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Middle Borough's GSA Groupchat

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Jake has added Christine, Jeremy, Michael, Chloe, and Jenna to the chat.

Chloe: (4:31 PM) jake what the hell is this?

Jake: (4:33 PM) I thought it would be good for the club

Chloe: (4:34 PM) ugh

Christine: (4:40 PM) I like it!

Chloe: (4:41 PM) of course you do

Christine has changed their name to checkyesjuliet

Jake: (4:45 PM) I didn’t know you liked that music

checkyesjuliet: (4:46 PM) I usually don’t, but you know how I was in Romeo and Juliet last year?

Jake: (4:47 PM) oh yea



Jeremy has changed their name to always.heere



Michael has changed their name to gaymer

always.heere: (6:32 PM) nice pun.

gaymer: (6:37 PM) isn’t it?

always.heere: (6:40 PM) you play video games? Like what?

gaymer: (6:43 PM) I play apocalypse of the damned a lot

always.heere: (6:44 PM) no way.

Chloe: (6:53 PM) nerds

gaymer: (7:01 PM) proudly



Jenna has changed their name to gossipgirl

Chloe: (8:27 PM) ugh I need to catch up on that

gossipgirl: (8:31 PM) its on Netflix



Jake has changed their name to JakeyD

Gaymer: (11:34 PM) eugh

JakeyD has changed their name to pool.master

Chloe: (11:38 PM) oh god

pool.master: (11:39 PM) I can’t please anyone can I

pool.master has changed their name to that.guy

Chloe: (11:42 PM) why did you change it after JakeyD anyway

that.guy: (11:43 PM) Rich calls me that

Chloe: (11:45 PM) and?

gaymer: (11:49 PM) he’s pretty bad…



gossipgirl: (1:28 AM) you know Chloe you haven’t changed your name

Chloe: (1:30 AM) and i shall not

gossipgirl: (1:32 AM) come on,,,

that.guy: (1:33 AM) yeah

gossipgirl: (1:35 AM) peer pressure

gaymer: (1:38 AM) I’d be curious to see what she comes up with

that.guy: (1:39 AM) come on chlo

Chloe: (1:40 AM) ugh

Chloe has changed their name to diva

diva: (1:41 AM) sure, pure pressure

diva: (1:41 AM) *peer fuck

always.heere: (1:42 AM) guys I’m trying to sleep.

checkyesjuliet: (1:44 AM) okay well it was nice to meet you all today! Night.

gaymer: (1:45 AM) nite

that.guy: (1:46 AM) night

always.heere: (1:46 AM) night.


gaymer: (5:58 PM) does anyone have Brown for PE?

gossipgirl: (6:07 PM) me

gaymer: (6:12 PM) i know he was supposed to give us a project could you tell me what it was

gaymer: (6:13 PM) I wasn’t in class

always.heere: (6:17 PM) I saw you in school today.

gaymer: (6:19 PM) had to leave early

gaymer: (6:20 PM) wasn’t feeling well

checkyesjuliet: (6:21 PM) Aw I hope you feel better soon Michael!

gaymer: (6:24 PM) thanks



gaymer: (7:38 PM) wait I never got the assignment jenna

gossipgirl: (7:42 PM) oh right

gossipgirl: (7:43 PM) suppose to write a paper on an athlete of our choice

gaymer: (7:46 PM) okay thanks


always.heere: (9:54 AM) Michael are you okay?

that.guy: (10:01 AM) what happened?

always.heere: (10:02 AM) Idk I just saw Michael leave the restrooms and he looked upset.

always.heere: (10:03 AM) then Rich left.

that.guy: (10:11 AM) Michael?



checkyesjuliet: (11:08 AM) I’m going to try to find him, he’s not in class.

gossipgirl: (11:09 AM) need help?

checkyesjuliet: (11:10 AM) I don’t think the teacher will let two people leave at the same time.

gossipgirl: (11:11 AM) then I’ll just ditch

always.heere: (11:11 AM) please update us if you find him.



diva: (11:59 AM) I talked to rich

diva: (12:00 PM) he said he did more than what he usually did but the bell rang before I could get anything else out of him.

always.heere: (12:07 PM) I hate Rich



diva: (12:34 PM) rich has told me that today he’s called michael “sh*male” and “tr*nny”

diva: (12:35 PM) he’s told me he usually doesn’t do that

diva: (12:35 PM) think he usually just is physical

that.guy: (12:38 PM) I’m going to talk to him

gaymer: (12:39 PM) don’t

gaymer: (12:40 PM ) none of us are supposed to really know each other remember?

gaymer: (12:41 PM) he didn’t even insult me right people usually use those terms for trans girls

that.guy: (12:43 PM) but it wasn’t right of him to do that

gaymer: (12:44 PM) it’s fine

always.heere: (12:49 PM) are you?



that.guy: (2:27 PM) are you sure you don’t want me to talk to him?

gaymer: (2:29 PM) no talking


checkyesjuliet: (7:36 AM) It’s Friday everyone!

checkyesjuliet: (7:37 AM) Good job on getting through the week!

always.heere: (7:41 AM) do you say that to your friends?

checkyesjuliet: (7:42 AM) Yes!

checkyesjuliet: (7:42 AM) I like to be positive.

checkyesjuliet: (7:43 AM) You are all my friends too btw.

diva: (7:50 AM) no

checkyesjuliet has sent a gif  



checkyesjuliet: (2:51 PM) Jeremy, you’re going over to Michael’s today right?

always.heere: (2:53 PM) that’s correct.

checkyesjuliet: (2:54 PM) Give him a hug for me!

gaymer: (2:55 PM) I also accept virtual hugs

checkyesjuliet: (2:57 PM) Let’s all do hugs!

diva: (3:01 PM) no

checkyesjuliet has sent a gif  

gaymer: (3:06 PM) you can’t use the same gif twice that’s illegal

checkyesjuliet: (3:08 PM) Then I shall break all the laws!

checkyesjuliet has sent a gif  

diva: (3:09 PM) christine I swear to god…

that.guy: (3:11 PM) chris you and I both know you’d never break a law

checkyesjuliet: (3:12 PM)


checkyesjuliet: (11:06 AM) Does anyone want to watch Inside Out at the movie theater with me?

gossipgirl: (11:36 AM) I’ll go

that.guy: (11:39 AM) sounds like it could be fun but is’nt that a children’s movie

checkyesjuliet: (11:42 AM) It’s Disney. Anyone can watch Disney.

always.heere: (11:54 AM) Michael says sure.

checkyesjuliet: (12:01 PM) Let’s meet at three!

gossipgirl: (12:03 PM) can do

that.guy: (12:04 PM) okay

always.heere: (12:07 PM) sure.

checkyesjuliet: (12:16 PM) Chloe?

diva: (12: 23 PM) other things to do


always.heere: (1:07 PM) does anyone have an extra calculator?

gaymer: (1:13 PM) for the test tomorrow?

always.heere: (1:15 PM) yeah.

gaymer: (1:16 PM) I’ll see if I can find anything



gossipgirl: (6:23 PM) someone save me from mass

gossipgirl: (6:24 PM) sorry, ‘divine worship’

gossipgirl: (6:31 PM) it’s so boring here

gossipgirl: (6:47 PM) lame


gaymer: (7:40 AM) hey Jeremy I found an extra calculator

always.heere: (7:43 AM) you are a life-saver Michael thanks.

gaymer: (7:47 AM) ye



that.guy: (4:58 PM) we are having the gsa meeting tomorrow right?

that.guy: (4:59 PM) making sure we’re all on the same page

checkyesjuliet: (5:02 PM) I can’t wait!

gossipgirl: (5:13 PM) yeah sure

gaymer: (5:21 PM) jeremy and me say yes

checkyesjuliet: (5:23 PM) You two spend a lot of time together! Are you friends now?

gaymer: (5:26 PM) ye



that.guy: (7:32 PM) Chloe?

diva: (7:41 PM) fine