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He read the email for the hundredth time since receiving it and sighed. What should he do? He could simply accept and let them take a picture of himself in one of his suits or he could… no he couldn’t. Could he?

“What’s bothering you love?” asked Ian coming up behind him and reading the email over his shoulder. He hummed. “Are you thinking about going naked? That’s what’s got you worried? You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. It’s pretty clear. You can go wearing pajamas or a rainbow colored t-shirt if you want. It won’t make a difference”

“I know” he said sighing again.

“Then what?”

“It’s been a while since I did something like this. I’d love to pose naked. Not that I think many people would like that, but it’s my choice”

“I think people’d love to see you naked. I love to see you naked”

“You see me with the eyes of love. You don’t count”

“Excuse me. I’m the only one that counts here!” he said pouting and crossing his arms in front of himself.

Laughing a bit about his husband’s antics, Mark sighed and stood up to hug Ian, who had turned his back to him in affronted silence. “You are right love, you are the only one that counts. If you say I am sexy naked I trust you”

Smiling at his victory, Ian turned and hugged Mark back, lifting his face for a kiss on the lips. “You surely are sexy. Naked, dressed, half-dressed… In every way. So… You go and do that photo set dressed or naked, I don’t care, but no one touches you here, only me” he said cupping his cock through the other’s trousers, making Mark moan at the touch and go half hard.

“Don’t worry darling. That’s yours”

“Good. Got to rush. See you later!” he said pressing another kiss on Mark’s lips, grabbing his jacket and leaving. Mark was left there, in the middle of their living room, half hard and with the lingering taste of his husband’s lips on his. He was going to go crazy.

He sat at the table and opened up a blank email to accept the photo set. He was going to pose naked. It was going to be fun.