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Snuggles Spencer x Reader

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"Well, would you look at that" Derek said to Penelope looking at you and Spencer fast asleep on Rossi's couch.
"Oh my god! oh my god! they're so cute!" Penelope said pulling her phone out and snapping a picture of you two.

The couch was small so you were on top of Spencer, with your head on his chest and his hand buried in your hair.

"when are they going to admit they have feelings for each other? it's so obvious!" JJ asked annoyed.

"Oh no, (Y/N) already told him she likes him, he's the one who's trying to fight it" Derek said rolling his eyes at the young genius.

You didn't have a problem telling Spencer about your feelings towards him. You were nervous, but it wasn't a big deal. You liked him, you thought he was one of the most amazing people in the world, with quirks and everything. But he refused to open his heart to you just yet. He was still recovering from his past relationship and his trust issues, so he needed to be really careful.
But he did like you, you were the only person he let get that close to him. physically and emotionally.
"it's just a matter of time until he gives up. i mean, have you seen the way he looks at her? and now, look how close they are, he'd never let anyone get that close to him" Prentiss intervened, looking at the way you were sleeping.
Spencer stir a little, opening his eyes. he looked down at you, smiled and kissed your forehead. completely unaware to the team looking at him. he started to rub your back, making you wake up and look up at him.

"morning" he teased laughing a little.

"Hi" You smiled "You know, you're really soft" you said snuggling your head in the crook of his neck making him squirm a little.

"i'm glad you're comfortable. it's weird that i took a nap, i've never done that. i feel like it's unnatural. Did you know that studies found that napping 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes can lower probabilities of heart problems by 37%?" He quietly rambled.

You lifted your head from his shoulder "i had no idea, what else do you know?" you asked.

Spencer's eyes lit up of excitement, not knowing anyone that really enjoyed his ramblings. He told you a lot of facts about napping and sleep and various studies and you listened intently all the way.

when he finished, he stared at you for a moment and out of nowhere you heard Morgan's voice.
"will you two just kiss already?!" he yelled startling both of you. You glared at him for a moment until you felt Spencer's lips on you and it took you a minute to kiss back, but you did. After a while he pulled away and stared into your eyes. 1
"I'm ready" he said, softly. "I want to be with you, like, officially. I'm ready" He watched your face looking for any signals, and finally, you smiled, pulling him for another kiss.