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"Hello, this is Pink Diamond's pearl."

Yellow Diamond's pearl sighed at the sight of her fellow pearl appearing on the screen of the communicator. The device had been twisted so that the two pink sides matched up so she could reach the diamond base on the Earth's moon. Her Diamond had been wanting to talk to the younger diamond for a while now, but had always been greeted by the face of her pearl.

"Greetings." Her reply was curt, and she scowled. She had nothing against the pearl, but she knew her Diamond would be annoyed if she had to go all the way to the planet just to speak to the other diamond.

She didn't like it when her Diamond was annoyed.

"May I take a message?"

"Yes, can you tell your diamond to answer the communicator herself before my Diamond throws a temper tantrum?" Her voice was dry and laced with sarcasm.

To her annoyance, Pink Diamond's pearl chuckled, her hand on her mouth to conceal it.

"And can you also inform her that my Diamond plans to send her own troops to stop that rebellion."

The pearl's blue eyes widened and she stopped laughing instantly and shook her head. There was a small frown on her face.

Yellow Diamond's pearl raised an eyebrow.

"My Diamond is perfectly capable of handling this on her own." The other pearl glared at her. "She said so herself."

And, yes, Pink Diamond had told her Diamond that she would be able to handle the rebellion. Just before the rouge rose quartz attacked the Galaxy Warp, causing mass choas.

"You hardly need to use that tone." 

"Then tell your Diamond to let my Diamond take care of this and butt out of this."


There was silence.

Yellow Diamond's pearl let her thoughts wander.

Pink Diamond's pearl stared out the glass dome, towards Earth.

The other pearl had not ended the call, and she didn't feel like doing it either.

"Your Diamond has been absent lately."

"She's resting."

"Hmmm..." She nodded. "She's either 'resting' or 'busy' nowadays, huh?"

"Well..." She seemed defensive. "Dealing with both colonization and a rebellion at the same time is difficult." She covered her face, which was tinted light blue.

"Don't forget spending days at her zoo..."

The other pearl stuck her tongue out at her.

"Don't you have better things to be doing?"

"Maybe." There was a brief silence. "Just remember to tell her about my Diamond's troops-"

"Right. Those brutes. Now, I do believe my Diamond is calling me."

Yellow Diamond's pearl didn't hear anything, but she let it slid. Whatever.

"Bye, then."


The communicator floated back into Yellow Diamond's pearl's hands.

With an annoyed sigh, she walked away.