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Computer Tech

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Jeremy was done for. Absolutely, completely done for. 

He was in the front row of seats at his new computer tech class- a graduation requirement at the junior college he went to- and he really thought the class was going to be awful. At the very least his friends Christine and Rich were sitting with him, but honestly, he hoped to god this class would be easy. He was a pretty smart guy. 

The professor hadn't arrived yet, it it was everyone's first day in the class- gotta love those. After about ten minutes, the man- no, he had the aura of a boy, more like- rushed in, mumbling sorrys under his breath. Jeremy swiveled in his chair to face the professor, and- oh dear god. 


He was going to love this class, he knew it. 


The professor, who honestly looked only slightly older than Jeremy, was absolutely, heart wrenchingly gorgeous. He had black hair that looked wonderfully soft and was slicked up in a hairdo that would make frat boys jealous, and yet it complimented him somehow without making him look like an asshole. His skin was much tanner than Jeremy's but still light, and it looked smooth as can be. His glasses brought more of a twinkle to his eyes, which suddenly made Jeremy realize the man was looking at him. He averted his eyes quickly. 

A sharp inhale came from Jeremy and he fumbled with his pencil, dropping it. He heard people in the class start whispering, and he knew he wasn't the only one. Damn, less of a chance for Jeremy then. Not like he'd make a move anyway, Jeremy hadn't changed much since highschool. Still a total loser. 

The professor, face flushed from the run probably, gave a little sympathetic smile towards Jeremy and then started to speak. Jeremy nearly had a meltdown. 

"I'm Michael Mell, I'm going to be your professor. It's nice to see a full class here, even if some of you are only doing it for the credit. You can just call me Michael, I'm not really older than some of you and that would be weird." He laughed easily, and Jeremy stared, transfixed. 

"This is going to be pretty relaxed, you guys can have your stuff out. Phones, laptops, projectors playing movies on the classroom wall, whatever. As long as it isn't loud or annoying. Don't be one of those guys, I knew a few of those when I went here." His smile was infectious.

"So today we aren't doing anything, but be prepared tomorrow. You guys can leave or just hang out after I take attendance." Then he swiftly walked to his desk and sat, tapping along on the laptop as he recorded the attendees for the day.

Jeremy turned to Christine. "I can't do this. I can't. I'm going to fail this class." 

Christine frowned. "What? Why? Did you pick the wrong class, or do you need a stricter class to be able to learn in a good environment?" She looked concerned.

Jeremy let out a soft hiss through his teeth. "No, the professor is gonna fucking kill me! Did you see him? God, I won't even be listening to him, I'm just gonna stare at him the whole time and fail the class." 

Jeremy looked up from his rant and found that both of his friends were looking straight past him and trying not to laugh. Well, Christine was trying not to. Rich was just straight-up laughing at him. "What? What is it?" 

The paler boy turned and glanced behind him.

The professor was staring, face bright red. He had heard Jeremy, apparently. Jeremy sprung up from his seat and bolted from the class with all of his belongings, racing down the hall. Nope, nope, nope. Absolutely not. He couldn't deal with this. 

This class was going to be the death of him.