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The Sparkle In Your Eyes

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Chapter 1



Montehugh: Run run! Run ruuun!
Each of the SWAT team agents took a proper action. Three of them stood behind the wall, two of them ran to the upper floor and the rest, including Kandomere and Montehugh turned their back and protected their head with both hands.
A big explosion that could be heard from afar occurred.
Trying to stand on his hands and knees, Kandomere quickly turned his head. Icy blue eyes looked anywhere of everywhere but there was nothing. No doubt the Bright they thought they’d caught, has exploded himself.
“Told you, boss! We shouldn’t have come this close..” Montehugh coughed for the third time.
“There was no other choice.” Kandomere let out a heavy breath. After scanning the area for the last time, he and his ginger coworker finally came out of the building but the SWAT team stayed for the possible further research. This case was supposed to be closed by now.
“Further research for any possible Bright location. Understood?!” Kandomere ordered to one of his men. Slipping into the car, he waited for Montehugh to start the engine and drive to the headquarters.
“The last of the Brights…and the wand was with him.” Kandomere looked outside of the window.
“Well boss…” Montehugh coughed again, trying to get the dust out of his throat.
“I don’t think they would destroy the wand. It would be the end of their plans. So, the wand must be there.. just hidden somewhere and probably out of reach.”
Kandomere looked straight at his partner. In response, Montehugh held the steering wheel tighter for dear life. “Or perhaps it was a fake wand. I saw the wand shattered into a million pieces.”
Ginger’s eyes went wide. “We’ve been deceived!”
Kandomere rolled his eyes.
After parking the car, Kandomere was the first to step out of it. Walking around with his now-ruined suit, torn tie and black shoes covered in dust, Kandomere felt affronted that some agents were staring at them with a surprised look on their face. However, his partner was no better than him at the moment.
“A big disgrace..” Kandomere muttered, after pressing the elevator’s key.
Montehugh gave him a side glance.
“Told you not to get so close, boss!” Working together with Kandomere, Montehugh totally understood an elf’s inherent need for always being a polished youth. Especially Kandomere, who use to spend a lot of money on his looks.
“It’s a shame.” Kandomere narrowed his eyes and walked inside. Montehugh followed him behind.
“You can’t always look stunning and gorgeous.” Montehugh pressed the key to the seventh floor and turned just in time only to find Kandomere dusting off his blue tailored suit and cleaning his face with a pocket handkerchief at the mirror. The sight made him smile.
“At least I could look presentable.” Kandomere answered when he was finished. The door opened and together, they went to the chief's office to start explaining new things.


“Adelaide Clinton!”
“Yes mom! Comin’..”
The 10 year old Adelaide gathered all her favorite toys, put them into her backpack and right when she was about to leave her room, she found her all time favorite toy. It was a toy gun.
Happily, she picked it up and placed a kiss on it.
“There you are!” she said.
“Oh no!” Adelaide hurried to the stairs. Holding the toy gun with her two hands, she imagined herself as one of the greatest policemen in LA.
“I am Adelaide Clinton of LA and I am here to shoot you, bad guys!”
“Oh, give that to me.” Adelaide’s mom was never a fan of action movies.. Yet alone be interested in such dangerous jobs.
“No mom! I love my gun! I wanna stop the bad guys!” Adelaide protested, trying so hard to hide her toy somewhere behind.
“I said, give that to me!” Her mom was slowly loosing patience.
“Let her have the toy.” Adelaide’s grandma came in time to save her.
“Mom please! I don’t want her to grow so fond of these stuff. These are not safe.. you know that. I don’t want her to get shot when she’s grown up.” Adelaide’s mother answered in a hush tune with an obvious worrying in her eyes.
The grandmother stayed quiet.
“Grandma please!” Adelaide pleaded her earnestly but her grandmother only smiled at her.
“Adelaide” The mom called her again.
Letting out a sigh, Adelaide finally gave up and handed the toy gun to her.
“Thank you.” Her mother said. “Now, please get into the car.” She smiled when she left her with the grandma.
“How I’m gonna stop the bad guys now?!” the child asked her grandmother.
The old woman came closer and put both hands on her shoulder.
“You don’t need a gun to stop the bad guys, Adelaide.” She kindly smiled which made the little girl return the same brilliant smile.
“You need this ..” The grandma brought a new white pencil out of her pocket. “And this..” and a new white notebook from her bag.
“I have to study my lessons! I know! Thank you grandma, thanks so much!” The grandma opened her arms and Adelaide jumped for a big hug.
“Awwww… Yes, that’s the only cure, my child.” They both smiled and soon after, the Clinton family got into the car and moved to their new apartment. Adelaide decided to never ever touch a real gun.


After discussing everything to the chief, Kandomere and Montehugh were told to close the case and get ready to work on the new ones.
It’s been a long quite peaceful day and Montehugh had left Kandomere a little early to take his wife out tonight. Kandomere refused to leave his office since he wanted to see what was exactly behind that fake wand that fooled them all. Even Kandomere himself had mistaken it for a real wand. His thoughts were pushed away when his secretary knocked the office door.
“Sir, may I come in ?!”
Gathering all the papers together and putting them aside to re-read them later, Kandomere allowed him in.
“Agent Kandomere! The chief wants to meet you at his office.”
“I’ll be right there in a moment.” Kandomere answered him in his casual serious tune. 
Not long after the secretary left his office, Kandomere noticed the clock on the wall. It was time to go. Picking up his jacket, he slipped it on again and headed to the chief’s office but he came across the chief at the doorway.
“Chief, as you requested I was coming to meet you at your office.” Kandomere looked at his boss. Something about him didn’t sound alright.
“Agent Kandomere. News and rumors have spread over the social media.” The chief let out a heavy breath.
“You are quite right, chief. People think that we’ve got the last wand.”
“And we have not.” The chief beckoned him to walk forward.
“We’ll find it.” Kandomere could smell something in the air.
“Nice. Because I wonder where it is Right Now.” Before Kandomere could say something, the chief stopped at the elevator, turned to him and gave him a sharp look which didn’t sit comfortable with the elf at all.
“Agent Kandomere, before I hear from someone else, I’d like You to confess if you know anything about it or not. We’ve been working together for years. If you are keeping a big secret, please let me know.”
For a second, the comment made Kandomere’s blood boil but he managed to keep calm.
“I beg your pardon, what gives you the impression that I’m not trustworthy anymore?!”
“I need an answer, elf agent.”
“I have nothing to hide.”
“I’m worried they have cast a spell on you to hide things from us. Because you’re an elf and they would do it easily.”
“I assure you… No one has cast any spell on me.”
“Fine… We’ll see. And I wasn’t being racist. Because if I was, I’d bring it up in front of Montehugh and the others.” Of course Kandomere knew it wasn’t so. The chief entered the elevator but Kandomere stayed at his place. Before the doors close, he made a quick decision and chose the stairs rather than the elevator.



Climbing up the stairs, Adelaide ran to her new room. She closed the door, jumped on her bed and opened the window. From here, she could see the Elven district better; because their new house was located near the Elven city. She stared into the sky like she was searching for something she had long lost. Everywhere she looked, was a sky-high big tower. Thanks to the lights on each building, everything was glowing in the dark. Reflecting white lights to the outside, the whole city was shining like a diamond. Suddenly looking at the corner of her window frame, she saw something was glowing in there too. She reached out and picked up the little thing. She thought it’s a piece of jewel and indeed it was. Not knowing it was a precious Amethyst, she put it into her jewel box and decided to go get something to drink. Since she has lost so many of her friends, she wasn’t still so happy with their new house and every time she complained about this to her mom, she only got one answer. “You’ll get used to it, Adelaide.” At least she hoped so. She was always full of hope.




Out of the building, the weather was getting stormy. The trees and the wires were shaking in the wind. Kandomere stepped out, trying so hard to remind himself that he wasn’t in the right mood to drive his own car. Anger was written all over his face. Each time he remembered that fishy conversation with his boss, he thought that maybe the boss is the one who’s been cast a spell on. After all those days and nights working for that human, this wasn’t what he expected. It was driving him insane and he would do anything to stop overthinking about it. He was going to stand next to the street and wait for a taxi to stop by but right when he reached the street line, a loud noise of scratching the wheels of a heavy vehicle on the asphalt, got his attention. When he turned his head, his eyes went wide and then, everything in the universe vanished away for him.