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we have no one else if not each other

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She’s heard the rumors that circulate this planet from pearl to pearl, whispered directions for their sacred pilgrimage to begin.

When Pearl finally finds the perfect time to leave her Poudretteite’s side, she repeats in her head the memorized directions from the main reception area. Left, then third left, down the stairs, right, down a long hallway, right…

Pearl spots it easily even in the dim light, since she knows what she’s looking for.

Marks. Thin lines carved into the old corridor by many gems before her, all silently telling her ‘I was here. This is my mark. I will not be forgotten.’

Though she’s heard of the shrine many times, this is the first time they’ve ever come to this planet. It may be the only chance she has.

There is a knife hidden behind a loose panel, sharp to the touch. Something about holding the weapon in her hands makes Pearl grin in excitement. However, she can’t dawdle for too long, or else her Master will notice her absence.

Even with its sharpness, it still takes her some effort to properly sink the weapon in and make her own little mark.

It is one of countless hundreds. Pearl feels secure in this anonymous group - she is one of many who have come here and become a permanent fixture in this corridor. Even after their bodies are Shattered or Harvested, this mark will remain. Other pearls will see their mark among hundreds and look on in awe before adding their own.

She looks up to the center of the wall, where something catches her eye.

Upon closer inspection, she can tell almost immediately what the crude drawing is depicting.

It is an icon among pearls, though the exact origin of this figure has been lost to rumor.

Some call her Nacre, or Mother of Pearls, or The First. Others simply call her Pearl.

Many say that she was the First Pearl, risen from the ocean and struck down by the Diamonds for her beauty, along with all who came after her. Others say that she created all pearls, and left them to perish. And when completely alone, whispered in secret places where they could never be heard nor found, some say that she was the one to shatter Pink Diamond.

Pearl shivers at the memories of those rumors, memorizing every detail of the drawing.

The pearl depicted is so incredibly different than anything Pearl has seen. She is sharp and angular, carrying two swords in her hands. The gem in her forehead is oblong, her hair a spiked triangle behind her head. Out of respect, there is an unmarked area around her, as if she is glowing with some kind of aura. Her eyes seem to bore deeply into Pearl's own.

Last, Pearl notices small, neat writing beside the drawing.


With a smile on her face, Pearl leaves the service corridor to complete the job commanded of her. By the time she rejoins her Poudretteite, her face is once again emotionless and ready to serve her master to the letter.

She does not forget. With the next pearl she sees alone, she recounts the story of her pilgrimage and the beautiful Renegade.


Blue Pearl first hears word from a high-ranking Musgravite’s pearl. She’s slender and meek, and a particularly pleasing shade of Light Plum, but she speaks with fire in her eyes. Blue has long known that looks can be deceiving when it comes to pearls - it is often those who look the weakest that have the strongest spirits.

They’re calling the Pearl The Renegade now. Blue Pearl allows herself a private smile.

Only a quarter-Cycle later, Musgravite exits Yellow Diamond’s chambers, Yellow and Blue Diamond trailing behind her.

Blue happily continues on with her Diamond, feeling a rare pep in her step.

As she should - after all, any rebellion must start with something small.

The Renegade may yet be the spark that lights yet another rebellion.

If she's still alive, Blue would like to think that she'd be proud.