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Anything But Normal

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In light of seeing Avengers: Infinity War (which I have seen five times), I've been inspired to write again. And who better to write about than precious Tom Holland? Fear not, fine people, there will be absolutely no spoilers to Infinity War in this. Leave feedback if you'd like. Or don't. Whatever tickles your fancy. Without further ado, I will stop rambling, and I hope you enjoy!


     "Next. Next. You're dismissed. Next!" Wait, wait, your favorite was, "We'll give you a call." That was always a lie. Not only was it a lie, it was getting old. Very old, in fact. And you were just about done with it. But this was the last straw. Or, last audition. "This has got to be the one," you thought. Spider-Man: Homecoming, your big break. At least, your only break. Waiting to be called, your nerves were getting the better of you. The possible outcomes of the following hours were racing through your head as you mentally prepared yourself for this important audition. The clock's ticking rang through the virtually silent room, holding only you and a few others. The back wall was lined with chairs, one of which you happened to be seated on. Auditioning for "Boy 2" wasn't your boldest move, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. One by one, people left the room to attempt to earn their spot in the movie. And one by one, they walked past only a few minutes later, this time with disappointment plastered on their faces. It wasn't looking good for you. Just when your heart was about to explode, your name was called.

     Shakily, you picked yourself up from the chair and took a deep breath. With false courage, you made your way out of the waiting room and into a different room. Awkwardly, you positioned yourself at the center of the room, waiting for some instructions. That's when you noticed the two people sitting in the corner. You didn't recognize them, but you figured they were important. Silently, nervously, and most certainly awkwardly, you stood and watched them for thirty seconds. And they watched you.

     "Go ahead," the one on the right said. "Go ahead with what?" you thought to yourself. 

     "Um, what?" you asked. "What do you want me to do?"

     "Whatever you want to do," the one on the left spoke up. 

     "Oh, um, okay..." you laugh out weakly. "What do I do? What do I do?" Panic began to set in. You clapped once, rubbing your hands together to warm up. "Okay," you repeated. Shifting your balance from one foot to another. You were blanking. Shit, you were blanking. "What were my ideas from before? Oh, I know!" Your brilliance was finally going to be put to use! Taking a few steps back, you prepared yourself. With a running start, you jumped into scene, hit the floor, tripped on a wire, and face-planted on the floor. "Ow."

     "Sorry, Mr. L/N, it seems you have auditioned for the wrong role. This is not a comedy act," one of them said. You weren't sure who, since your eyes were filled with floor. "Next!" Not only were your eyes filled with floor, they were also filled with tears. Lifting yourself from the floor, you took the walk of shame out of the room. "Thank you, please don't come back!" That was it. It was over. You blew your last chance. Somehow, you managed to hold in your tears long enough to get outside. Then, they poured. Passersby flashed sympathetic looks, but ultimately kept walking. It took a few minutes to calm down, and you eventually managed to rid your face of the tears, but you weren't hurting any less. Devastated, you miserably made your way home to wallow in sadness. Reasonable, amiright?