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Hero of Another World

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It started one night in Avenger’s Tower. The team had been watching T.V when a commercial advertising an animated movie came on. As the character appeared on the screen the usually boisterous Thor quieted and turned wide eyed to the screen. The character that had Thor so entranced was a small, scrawny boy with a messy flop of auburn hair and large green eyes. It was obvious from the style and his helmet that he was a Viking. As the commercial went on Thor’s eyes got wider and wider. When it finally ended the Asgardian stood up and turned to Tony.


“Man of Iron, what was this advertising?” Thor bellowed after a minute.

            “Um.. some stupid kid movie. Why?” Tony replied a bit confused.

            “Then we must go see this kid movie,” Thor declared to the others puzzlement.


Usually Thor found T.V. and Movies foolish, that is unless there was a battle of sorts in it. So this left the team puzzled, what could the so-called god of thunder want with a kid movie? Finally they decided that it must be because the movie was about Vikings. This ended the discussion until the day the movie came out. Thor insisted on buying tickets for everyone. He rushed through breakfast, bashed a few villains, wolfed down lunch, let mjolnir feel the rush of battle, and then skipped dinner pulling his teammates behind him towards the theater.

As soon as they got there Thor and Clint rushed to stock up on snacks. They were seated as soon as the last preview finished. With Bruce at the edge in case something set him off, then Tony, next sat Clint, Natasha sat with her head on his shoulder and on her legs on the lap of Steve who sat next to her, finally next to Steve sat Thor. As the movie played all were consumed by their thoughts.


Tony’s P.O.V

At first I vaguely paid attention to the movie, maybe I could point out scientific flaws or laugh at the horrible animation. But as I watched the snarky character Hiccup (what kind of name is that?) pulled me in. He was a mechanic of sorts, one that was underestimated and the heir to a father who never listened or paid attention to his son. I found myself paralleling the movie to my whole life. J.A.R.V.I.S was Toothless, loyal but not always obeying orders, no matter what he was there for his friend. Hiccup was himself of course (he was crippled as well), Howard could easily match Stoick in parenting skills, and the twins easily matched Thor and Hulk in destructive skill. The Queen was kind of like Obi, manipulating everything behind the scenes. The movie was comforting and I kind of understood Point Break’s urge to see it.

Natasha’s P.O.V


Yes, the movie was kind of cute. I saw Tony flinch a few times, at least when I could think past the sounds of Clint gobbling up some food. I had the urge to castrate him when he pulled me close to him later on with those hands still stick from food. But I do agree it would be kind of fun to fly a dragon. There was still something unsettling. The main character, Hiccup was eerily familiar, he reminded me of someone, I’m just not sure who.


Thor’s P.O.V

Yes, this movie was what I expected. It was time to answer Loki’s pleas for help. He would need to reveal the truth to his team and bring them to Norseheim. (Instead of Nornheim)