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Tangled string

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Error quickly dodged the paint brush Ink was swinging at him and it crashed into the ground, shattering the floor tiles of the judgement hall the two enemies found themselves in. His eye sockets widened in panic. The shorter skeleton was not playing around anymore.


Error narrowly evaded a swing at his head by jumping back.

But Ink wasn't the only one he was fighting.

Kill him! Kill him! Rid the multiverse of that no-good guardian once and for all!

He's a glitch! Kill him!!

Murder him!!!

Massacre him!!!!

Obliterate him!!!!!

Error jumped back, evading a bone attack narrowly. He gasped as his soul was snatched up with blue magic. It hovered in front of his ribcage, glowing a bright blue. Its surface was wrapped in the cyan strings he used to destroy universes and they were squeezing his broken and battered soul, holding it together but creating almost unbearable agony too.

"wh-wh-what?!" Error stammered in his glitched out voice, squeezing his eye sockets shut in pain. Ink couldn't do any blue magic! Who...?!

His eye sockets opened again when he heard some shuffling. A short Sans stepped into the light, his hand raised and glowing. His left eye socket was glowing the same bright shade of blue his hand was.


Free yourself, you imbecile!!!

Error's eye sockets widened in shock. Why was this Sans helping Ink? Where had he come from? He hadn't seen him when he got there!

The Sans closed his hand into a fist, squeezing his soul.

Error let out a scream as agonising pain shot up his spine, taking over his whole body. He crumpled to the floor of broken tiles and thrashed weakly, screaming as loud as he could as the very culmination of his entire being was ripped from its designated place just above his chest and snatched up by his nemisis, Ink.

Error messages filled the glitch's vision as his strings shot out blindly, making Ink flinch back and squeeze his soul tightly.

All Error could perceive was pain and Ink was touching him, touching his soul, touching him everywhere at once!

Tears were streaming down Error's dark cheek bones and he was trembling as he curled himself into a shivering ball. He let out glitched whimpers and scratched at his skull, drawing blood. Dust flaked down his skull as he slammed it onto the ground, once, twice, trying to perceive anything other than the fact that someone was touching his soul.

He was going to die...

He was going to die for real...

There was a hand on his shoulder and he flinched away hard, sobbing loudly.

"p-p-plE-plEasE st-stOp..." Error whimpered, his whole body burning like fire. The hand was gone so that was good but his soul was still in the hands of that filthy, stars-damned guardian.

Error collapsed into a sobbing heap of limbs and string was laying all around him, materialising spontaneously and trying to attack Ink. It wasn't really effective as Error still couldn't see anything other than those damned error messages as his vision failed.

Get your soul back!


Error shivered harshly as he pushed himself up on all fours, coughing up blood.

The Sans shot a barrage of bones at him which hailed down on him, skewering his bones. He gasped in pain and let out a broken, glitched out scream as he fell again. Some of his ribs were broken, his skull felt as if it would break open at any time and his soul was still in Ink's hands. His vision cleared up a bit but what he saw made him sick. Ink was holding his soul with grim satisfaction. Or was that just his mind playing tricks on him?

Error tried again and managed to stand up this time even though he was trembling and tilting dangerously to the right. His legs felt like they were going to give out any second but he managed three steps towards Ink before another barrage of bones sent him to the ground. He screamed as they splintered his right arm and sobbed harshly.

"We will kill you now, Error. We will grant you that mercy." Ink explained.

Mercy?!! He didn't want to die!!!

Error stared up at his executioner, sobbing quietly as tears rolled down his cheek bones.

"You're broken beyond repair. Goodbye." Ink explained grimly and closed his fist around Error's soul which was flickering in distress.

b u t i t R E f u s E d . . .

Error gasped in relief as his soul was finally released and collapsed when it returned into his broken and battered ribcage. His vision darkened quickly and soon he passed out.


Wake up, idiot.

Wake up!!

Error's eye sockets fluttered open slowly. He let out a groan as a wave of pain crashed over his whole body. His eye lights flickered weakly as he tried to ignite them but all his magic was being used to keep his body and soul together.

Where the fuck are we?

Error let out another groan, his whole body aching. His ribs were pounding with pain and his skull was thrumming in agony. He felt miserable. If he wouldn't be able to get his hands onto some healing gel soon he'd break even further.

"are you awake?" A voice cut through the fog in his skull. Error let out a glitched whimper and squeezed his empty eye sockets closed, tensing up to brace for the pain.

"shh... calm down..." The voice murmured soothingly.

"we won't hurt you." The voice promised. Error didn't even have enough magic to fight back anymore. He went limp, his mind at the edge of consciousness and he wanted nothing more than to dive into that reliving abyss.

Wait. Did that person say 'we'? There was more than one person?! Error tensed and his eye sockets flew open but they were still completely dark and he couldn't see anything. The only thing he knew for sure was that he was in pain and that he was lying on something soft.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" A second voice asked quietly. They seemed to be talking to whomever the first voice belonged.

"yes. error is hurt and we will help him." The first voice replied steadily, seeming very sure of themselves.

They know your name.

They know who you are.



Error tried to get his limbs under him to stand up or at least get on his hands and knees. He let out a pained gasp as his right arm gave way with a sickening crack, blinding pain shooting through him. He grunted as he collapsed again, his whole body throbbing in pain as he slammed into the soft surface again. Not as soft as he thought...

"get berry!" The first voice shouted urgently. It was the last Error heard before he passed out from the sheer agony being pumped through his body.


Cross' eye sockets were still wide in shock when he opened a portal to Underswap. He hoped Blueberry would help them. They were talking about the destroyer of universes after all.

Cross found himself in the living room of the Underswap brothers' house. He looked around warily, knowing that the Papyrus residing here wouldn't be happy if he knew he was about to take Blueberry to the destroyer.

"Cross?" A voice inquired. Cross' head jerked into the direction the sound had come from, spotting Blueberry.

"We need your help."


"Where is he?" Was the first thing Blueberry asked after he had followed Cross through the portal. He was a bit scared, slightly confused and very worried about Error.

"Follow me." Cross said quietly. Blueberry nodded and followed after the taller skeleton.

The two short skeletons walked down the hallway quickly, down some stairs, down another hallway, up some stairs and through a few doors until they finally arrived.

Blueberry gasped as he saw the state Error was in. There was a spiderweb of cracks running through his skull, his right eye socket cracked and his bare ribcage looked like someone had used a sledgehammer on it.

"Wh-what happened to him?" Blueberry asked, shocked.

"ink happened." Killer explained, sitting next to the bed the injured skeleton was on. He was waiting for the other to wake up to use some healing gel on him. Now that Blueberry was here they could even use healing magic. That would be way more effective.

Together the three skeletons waited for Error to wake up.


... Wake up.


We'll torture your mind again.

Error let out a strained groan as he slowly regained consciousness. He was still in pain, his skull pounding away, his ribs aching horribly and his soul screaming in pain. He wondered how many new cracks he would find.

You deserve it.

Error opened his eye sockets, his left eye light flickering slightly before it ignited, his cracked right eye socket staying empty.

"he's awake." A voice stated. Error recognised them as the first voice from before. The voice sounded familiar. He focused his blurry sight on the person that had been talking.

They were obviously a skeleton. A Sans alternate. There was something black on their cheek bones. Killer.

Error grimaced slightly as the pain in his left eye socket spiked as he tried to identify the other people in the room. They were way too far away.

One of the two skeletons in the background stepped forward and Error could recognise him immediately. Blueberry.

That traitor.

No! He isn't a traitor! Error thought desperately. Blueberry wouldn't betray him.

Yes, he would.

"Error?" Blueberry asked softly, stepping next to the bed he was laying on. Error scrunched his eye sockets shut as the magic was pulled from his eye socket violently, a stinging pain shooting down his spine. He let out a gasp and shivered slightly. What if Blueberry touched him?!

"I'm going to heal your skull, okay." Blueberry stated more than asked. Error whimpered quietly, trembling in earnest now. His bones were clicking together from the force of his shivers.

"Shh..." Blueberry soothed as he hovered his hands just over Error's skull. The healing wouldn't be quite as effective without physical contact but it would do.

Error couldn't help but tense up as he felt the shorter skeleton approach him.

"Just relax..." Blueberry murmured softly, focusing on the intent to make Error feel better and safe. His hands started glowing a bright green.

Error sighed quietly. It didn't hurt as much anymore. He relaxed unconsciously at the amazing feeling of having some of the pain taken away.

"That's it..." Blueberry praised quietly. Error's skull was already looking so much better, the thin hairline cracks already gone. The bone still looked sore but much better than before.

Error whined when Blueberry pulled his hand away, cutting off the soothing pulses of healing magic. A dull thrum of pain set in, not nearly as bad as before but still slightly painful.

"Just moving to your ribs..." Blueberry explained patiently. Error flinched slightly when the glow of healing magic resumed. He felt better but it was still uncomfortable to have another's magic flowing through him.

"Shit..." Blueberry cursed, the healing magic cutting off. Error opened his eye sockets. It wasn't often that Blueberry cursed. His left eye light ignited easily, his right one doing nothing more than flash for a second and then go out. He couldn't see much farther than where Blueberry was, his short-sightedness striking again.

"... huh...?" Error mumbled quietly, feeling slightly confused.

"We'll have to reset the bone." Blueberry explained. Error tensed at the word 'reset', however innocently it had been used. He could see Killer's eye lights flash dangerously. He was obviously just as disturbed by that mere word, if not more than Error.

"I'll have to touch you to do that." Blueberry added. Any chill that had been left in Error instantly vanished and he started trembling and tried to scoot away but he was way too injured to move. He groaned in pain and stared at the shorter skeleton warily. He couldn't be touched!

"I suppose you do not like that idea..." Blueberry huffed quietly. Error nodded frantically, grunting a bit as the movement jostled his skull. He despised the idea of being touched...

"Error. The bones have to go back to the place they need to be to heal properly." Blueberry explained. He sighed, the healing clearly having used up much of his magic reserves. His aura was a bit weaker.

Error shook his head immediately. No. No touching.

"Error..." Blueberry sighed, seeming to be thinking.

They'll kill you.

They'll scratch at your bones and tear you open until the only thing you can see and taste is blood.

"nO..." Error whimpered, weakly trying to get away.

"I'm sorry, Error. Would you rather we wait until you're sleeping again?" Blueberry suggested. Error was torn. If he was asleep while they touched him he wouldn't be able to defend himself but if he was conscious he would fight them all the way. He was feeling dizzy again, the voices in his head screaming different opinions at him and he couldn't take it! Error started scratching at his skull, whimpering as the voices warred inside of him, trying to convince them of their side. Their booming voices broke free of him.

"Go to sleep, idiot! That way you can't feel it!!!"

"You'll notice and attack them!! Stay awake!!!"

"You insolent fuck! Don't listen to them!!! You should obviously sleep!!!!"

"Stay awake!!! Attack them!!! K I L L T H E M ! ! !"

Error scratched harder, drawing blood as the voices bounced off the walls, shaking the whole room.

Blueberry took a startled step back. The voices.

Killer's eye sockets widened. Those voices... They were so cruel... Was Error not insane after all?

Cross could hardly bear it. These voices were insulting Error and trying to make him do things he didn't want to do.

Wait... Error. Blueberry gasped as he saw all the blood on Error's skull and hands, the cracks he just managed to fix reopening and bleeding heavily. The white sheets were drenched in blood and there were tears dripping from the dark skeleton's empty eye sockets.

"Error! Calm down!" Blueberry shouted over the screaming voices. Error stiffened and stopped scratching for a split second, only to resume even harder.

"What is happening here?!!" Nightmare shouted as he appeared in the room. Upon seeing what was happening he rushed towards Error and wrenched his hands away from his skull with his tentacles, telling him to stop immediately.

Error's empty eye sockets widened in shock. Someone was touching him!!!! He tried to struggle, his broken bones creaking, the break in his right arm worsening.

Blueberry tackled Nightmare with a scream.

"He has haphephobia, you idiot!!!" Blueberry shouted, trying to drag Nightmare away from Error. The tall skeleton flinched and released Error immediately.

"What?" Nightmare asked as he was dragged away. Blueberry was surprisingly strong. Not stronger than Nightmare of course but he was shocked.

They were gone... Error let out a whimper and curled in on himself, clutching his pounding skull with his uninjured left hand. It hurt so much...

"Error? Are you still conscious?" Blueberry asked, shoving Nightmare onto Killer to check on Error. Nightmare let out a grunt as he landed on Killer who let out a resigned sigh.

Error looked up as he heard Blueberry talk to him. He nodded slightly. His skull hurt so much. Hadn't the shorter skeleton just healed that?

"I'll have to heal your skull again." Blueberry stated and approached the slightly taller skeleton. Error flinched back slightly before he remembered that nothing bad had happened last time until they had gotten to his ribs. He reluctantly relaxed as the healing magic was pumped into his skull, healing the scratch marks.

"I'll get something to eat for Error. Which food do you like?" Cross asked. It was a well thought through distraction. Error focused solely on the taller skeleton as he thought about what he liked to eat. Mostly he just ate whatever he found which was mostly chips and chocolate. Not very healthy. He knew that but he liked it.

"chOcOlatE OR chips?" Error asked more than replied. Cross frowned slightly but brightened up immediately after that, nodding. He was gone before the dark skeleton could question it.

"Can I fix your bones now?" Blueberry asked gently. Error tensed up immediately. He noticed only then that the shorter skeleton had stopped healing his skull. It felt better.

"I can wear my gloves." He suggested. If Blueberry wore gloves there would be no actual physical contact, right? It would be like... drying oneself with a towel... right?

"w-wEll maybE that wOuld hElp..." Error agreed reluctantly, fumbling with his left hand nervously.

"Okay. I'm going to move really slowly and count down from ten to zero when I am at your ribs. Then I will try to set them all as quick as I can." Blueberry explained as he put on his gloves. His eye lights darted around as he examined Error's ribcage. The attention made the short skeleton curl in on himself slightly. He hated being looked at like that.

Pity... You don't deserve pity.

Error grit his teeth in anger. Maybe he didn't but these people were willing to be worried about him. He couldn't tell them to just-

Error let out a scream as one of his ribs suddenly snapped back into place, the pieces of bone grinding against one another. He gasped as he was held down by blue magic, his eye lights darting over to see Killer use blue magic on him.

Fuck. Move, whelp!

Error tried to but couldn't. He hadn't even noticed that Blueberry was touching him. That might have been a big step forward but he could only concentrate on the burning pain as more loud snaps rung out, his bones clicking back into place like puzzle pieces.

"A-a-agGgGGGhhHHhh¡¡!¡!" Error screamed, his voice glitched out and sounding just wrong, worse than anything the skeletons in the room had ever experienced it as. Except Blueberry of course.

Error was in complete agony, his ribcage burning, the pain spiking higher and higher until- Error's scream cut off suddenly as the pain just... disappeared. Just... gone. It was replaced by the soothing warmth of healing magic and the blue magic on his soul lessened gradually, letting his scarred soul sink back into his ribcage again. He looked down at himself, startled at how many of the once gruelling injuries were gone now.

"wh-what...?" Error mumbled surprisedly. He hadn't thought healing magic would be that amazing. Great? Yeah. But that it would be so awesome? No. He slowly relaxed again, staring up at Blueberry as he healed him. He would still be writhing in pain without his help.

"th-thanks..." Error whispered quietly, his voice rough from all the screaming he had done earlier.

"You're welcome, Error." Blueberry replied, beads of sweat dripping down his skull as he tried to heal every last one of the injuries.

Error opened his eye sockets when the healing magic tapered off again, noticing that he had closed them in the first place. Blueberry looked ready to fall over.

"Just set his right arm and I'll put some healing gel on it... or would you rather do it yourself Error?" Nightmare asked.

"i'd likE tO dO it mysElf." Error replied quietly.

"Okay." Nightmare confirmed. Error looked up when he pressed an opened jar of healing gel into his hand, making sure not to touch him. The cool glass in his hand emitted a soothing green glow. When he looked up again, Blueberry was putting on his gloves again. He had appearantly taken them off to heal him.

"Ready?" Blueberry asked, making Error's one working eye light snap up to his face.

"i-i think sO..." Error agreed reluctantly. He checked the healing gel one last time, noticing that the top was already off the jar. Good. He wouldn't have been able to open it with only one hand.

A jarring (pun intended) pain shot up Error's arm, spreading throughout his whole body but this time he was ready for it. He kept his eye light fixed on his arm while he used his other hand to scoop up some healing gel. As soon as Blueberry pulled away and gave him a nod, he guided his shaking hand to his broken bone and slathered as much healing gel onto it as he could.

Error sighed quietly when the pain finally dulled, unshed tears in his eye sockets. That hurt... He leaned back a bit and fell onto the mattress, content now that his injuries were taken care of. He still felt slightly uncomfortable but it was far better than feeling like dying. Not like he could do that though...

Just because of us, you moron!

Without us you would be dead eighty times over!!!

Error knew that fact. The voices always made sure he remembered that he would be dead without them.

"Error?" Blueberry asked. Error opened his eye sockets to stare up at him, noticing that he had closed them in the first place.

"yEah?" Error replied quietly, sitting up.

"Do you feel up to eating anything?" Blueberry inquired. Cross was standing behind him, arms full of chips packets and chocolate bars. He even had a small packet of chocolate chips!

"suRE." Error replied, staring at the packet of chocolate chips. His one eye light was glowing brightly as he zeroed in on the food. Cross took a few steps forward and dumped the food onto the bed Error was sitting in.

"thanks." Error mumbled, snatching up the chocolate chip packet. He ripped it open carefully, not wanting to spill any of the wonderful food. As soon as the packet was open, there was no saving for the chocolate chips. They were gone within moments, Error's mouth acting like a vacuum cleaner.

"You sure are eating fast..." Cross noticed. Error nodded absentmindedly as he tore the wrapper off a chocolate bar and nibbled on the bar, slowly eating it. It was such a harsh contrast between him wolfing down the chocolate chips, it was jarring.

Good. Eat slowly.

Error smiled silently as he nibbled on his bar of chocolate, looking around to see the other skeletons staring at him. Well except Killer who was sitting on the floor, reading a book.

"RudE..." Error mumbled around the chocolate bar. Cross quickly averted his eye lights with a small, embarrassed blush on his cheek bones, mumbling an apology. The other two looked away without a comment.

"Do you feel better?" Blueberry asked as Error ate his fourth chocolate bar. The slightly taller skeleton nodded. He did feel pretty good actually.

"i fEEl kind Of gOOd..." Error admitted quietly, his right eye socket sparking with magic. He let out a sigh of relief when the eye light finally ignited again. It was hazy and unfocused but there. He looked down at himself, searching for his glasses when he noticed that he still wasn't wearing a shirt. He had been sitting around without a shirt for almost an hour!

Error let out an embarrassed noise as he tried to cover himself with the blanket. He really hoped nothing had happened to his glasses.

"Oh." Blueberry mumbled quietly. Cross was already one step ahead of the other skeletons and went over to the closet, getting a sweater for Error.

Error took the sweater thankfully, the fabric warm and soft. He pulled it over his skull and slipped in his arms, the large red sweater much too big on his small frame. Good thing he liked his clothing at least one size bigger than he needed it.

"dOEs anyOnE knOw whERE my jackEt is?" Error asked. He really needed his glasses right about then.

"It's in the washing machine." Blueberry replied. Error's eye sockets widened. His glasses wouldn't be able to survive a washing machine!!

You'll be blind forever...

"i... my... my gla-glassEs aRE in thERE..." Error stammered nervously. He had those glasses as long as he could remember. He couldn't go anywhere to get himself new ones either.

Blueberry's eye lights vanished. He knew how bad Error's sight was without his glasses. Especially after a small while. It got worse with time.

Small, blind freak!

Error flinched slightly. That was a new one. He barely noticed when Blueberry jumped up and grabbed Cross' hand, running outside.

Oh... Look. That made him flinch.

No... They noticed... Error looked over at where he assumed that Nightmare and Killer were. A big splotch of black and a smaller white splotch confirmed his suspicions.

"h-hEy..." Error mumbled shakily, trying to distract himself by talking to them. Nightmare made an affirmative sound and walked over to him.

"Yeah?" He asked, looking down at Error. A shiver stole itself through the small skeleton's body at the piercing stare. Nightmare seemed to notice and stopped glaring at him, sitting down on the bed. Error relaxed slightly, mustering up the courage to say something.

"cOuld yOu just talk fOR a fEw minutEs?" Error asked quietly. Nightmare nodded and launched into an explanation on how his day had been.

After a small while Error found it easier to breathe and think, the voices slowly stopping.

"We got them!!!" Blueberry shouted as he burst into the room. Error winced as his hypersensitive ears picked up on the loud sound

"Sorry, Error." Blueberry apologised as he handed him his glasses. Error took them gratefully, his eye lights brightening up a bit as he saw that they were unharmed. He was lucky this time...

Error put on his glasses, sighing in relief as his agitated eye magic finally stabilised. He could see again!

"th-thanks..." Error mumbled quietly, adjusting his red-rimmed glasses slightly as he shot a quick smile at Blueberry and Cross. He noticed that there was still a huge pile of food on the bed and that there were also some plastic wrappings laying around from where he'd eaten. He waved his hand slightly, conjuring two small strings which seperated the wrappers and the food quickly, making the wrappers disappear magically. They were really just popping up in the AU of the Sans that had helped Ink hurt him. Hopefully they fell on that stupid Sans' face.

"Error?" Nightmare queried carefully, trying to gain the dark skeleton's attention. Error looked up, giving an affirmative hum.

"Who hurt you?" Nightmare asked quietly, sounding quite angry.

"ink." Error replied shortly, sighing quietly. Nightmare let out a low growl.

"That damned goodie-two-shoes! Everyone thinks he's so great but he's really just standing in our way!" Nightmare hissed agitatedly. Error hummed unhappily. He didn't actually want to destroy AUs. He was really thankful that the others were here because without them the voices would taunt him until he snapped and then take control over him.

That's a good idea for once!

Kill them, you fucking mistake!

No. I don't want to... Error shook his head slightly to shake off the voices. It had never worked that way but maybe it was his lucky day or something.

"Error?" Blueberry asked, perceptive as always.

"thEy'RE tRying tO makE mE kill yOu..." Error mumbled a quiet explanation.

"Okay..." Blueberry hummed, tapping his cheek bone in thought.

"Error? Would you like to know how my day was?" Blueberry asked. A glance around the room revealed that none of the other skeletons had any idea what to do. Error nodded, looking up at the shorter skeleton. The small skeleton brightened up visibly.

"First I made breakfast tacos for me and my brother." Blueberry started explaining. Error winced slightly and he was sure the shorter skeleton had caught it.

"And I burned the meat. Again. I think I shouldn't try to clean the living room while cooking." Blueberry mused. Error chuckled slightly. Blueberry always got distracted by something.

"Damn right!" Cross butted in with a smile. "You gotta keep your eyes straight on the goal. Perfect taco meat." He explained, gesturing slightly. He seemed to really like tacos.

"And I ran out of soft taco shell-" Blueberry started explaining but Cross cut him off.

"WHAT?!!! YOU USE SOFT TACO SHELLS?!!!" Cross shouted shockedly, his eye sockets wide.

"You don't?" Blueberry asked, his eye lights small white dots as he stared at Cross.

"Of course not!" Cross shouted. That was outrageous!!! Error chuckled softly, grinning widely. They were arguing about taco shells. It was hilarious.

"How can you use HARD TACO SHELLS?!!! Don't you have any pride?!!!" Blueberry yelled, making Error snicker. He tried to muffle the sound with his hands but it didn't really work. He smiled when he noticed that Blueberry was not using his full volume. That would have probably been too much for him.

Suddenly Cross pulled out a hard taco shell and grinned widely. Blueberry took a step back and moments later Cross was chasing the smaller skeleton around, both of them screaming. Error was laughing now, clutching his ribs as his eye lights followed the two skeletons. He caught sight of Nightmare who looked reluctant to step in, his tentacles hovering over the two slightly. Somehow that made Error laugh harder, especially when Killer looked so incredibly done when Blueberry jumped behind him to hide. Not really the most effective hiding place. Error was laughing so hard, he was crying now as Cross got out more hard taco shells, throwing them at Blueberry. The short skeleton let out a high-pitched scream and lunged at Cross, grappling him to the ground. They shouted at each other as they hit the ground, hitting each other.

"s-staRs..." Error panted as he laughed loudly, clutching his ribs as his chest heaved with laughter.

"Oww..." Error gasped out between laughs as his ribcage started hurting a bit when he failed to breathe enough.

After a bit the two skeletons stopped hitting each other, laying in a panting heap. Error was still snickering, trying to calm down. He glanced around a bit, noticing that Killer and Nightmare were gone.

"What are you laughing at?" Blueberry asked, sounding genuinely curious. Error chuckled, pointing at them.

"yOu'RE hilaRiOus..." Error wheezed. Blueberry pouted a bit, staring up at Error from his place on the floor. After a few seconds he cracked up too. Cross chuckled, playfully waving with the taco shell that was still in his hand. The shorter skeleton squeaked and shot up, running to Error. He didn't touch him though, diving under the bed.

"Save me!!" Blueberry shouted. Error snickered and slowly ate another chocolate bar, savouring the taste as he watched the spectacle unfold.

"Heheh. Just kidding." Cross laughed, putting the taco shell away. Blueberry let out an audible sigh and stood up, dramatically draping himself over the part of the bed which was free. Error's laughing immediately cut off and he pulled his legs close to his body, peeking over his knees.

"I won't touch you." Blueberry reassured the slightly taller skeleton absentmindedly. Error nodded but stayed curled up. His soul knew that the shorter skeleton would never hurt him but the voices and his very mind were shouting at him to get away, to hide, to never trust anyone.

"i.. i knOw..." Error mumbled quietly. It wasn't a lie. Deep in his soul he knew. Blueberry pushed himself up onto his knees after he laid face-down for a few moments. He glanced over the taller sceptically as Cross walked up to the bed and sat down on the chair next to it.

"You need a bath." Blueberry stated, jumping up and startling the dark skeleton in the process. A bath? When was the last time he had time to have a bath? Normally he only took a twenty second shower to rinse off all the blood.

"a bath sOunds REally nicE." Error agreed. It would really help with getting all the blood and grime off his body.

"I'll go run you a bath!" Blueberry exclaimed excitedly, hurrying to a door and vanishing into that room

Soon Error could hear the sound of water running. The sound was incredibly soothing to him. His eye lights were drawn to the only other skeleton that was in the room now. Cross.

The skeleton, who was probably an inch taller than him, was looking at him.

"Yeah?" Cross asked, raising a brow ridge curiously. Error looked away when he noticed he had been staring.

"sORRy..." Error apologised. It was rude to stare after all. He unconsciously scratched at his tear marks, frowning slightly.

"What are you apologising for? Looking at me?" Cross asked, frowning slightly. Error nodded, glancing up at the other. He was frowning. Shit. What had he done wrong?

Before Error could panic, the door to the room Blueberry had vanished into burst open and the small skeleton jumped into the room with a giggle.

What was happening?

"Your bath is ready! Come on, Error!" Blueberry exclaimed, smiling brightly. Error nodded, not having a clue what to do. He had had his last bath eons ago. He had no idea what he had to do anymore. He slid to the edge of the bed and stood up carefully, wavering a bit. He supported himself with the wall and limped to the bathroom, wincing with every step he took. His right leg was all banged up, small cracks in the bone from the kicks he had sustained.

"Are you alright?" Blueberry asked, looking as if he wanted to lend him a hand.

"nO, but it's finE." Error responded, letting out a quiet groan as he put some weight on his foot.

"just pEachy..." Error grunted, walking into the bathroom. A few scratches and cracks shouldn't hurt that much...

"Do you want to use a bath bomb?" Blueberry asked cheerfully, holding up a bright blue ball. Error winced hard, eyeing the ball suspiciously.


"i'd pREfER living. thank yOu vERy much." Error replied sarcastically, frowning slightly. Blueberry chuckled.

"Not a real bomb, silly. A bath bomb. It only makes some bubbles and puts healing magic into the water to get rid of all the small scratches I couldn't heal since I concentrated on the big injuries." Blueberry explained.

"Oh. it's finE thEn." Error responded, his frown disappearing. Blueberry smiled brightly and threw the bath bomb into the water. There was a loud splash which made the slightly taller of the two wince. Then Error heard a low fizzing sound and he was about to grab Blueberry and dive for cover - he knew he shouldn't have trusted anything that's called a bomb - when the shorter skeleton giggled and put his hand into the water.

"Look, Error! It's turning cyan." Blueberry gushed, stars in his eye sockets as he stared at the water.

"uuhh... yOu suRE this is safE?" Error asked doubtfully, taking a small step away from the water. His right leg finally gave out and he fell, only being able to throw his hands up to protect his face in time. The short skeleton let out a small groan and rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. He fixed his glasses and stared at Blueberry when he entered his field of vision.

"You're awfully clumsy today." Blueberry noticed, staring at him with his now white eye lights.

"yOu dOn't say..." Error sighed, his skull thrumming in pain as he sat up. He pulled himself up with the rim of the bathtub after waving a concerned Blueberry off. He really hoped the voices wouldn't be able to convince him to drown himself this time.

"Do you need help undressing yourself?" Blueberry asked quietly. Error's eye sockets widened behind his glasses as he stared at the shorter skeleton in shock. The other had a light blue flush on his cheek bones and glanced away slightly, shifting a bit.

"i... i think i'm finE On my Own..." Error replied, blinking slightly. Blueberry nodded and left the bathroom, closing the door behind himself. Now Error was all alone.


Error sighed. Of course. There were still the voices to accompany him. He quickly stripped pulled off the red sweater Cross had lended him and pulled down his shorts, wincing when he noticed that there were several pieces of jagged bone stuck in his lower right leg. Ouch.

"OwOwOw..." Error chanted quietly as he burned his fingers on the piece of magical bone when he tried to pull it out. At long last he finally managed to remove it, cheering silently when he held the stupid piece of bone in his hand. He dropped it quickly and cursed under his breath when he noticed that his hand was slightly burned because of it.

"gREat..." He sighed and heaved himself over the edge of the bathtub and into the water. Error yelped as he slipped on something and crashed into the tub, a giant splash accompanying his fall. He hit his skull against the rim of the tub and let out a pained whimper when a bolt of pain shot down his spine.

"why...?" Error whined, clutching his pounding skull with his hands. He could feel the healing magic in the water soothe his injuries and slid down a bit to dip his head under water.

Drown yourself, freak!!

Error sighed contently when he felt the pain being washed away by the water. He sat up.

The door flew open and Error quickly covered himself, letting out a startled yelp.

"w-wH4+¿?!!¡!¡!!!" Error shouted, staring at Blueberry with wide eye sockets. Cross was right behind him, trying to hold him back.

"You can't just..!!!" Cross yelled, holding him at the back of his shirt. Blueberry ripped himself free and shoved the taller skeleton away, running to Error.

Error's skull was burning a bright yellow in embarrassment as he tried to cover himself up as good as he could.

"Error! Are you injured?! Did you hurt yourself?!" Blueberry shouted worriedly.

"1'm f1N3!!¡¡!¡¡" Error screeched, glitching harshly. Blueberry flinched slightly. The taller skeleton winced a bit at how loud he had spoken but he really didn't want the other to see him like this. The water and the bubbles we're slowly turning a light purple colour as the blood on him mixed with the blue-tinted water. There were tears of embarrassment in Error's eye sockets and he was really about to cry if the others wouldn't get outside right about then.

"lEavE." Error hissed, using his strings to throw Blueberry outside. Cross dodged the flying skeleton and apologised profusely as he left the bathroom and closed the door.

So vulnerable.

Small freak.


Error let the tears fall as the voices taunted him and quickly stood up, climbing out of the bathtub before he did anything reckless. He sunk to the tiled floor, dripping wet and bleeding slightly and let out a small sob as the voices faced him with all his failures.

You can't help anybody.

The only thing you can do is destroy!

Nobody wants you, piece of shit!!

Error covered the sides of his skull where his ears would be if he had any and closed his eye sockets tightly, trying to block out the voices.

So weak.


Just die.

Error whimpered quietly and curled up tightly, sobbing quietly. He wasn't strong. He was weak. He was a pathetic excuse for a destroyer of universes. The voices were right...


Error didn't know how long he sat there, crying but a sudden knock at the door startled him out of it. He raised his hazy eye lights to the door and stared at it, hoping, praying that the person outside would just go away.

"Error? You've been in there for an awfully long time. Are you alright?" Cross asked, his question drowning out the voices. Error sniffled quietly, suddenly thankful for the noise the ventilation system was making because it drowned out his sobs. He wiped his tear-streaked cheek bones.

"m finE..." Error mumbled softly, hoping that the other had heard him. He took a towel and wrapped it around his already dried body, feeling small and miserable as the voices continued picking on him.

Small loser.

Error pushed open the door with a sigh, looking up at Cross, who was standing right in front of the bathroom.

"what?" Error asked as he stared up at the taller skeleton. Cross cleared his non-existent throat nervously.

"Well. We got worried about you." Cross explained, pointing at Blueberry who was sitting on the bed, being held back from running to Error by Killer, who looked so done with the world.

"i'm Okay." Error tried to reassure them, pulling the towel a bit tighter around himself. He could really use some clothes...

"you've been crying." Killer stated matter of factly, finally letting Blueberry go. The short skeleton immediately ran over to Error and checked him over, making sure not to touch him though.

"what if i did? nOnE Of yOur businEss." Error replied defensively, wiping at his right cheek bone. He rightened his glasses, frowning slightly.

"just know that if you want to talk we will listen." Killer clarified, flopping down on the bed.

"stars, i'm tired..." Killer sighed. Error relaxed slightly when the other left him alone and focused on Blueberry who was fussing around him, trying to check him over.

"i'm finE." Error huffed. He wasn't used to being around people for such a long period of time.

Because you have no friends!

"No, you're not!" Blueberry argued, looking like he was about to hug him.

"plEasE dOn't tOuch mE." Error reminded, taking a small step back. Blueberry stopped pacing around him and sighed, hugging Cross tightly. The taller skeleton winced slightly before hugging back.

"what have i walked into...?" A voice asked from the door. Error's skull snapped into that direction. He saw Dust standing there, looking over the situation, clothes in his arms.

"well... here are the clothes nightmare told me to get." Dust explained as he stepped into the room. He walked over to the bed and laid the clothes onto the pillow, flopping on top of Killer, who let out a groan when he was squished slightly.

"thank yOu." Error sighed as he took the clothes. He was really getting sick of running around in only a towel. He disappeared into the bathroom, hoping that once he was back, some of the other skeletons would be gone. He had already had enough social interaction that day to last him eons.

Error locked the door behind him before letting his towel drop to the floor. He made sure not to look into the mirror. He knew how bad he looked.

The dark blue hoodie he was holding looked a bit big but not nearly as gigantic as the red sweater he had been wearing before. He pulled it over his head carefully, as his skull was still hurting. He smiled slightly when he noticed that the sleeves covered his hands fully. So cozy. He pulled up the fluff-filled hood to cover his scarred skull and hugged himself contently. Nobody was watching him so he could indulge himself with the cozy fluff. He let out a small sigh, closing his eye sockets. The hoodie was so warm...

After a few moments Error opened his eye sockets again, his mismatched eye lights glowing brightly. He put on the white socks, the dark blue underpants and black sweatpants. Everything was so warm. He wondered how something could be this warm when he just put it on. It wasn't like he was exuding that much warmth either. Maybe a spell? Whatever the case, he was comfortable.

Error unlocked the door and slowly opened it, schooling his expression into indifference. He couldn't risk running around with a smile.

"do you like them?" Killer asked from beneath Dust, who had fallen asleep on top of him. The others were gone and Error breathed a sigh of relief. The only one conscious in the room couldn't move.

"thEy'RE awEsOmE. thank yOu." Error replied, crossing his arms to avoid hugging himself again. Now back to the main question. Was the clothing enchanted? Error let his arms fall to his sides to finger the fabric. Yeah. There was definitely a hint of magic in the hoodie.

"wOw. that spEll is nicE." Error sighed quietly. He felt a lot more relaxed than before. Maybe the magic hoodie had something to do with it but he couldn't care less.

"i'm glad you like it." Killer replied, a small smile appearing on his face.

"would you like to keep it?" Killer asked, looking up at the shorter from where he was still trapped. Error's eye sockets widened. Killer would just give this to him? He knew the hoodie was hand-made and very well made too, the spell a particularly hard one. He had only gotten it right on the eighth attempt and even then it hadn't been as good as it could have been.

Error's eye lights were sparkling when he looked up at Killer.

"yOu... yOu wOuld givE this tO mE?" Error asked, not believing what he was hearing. When Killer nodded, a bright smile spread over his face.

"i'd lOvE that." Error murmured softly, hugging himself.

"thank yOu." He added quietly, eye lights glowing brightly.

"you're welcome." Killer replied, wheezing a bit. Error looked at the other in confusion until his gaze fell onto Dust. The skeleton seemed pretty heavy and even though Killer was the taller one, he could see why he had trouble breathing.

Error summoned some strings and carefully picked up Dust, lifting him off Killer who let out a sigh of relief. The dark skeleton gently placed the sleeping skeleton onto the bed.

"so... what would you like to do?" Killer asked as he sat up. Error frowned slightly. There wasn't really anything he wanted to do. The only things he ever did were destroying universes and in the sparse free time he had, he only ever watched Undernovela or sewed or knitted something.

"i havE nO idEa..." Error replied. Killer frowned slightly before his face lit up slightly.

"would you want to watch a movie with us?" Killer inquired. Error nodded in response. He really liked the idea of watching a movie. Maybe he'd even be able to fall asleep.

"great." Killer replied and pushed himself up, off the bed. He walked out of the room and Error was left with no other option than to follow him. Well. He could have stayed in the room but that would have been slightly counterproductive.

Error followed Killer down a few hallways which twisted and turned, leaving him completely confused. The castle was so big!


Finally they arrived in the big living room, where a big mess was. Cross and Blueberry were laying on the floor, a mountain of pillows and blankets surrounding them much like a makeshift nest.

"lOOks cOzy." Error mumbled quietly before flopping down on a large pillow, burying his face in it. It was so fluffy.

Error heard a few voices chuckle and Nightmare scolding the others lightly because they had been laughing at him. He found that he didn't mind at all. He ate a couple chocolate bars which Cross gave him and then finally managed to fall asleep, almost an hour into the movie.

The voices were pleasantly silent.