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Fools and Lovers

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It was an ordinary afternoon weekend. The park was full of people enjoying their time. Here, people can enjoy a piece of nature within the urban jungle which is Tokyo. Today, we find the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Akira Kurusu waiting on a nearby bench. Today was special for him. He was going on a date. However, his partner was running a little late. Akira isn’t that worried though. He’s sure that Ann was just behind on something or it was probably something trivial. In the meantime, he can enjoy the surroundings. In the distance though, he notices a small crowd of people. There was a camera crew and everything. There were also people trying to sneak a glimpse at what was being filmed.

“Must be a commercial.” Akira thinks to himself.

As he enjoys his time, thinking of what he will do with his love, he recalls the times he’s spent here at Inokashira Park with Ann. He remembers the silliness and the heartfelt moments he’s had with her here.

“This place will always hold something special to me.” Akira sighs in contentment.


Nearby, he notices a sound. It sounded like a fall. As Akira searches for the sound, he sees an older woman on the ground. Akira, instinctively knowing what to do, gets up and goes to assist the lady. As he approaches to help her, he asks whether she is alright.

“Are you alright, ma’am?”
“Are you alright, ma’am?”

Feeling like he’s heard double, he realises another person has approached to assist the lady. He was a young man. Most likely in his early to mid 20s. He was wearing a short sleeved white collared shirt and brown pants. He had this distinctive silver hair and grey eyes. What Akira noticed though was his face. He had a similar show of concern for the elderly lady. As both of them looked at each other for a split second, it seemed like they had the same idea and slowly helped the old lady up to her feet. Thankfully the lady seemed fine and she wasn’t hurt anywhere.

“Thank you very much you two. My, I just realised but I believe I’ve met two fine young gentleman. Good-looking too. Maybe it wasn’t so bad I fell down. Haha. I’m only kidding. Thanks again.” the old lady says with a nice smile.

“No problem ma’am” said Akira.

“It was nothing. You have a good day.” said the young man.

The lady bows once again and heads her way out of the park. Both Akira and the young man decide to look out for her until she is no longer within seeing distance. At last, it looked like she would be okay. Akira then decides to speak to the man who helped as well.

“Thanks for helping out, sir.” said Akira.

“Like you said, it was no problem. It’s only common sense to help those in need, right?” the man gave a nice smile to Akira. Akira himself agreed wholeheartedly to what he said. It was common sense. Before he could continue their conversation, Akira heard somebody calling out to him.

“Akira! Hey!!! Sorry I’m late!” said Ann. She was shouting a bit from the distance, as she was heading her way towards Akira.

Akira smiles automatically as soon as he sees Ann. He couldn’t help how he felt about her. He felt happy just looking at her.

“Oh, is she your girlfriend?” said the young man.

Akira, for a second, forgot about the man beside him. He replies to him honestly.

“Yes…Yes, she is.” Akira smiles back towards the man. At that moment Ann finally reaches Akira but is too distracted with fixing her outfit due to semi-running. She doesn’t notice the other man right away.

“I accidentally got off on the station a stop away. I decided to walk but I had no idea that it would take me that long…Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t see you had company!” said Ann.

“It’s alright. We were just having a quick chat” said the young man. “You guys look really good together.”

Ann and Akira blush a little from the comment. It seemed very honest so they felt it was very heartfelt for the man to say so.”

“Thanks” Ann and Akira say in unison. They both smile at each other after that comment.

“Are you from around here?” asked Akira.

“No… No. Actually, I’m visiting. I’m actually waiting for my own girlfriend too.” said the young man.

“Haha. What a coincidence. It seems like we’re quite in similar situations.” said Akira.

“Yeah. Funny thing.” said the young man.

“Well…we have to head out. Nice meeting you.” said Akira who decided it was time to head out for their date.

“You two as well. Have a nice date!” said the young man sincerely.

As Akira and Ann head the opposite direction, Ann starts to ask a bit quietly.

“Akira. Who was that man? A friend of yours?”

“Actually, I never got his name. I should have.”

“Really? It seemed like you knew him. He seemed nice. He kind of reminded me of…you.” said Ann. She was smiling sweetly. She wrapped her arm around his as they walked.

Akira is happy with her movement. He decides to adjust a little and makes sure she’s comfortable when they walk together. He goes back to thinking about the guy they just met and Ann’s own assessment of the young man.

“Actually Ann, the strangest thing is… I feel like there was something familiar about him. Actually maybe not familiar but…it’s like we had something in common?”

“Well…You both are good looking.” said Ann teasingly. “You both happen to dress sharply. Another thing was it seemed like you both were waiting patiently for your girlfriends at the park.” Ann giggles a little at that last comment.

“By the way. Was there a filming awhile ago at the park? It looked there were a lot of cameras and it seemed like there was a big setup. Maybe someday you’ll have to wait for me after I do my own film shoots!” said Ann in a happy tone.

“Hmm. I kind of do that already with your modelling shoots.” said Akira teasingly.

“Truuuuueee. But someday I’m going to become a big star. I just hope that you’ll still be there with me. Hehe.” said Ann a bit sheepishly. “Is that alright to say?”

Akira smiles. He loves how Ann can be very sweet. He kisses her on the forehead and says: “Of course. I’ll be there for you whenever you need me.”

The couple then head outs for their date. The young man sees them off at the distance. He reminisces about his own youth.

“I wonder if we looked like that when we were younger?” said the young man.

30 minutes later at the park.

The commercial crew started packing up a few minutes ago. Everyone was starting to disperse. The young man was still waiting nearby for his date, however, this was nothing new to him. He was a patient man and he knew that who he was waiting for was worth it. In the distance, a young woman runs through the crowd, coming from the shoot. The man smiles as he sees the girl he’s been waiting for.

The young woman was a well known actress and singer who had plenty of fans worldwide. She was the star of the commercial being filmed at the park. She wore a white see-through halter top, with a pink, light blue and orange shirt underneath it and tan pants. She also wore sunglasses on the top of her head. The young man started unconsciously looking over his girlfriend again which he never got tired off.

She was a beauty. She had flowing brown hair which went down and beautiful brown eyes which matched it. The young man also admired all the little details of her face. How everything seemed to match. The way her lips moved, and how cute her nose looked, the color and hue of her skin. It was all perfect to his eyes. He of course didn’t just love her from how she looked, but he couldn’t help admire these things about her.

“Senpai!!!” The girl shouts out to the young man. His mood once again lightens up even more after hearing his love’s sweet voice.

The young man starts to approach her and she approaches him. They both smile at each other.
“Sorry for the wait, Yu-senpai. The shoot lasted a bit longer than I thought it would.” said the young woman.

“It’s alright Rise. I was enjoying my time waiting here. It’s nice to see the park. Lots of fresh air too” said Yu.

“Yeah! Yeah it is! said Rise in a cheerful manner.

“Wait a second. A moment ago, were you checking me out again, senpai?” said Rise mischievously.

“Maybe…a little.” said Yu who was a bit embarrassed but said it in a teasing way.

“Oooohhh. Well. You have me aaaallll to yourself now. No need to get embarrassed!” said Rise happily.

“By the way, how was I during the shoot? Did I look stunning? Breath-taking? said Rise with her usual playful attitude.

“Actually. I wasn’t able to see you, sweetie. There were too many people crowding.” said Yu. He was honestly quite sad he didn’t get to see her work today. He loved it when he saw his girlfriend do her best at her job.

“Aww. That’s too bad. I was working hard. I always think of you whenever I need strength. So in a sense….You were there with me” said Rise in a sincere tone.

Yu smiles at what she said. He knows that behind all that teasing and flirting, Rise is really a very sweet girl. When it comes down to her friends and the people that matter to her most, she would go out of her way to help them. That’s also why he loved her. In that sense, Rise and Yu were very similar.

“Thanks. I’m glad we’re here together now. Ready to go on our date?” said Yu.

“Yup! Let’s go…Yu.” said Rise in a cute tone.

Yu reacted again to being called just Yu. Rise was her junior in high school several years ago but she still liked calling him “senpai” even after they started dating. Eventually, Yu got used to it and felt attached to the term. She would call him just “Yu” in more “romantic” moments together or… when she felt like it.

“Is something wrong, senpai?” said Rise.

“Oh. Sorry. Was just spacing out for a moment. I was thinking about how long it’s been since high school.”

“Yeah…it’s been ages. Hasn’t it?” said Rise.

“Actually. There was this young couple who I bumped into a while ago. They seemed about our age when we first met. Funny thing is. The two of them…kind of reminded me of us. The girl was cheerful, pretty and seemed quite fashionable. She reminded me a lot of you.”

“Really? You better not be falling for someone else. Haha. Just kidding! Okay. And the boy?”

“The boy…he seemed very familiar. Or maybe it’s like… we had something in common.” Yu just smiled thinking about Rise and himself when they were younger.

“What definitely was similar…was how they seemed very happy. Just like how I am with you, Rise.” said Yu sincerely.

“Awww…senpai. You still have your way with words.” said Rise who was a bit red from the comment.

She approached Yu and they gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. Both of them were eagerly waiting for this time alone together. They started walking out while holding hands with each other.

“Alright! Time to enjoy our time here in Tokyo! What are you in the mood to have for lunch, senpai? I was actually looking forward to excellent curry!” said Rise.

“Curry? Why? Is that so you can practice again?” said Yu teasingly.

“Hey! Ever since that trip, You’ve been helping me get better right? The latest batch we made last month wasn’t THAT bad!” said Rise with her signature cute pout.

“Yeah. Haha. You’re right, sweetie. Hmmmm…Curry does sound good right now. Having a taste of an excellent version of it might actually help us make a really good batch too. But after that, how about we get some coffee? I’ve been wanting to try some unique flavours recently.”

“Perfect! Curry first and then we get some exotic coffee! If only there was a place which served both nearby.” said Rise.

“Yeah. If only.” said Yu.

The couple headed off, enjoying their precious time together.