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In the eyes of Asgardian court and consensus, he was always at fault. There seemed to be a general consecious between the gods, that if something catasrophic was occuring it was caused by Loki. He expected this, after all he was wretched from his dyring mother's arms by the Allfather to be a sort of scapegoat or whipping boy for his prized golden son. 

But Loki never expected such cruelty to this degree.

The young trickster stood before Odin, his thin, waifish frame wavered under the weight of impending motherhood. He was heavily gravid, perhaps only two nights left before he would welcome his babe's entry to this world. His mouth gagged by a humiliating muzzle, hands and ankles bound by chains engraved with runes; prohibiting him from any form of salvation by his gift. His neck was adorned with a heavy collar, as if to symbolize his status to the Allfather.

The elderly Aesir eyed him with disgust. He believed him to be a whore; spreading his legs for any man who whispered sweet words in his ears, and empty promises. It brought shame to their family, the rumors, the speculations. The reputation of the royal family was much more valued, and for this great shame, he would suffer.

             "You have disgraced the name of Odinson." He muttered sternly, "I know now it was foolish of me to think a savage Jotun could be expected to follow our customs. Your mother was much the same as you. He cavorted about with multiple men, and had expectations of grandeur instead of knowing his place. I do blame the culture of your kin. Omegas know nothing of the knowledge of Alphas, but yet in an act of sheer hubris, the lands are governed by queens."

The Allfather rose from his throne, moving closer to Loki as he stared wide-eyed in fear. "I spoke to the old Norns, they've predicted nothing but misery and wretchedness from you." He stated, almost expectantly. "For this lecehours behavior, they have forseen your punishment. You shall be know henceforth as the mother of monsters, a title begining from the babe you carry in your womb! No son nor daughter borne of your womb would be desired, each a creature much more grotesque than the next!" He spat, expression grim but expectant.
Loki stared at him wide eyed, recoiling a bit at his words, breath hitching, as he grew more desperate to escape if only to spare his son.

          "Your borne abominations will destroy this earth, consuming all living creatures, while the soil will errupt, setting ablaze all things. Your monstrosities will devour the sun, and encapsulate planets with their tails, and it shall be known that it was you who have set this destruction into motion! But it will not happen, Ragnarök will be stopped, there is no other way. I must contain these creatures, for casting them out is not an option. I'll see to it that you watch the destruction of them, that you carry these monsters to term, and watch them die at your feet. You will weep knowing you are the cause of all destruction."

His heart pounded in his chest. Tears welled up in his eyes, as he dropped to his knees. It was no easy feat for him to submit, or kneel, but the life of his child was all he cared for. His mouth was gagged, so he could not plead contest, he did however, look upon the older man's eyes pleadingly. Tears stained him face, as he trembled his head bowed in desperation.
Odin showed him no mercy that night. He turned from him, not once acknowledging his misery, as he motioned for the guards to remove him.

Forceful arms yanked him to his feet, as he trembled weakly. He was lead down the familiar hallways. They marched him down, his bare feet scraping raw from the rough, damp floors. The smell was nauseating, but familiar. It smelled of battle, sweat and blood. He moved forward, taking their direction, only to be stopped abrupty. He feigned bravery, for his son's sake.
He could hear them whispering. But he could not make out any discernable words. A weary sigh could be heard, before a heavy blow from the blunt end of a spear struck him at his temple.