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Abused & Shattered


Your whole life was shattered to pieces your soul,your integrity,your spirit and especially your happiness.

The 27 year old knew exactly why you were like this he knew about your husbands various affairs he knew about the constant yelling and abuse that you went through.

Your husband would swiftly smack you across the face and yell "FUCK YOU MISERABLE BITCH" you would fall to the ground and cry,even if you did the tiniest thing wrong he grabbed you by the hair and threw you across the room.

You had so many bruises and cuts from all the damage you had taken and the worst thing was that you had to pretend everything was fine or hide the bruises from your neighbours and greet them kindly.

Of course you were afraid of your husband he terrified you to no extent you were forced into this marriage by your parents who thought it was the best choice and at first you were fine with it but after finding out about the affairs everything spiralled downwards for you. 

There was a certain 27 year old detective who became interested in you at first he ignored you but after awhile he started becoming fascinated by you.

Those late night walks you would take to Samegawa Flood Plain where you would cry, but your husband knew where you were at all times and would bring you back home where he would force himself on you.

You hated every second of it and you sobbed,but when he finished he threw you against the wall where you would immediately pass out.

You honestly didn't know how much more of it you could take you wanted to go tell your parents you wanted to call the police you wanted to show your neighbours your cuts and bruises, but you couldn't because you were afraid that your husband would kill you.

One night after work you stopped at Aiya's where they had the beef bowl challenge but of course you could never finish it so you had a nice bowl of ramen it was the only luxury that you could get for awhile.

Just then the door to the restaurant opened and a man who looked tired and worn out walked in "One Beef Bowl please" he said then sighed and yawned.

Adachi's POV

He saw his neighbour whom he never even talked to not even once sitting there hopeless and pathetic considering it was the only place she felt safe, she looked like she didn't want to go home.

"Hey there Y/N are you okay?"

"Huh oh who are you? and how do you know my name?" You said tiredly.

"Adachi Tohru is my name and you live down the street from me"

"Oh how lovely to meet you" you smiled and suddenly perked up.

"Sorry that we haven't spoken until  now" he said scratching his head.

"No it's my fault I am kind of a hermit outside of work and at home"

Suddenly the door opened to reveal your husband and Adachi knew that at that moment your husband was going to beat you and that the next day you would cover up your scars and bruises with makeup.

Your husband gave you such a scornful look.

You paid for your meal and left in silence.

The moment you got home your husband yelled at you and yanked you by the hair he pulled you upstairs and slammed you onto the bed swiftly.


"I'm sorry honey I I won't do that again s sorry" you were shaking and horrified and you feared for your life everyday.


Your husband left the husband then left the house.

You were left there to wallow in your sorrows and cry in the corner of your room.

Meanwhile Adachi walked the streets of Inaba thinking about what had just happened between you and your husband.

You had walked towards your husband like a little puppy who wanted food.

Adachi wondered how long was it gonna take before you finally snapped and left your husband.

It was just a matter of days before you fought back against your husband.