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Rye Prince and The Sorting Conundrum (Year One)

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Hogwarts Castle, The Headmaster's Office
A Few Years After Part One

"Will Mr. Potter go to Beauxbatons, then?" Minerva McGonagall asked.

"I don't know, but I rather doubt it," replied Headmaster Dumbledore.

"Worst sort of muggles imaginable," Minerva grumbled. "Did Matthew say what they were planning on doing about his magick?"

Albus sighed. "Professor Feland indicated that the Dursleys intend to continue Harry's education at St. Aquinas' School and that is all. They do not intend to have him educated in magick, and they think religion might be a good way to ensure he doesn't use his magick. They requested that we never send another magickal being to their door -- or they will alert the French authorities. And, as you know, we've no right to hassle them."

"Did Matthew speak with Mr. Potter?" Minerva asked.

"No. He was at school during the time that Professor Feland visited. He toured young Harry's room, spoke to Petunia and was then asked to leave. According to Professor Feland, he didn't feel like overstaying his welcome, and came home to report back to me," Albus responded.

"What will you do? Your plans for the Boy Who Lived?" Minerva inquired as she rose from her seat.

"I am going to position Neville Longbottom as the saviour of our world. Yes, Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort somehow, as a baby. But, the Prophecy could also have been about Neville. I've spoken to Lady Longbottom, of course. She is of the mind that giving Neville a direction in life, considering his parents defied Voldemort three times as well, would be a good thing. And so, we will promote, with the appropriate propaganda, Neville as our young saviour," the Headmaster explained.

"But the whole of the British Magickal world knows that Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord," Minerva whispered.

"Now, we never really explained that. An article will come out in the daily Prophet, explaining that Lily Potter defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort -- against a prophecy that said it was Neville's duty, Neville's right. We will then use everything at our disposal to make that become the truth. Even if we have to use advanced memory charms, Minerva. Our world must have a saviour. Our world must have hope," he replied.

"We don't necessarily need the Boy Who Lived. What we need is a boy who will fulfill the prophecy. Neville fits the bill, except for the encounter with Lord Voldemort. We can fix that, with some added stories leaked to the prophet and other news media," Albus explained.

Minerva took a steadying breath. "Harry Potter is the Boy Who Lived. It's out there, in the world. We can't take that back. It went around the country."

"We can change that, my dear Professor McGonagall," Headmaster Dumbledore said. He quickly turned his wand on her and murmured, "Obliviate."

As he held the spell, he concentrated on the parts he wanted her to remember and what he wanted her to forget. He was very specific and very careful. When he was finished, he sat back as she blinked at him and then smiled.

"So, we'll leave Lily and James's child alone then," Professor McGonagall said as she sat back down and prepared to finish drinking her tea. "He'll grow up as Lily's sister wants. It is too bad that he won't get to know Remus or be friends with the children of his parent's friends, but it sounds as though he's better off in France, with his family."

Albus smiled, and allowed the smile to bloom in his eyes. He nodded. "Exactly, Minerva. He's better off, with his family. And besides, we will have to concentrate on young Neville. The Prophecy Boy will need to be trained. He'll have a lot to do, in our world."

Professor McGonagall nodded and then raised her cup. "To Neville, then," she said as she took the last sip of tea.