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Avengers - Infinity Quest

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The Doctor studied the words on the chalkboard as a sense of unease washed over him. He raked his hands through his thick grey hair as Bill looked quizzically at the board.

"Doctor, who's Xandar?"

"Xandar is not a who, it's a planet. Xandar is home of the Nova Corps, a sort of Galactic Police Force."

Bill nodded thoughtfully, "if they have a large police force and they're asking for your help, they must be in deep."

Bill's gift for understatement aside, she couldn't be more right. If the Nova Corps were in trouble, it was quite serious.

He walked over to the TARDIS console, "well Bill, I think we should pay Xandar a visit." Bill grinned as the Doctor punched in the coordinates and the TARDIS rocketed off. They eventually landed and he studied the landings on the console.

"No, that can't be."

"Something the matter, Doctor?"

"The computer readings, Bill, Xandar is supposed to have 4.5 million people on it."

"Ok, what's the issue"

"The TARDIS is only picking up just over 2 million humanoid life signs. It's like half the population vanished."

The Doctor glanced towards the doors silently for a few minutes before smiling. "Come on Bill, let's see what's waiting for us."

Bill grinned before following him out. Bill gasped at the nightmare that was waiting for them. Bodies were strewn all over the place. Bill walked to the shattered window and saw the city in ruins.

A low voice rang out from the corner. "Doctor, you're late..."

The Doctor quickly turned around, "Irani! What happened here?" She stumbled into his arms coughing up blood.

"It was Thanos, Doctor. H-he took the power stone and slaughtered us. Doctor, listen to me."

"No, listen to me. We're going to get you the help you need."

"It's too late for me now. Xandar lies in ruins and my Nova Corps are gone."

Tears were streaming down Nova Prime's face, he looked on helplessly at his dying friend. "Doctor, Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet... You've got to..."

Irani's eyes went blank and her body fell limp in the Doctor's arms. The Doctor closed his eyes as tears silently fell down his face. He set Irani's body down and stood up.

Bill put her hand on his shoulder, "Doctor, I'm sorry."

He opened his eyes and looked towards the TARDIS. "Bill, come along. We have to hurry."

They ran back to the TARDIS and the Doctor frantically pushed in coordinates as Bill watched him cautiously before approaching him, "Doctor, who is this Thanos bloke?"

He looked at her sternly "Bill, he is madman. I've had dealings with him before and if he gets all six..."

He trailed off as the TARDIS crashed through something. He ran out of the TARDIS, Bill following him, and two figures were standing there waiting. One was wearing all blue with a red cape and the other was wearing a more conservative outfit.

"Would you two mind telling me why you have damaged my home in such an obnoxious manner?"

"Strange, listen to me... I'm the Doctor."

"Oh, I know you, the blue box is kind of a giveaway, but that doesn't answer my question."

He snapped his fingers and they were sitting in what appeared to be a study. Various books were strewn around, with various objects in display cases adorning the boundaries of the room.

"Thanos is coming, Strange."

Stephen Strange's face paled, "I know the name, but why is he coming here?"

"Oh, that is very simple, he desires all six Infinity Stones." Strange stood up and said nothing for a few moments before Bill spoke up.

"Okay, for one how did we end up in here?"

"Oh Bill, that's simple. Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. He can do all kinds of parlour tricks."

"Sorcerer? Like Harry Potter?"

Wong rolled his eyes before finally speaking up. "It means, young lady, that he is the protector of this planet against mystical threats."

"Okay, fair enough, now what are these Infinity whatsits..."

The Doctor stood up "Bill, the six Infinity Stones are powerful artifacts that predate the universe. Strange, we are going to need help."

Strange nodded, "I know just who to call..."