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Different Worlds

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The clouds are hiding the sun, making everything grey and dark in the kingdom. It was a sorrowful day, both king and queen died, because of the war and sickness. Their subjects were in grief, they loved their beloved queen and king very much and their death made nothing easy. The oldest of the three children is too young to claim the throne and is also a young girl, the middle and the youngest child were both sick and weak, because of the sickness, whom had the queen too before she died. And the newest event took all the power of the young children. The funeral is soon and some butlers searched for some clothes for the young boy, which looked down to his feet’s and wiggled sadly a little bit with his legs.
“My young lord” said one of the butlers. The boy looks up and saw his funeral clothes. A little black suit with the symbol from his family. He sighed and let them dressed him up. After a while he joined his sisters, who wore a black dress. The oldest took the hands of her younger siblings and whispered “Do not be sad Em, Tommy. We have each other.”
“I miss mother and father” Tom said sadly.
“Me too” Em said quickly and went nearer to her sister. She smiled a little bit, grabbed their hands a little tighter and went with them outside to the others.
It began to rain and snow, when the funeral ended.
All the maids, butlers and the subjects are preparing for the meal. The live and the work must go on. Tom looked down from his room and sighed. Nothing will be like it was. He looked down to a painting of his family, they are all smiling. He shed a tear and rolled to the side of his bed. He coughed and hold his stomach, cause of the pain.
His illness is not going away, it had been two years, since he got ill. His sister is even in a worse state. Normally, his older sister is taking care of both, but because of the risk getting sick too, so the counsellor made the decision, only for a very important reason, he and his younger sister can go to their older sister and the other way around. The counsellor also took the work to care about the kingdom until his sister is ready to be a young queen.
To be honest, he never trusted that guy. Everyone do it, but not him.
“Tommy?” the voice of his sister is heard behind the door. He looked up and coughed again. “Do not go in… you know what the counsellor said.”
“Screw his decision!” the older one said and shut the door behind her. She holds a basket in her hand and went to her brother.
She laid it next to her and gave him a hug. “Are you okay?”
“Not really” he said and began to cry. She smiled a little bet and caressing his head. She know how sensitive her younger brother can be, she also knew that it comes from his illness.
And she did know that there is no cure for this.
The only thing she can do is taking care of him and his sister.
“I brought you something from the kitchen!”
She laughed and said: “It is okay, nobody knows about this or will know about this.”
“Have you brought Emma the same thing?”
“Of course. I gave her a basket full of delicious food too, some minutes ago."
Tom smiled a little bit, pushes away a bit and looked down. He took some of the apples from the basket and took a bite of it.
His sister smiled and gave him also a book. He widened his eyes and asked: “Is this…”
“But… the counsellor said that I…”
“I know. But that guy is a fool. You can have it, I know how you love to read and our parents would like that too.”
Tom smiled and opened the book to begin to read. Then he looked confused and looked at his sister. “It looked different, than I remember.”
“That book has all the works of Shakespeare in it, I made sure of that, everything for my favourite brother.”
“Ehehehe, I am your only brother.”
“Lady Sarah! What are you doing here!” one of the maids said. Sarah sighed and said: “Gave my brother a little gift?”
“But, you will become sick too, come my young lady!”
She looked to Tom and whispered: “What a drama queen.” Tom snorted happy a little and continue to read.

It begin to snow in the middle of the night, when Tom awaked from his dreams. He heard something in his room and cuddled more with his blanket. It is getting colder, than he remember. “H… hello?” he asked quietly and coughed again. No one answered his question.
He took his oil lamp and light it up. The softly light lighted the room a little up. The flames of the chimney went out that is why everything here is so cold. He sighed and wanted to blow out the fire of the lamp, when he heard the same noise again. He stared to the door and heard some footsteps, walking away. A little curious, Tom stood up, took his oil lamp and a coat and followed the noise. Careful he opened the door and looked into the corridor.
Nobody is here, the castle is spooky quietly, without the working people.
He heard the sound of the footsteps. He coughed again, looked to his room, turned around and decided to follow that mystery noise
It took him some minutes, when he enters the royal yard. It is still very big, with many animals and plants. It has also a grand lake and a little forest. When he was healthy, his father and he hunted some animals, but he gave him also some lessons for his upcoming life.
His sisters played hide and seek with him or collected some berries. He closed his eyes and remembered some things, he will never forget about his parents. He really miss them.
Suddenly he heard the noise again and now some voices. He opened his eyes again and saw some mysterious light. Like fireflies or something like that.
One of that fireflies landed on his nose, making him sneeze. Tom coughed again and followed those fireflies, who are flew now to the forest. The little prince felt again this heat inside, when he entered the forest.
Sometimes he felt this heat, it is not really enjoyable.
Like the castle, in the night the forest is spooky too, when nobody is in there.
“H… hello?” he asked again and looked back to the castle. The snowing began again. Some snowflakes landed on his hair, others on his hand.
The whispering is getting louder, immediately he looked into the forest and taking some steps forward.
He walked inside that forest.
Then he ran.
Reckless and a little careless he stumbles over a big root and rolled down a hill. He landed rough on the ground. During this event, some branches from the shrubbery cut his coat open and his skin too. He felt a great pain from his arms and legs.
His stomach hurt to.
He took his legs to his self and began to weeping. His blood burned when it touches his skin and the cold from the outside making nothing better. He even bit his tongue by the accident.
Careful he stood up and hobbles to the lights, who are made a circle around someone. It was the man who whispered all the time and maybe making the voices too. He concentrated on his spell, kneeled before tree stump and written something on it, in a language that Tom didn’t know.
He also didn’t want to come nearer to that man, who had very black hair. He also wore a fuzzy and fleecy brown coat, had a pale skin and wore probably an armour.
Maybe someone of his parent’s enemies. He took some steps backward and stepped on a branch.
He stopped immediately and began to shiver, when the man broke up his spell and stood up. The stranger turned around and was looked shocked when he saw Tom. Tom widened his eyes.
The stranger had also green eyes and his armour is black, but also green in a way Tom never saw it. Maybe it was made from leather, some parts from steel or something like that.
The man and the child looked to each other in the eyes for like five minutes, when the man made the first move. When he came the boy nearer with every step, the boy stepped backward until he felt an earth wall. He swallowed when the stranger was standing before him.
“Why tears, little one?” he asked and kneeled to the young boy, because of the big height gap between them. The boy gasped when the hand of the stranger stroked the cheek of him. “Why are you awake, in such a late hour? Your parents will get worried and mad. And what did you do with you. Such a mess.”
He snipped and suddenly his wounds disappeared, the pain too. The young boy gasped again and widened his eyes. Then he saw the smile of the stranger, who is now caressing his head. “Maybe I should take you to your parents.”
“But… but my parents are… not here anymore” Tom said with a cracking voice. He looked sad and began to cry again. The stranger looked a little overwhelmed to the young boy. He stood up and mumbled: “I am sorry. It must be hard.”
The boy sniffled and sat on the ground. The black-haired stranger looked to his side and then to a place where some voices can be heard, not so far from here. He gave the boy some order to sit still and listened to the conversation.
“What! You really want to do that?” one of the man asked and looked with a scared filled look to his conversation partner.
“Of course. There is no other chance to becoming a king!”
“You are really a madman!”
“What are you expecting of me? When I want to be king now, I need to murder all the Hiddleston’s children! Like I did to their parents.”
“But, will not the illness take the work?”
“Yes, but Sarah will be the problem. She is not sick like her younger siblings!”
The man who is still worried about this plan asked: “But is their not being a chance to make her your wife? I mean, her younger siblings can die because of this sickness, but she is quiet popular. Kill her and you get being suspected and that destroy your chance to getting the throne. And you -”
The stranger could not listen to them anymore and went back to the young boy, who continued to cry. He had some strange feeling that he must be one of that children, who has been mentioned.
“I have a really weird question. Is the name of your sister… Sarah?”
“… yes… but who are you?”
“My name is Loki, Loki Odinson of Asgard. God of mischief and a great sorcerer. And you, little one?”
“You are a god? I do not believe you! The only god I know wears not what you are wearing right now!”
“Oh, you mean this pathetic Christian god that never showed up? How stupid. But that answered not my question. Or do you want that I continue to call you little one?”
“No! My name is Thomas William Hiddleston of Islesbury. I am a prince!”
“So am I.” He knew it, he is one of the children that the two men mentioned.
He bit on his under lip and looked to the two men again. He looked again to the boy and lay a hand on his shoulder. He spoke some words and the boy felt asleep. “They are not getting harm you. I make sure of it. I have a feeling that you are like me. But I must wait for my stupid brother. Where is Thor now!” he grumbled, took the boy and carried him to the meeting point.