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Scorpius's Discovery

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Scorpius was bored out of his mind. After he and Albus had stolen a time turner, went back in time multiple times, and almost destroyed the world, he had been grounded by his Father. Draco Malfoy didn’t seem interested in letting up on his son’s punishment any time soon.

“It was very irresponsible of you to follow that Potter boy off the train.” Draco would say every time his son complained to him about being grounded. “Do you know how worried I was?”

Scorpius understood that it was irresponsible, and he felt bad for making his Dad worry, but did he have to be grounded since summer started, which was one month ago?

He picked up the book he was reading and sighed. Before he went on the adventure with Albus, he was totally fine with reading to pass the time, but now he was restless. He wanted adventure. He wanted something new. Plus, he had already read most of the books in the house, and he needed some new ones. Suddenly, he sat up. He remembered that his Dad’s room had some books that he hadn’t read before.

He frowned in thought. Should I go to Dad’s room or not? He had been in there before, but never while his Dad didn’t know about it. For some reason, Draco Malfoy was very private about what was in his room, and he never let Scorpius in unless he was there too.

Probably because of all the dark artifacts he has in there. Scorpius thought drily. Ever since seeing his Dad in the world where Voldemort was alive, Scorpius had been more suspicious of him. Draco had been an evil person in that world. He had hated muggles, and would be willing to do anything the ministry told him to do. He had even physically hurt Scorpius, slamming him into a desk, and painfully too. Now Scorpius wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t do it in this world as well. Scorpius hadn’t told anyone about his encounter with his Dad in the alternate reality, not even Albus. He thought it would be better to keep it private, because that world was gone, and his Dad was normal, if not a little more overprotective.

Scorpius decided to go into his dad’s room. After all, what could happen? He was only going to get some books to read, not anything dangerous. He got out of bed and walked out of the room.

“Dad?” Scorpius called, just in case he was around. Nothing but silence. Dad isn’t home, so I’ll just go in without him ever knowing. Scorpius walked across the large house to his dad’s room, which was on the other side of the long hallway. The door was closed, as usual, and Scorpius hoped it was unlocked. He tried the handle, and it creaked open. He sighed in relief and entered the room.

The room was dark, and the blinds were closed. It was very big, and spotless as always. Draco liked to keep everything clean, and his room was no exception. The giant bed was made, and the green decorations on the walls were straight and neat. The books on the bookshelf were organized by alphabetical order. Scorpius hesitated before going to the bookshelf. He had been paranoid around bookshelves ever since his traumatic experience in Hermione Granger’s office with Delphi and Albus. He shuddered thinking about Delphi, and tried to push the memories away. Books. Books would help him forget.

He looked at books that were on the shelf. To his surprise, there were no books on the Dark Arts. All of the books were appropriate for Scorpius, and, as an added bonus, books he had never read before. He jumped in excitement and immediately began picking books off the shelf, looking for an interesting one. After a while of searching, he finally decided to pick a random one off the shelf and read it, because there were so many to choose from. He closed his eyes and pulled a book of the shelf.

But instead of coming out of the shelf, the book came part of the way out before stopping. Scorpius frowned. He opened his eyes and let out a startled yelp. In front of him was a metal basin with a strange silvery substance in it. Scorpius gasped and stumbled back. A pensieve! He hadn’t even known that his Dad owned one! But what was in it? Obviously his Dad’s memories, but why would Draco need one?

He glanced at the book he had tried to take out, which must have activated the pensieve. It was called A Study of Memories: How to Use a Pensieve. Curiosity got the better of him, and he slowly stuck his head into it, and felt himself falling into his father’s memories.