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Deserve You

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Kei wasn’t one for material objects. They were often a distraction and he could not afford the extra weight most of the time. That wasn’t to say there weren’t things he didn’t treasure and those things were given to him by Kai. He didn’t mind carrying what Kai gave him; even the heaviest thing of all, his love. He’d often heard love described as a sort of weightlessness in one’s body. They all made it seem so easy, but then again, they weren’t him and they sure were not Kai. To him love was heavy and it carried an important weight. It was a weight that told him “Don’t mess this up”.
“Hey there stranger,” Kei was snapped from his thoughts by a familiar voice. Kai settled down beside him, letting their shoulders brush. He adored moments like these where they could just be and let be. “Care to share what’s on your mind?”
Kei gave a small smile, “I’m just taking assessment of what’s important to me.”
“Oh, and what would that be?”
Kei leaned in and wrapped his arms around Kai.
“Oh I think you already know.”
He wouldn’t mess this up, he was sure. He had to.