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Lorelai Gilmore: A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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October 8th, 1984

Hartford, Connecticut

The Gilmore Residence 

Lorelai Gilmore was lying in bed, watching some old cartoon reruns that she had seen before only about a hundred times while eating a sandwich the maid had made for her. She wasn't exactly sure what was inside the sandwich, but the maid, who spoke mainly Spanish, had explained that it was very healthy for the baby. It didn't taste all that bad so she ate it anyway. What did she know about what is healthy for a baby and what wasn't? She was only sixteen after all, and all she knew about pregnancy and motherhood was what her biology textbook had taught her and what she got from all the books and magazines her mother had given her from when Emily herself was pregnant with her. 

The teenager was about to take another bite when she felt a huge cramp in her belly. She groaned in pain, dropping the bread on her plate and rubbing her big, swollen stomach in small circles, hoping that the cramps would pass. Unfortunately for her, they did not. She shut her eyes as she felt a stronger cramp coming, this one resonating in all her body. 

"Ow!" she whimpered as she took in deep breaths. She counted till 10, 20, 50, and when she had gotten to 100 and the pains were still realized, she knew something was definitely wrong. Her assumptions were confirmed when she felt a small puddle of water under her. 

"Crap," she muttered, her heart rate speeding up to about a million miles an hour. She got up, a little wobbly on her feet and made her way to the closet. She changed her pants, grabbed the bag with her prepacked clothes for this specific day and started making her way downstairs to get to the hospital. To say she was afraid would have been the understatement of the year. She had to be strong though. She had to put on her brave face. She had to do it for her little girl. She would not allow herself to be a weak mother. No. She was going to be strong, and she was going to be loving, and she was going to be great. She was determined to. She was going to be the parent that both Emily and Richard Gilmore never were and could never be. 

She stopped at her father's office, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a short note to her parents. 

"Dear mom and dad, 

I'm in labor. See you later,


She left the note on the small table in the foyer and made her way outside. She then got into her mother’s Jaguar and drove herself to the hospital, knowing full well of all the risks she was taking, especially since she still didn’t have a driver’s license. When she got there safely though, she left the car in the parking lot and walked inside to the emergency room. 

"Excuse me," she said, the nurse behind the counter looked up at her with a wide, probably fake, smile. Lorelai could see the tiredness in her eyes. The smile was definitely fake. 

"Good evening! How may I help you, young lady?" the nurse asked her with a cheerful tone. The indifference in her eyes was very clear. 

"Well, I think I'm going into labor," she said with a grin and the nurse raised a questioning eyebrow at her. 

"You think you're going into labor, or are you going into labor?" 

"Well, my water broke about 30 minutes ago so I'm pretty sure I am going into labor!" she feigned excitement in her voice, the fear in her bright blue eyes very clear to anyone who bothered to care. God knows what the next hours, let alone days and years were going to be like. 

"Oh dear," the nurse mumbled, smiling reassuringly at Lorelai. She grabbed a few papers and handed them to the teenager, the judgment clear in her eyes. Lorelai was used to that look though. Strangers would look at her with pity and judgment all the time, feeling sorry for the young girl who threw her whole future away. She was most familiar with that look coming from her parents' eyes, except theirs had a little bit of disappointment mixed in there. 

"Well, you're going to have to fill these forms in, dear, and when you're done someone will be right with you to take you to the delivery room." The nurse explained, handing her a pen.

She thanked her and made her way to the chairs in the waiting room and started filling in the papers. She felt a little queasy, every now and then getting a strong cramp. She finished filling the papers in after what seemed like forever and handed them to the nurse. 

"Is anyone with you, hon?" the nurse asked her, that same look of pity in her eyes again. Lorelai looked away and mumbled a simple no. 

Another nurse came soon after and helped her in a wheelchair to take her to the changing room and prep her for delivery. 

After getting prepped and putting on that horrible hospital gown, the nurses were finally rolling Lorelai in a gurney to the delivery room. The pain was unbearable though. The cramps were the worst they had ever been in all her nine months of delivery. 

"Okay, this is a big pain and I'd really like it to go away, please." She whimpered, the nurse softly telling her to breathe in deep. 

"Breathing doesn't help, can I hit you instead?" Lorelai grinned sheepishly at the nurse, but the grin was gone as soon as it came, the pain causing her to bite down on her lower lip so hard, she drew a little bit of blood. 

"What?" the nurse asked her in confusion and a little bit of horror. 

"Or pinch you really hard, because that might make me feel better," Lorelai suggested instead with gritted teeth. Oh, this was the worst cramp yet. 

"No, you cannot hit me." The nurse now seemed kind of annoyed with the sixteen-year-old. 

"Can I bite you or pull your hair or use the Epilady on you 'cause I really need to do something." she breathed out, out of breath from all the pain she was in. Alas, the cramps were not the worst of it, but the arrival of her cranky parents instead. 

"Lorelai Gilmore!" She heard her mother's voice yelling from the end of the hall. 

"Wheel this a little faster, please," she begged the nurses, but they only seemed to do the opposite and move a little slower. Or her mom had suddenly turned into an Olympic racer and had reached them really, really fast. 

"Lorelai, you do not do this. You do not just leave a person a note." her mother complained. "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm in labor. See you later, Lorelai" she read the letter and Lorelai prayed really hard that her parents would just disappear. She moaned in pain as another huge cramp hit her, but in all honesty part of the moan was due to her mother's annoying presence. 

"Emily, please, I feel ridiculous," her father was mumbling, struggling to catch up with his wife. 

"You're having a baby – do you know that, Lorelai?" 

"Well, that explains the stomachache," she muttered sarcastically.

 " You do not leave your house when you are having a baby without telling your mother. You say, "Excuse me, Mom. I'm having a baby, give me a ride to the damn hospital!" her mother continued with her little rant, Lorelai rolling her eyes at her. 

" Emily, please, I wore the wrong shoes for this. " Richard was still complaining and Lorelai was honestly angry at him. The least he could have done was show that he cared a little. She knew deep down that he did and it would hurt him to really face the problem, but it sucked that he did not want to face it at all. 

" Of all the things in the world I had a right to do, driving my daughter to the hospital to give birth, especially since she's sixteen years old and doesn't have her driver's license yet, is definitely one of them." 

The nurse interjected then and Lorelai had never been more thankful for anyone her whole entire life. " Ma'am, I need to wait out here, please. " 

Emily was taken aback and gave the nurse a look of confusion and annoyance. "Why?" She demanded. 

"because we're going into the delivery room," the nurse explained. Lorelai was impressed at the nurses and the way they were putting up with her parents. If she hadn't been in so much pain, she would have been way angrier at her mother right now. 

"But I want to go in!" She exclaimed and Lorelai looked at her with her eyes wide and pleading. 

"No, Mom, please." She begged her. 

"Yes, Emily, please." Richard sighed and Lorelai was thankful for his presence right then. 

"Fine, we'll be right here when we're done!" of course, she had to have the last word and her way in everything. 

"Super," Lorelai muttered as the nurses wheeled her into the room. 

" And do not think we're finished discussing this, young lady, because we are not! " her mother yelled after her, and she closed her eyes real tight, hoping that the pain, along with her parents, would just go away already. 

The delivery was a big hazy blob in her memory. All she remembered was her swearing like a sailor on leave at the nurses and the doctor, at the pain she was in, and fate for putting her through all this. They had given her ice chips but she had no clue what they were for. They really did not help her in any way but let out a little bit of steam by pelting the nurses with them. That sure was fun.

 While some would have called it the most meaningful experience of their life, to Lorelai, it was something more akin to doing the splits on a crate of dynamite.  

It felt like hours and hours of the nurses telling her to breathe in deeply and begging her to stop throwing the ice chips, and to calm down and stop screaming and swearing like a sailor. She stopped the pelting but the swearing never did. She didn't know how long had passed before the doctor started asking her to push and push. And there she was, laying on her back with her fat belly in front of her, and her swollen ankles on each side of the hospital bed, her butt dangling out of the hospital gown, yelling and crying as she pushed. 

"The baby's head is out! C'mon Lorelai! Push! Push!" The doctor was encouraging her.  And then came the cry. Her back hit the bed and she was crying in relief. She sniffed and breathed in deeply finally relaxing. 

"Congratulations, Lorelai. You have a healthy little baby girl!" The doctor announced at exactly 4:03 am with a smile as the nurse handed her the tiny little thing wrapped in a tiny pink blanket. She sobbed even harder then as the little girl cried too. 

"It's okay, baby girl. Mommy's here. It's gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay," She whispered and pressed a soft kiss to her beautiful daughter's head. Well, in all honesty, the baby resembled a little blob of red with ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, but she was her little blob of red with ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes and she was in love. 

The nurse came to take the baby away and Lorelai muttered a small no, but the nurse reassured her that they were only going to take her to wash her up and give her the newborn baby checkup. Lorelai was too tired to fight. 

Sometime later, while she was holding the sleeping newborn baby girl in her arms, the smile never leaving her lips, the nurse came for feeding time and asked her what the name of the baby was going to be. After all, she was going to be Baby Gilmore forever. Although, Lorelai did think it had a nice ring to it. She wasn't really sure whether it was her inner feminism kicking in, or the Demerol they had given her, but she found herself saying "Lorelai." 

“Baby Lorelai Gilmore Junior?”

“Lorelai Leigh Gilmore… Yeah,” she said a wide smile spreading on her lips as she smiled down at her perfect little baby. “I mean, men always name their children after themselves, so why can’t women, right?”

The nurse didn’t say anything, simply wrote down the name on the sheet she had and then proceeded to help Lorelai with the feeding.

Her parents came in sometime later and so did Christopher, but it was all a blur to her. She was too tired the whole time and could only muster enough energy to be strong for her daughter.

A few days later, she was finally able to walk. Christopher helped her as they made their way to the nursery. They stood in front of the window staring at their daughter with smiles on their faces.

“She’s pretty,” Chris whispered, with a smile, his fingers on the glass.

“She’s perfect,” Lorelai said, folding her arms over her chest as she pulled her jacket tighter around herself.

A few moments in silence passes as the young couple stared at their child.

“So,” Christopher cleared his throat a while later, breaking the silence. “I guess we should get married,” he said quietly.

“Yeah,” Lorelai replied absentmindedly. They had to, didn’t they? It was the right thing to do.

“I love you, Lor,” Chris said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, kissing her forehead. She remained silent, ignoring the tears that burned behind her eyes and threatened to fall. She had to be strong. For baby Lorelai.