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Izuku is Quirkless. And for once, he's glad.

You see, this demented society thrives on one strange, cult-like tradition: Killing at least one older member of your family when your Quirk manifests.

To be fair, it is reassuring that they're only truly upset as the actual death ocurs, and afterwards, they are reborn as a mostly incorporeal creature from one the many mythos of this world. Too bad only their killer is ever supposed to see, hear, or feel them. Except if the spirit is angry, or powerful, or if the killer is upset.

Take the Bakugou family for example. Mitsuki died of running neck-first into her son's intricate trap of sharpened piano wire. Her husband soon followed in much the same way, and they became a Naga and a Phoenix, respectively.

That's nothing like the Midoriya household.

Inko disturbed him by casually and sometimes fondly recounting tales of her own three only murders; these led to her Dragon mother, Shishi uncle, and Wendigo husband.

Izuku could see Hisashi Midoriya sometimes, but only when Inko was upset. He didn't know him any other way.



Izuku is nearly 14 now, and his mother has given up on him ever having a power, a reason to kill. 

And everybody treats him like he's a small child that still needs protected, innocent and pure and helpless. 

Just like how they treat All Might.

but All Might has a power, he's just never killed, and nobody really knows why. Not a soul follows him. But in the heat of action at least, people know to respect him, or else risk dying a painful death and living with his wrath for eternity.