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Dorian could have watched him all day. From the way he'd run through Solas' rotunda to visit Cullen or up past him to visit Leliana or even when they were out in the wilds and killing various red Templars and bandits.

Zathlassan was a skilled rogue. The way his blades moved when attacking was something Dorian admired more than anything. What he didn't admire was how Zathlassan was insistent on charging into any danger they seemed to come across. Whether that be Venatori agents, Red Templars, giants or worst of all... dragons. Oh how Dorian hated the dragons. He hated them more than the thought of spending extended periods at the storm coast.

"Something on your mind, Sparkler?" Varric asked as he took a seat beside the mage in the tavern. "Contemplating the last mission, perhaps?" The dwarf continued when Dorian didn't answer. "The dragon in the Emerald Graves was a pain." Dorian huffed as he chugged down his drink. "Well, you know the inquisitor. Always up for a challenge." Varric said with a laugh as he shrugged "but it makes for a good story. Inquisitor Lavellan: Dragon Slayer!" Varric called enthusiastically. "I can get behind that." A smooth voice spoke up from behind the two.

The inquisitor had been doing his usual of talking to all his advisors before retiring for the day. He'd watched Varric leave and Solas has informed him of Dorian's location. 'Two birds, one stone' the inquisitor had thought. "So, hows things?" The elf asked as he leant on a pillar behind the two. "Sparkler was telling me how you took on a dragon in the Emerald Graves. Was thinking about putting it in a book! That's what, five high dragons now?" Varric asked and Lavellan chuckled as he nodded. "Aiming for ten." The elf stated. That mere statement sent a shiver down Dorian's spine. Why did he have to catch the eye of a dragon hunter?

The three chatted for a further hour before Varric left. "You've been side eyeing me all evening, Dorian... what's wrong?" Lavellan asked as he leant on the table. Dorian just sighed as he looked at him "with every mission you take me on, you seem to do something more reckless..." The mage muttered, shaking his head a little. "Ir abelas..." The elf murmured. "I don't mean to trouble you, Dorian..." he said gently, not looking at the Tevintan mage. "Come now, I like adventure as much as the next man but when you charge into something without even saying a thing, I can't help but worry. Like with the fade... when we were there..." Dorian said quietly as his hand moved to Lavellan's thigh.

Zathlassan smiled a little before standing up. "Ma Vhenan... come with me." He said gently as he set his hand on Dorian's shoulder. "Vhe-what?" The mage asked as he quickly followed behind. Zathlassan just smirked to himself as he lead Dorian to his room. "Thought you'd want to talk somewhere privately." The elf spoke as he sat himself on the sofa by the stairs. "First, what did you say before we left the tavern?" Dorian asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

The sight that followed had Dorian's heart melting. The inquisitors face, up to the tips of his ears, had gone red. There was a sheepish smile on his lips as he looked at the floor. "Ma Vhenan." Zathlassan whispered. "Meaning?" Dorian pushed. "My heart." The elf stated as he looked up as Dorian. The mage never expected the answer. Yes, they'd kissed following the meeting with his father, yes they'd discussed the seriousness of their relationship after the inquisitor had retrieved his amulet. But words like that hadn't been spoken. "Dorian?" Lavellan asked quietly. Pavus quickly realised he hadn't really spoken in a few moments. "Well, Amatus, that's rather sweet of you." He said with a smirk. "Amatus?" Lavellan asked and Dorian chuckled while sitting beside him.

"One I love." He whispered as he cupped he rogues cheek. "Dorian..." Lavellan whispered, smiling as he did. The mage chuckled before leaning close to press a light kiss to Zathlassan's lips.

"Stop giving me heart attacks in future... please." Dorian murmured as he pulled back. "I really can't promise that. We're yet to fight Corypheus." Lavellan murmured with a sigh. "We'll do it. I know we will." Dorian muttered.