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It All Started With Sectumsempra

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"Do you have everything on you?" asked the man to his daughter. There was no need to ask as he had checked several times already if she had everything that she needed. But there was a sense of reassurance to hear it from her. It showed to him that she was prepared to depart from them for the first time in eleven years. It lifted some weight off his heart.

"Hush you! You know very well she has everything! Now, little lamb, remember to write as often as you can and don't forget to feed Tails. It's a boarding school, so we won't see you till Christmas. Hang in there, darling! Oh, come here!" she said, brushing down her daughter's clothes, before pulling her into a teary hug. The father embraced the two of them and they stood that way till the whistle of the train resounded throughout platform 9 3/4.

The little girl said goodbye to her parents for the first time as she headed towards the train. She had never lived away from her parents. They restricted her from going even to her best friend's birthday party as her parents claimed that they could trust no one and that it was to protect her. To keep her safe. From what though, she didn't know. So, she was beyond excited when she received her Hogwarts letter. Her parents had, at first, said no - and it was a firm no. They were scared and she had never seen them so scared before. They were Wizards and in their humble town in the Muggle world, they were not afraid of anyone, so to see them that scared, it unnerved her. It was a couple of weeks later that they came into her room to tell her that they would accept her wish to study at Hogwarts. Although, this occurred after much begging, whining and crying.

She was unsure about whether she would like the school but she knew that she had loved Diagon Alley. Her first ever experience with wizarding shopping - even if it was for school stationary (and all the other necessary items that was listed with her letter) - was the best birthday present her parents could give her, albeit it was a very belated gift. Diagon Alley was where she got Tails - her Turkish Angora cat - who wasn't a practical option for sending mails but she really wanted him. Above all else though, she wanted him because they looked quite similar. The cunning look in their green eyes and the same platinum blonde - almost white - hair.

She climbed aboard the train and quickly found herself a compartment to sit in just as the train set off. She turned to face the window just in time to wave her parents goodbye - for now at least.

Not too long ago and not too far away, another family was saying goodbyes to their little boy. The family of three were gathered in a small huddle, so one would think that they would be hidden, especially with the added thick smoke from the train. However, they were far from hidden. They were so well dressed that they stood out like a sore thumb. Although the mother acted sophisticated, she fussed over the boy with minute gestures while reminding him of the proper behaviour required of a schoolboy as well as that of a person of his status, especially since their reputation was at stake. It was a fragile thing that had been broken and was just slowly being pieced together once more. The father stood by the boy, making no intimate gestures like the mother was but it did not mean that he did not love the boy. He just didn't know how to express his affection as he did not have a great example himself but he liked to think he was better than his own Father had ever been to him.

As they were about to send the boy onto the train, they noticed two families - infamous families - gathered together also saying goodbyes to their own children. Catching their attention, the dark haired man in one of the two families, nodded curtly in their direction. They had once been enemies as children but now they were more civil about it, although the mutual dislike was still ever present. It had been nineteen years since their last fight and it was not a time that the man wanted to remember. It brought back many disturbing memories, ones he would rather forget. He deemed it to be rather unwise to remember the times of his foolish mistakes and heinous crimes. And they were numerous. Added to that was also his father's crimes which made his sleep a point of abject horror for him. Yet he was too cowardly to Obliviate those memories. It was almost an unconscious act, scratching his left arm which bore nothing but a faded scar now - yet another reminder he wanted to remove but once again, he was too cowardly to cut off his own arm, although the thought never failed to pass through his mind at moments like these, only to be pushed to the furthest and darkest corners of his mind once more.

The boy noticed his Father's discomfort all of a sudden but no sooner had it come, it had gone. He cared for his Father but he was a difficult man to understand. He was going to miss his family, as dysfunctional as it was. Saying his last goodbyes, he hurried onto the train. He stood by the entrance as the train started to move away from the platform giving him a brief moment to wave goodbye.

The infamous families were no different. As their children boarded the train, one was not all that sure about his venture to Hogwarts. He had heard many tales about the place, especially from his brother and uncle, which made him all the more worried about the house he wanted to be in. His father had assured him that Slytherin was not a bad option but it terrified him no less as the house had a reputation and it was not a good one.

His father had a good name and he didn't want to be the one that would ruin that. Even here at the train station, many of the young children were staring at his father - an idol in their eyes. He was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. He knew it since he was a child. He knew how famous his father was and why. It was always expected of him and his brother to be just like him. Role models. Role models for the future generations, showing them what it meant to be a good wizard. His brother had a carefree personality and did not care all that much about how the society viewed him and yet his personality was perfect. He was seen as the Golden Child. The people loved him. But the boy wasn't his brother, he was different. He did care and that frightened him. It frightened him that the Wizarding world would deem him unworthy of his family's name. It frightened him that he wouldn't be able to uphold his Father's legacy. It made him feel light headed with fear.

His Father noticed his worries and gave him a reassuring smile. He didn't know how else to cheer the boy up. He had tried his best at advising him but it didn't seem to be working. Although he was glad that when his wife had hugged the boy, he seemed to calm down a little. Soon he joined his cousins and brother on the train and it almost seemed like a relief knowing he would be in safe hands as many of his friends would be there to look out for him. As the train disappeared from their view, he hoped that they would have their own adventure, just like he had when he joined Hogwarts, minus, of course, all the deaths and horrors.