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Harry Potter Smuthology.

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Not the proper use of an invisibility cloak.
Harry took off his boxers as he slipped the cloak around him. He hid his remaining school uniform under his bed before laying on it, covered in the silky material. First came Dean, having come up quickly from the Quidditch party. Another victory had done them good, but the fun wasn’t over yet. Dean started to take of his shirt, revealing a very well defined six-pack and muscled arms. Harry could see why Ginny wanted to fuck him. But then again…
He undid his trousers, revealing very strong-looking legs. His boxers began to fall, and Harry silently whistled as his huge hung cock was mere metres from his face. Cut, as Harry liked to look at. Dean lay down on his bed and began to stroke his dick, hardening it slowly.
Minutes later Seamus came upstairs, and looked completely unsurprised by Dean’s cock. “You wanna go again?” The Irish asked, with a sense of impatience.
“Come here slut.” Dean beckoned to his cock. “Suck.”
“Yes daddy” Seamus replied, eagerly moving his lips round Dean. He began to work his way down the large black cock, Dean’s hands guiding his head. He went rougher as time went on, forcing Seamus all the way down his dick. Seamus began to choke on the huge hunk of meat, but Dean held him there for about 50 seconds. Dean forced Seamus onto the bed and lowered only his trousers and pants so his raw red hole was there. It had been exploited many times, clearly, due to its crimson colour and the hand marks around it. Dean lined up his cock, and put his hand on Seamus’ mouth. He went in, full strength, muffling Seamus’ screams of pain. In, out, in, out, and a pace so rapid Harry couldn’t keep up with the thrusts. Seamus’ cock, now free from trousers, hung limp and unloved. Harry could feel himself beginning to orgasm, and with a few quicker thrusts he had cum all over his cloak.
“Did you hear that bitch?” Dean asked Seamus imperatively.
“Yes daddy.”
“Go look at it.”
Seamus went to the source of the sound, and before Harry could move Seamus had removed the cloak.
“Daddy, it’s Harry.”
“Bitch… bring him back here.” Dean demanded. Once he had arrived, he said simply: “You’re ours now slut. Bitch, get out your cock and let him taste.” Seamus forced his dick into Harry’s mouth, who gagged but could do nothing. He was up on the bed, his mouth tasting nothing but Seamus. Dean went to the back and looked at his ass. He spanked it hard, but Harry’s shouts were unheard. He went into the hole, no such thing as foreplay. Harry screamed again, but Seamus just went in deeper as punishment. Harry could feel the hard cock touching his throat, before he pulled out. He lay beside Harry, touching his hard white dick, his fingers curling his hair. Dean forced Harry off him and onto Seamus’ cock. Harry began to instinctively bounce on the cock, before he realised that Seamus’s cock seemed larger than before. Dean has pushed in, and as Harry realised he let out a scream that Seamus managed to stifle.
Five minutes of thrusting brought Dean’s orgasm, deep inside Harry’s ass, before he lay contentedly beside Seamus as his final pumps happened before he came. Harry whimpered: “Can I cum please?”
“No.” Dean said. “Bad bitches don’t get to have fun when they spy.”
“You dirty slut” Seamus muttered. “I’m getting more of that ass later.”