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it's Harry McGonagall not Harry potter

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31 October 1981

It was late in the evening and nobody was on the main road of privet drive. Soft porchlights shone from several houses and street lights illuminated the street. Everything was normal just like always. For the muggles anyway, for the wizards the dark times are finally over. For years the dark wizard Voldemort controlled the minds of every witch and wizard. But finally those days were over, at least for now.

Suddenly a small sound was heard and a man walked into the street. He was dressed in robes and he had a very long beard. As he walked through the street he took a small device in his hand. He flicked it open and with a small movement of his wrist all the light from the street disappeared into it. The man looked around before he sees a tabby cat on the corner of the street.

“Well good evening to you professor McGonagall. Shouldn’t you be enjoying the parties in London.” He asked the cat. At first the cat said and did nothing but then it began to change, it slowly walked forward and slowly but surely a woman started to appear. Once the transformation was complete an elderly women stood on the street, she too was in robes and she wore a pair of glasses and a pointy hat.

“Is it true what they are saying then, Voldemort is finally defeated.” She asked the old man

“Yes it is true Minerva. The good and the bad unfortunately.” The man called Dumbledore said to the woman. “Hagrid is bringing the boy to us know at the moment.” He explained.

“Albus, how can you let these muggles take care of the boy. They are the worst muggles I’ve ever seen. I have been watching them all day and they are horrible. They won’t treat him like he deserves. We have to find someone else to care for him but not these muggles even if they are his only family left.” The woman begged the older man. He looked at her with a sad smile as a roaring sound could be heard from afar, quickly getting closer to the pair.

“Minerva, we can’t just let the boy live with a couple of wizards or witches who only know him because he is famous. These people will treat him like he is a normal boy. He will go to Hogwarts and I wrote all the necessary information down in a letter.” He tried to explain to her as the roaring got louder

“You wrote a letter to those people! You think they are going to believe that Harry is a wizard. Albus I trusted you but they are not right for them. I think that we should place him with someone else. Someone who I close to you, to Hogwarts, someone in Hogsmeade for example. Someone who can teach him and raise him well like he deserves.” She stated.

“ Minerva we know I can’t take care of him. I have to many responsibilities to do so. I don’t know who I can trust to take care of him for so many years and I don’t want him to go to a orphanage like Tom had to when he was a baby, we all know how that turned out.” He sighed deeply.

“ Then let him stay with me. I can raise him you know that and he will always be close. While term is continuing I stay at Hogwarts and during summer break I head to Godrics Hollow to my house. He will have good education and will learn to communicate. He will be close to you to and enough other adults. The students can help him with basic education. Bill and Charly Weasley are both clever boys and will be able to help them. I think it is a much better option then sending him to some muggles who don’t understand him and wont raise him like he deserves. Please Albus you know me well and I know that I can do this. Let me try, if it doesn’t work we can send him to those muggles.” She finished and looked at him with hope clear in her eyes.

“ Minerva…” He sighed deeply again. “ I am going to give you a chance to do this but if I even sense that you or the boy are not living like you should I am going to remove him. I understand why you want to do it but isn’t an easy task. Once Hagrid will get here he will hand the young boy over to you and then we’ll see.” Dumbledore gave in to Minerva’s pleas. Then a motorcycle flying in the sky came closer and closer to the bickering pair. Soon it landed with quite some noise and a giant man stepped of the motor, he held a small bundle of blankets in his giant hands.

“ Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall good evening how are you feeling on this fine evening.” He asked with a polite smile as he slowly and carefully unwrapped a young baby boy from a bundle of robes around his body. With tender hands he handed him over to Dumbledore who in his turn handed him over to McGonagall.

“ Minerva from now on little Harry is your responsibility. Treat him like he deserves and ask for help if it is to difficult please tell us.” Dumbledore say to her with an unreadable face.

“ I know how you feel on this subject Albus and I will prove to you that I am good enough to care for him.” Minerva spoke with a stern voice while Hagrid was staring flabbergasted at his bickering bosses.

“ So that means I get to see lil’ Harry whenever I want.” He asked with a small voice, well as small as it can get for someone who is a half giant. He looked at McGonagall with a hope full smile making her smirk a bit.

“ Yes Hagrid, once Harry and I are bit settled you can come and visit or when we go outside you can absolutely see him. I think he will participate in dinner in the great hall if he is a bit older so you’ll see plenty of him in the coming years. Don’t worry Hagrid.” She rested her free hand on Hagrid’s arm and smiled warmly at him and he visibly relaxed.

McGonagall soon after that announced that she would be leaving, quickly apparating to the apparition point just outside Hogwarts. Since term had not yet started up again, as the students were still on leave to celebrate the defeat of Voldemort so it was more quiet then usual around the castle. With quick quiet strides she walked to her quarters. On her way she started to make a list she couldn’t transfigure for little Harry, making a plan for herself to go to Hogsmeade next day for clothes for the little one. She opened the door to her quarters with a quick alohomora glad that she always had a room left, it was not big but it was a room where he could be alone. Glad the boy was still sleeping she laid him on her bed before grabbing a cup, fork, egg and a few blankets. She then carefully transfigured them into a crib complete with a mattress, a small dresser and a larger closet. She quickly made the bad and added rugs to her mental shopping list. The students would return in five days so she had enough time to get him settled and let him meet her colleagues. She carefully undid his wrapping, relieved that he was clothed and that there was a small care package with a few diapers, a bottle, binky and a small plushie. She quickly changed his diaper all while not waking him up. She walked to his room and carefully tucked him into his crib which was made of a dark brown wood and white sheets. As she exited the room she left the door slightly opened and did the same to hers, she quickly freshened up and changed into her night robes even though there wasn’t much of the night left. She quickly installed a wand alarm, a habit she had from her many years of teaching, so she could leave on time with little Harry as she didn’t want to go shopping in the middle of the day with lots and lots of people around her, distracting her and she couldn’t afford that at the time. She hadn’t realised how tired she was until her head hit the pillow and she was gone in mere seconds.