonight?”

“Nothing on my end. It’s been a Purr-fect night I think.” Chat spoke as he motioned towards the Louvre and started walking that way. Kit immediately followed as Drone whined from losing his arm rest.

“Yeah, there’s been nothing buzzworthy.” Kit rolled his eyes at the pun before Drone stuck his thumb out. “You know, I think it’s unfair that you like his puns but not mine.”

“Hey, leave my puns out of it.” Chat chided as Kit patted Drone’s cheek.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you.” Kit spoke before thinking. “I mean, ugh- your puns are fine?”

Chat bursting out in laughter at this. “You know, my own lady love was just like you Kit. She could never properly get a sentence out to me the first few months we knew each other.”

Kit flushed as Drone grinned. They all rested at the Louvre as Kit laid with his back flat against the roof before sighing. “Paris is beautiful this time of evening.”

“It really is,” Drone said before he asked. “How was the akuma thing today Chat?”

Kit’s ears perked up as Chat grinned to look towards Drone. “It went pretty well today, no one was injured and Kit even did well.”

“What? Kit was there. No fair. I was told I had to stay in school.” Drone spoke as Kit noted the response, adding to Kit’s lists of fact on Drone, even though Kit was already pretty sure of this.

“Well Kit’s already been talked to about that with Ladybug.” Kit shrugged it off as the three started talking about some other subjects with Drone telling Chat about how Queen Bee was missing the hero life but she found it a bit less stressful to focus on her career and social life.

Eventually, Chat left them as Kit and Drone finished off their round. When they were almost done, Drone finally asked something without his usual playful tone. “Hey, so I was thinking maybe we could try one of those online messaging services and we could keep chatting through the days?”

Kit stopped in his steps, biting his lip as he looked up at Drone. “We aren’t allowed to share our identities though…”

“We don’t have to, we could make anonymous accounts and turn off locations.” Drone spoke as he played with his own hair. “I just always look forward to talking with you.”

Kit flushed as Drone grabbed onto Kit’s hand. “You don’t have to say yes, I just thought it’d be fun.”

“I’ll think about it, okay?” Drone seemed to agree as he perked up.

“Sounds good, I’m going to head home now.” Kit smiled as he turned and headed home himself, He crawled through the window and immediately let go of his transformation, a stupid smirk on his face as he went through the process of getting ready for bed, making sure his binder was on top of his dresser for the morning.

In his pajamas, Gabe walked out of his bedroom, doing some stretches as he headed towards the kitchen for a before bed snack. He could see his mother coming down the stairs from the upper floor as she smiled at him.

“Heading to bed soon Gabe?” Marinette questioned as Gabe nodded.

“Just getting a snack first.” Marinette was already in her pajamas as she relaxed and pulled out a few chocolate chip cookies, handing Gabe a plate of them as Gabe grabbed both a glass of milk.

They sat at the table together, as Gabe could see sketch sheets on the other side his mother was working on. “Hey maman, for the superheroes of Paris who do you think you’ll do?” Gabe could already see a Ladybug design.

“Well Chat and Ladybug of course, since everyone loves them.” Marinette began before pulling over her sheets. “I’m hoping to make some for each of the heroes of Paris though. Although I haven’t had any idea for them yet.”

Gabe looked through the sheets, as he noticed a pajama onesie sketch as he finished his cookies. “Maman, you could always do a set of onesies?” Gabe suggested as he smiled. “I mean, you could do it with hoods and thing.”

Marinette smiled as she ran her hand through Gabe’s blond hair before pressing her hand against his cheek. “That’s a great idea Gabe.”

Gabe leaned against his mom’s hand as he tried to not yawn. Marinette saw this as she pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Go to bed Gabe.”

He nodded, as he took his dirty dishes the sink before heading back to his room. Once Gabe had his phone plugged in and was laying on his bed, he was out like a light.

Life was great for him.