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Who Do You Think You Are? (Re-Upload)

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Rio: Curt Clendenin (Nicky), Gil Barron (Tigger), Jason Jacobs (Charlie), Daniel Coffeng (Andrew) & Danny Alfaro (RT) 


Chapter One:

Who Do You Think You Are? Pt. 1

As  the saying goes imitation is the highest and most sincere form of flattery but what if the people who imitate their idols... or attempt to imitate their idols take it too far... Rio soon found that out in one of the hardest ways possible. Instead of attending rehearsals for their upcoming Paper Gods Tour Duran Duran had chosen to take a break from it... to spend time with their families.

The second Roger Andrew had arrived home he was greeted by a hug by his husband, feeling worried he took a step back and asked his husband if he was OK, earning a smile from John who reassured the younger lad he was fine. After a while the two headed upstairs and chose to spend the rest of the day watching Pyromania videos, that was the plan but upon entering the bedroom, Roger Andrew noticed John was wearing a Duran Duran t-shirt from the band's 1982 Rio Tour, taking a seat Roger Andrew's brown eyes fell on the plush rug that sat underneath his converse trainers, looking up at John, he just broke down in tears

'I fell ill during rehearsals' he admitted

'Aww baby' John sighed sitting down next to his husband 

'I... I... I... I... I didn't k... k... k... know what to do' he hiccuped

'Baby, did you not tell the boys?' John questioned curiously

'I couldn't, I didn't want them to cancel the tour because of me' Roger Andrew confessed

'Sweetheart, what made you think that, they are your band mates, they would have understood' John explained as he tucked an exhauted Roger Andrew Deacon into bed

Getting no answer John noticed his husband had fell to sleep, so he turned off the lamp and headed downstairs to finish the washing and drying up, he then headed back upstairs, where he joined his husband in the land of sleep 


-5th April 2015-

With Roger Andrew still feeling under the weather, Andrew Arthur stayed at home and tuned his guitar, while his wife Tracey was in the kitchen preparing lunch for the five of them and his three daughters were upstairs in Bethany's room, all three were meant to be doing their homework but only Bethany and Georgina were, Isabella was to caught watching videos on YouTube to even think about homework. She was about to close the tab when something caught her eyes... 'Rio a tribute to Duran Duran - Girls On Film', clicking on the video she couldn't but cringe at what she was watching... Daniel Coffeng trying to be like her father, seeing her sisters engrossed in doing her history homework she called out their nameS

'Bethany, Georgina have you seen this idiot attempting to be dad' she asked getting her sisters' attention

'OMG, he has got to kidding right' Georgina answered cringing at Daniel's outfit

'Tell me about it... Firstly his clothes ain't even close to identical to what dad wears, I mean the jacket is so wrong, as for the leather trousers look... Pur-lease, they so went out fashion at the beginning of the 90's and secondly dad suited that look back in 1984' Bethany exclaims making her sisters laugh

'If Simon brought girls up onto the stage, his wife would flip her lid and make him sleep on the couch' Georgina exclaimed earning a nod of agreement from her sisters as they watched Rio's bad performance of Girls On Film 

After having enough of seeing Daniel Coffeng try to be like Andrew Arthur, Isabella decided she would show her father what she had found, so jumped off her bed and carefully raced downstairs screaming at the top of her lungs 'DAD, DAD, DAD' prompting Andrew Arthur to stop tuning his guitar and turn his head in the direction of his daughter's voice

'Isabella Taylor, what have I told you about using your outdoor voice' Tracey calls out from the kitchen

'But mum, me, Georgina and Bethany have found this' Isabella whined passing her dad her mobile phone that was showing a picture of the Duran Duran tribute band

'Rio... The Ultimate Duran Duran Tribute Band... As if' Andrew Arthur scoffed as Tracey entered the living room in to see what all the commotion was about

'Please, if they're the ''Ultimate Duran Duran Tribute Band'' then the UK are gonna Eurovision in the next ten years' she exclaims using her fingers as the sixty-six and ninety-nine quotation marks to emphise the words Ultimate Duran Duran Tribute Band

'Dad, they're using your names' Bethany replied showing her parents another picture of the band using his band mates/brothers names

'For cry sake' Andrew sighed getting on the phone to his twin brother Nigel John to organise a plan of action

Knowing it was late at night, Andrew Arthur still got straight on the phone and began calling the others (including Roger Andrew) and telling them what his daughters had discovered, within ten minutes of the phone calls ending both Nigel John and Simon had arrived, they were followed half an hour later by John Deacon pulling up with an exhausted looking Roger Andrew and Nicky getting out, knocking on the door, all four were greeted by Tracey, who told them Andrew Arthur was in the living room tunning his guitar, heading into the living room, they saw several sleeping bags laid out on the fllor with several cushios on the top. Roger Andrew had barely been there for a second when he fell straight back to sleep, while the others began thinking of ways to get their own back. After several hours of hearing enough swear words to make Gordon Ramsay sound a saint, Tracey was about to enter the living room, when she heard the soft tones of her brother-in-law's Brummie accent telling his brothers/band mates to stop swearing and to get some sleep, making Tracey smile a little.


The next day and true to the lead singer cliché, Simon Le Bon was the last one to wake up, looking around he noticed his band mates weren't in the living room when he heard the kettle boil in the kitchen, upon entering the silent kitchen Simon took his seat and noticed each other lads taking notes on their counterparts, when Simon decided he'd do the same, so grabbing a pen and notepad he started jotting down notes 

Roger Andrew Deacon-Danny Alfaro
Andrew Arthur Taylor-Daniel Coffeng
Nigel John Taylor-Gil Barron
Nicky Rhodes-Curt Clendenin
Simon Le Bon-Jason Jacobs

It took a two hours but once they had finished writing notes and drinking coffee (or water in Roger's case), then got down to planning how they were to confront Rio, when Simon suggested Nicky book the tickets for their flight, in agreement Nicky got on the phone and started bokking the flight tickets, while the others got down to discussing outfits when the Taylor twins gleefuly replied 'How about the outfits from the music video Is There Something I Should Know?' causing Roger Andrew to go wide-eyed and blush terribly.

Once the tickets were booked Nicky headed back into the kitchen and found Andrew Arthur and Nigel John persuading Charlie to allow them to wear the outfits they wore for Is Something I Should Know? music video and after several minutes of repeating themselves like a broken record Charlie finally relented and said yes, making the Taylor Twins smile

'Thanks JC' they cheered

'Why did you say yes?' Nicky whined shaking his head in disbelief

'Remember what happened last time?' Roger Andrew questioned quietly

'Oh, yeah' Nicky sighed not wanting a repeat of what happened back in 1983

~Start Of Flashback~

'For the millionth time Andrew Arthur Taylor, Nigel John Taylor, we are not wearing identical outfits for this video' Nicky whined as the band made their way to Elstree Studios to film the music video for their upcoming single Is There Something I Should Know?

'Bet you we are' Andrew Arthur smirked sticking his tongue out

'No, we are not' Nicky snapped

The second they arrived, both Andrew Arthur and Nigel John were thrilled to discover that they would be wearing identical outfits, causing them both to cheer and Nicky to moan the whole way through the filming of the music video.

~End Of Flashback~

'Exactly' Simon smirked

'Oh before I forget, I've book the tickets for the 30th April' Nicky piped up

'So we'll meet here on the 29th April and leave on the 30th April?' Andrew Arthur asked

'We'll meet here on the afternoon of the 30th April and then leave around 11pm' Simon answered 

As soon as the last member of Duran Duran left Andrew Arthur's and Tracey's Edgbaston home, Andrew Arthur raced upstairs and into the spare room he was using to house his tour costumes and music video costumes that he had accumilated from his time in Duran Duran between 1980 and 1986. Finding out his The Reflex outfit he wore, he carefully folded them up and lay them next to him while he began searching for the outfit he wore in the Is There Something I Should Know music video, after finding it ten minutes later he sat back down and folded the blue shirt he was holding up and carefully placed in on top of his red and white sleeveless top. Standing up he entered his bedroom and got down a wheelie suitcase, before returning back to the spare room, unzipping the lid he carefully placed each piece of clothing in the suitcase, he re-entered his bedroom and started searching through his drawers for clothes to put in the suitcase that was sitting on top of the double bed he shared with his wife. The other lads all did the same the second they returned home. 

Later that evening, the lads sat down with their families to eat their dinners, Roger Andrew though was tucked in bed eating his husband's home made chicken noodle soup, John huddled up next to him and the two began watching Flash Gordon followed by Highlander and finally A View To A Kill before he fell to sleep.