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Make Me Feel

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Elena stood by her front door the key in the lock. She had been standing like this for... well she wasn't sure how long. She was afraid of what might be behind the door. Would it be Jenna bleeding to death on the floor this time? Would Katherine be waiting for her? Or Damon? She wasn't sure which terrified her more. She wished she had accepted Stefan's over to take her home. But she couldn't hide, not from Katherine, or Damon or her thoughts. She finally turned the key, her fingers shaking as she pulled it away. Her hand rested on the cool doorknob and she took another deep breath before she turned it and yet another before she pushed inside.

It was silent in her house. Silent as a tomb, Elena couldn't help thinking. She shook her head and stepped inside closing the door behind her. She stood her back pressed against the sturdy wood as she clutched at the vervain necklace. She heard the scrape of wood against wood and her heart jumped.

Jeremy rounded the corner, an empty plate in hand. "Sorry I thought you would have eaten already so I just made myself something," he mumbled carrying the plate to the kitchen where he placed it in the sink. "I'm going for a walk," he said flipping up his hood and heading for the back door.

"That's fine." she said. "I'm not really hungry." She brushed past him and slid up the stairs gripping the banister with shaking hands. As she rushed down the hallway she craved the sanctuary of her room. The serenity of her bed and the promise of the emotional release of documenting the day's events in her diary reeled her in as she flung open the door.

At first all she saw was a dark shape sitting on her bed and her instincts told her to run. As she jumped back the figure raised its' head and she saw it was Damon. She had found him waiting in her room before with a smirk sitting at the corner of his mouth, an eyebrow arched and honeyed speech slipping between his lips. Tonight his mouth was set in a cold line, his eyes downcast as he sat huddled on the corner of her bed. His eyes glanced up at her but dropped back to the floor before she could really see them.

"Damon." she said trying to catch her breath. "What are you doing here?" He didn't respond or lift his face to look at her. She was about to tell him that if he wasn't here to talk he should just leave, that she was done with love triangles for the day, anything to make him go when he finally spoke.

"What do you think?" he said, "I'm here to see you, Elena."

"Why?" she said though she knew as soon as she saw him in her room why he was there.

"Because of what happened." He said rising off the bed and taking one solid step towards her.

"You know that it was Katherine you kissed last night." she said hurriedly.

"And you know that's not what I'm talking about." he said taking another step. "I wouldn't have believed it was you if there wasn't already something going on." She opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off before she could start to argue. "Do you want to know what I said to Katherine last night? What I thought was the one reason you could possibly understand whats going on in my head right now?"

Elena stood wordlessly knowing he was going to tell her no matter what she said.

"I know you care about me," he said stepping still closer. "Because otherwise, you wouldn't have let Stefan go back for me. When I was down there I thought everyone you cared about was safe. And I know it wasn't Bonnie's idea to send my brother in after me. It was you."

"I... I didn't want anyone to get hurt." She mumbled now unable to look him in the eye. You would have done the same for me if Stefan had been the one down there and so would Bonnie."

"But Stefan is the good brother." he said. "And your boyfriend. Why do I matter to you?"

"You're Stefan's brother. If you had died down there he would have-"

"Been overjoyed he didn't have to fight me for you anymore." he said "Anyone else would have let me burn. But you already know that." He took another step and now there were only inches between them and she felt the cold radiating off his skin. "I came by to say thank you last night."

"You're welcome." she said, only because right now her heart was beating so fast she couldn't think of anything else to say.

"I should have known it wasn't you last night." he said his voice dropping.

"Yes, you should have because I would never have kissed-"

"I should have known," he said stopping her yet again. "Because whenever I'm near you I can hear your heart racing. If you don't care about me at all then why is your heart beating so fast?" He said running two fingers over the point her neck where her pulse jumped again at his touch. She turned her head away as he leaned into her and his lips brushed past her cheek, his breath brushing past her ear and her spine went numb.

"Because you make me nervous." She said trying to keep her voice steady and failing miserably.

"You're a liar, Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it. And you're lying to me, and you're lying to Stefan, and most of all, you're lying to yourself." he said his words sliding over her neck as he leaned down. She tried to pull away but his hands cupped her face, half tenderly and half in a way that terrified her.

"Damon," she said her voice so breathy she could barely speak. "I-" His lips caught hers in the same gentle way he had touched Katherine's the night before, gentle enough to pull away put forcefully enough to show he wanted to claim her as his own. He pulled back just enough so their lips still brushed as he looked into her eyes.

How could he have mistaken Katherine for Elena? She was warm where Katherine had been cold, delicate in a way that made him want to always protect her, tender where Katherine had been domineeringly controlling. He leaned in just enough so that she could lean up to him and return this kiss he knew she wanted to give him.

Just as he slid his hands onto her waist to pull her close she turned her head again her eyes squeezed shut. "No, Damon," she said her voice shaking but no longer breathy and her words made his chest ache. "I love Stefan. It's always going to be Stefan." Her words mirrored what Katherine had said to him hours before almost exactly. The ache in his chest turned into a searing tear like, his blood was suddenly laced with vervain. Elena put her hand just below his shoulders to push him away but he caught her hands pulling her in.

"Then why aren't you leaving?" he said gripping one hand in his and sliding his other one to her lower back.

"I'm trying to." she said but even as she said it she stopped trying to pull away her mind cloudy again as his lips brushed her collarbone. "Damon." she tried to protest but even she heard the lust dripping from her voice as she said his name. He must have heard it too because his hand tightened around her waist.

"You're not doing a very good job." he murmured against her neck kissing it gently. His hand slid up her spine to tangle his fingers in her hair. Her hands slid from his shoulders as every part of her brain screamed at her to use them to push away or at least let go of him. Instead, they slid down his ribs, her fingers feeling every tight muscle of his torso.

"Damon, please." she moaned as his tongue gently teased the hollow space between her neck and shoulder.

"Please what Elena? You need to be more specific." he said tilting up her head to kiss the underside of her jaw and then kissed the other side of her neck.

Leave me alone. Elena swore those were the words she wanted so desperately to pass her lips. Stop trying to make me want you. Stop trying to make me Katherine. Stop trying to tear me and your brother apart. Stop making me care. Stop making me want this. She said none of these things though. "Take me."

She moaned and gasped at the speed at which he backed her against the wall, his hands braced on either side of her, not to keep her from pulling away, but to keep from tearing at her clothes or crushing against her body. He sucked at her collarbone his chest brushing against her heaving one. Without thinking her hands wrapped around his neck and back willing him closer. She pressed her hips against his and she felt an animalistic groan rumble in his chest. The rivets in his dark jeans pressed through the soft cotton of her skirt and she turned her head to the side not to escape him, but so he had full access to her neck. He kissed and sucked and it hungrily and she felt the scrape of his fangs extending.

As soon as she felt them, he pulled back his hands still against the wall but his head dropped, his breathing labored. One of her hands slid up to cup his face and obsidian eyes, veined with black looked up at her. It didn't seem to faze her as she ran her thumb over the black veins under his eyes. As she did, her wrist slid in front of Damon's mouth. She felt his fangs slide against the paper skin of her wrist, separating him from her blood. His eyes looked down to the navy blue under her olive skin and he closed his eyes willing his fangs to slide back. "You can... if you want to." As soon as the words passed Elena's lips, his fangs only ached to tear through her fragile skin more.

"No." he moaned dropping his head again. "I can't risk it." He pulled his hands from the wall determined to turn his back on her and wait until his animal instincts subside. He hadn't come her to seduce her or get her into bed. If he had, he would have thrown her on the bed the second she had entered her room. He had come here for answers.

"Then kiss me." she said and pulled his mouth down to hers, ignoring his still prominent fangs. He pulled back but Elena lifted her mouth to his and tried desperately to press her lips to his straining to pull him down by gripping at his shoulders brushing her lips against his collarbone.

"No." he moans his lips so close to hers that as he spoke his lips brushed against hers. She lifted onto her toes finally pressing her mouth against his and his restraint leaves him. He crashes his lips down on her pining her to the wall with his hips her arms held in place over her head by his. He tasted her sweet tongue stroking against his, as she rolled her hips against him. She felt him pressed against her leg and moaned into his mouth. The taste of her sweet breath slipping down his throat made Damon almost growl with lust, his erection growing.

Elena slid her tongue along the points of is fangs and the sharpness made her press her tongue into them willing it to pierce her tongue and let her blood spill into his mouth. He pulled away from her panting his hands tightening around her wrists. "Stop." he groans.

"I want you to taste me." she moans back. "When Stefan had to feed on me I expected it to feel like he wanted me more. Like I was something more then Katherine's replacement. And it drove him into a frenzy for my blood, not me. I can't trust him anymore, I don't feel safe with him." Hot tears had dropped from her eyes as soon as she mentioned Stefan's name. "He doesn't love me, Damon. He still loves Katherine."

At the sound of his brothers feeding on Elena, Damon's fangs retracted and his grip on her loosened. "No, he doesn't Elena. He loves you and you love him." He let go of her wrists and stepped back. "And I shouldn't be here." He turned to spring to the window but Elena caught his wrist before he could run.

"He doesn't, Damon. I know." she said her voice breaking on the last word.

"How do you know." said his voice low. He refused to turn, knowing once he looked at her again he would lose himself again.

"The first night I spent with Stefan," she said tightening her grip on Damon to make sure he didn't leave. "I thought it would be the night I knew we were made for each other."

"And you are." said Damon.

"Will you stop interrupting and listen to me?" she said turning him to look at her. He made eye contact with her but his mouth was set in the angry line she had become accustomed to. "At first I thought I was just nervous and that I was imagining it but-" She stopped dropping her head.

"But what, Elena?" he said sounding annoyed.

"He called me Katherine." she said her voice hollow. "The first time we had sex and every time since. It's never my name. It's always hers." Damon stopped trying to pull away and looked down at her. "I've been hoping that he would forget her and actually be in love with me. I thought I could change him. But now she's back and I haven't got a chance."

"So that's why you finally want me to stay." Said Damon wrenching his hand from her grip. "I'm your second choice. I'm everyone's second choice." He muttered backing her into a wall. This time he didn't hold her there out of passion. This was possession. "Well I am sick and tired of being the runner-up, Elena." His hand pressed hers against the wall so firmly she knew she would have bruises by morning.

"Let me finish." she said her voice almost pleading. "Don't you want to know why Stefan believed that I had kissed you last night instead of Katherine?"

"Why?" he said biting at the word.

"Because the last night Stefan and I spent together I was moaning your name in my sleep. I dream about you almost every night. It's not Stefan I want. It's you." Damon stopped gripping at her hands and his face was blank with shock. "I've been forcing myself to stay with Stefan because I felt like I had to, because it was the right thing to do. I convinced myself you only wanted me because of Katherine or to make Stefan angry. I made myself ignore you. But when you told me you kissed Katherine, I was jealous it really wasn't me. I want you." She rested her hands against his chest. "Please don't leave." she said pressing her cheek into his warm chest.

"Say it again." he said his hands not moving to touch her but not puling away either.

"Don't leave." she said rapidly gripping at him.

"Not that." He said shaking his head. "Tell me you want me."

"I want you." He closed his eyes.


"I want you... I want your lips against mine. I want my body pressed to yours. I want to feel your hands on me. I want you, Damon." For a moment her words hung echoing in the air. Then with a swiftness only possible with vampire speed she felt herself being pushed onto her back into her bed. Damon kissed her hungrily, possessively, passionately moaning her name.

She felt hot waves of pleasure crash over her as she wrapped her smooth leg around him, running her fingernails down his back. He groaned and sat up pulling her up with him. He tore her shirt over her head and dug his fingers into her warm bare back. She struggled to pull his shirt open and he finally tore it off for her. Their bare chests pressed against each other and Elena groaned at the friction. She ran her hands through his hair, kissing his neck, relishing his taste. Damon ran his hands down her side his hand dipping at the curve of her waist.

His hand slid down her thigh then back up pushing her skirt up. He smelled her arousal before her his fingers even grazed her wet underwear and he felt her get wetter as he pressed one finger against her through the fabric rubbing gently. She whimpered in protest as he pulled his hand away but cried out as he pushed her underwear aside and slipped a finger inside her. She arched her back pressing him deeper and he heard Damon moan. "More." she gasped as she rubbed against him.

He pressed another finger inside her stroking her from the inside. Elena grabbed at her sheets arching into him again. He began to slide his fingers in and out of her so slowly she could hear how wet she was. He slid a third finger inside her and she moaned again, louder. He felt her stretch around him and felt his erection throb. She was so tight. Tighter then any girl who had given herself to him willingly. He pumped his fingers against her faster as she moaned in time to his strokes. "Damon." she moaned lightly and at the sound of his name slipping from between her lips as her felt her slick around him pushed him over the edge. He groaned pressing a fourth finger inside her. She climaxed effortlessly her tightening around his fingers and moaning loudly. Damon slid his fingers, slick with her pleasure out of her and stroked her clit with his thumb in time to her moans, as she rode out the pleasure,as he smiled down at her. She was gripping her sheets moaning for him, her eyes clenched shut for him. Not for Stefan. For him. He had heard her with Stefan, even when he had tried to block it out and she had never sounded like this.

As soon as she stopped shaking, he leaned down to kiss her again, two fingers resuming their leisurely stroking of her. He pulled back from the kiss and she groaned in frustration her eyes opening just in time to see Damon pull his fingers from between her legs, his eyes closed and suck on them hungrily, moaning. She went wet again at the sound of him savoring her taste and she couldn't help but groan as well. He opened his eyes as he slid his fingers out of his mouth his middle finger sliding down the center of his tongue looking down at her sitting up on her elbows looking down at him laying between her legs, her skirt pushed up around her.

"I love the way you taste." he groaned running his fingers through her wet folds again and sucking his fingers dry. "I need more," he said tearing away her soaked underwear. He slid his tongue down from her neck between her breasts and over her navel as he slid her skirt down and as she arched her back slightly. He slid his tongue over her hip bones and halfway down her thigh where he sucked the wetness in her inner thigh.

"Damon." she gasped as she slid her legs apart. "Kiss me again. Please." She slid her fingers down to stroke herself, desperately trying to mimic the rhythm he had tantalized her with.

"Not yet." he said pulling her fingers away and sucking on them one at a time. He then pinned her wrists to the sheets and licked the inside of her other thigh. She whimpered in frustration trying to pull him to her. "I need to taste you." He murmured into her skin. His tongue slid up the inside of her thigh and ran through her wet folds in one slow deep stroke. She bucked against him arching so far only her shoulders touched the bed. As her hips thrust upward he caught at her waist pulling her wetness into his mouth. He licked hungrily at her, his hands digging into her waist. He sucked on the sensitive bundle of nerves so fiercely he couldn't tell is she was screaming in pleasure or pain. He moaned into her and the vibration jolted through her.

She came again and he pressed his tongue deep inside her trying to taste every drop of her he could. The frantic deep strokes inside her only prolonged her climax as she moaned louder and louder bucking against him harder and harder. After what she swore were days but were to Damon only a few short minutes she finally sank back into the bed her breath falling from her in short uneven gasps. He licked through her slowly one more time, before finally pulling away.

He looked up and saw Elena, her hair fanned out behind her, flushed with pleasure, her chest heaving. He reached underneath her to undo her bra and pulled it away. He now knew every inch of her his eyes raking over her perfect slender body. "Oh god, Damon." she moaned. "I didn't know I could feel that..." Her eyes closed as she finally was able to take one deep breath. "That fucking amazing." He leaned down to kiss her neck and she wrapped a leg around him. He swore under his breath at the feeling of her bare breasts pressed onto him and his fangs slid out in spite of himself. "I meant what I said before." she said her chest still heaving.

"You meant what?" he said closing his eyes and groaning at her fingers stroking down his back.

"That if you want to, you can." she said turning her head to the side and pulling her hair away from her neck. Damon opened his eyes and ran his hand down the smooth, flawless skin. He felt her pulse jump against his fingertips and he pressed down his thumb to feel the rapid pounding of her heart. He pressed his lips to the same point and his fangs scraped lightly at the skin.

"I... can't." He said pulling himself back holding is breath.

"Why?" she said sitting up on her elbows. "I want you to."

"Because I won't be able to stop." He said pulling away from her.

"You will." she said. "I know you want to so why don't you just do it?" She said a seductive growl in her voice tempered with a murmur of begging. "I know you won't hurt me."

"I will." He said closing his eyes.

"Then fuck me, Damon."

His eyes shot open as he looked down at her. "What?"

"You heard me." she said sitting up on her elbows. "Bite me or fuck me. I know you want to do both." He looked over her again and ached with desire. "I want you inside me, Damon Salvatorre." She said matter of factly. "I want to feel you pressed inside me, filling me-" He stopped her talking by pressing his lips against hers swallowing her mouth with his. He pushed her flat on her back and pulled away his jeans. He crawled over her ready to bury himself in her when she braced her arms against his chest. "Wait." she said breathless again.

"What?" he moaned feeling himself go even harder as he looked over her again. She really was perfect, he thought.

"I have to ask you something first." she said.

"Anything." he groaned sucking on her neck.

"Do you only want me because Stefan wants me?" she said her voice shaking.

"What?" he said so wrapped up in her the question made no sense.

"Do you only want to have me so your brother can't? Are you just using me to hurt him?" She said looking him straight in the eye, her brown eyes begging him to answer.

"God, no." He said and repositioned himself to press inside her again.

"Promise me." she said so quietly he almost thought he'd imagined it.

"Elena Gilbert, I want you because you are the most perfect creature I've ever met. I can't think when I'm around you. You make me feel... human. I promise I would never use you for any reason." Elena smiled and kissed him softly. He ran his fingers through her hair and pressed inside her gently. She gasped into his mouth and then she was lost.

He made her feel weightless and held her in a way Stefan never had. She clung to him, not wanting to lose a minute of this, to savor everything. He pressed in and out of her making everything about her. He didn't want her to have any doubts about this. He held her gently murmuring in her ear. "I've wanted you since I first saw you. I knew I needed you the second your eyes caught mine. I wanted to touch every inch of your skin, steal your breath, make you mine." He pushed deep inside her filling her as much as he dared and she wrapped her legs around him pulling him still deeper. He was her drug and she couldn't have enough.