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In Search of a Prince

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It was a cool autumn night in the idyllic small town of Sunny Bay. A large flash of light, illuminates an alley as a dimensional portal opens two figures walk through, a woman and man they stood still for a moment watching it collapse, getting one last glimpse of home on the other side.

"…Will Lev and the resistance truly be able to hold off Gramorr?" A burgundy hair young woman asks her companion, her twin brother, who smiles much more optimistic that their friends will be able to hold back the advancing force at least until their return home. "I believe so, we don't have much time I'm sure they aren't far behind. Let's not waste this head start. We're going to find that prince!"

Praxina rolled her eyes walking out of the alley looking around the area for any wandering eyes, finding none, she sighs in relief walking towards the sidewalk, and she notices a magazine on the ground.

She bends down, picking it up with mild curiosity, she flipped to the pages mildly admiring the local fashion. She glances down her outfit with a disapproving gaze "We should blend in more…" She rips out a few outfits from the pages of the magazine, one for herself and another for Mephisto. Praxina held the outfit to her chest, casting a spell morphing her clothes instantly to those on the page, she judges her outfit on a puddle in the alleyway. For herself, she had picked a white off the shoulder top with black stripes, pinning her butterfly brooch on the corner of her top she pats downs her black skirt and black heels. "Ready!" She looks over at her brother a casual emerald long sleeved button up shirt, black vest and black pants with matching shoes. "I feel fancy" He loosens his collar slightly but smiles at her expecting a sign of praise. Prax gave an approving nod before reaching over fixed his hair clip before reaching down to his vest pocket pulling out a medallion. "Okay… guide us to your owner." She watched the necklace glow and tug them around town to a quaint suburban home. "So how do we play this, Prax? Hey, your highness you probably don't remember us, but we used to be play together in diapers?" He jokes as Praxina scoffs "Be more serious…He has no clue of who he really is…We're tossing him into a fifty-year-old war… I can't help but pity him." Gray-blue eyes looked around the empty road, something felt off the neighborhood was too quiet, she couldn't hear any earthlings.

"Destiny waits for no man, sis" Mephisto walked up the steps to the door hesitating to knock his forked tongue picked up the bitter scent of their enemy as soon as he took a breath. "Prax duck!" He put up shield between his sister and incoming attack. "Surprise!" a crack of a whip hit the emerald shield followed by a wicked laugh. "I knew following you idiots I'd find the prince. Killing him should be a Breeze-" Praxina shot back a Crystal Colodium knocking the red head out of the sky. "Nice sis"

Praxina smirks taking his hand "Hurry we don't have a lot of time. Praxina, Knight of Ephidia!" Mephisto nodded "Mephisto Knight of Ephidia!" they transform into their Ephidian grab taking out their swords as a barrage of black crystals rained down upon them cover the lawn. They heard a scream coming from behind the car as the crystal hit the side of it. One glance at the man and Praxina's eyes widen "The Prince!" She flew to him while Mephisto covers her. The young man had come out to see the commotion outside his house only find floating witches and wizards and crystal raining down. "Stay calm, Nathaniel." The man jumps " How do you know my name?" Praxina looks up at the battle "My name is Praxina. I need you to put this on." She presses the medallion into his hands. "This medallion holds immense power, it's yours… your birth right as Prince of Ephidia. This wasn't the way I was hoping to tell you all this but for now it the best I can do. Protect it and we'll protect you" She watches her brother be knock into a tree with enough force to crack the tree in two. "This is the mighty Prince. How pathetic." Praxina growls and launches herself at the harpy. Nathaniel swallows his panic and runs over to Mephisto. "Hey! Are you okay?" Nathaniel shook his shoulders as Mephisto regain his consciousness. "Ow…" He shook his head "Damn it Auriana isn't hold back any punches…" Nathaniel looks at him in panic "Can I help?" Mephisto grins "Of course you can…Power up and say Nathaniel, Prince of Ephidia." The young man look down at the medallion unsure if Mephisto was serious or not. "Any day now Mephisto!" Prax screams trying to avoid the whip crazy villainess.

"Go on Princey" Mephisto flies up to help his sister, genuinely surprised when there was a sudden burst of magic behind them. "Nathaniel! Prince of Ephidia!" He called out to the sky releasing a surprising amount of magic as he transforms. His dark brown hair turned to a pale pink, his t-shirt and pants became an elegant royal armor. White long sleeve top with gold trimming, a red cape over his left shoulder, black pants and shoes he opened his eyes feeling a shield strapped to his left arm he saw a handle sticking out of the top of his shield. He pulls out a sword and points straight at Auriana. "I think its time you leave." The twins quickly flew down to the prince side "Follow our lead" Praxina smiles as their magical emblems merge together, Nathaniel felt their power surge through him. "Together now" Their weapons aligned in the sky "Crystal Luxtra!" they shouted as the blinding beam headed straight for Auriana as a figure suddenly appeared behind her and teleports her out and they disappeared. They smile at each other "One more spell, Crystal Solvenda!" They watched the black crystals disappear from the neighborhood as the power down hearing people begin to move again. "I think… I'd like that explanation now, Praxina" The twins smiled to each other. "Oh boy Princey, you are in for a ride." Mephisto grins as the front door opens "Nathaniel is that you?" His aunt Ellen walks out "Who are these nice folks?"

"Ah…well Aunt E, they are foreign exchange students… Praxina and her brother" Mephisto walks up to his aunt and kisses the top of her hand "Mephisto, it's a pleasure." He winks at her.

Ellen giggles "Oh what a charmer"

Nathaniel chuckles and scratches the back of his head "Well you see Aunt E, I kind of offered us up as their host family while they are here but it must have totally slipped my mind to tell you!"

"Oh well that's alright, we have the space. We'll be happy to have you! Where are you from?"

"Ephi-" Mephisto started to say when his sister hits his ribs "Europe aunt E!" Nathaniel covers with a smile. "Yep" Mephisto said holding back a pain yelp. Aunt Ellen walks in with a giggle as they felt a crystal land in Nathaniel's hand "What's this?" The twins didn't have a clue Nathaniel took a picture before it disappeared into the air. "We should contact the others and ask" Prax said as they walked inside. "There's others?" Mephisto nods and grins "Of course! A whole resistance."

This was their start, as friends, allies and most important of all Nathaniel was now their beacon.

The world could change, silently the duo exchanged a glance, seeing something in they had long since thought lost to time, they saw hope.

After a warm dinner and getting settled in, the twins began to set up a pocket dimension, a headquarters during their stay here on Earth. Nathaniel walked around the room in amazement of it all. Books with thousands of spells, a small training field floating above them and in the center a mirror. "What's the mirror for?" He asked looking at his reflection.

"Its more than just a mirror." Mephisto smirks as Praxina casts a spell on it. "Reveal to us Princess Izira!"

The mirror image swirls before finally clearing. "Hello Mephisto, Hello Praxina how was your mission?" A beautiful young woman with pale white hair, tan skin and mulberry colored eyes. She stood tall and regal in her blue cloak. "It went better than we expected, ma'am. We present you Prince Nathaniel of Ephidia!" Nathaniel froze and nervously waves feeling a bit intimidated by such an introduction.


Izira laughs softly at the awkward expression on his face. "It's an honor, Prince Nathaniel. I'm Princess Izira of Xeris, I'm the leader of the rebellion." He nodded a bit unsure of what to do "Do I bow?"

"Perhaps when we meet in person. For now, be at ease, there's no need for formalities…"

Mephisto cleared his throat "Izira, I have a question we found this crystal earlier today…"

Nathaniel held up his phone showing her the crystal "They are shards of your medallion"

"So, it's not complete?" Nathaniel looked at the medallion it looked whole to him.

Izira smiles "It may look whole but looks are deceiving, Magic used to send you to earth must have shattered the crystals inside… with each mission you'll gather your magical powers… once all the crystals are gather you'll be strong enough to stop Gramorr… to take back your home" The imagine began to blur "General! We're under attack!" Izira gather her things "Stay together, keep each other safe… Good luck." She ended the transmission and the look worry was written all over the twins faces. "…Guys, the best we can do is gather the shards, stop that crazy red head and get home." Nathaniel reassured them. It was a solemn reminder; they were running out of time. "Let's begin your training." Praxina says taking out a book.