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It's a Fine Life

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Nancy grew up in the heart of London in the late 1810's to a well to do family, the daughter of Adelaide and Sebastian Black. She was their oldest daughter with a little sister named Elizabeth. Nancy and Elizabeth were given the world and then some, pretty dresses, toys of all sorts, food on the table cooked for a king, and most important, they had two parents who loved them more than anything.

There was something special about their little family though, they were born into magic. While they tried to keep it away from the public, the girls parents were found and tried as witches when Nancy was just five and Bet was only three. The girls had to watch as their parents were burned at the stake in front of all the public.

“Mommy!” Nancy cried out, he screams could be heard over all of the London crowd. “Daddy! Mommy! No!” she fought the official that was holding her to watch the execution. Kicking and hitting him, she even bit him at one point which caused him to finally let go of her and she ran up to where her parents were.

She only got close enough to her parents that she could see the tears in their eyes and as the flames were lit, the red and orange flames illuminated her own eyes. She watched as they just vanished, but as they did, she heard her mother whisper, only for her to hear “We love you baby.” followed by her father saying “We will be back for you, we promise.”

It was enough to make her stop. She knew that her parents were smart, but she didn’t believe them, but then again, they were gone and there was nothing to fight for now. The little five year old dropped down to the grown, her beautiful, clean pink dress was covered in the slums of the London streets, her face red from crying so much, and she just sat there as the rest of the town all left to go back to their lives, as though nothing had happened, as though two little children hadn’t just watched their own parents die.

All of the Black’s possessions and their belongings were taken by the state and Nancy and Elizabeth were both sent to baby farmers and seperated. The only thing that the girls were able to keep were enchanted, Bet had a gold locket with a moonstone on the front of it, and Nancy had a ring that hung around her neck with the same moonstone. Their parents enchanted them when each was nothing more than an infant, an enchantment that would protect them and keep them safe. Now, there was only so much that the enchantment could do to keep them safe, and no matter how strong it was, the Black girls lives were about to change. 


Life at the baby farm wasn’t too bad for Nancy, she definitely got lucky and the woman that she was placed with was a rather sweet woman. She fell in love with the little ginger girl, a girl who she couldn’t help but feel pity for, an innocence. She would hold her and tell her wonderful stories, fairytales of magical places. She would sing songs to her and play games with her. This couldn’t last forever though, the kids were only kept in baby farms until they were six years old, and after that, it was to the workhouse for them. The woman would have loved to adopt the little girl, but that wasn’t an option. Nancy was the property of the church now, and she was finally old enough to work for them, so she was sent to the workhouse as a seamstress.

Nancy would prick and poke, her fingers calloused from the work that she did. The work didn’t bother the girl, it was the treatment at the workhouse that she didn’t like. She was fed bread and cheese and grool everyday, and was given a small helping of meat only on Sundays. Her stomach hurt at first, but soon she didn’t notice the pain of hunger anymore. Nancy had a tendency to get in trouble often though, due to all the energy that she had pent up inside, and she couldn’t help but try to find something to do with that energy. Often, the young six year old would get a lashing or go to bed without food, or both.