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Call me Mistress

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This story begins with Helen Stevens, the perfect definition of perfection, as redundant as it may sound; she was always a good student, a good daughter and later the best attorney one could desire to hire. But there is always a thin line between normality and boredom that this kind of people never dare to cross. That was not the case of Helen; she hid one big secret: she was a dominatrix, a secret she would not dare to share with anyone. Well, actually she shared it with her ex-boyfriend, Mathew, but the relationship died years ago. Anyways, that is not what I want to tell you, at least right now.


It was not her dominatrix side what worried her in that moment; Helen had something that ran through her mind day after day “Why does this redhead girl always insist on dating me?” . That insistent redhead was Tarah Jones, who fell in love at first sight with Helen and could not stop asking her for dates since the first day, although Helen always rejected the multiple offers.

It all began the day Tarah went to a trial about gender abuse. In her free time, the redhead went to trials, since she found them quite interesting. Her main hobby was painting tho, which she did everyday in the afternoon after her working shift at McDonalds; a job she did not like at all, but it was useful to pay the bills, since she did not get much money from her paintings. Going back to the trial, Tarah attended it as it was the only one which was open to the public that day. She sat in the middle of the big room, in one of those uncomfortable, wood benches. Her brown, curious eyes darted all around the room, but soon they found a place to stop and admire; a tall, gorgeous, blonde woman entered through the lateral door. Her long legs made Tarah feel the desire to climb them and reach those prominent breasts she had. Tarah's erotic thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the hit the judge made with his tiny mallet, which made Tarah jump a little from the bench. By that time the redhead spent daydreaming, Helen was already sitting at her place, next to her client, who was the woman that had been abused. The trial began, and Helen defended the woman so fervently that Tarah could not stop listening to her. From that day on, the horny redhead always attended to all the trials Helen participated in; not only because she admired her as an attorney, but also because Helen turned her on like nobody else did ever before.


After a month of looking at Helen from the bench, Tarah decided to shorten their distance, literally. She stood up and went to congratulate Helen for winning the trial. Her steps were quick, although her heart was beating faster. Helen was talking with another attorney, which seemed to have a friendly relationship with her since they were smiling. Tarah hesitated a bit before interrupting the conversation, but she thought she had already been waiting too much. Her freckled hand touched softly Helen's arm, which made her turn around with a confused expression.


May I help you?” Helen said, a serious expression on her look, a little upset to be honest; She hated being interrupted.


Umm... Sorry, I'm Tarah and I have been attending to lots of trials lately in which you participated. Congratulations for winning this one, too. You are amazing at your job” Said Tarah, too excited, nearly seeming a fangirl of a rockstar. Well, she actually was worse than that.


...Thank you?” Helen said even more confused, since it was the first time she faced a situation like that. She never thought someone could be a fan of her job “Wait, at how many trials did you come?”


A lot, actually... It's been a month since the first one” Tarah said, slightly embarrassed and not aware of how much a stalker she seemed.


That's fucking weird” Helen's friend said as he laughed.


Helen made him shut up, telling him that he did not need to be disrespectful with the lady. Tarah felt her heart skipping a beat when Helen defended her in front of her friend. The redhead believed in cheesy romance stories, so Helen in that moment seemed one knight rescuing her princess from an ugly dragon; at least from Tarah's perspective.


Okay, so... Thanks for coming to the trials and your support” Helen said in a polite tone “I have to leave now”

Wait!” Tarah said, a little too loud, which made everyone in the room turn around.


W-What do you want?” Helen said, embarrassed and upset. She loathed to be the centre of attention, and even more in a trial room.

A date!”