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Almost microscopic (Just five centimenters tall)

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Three years being stranded in the world of the giants, code named Gigantus by Barry, had left its mark on the once survival-less based small people. The vines that had once grown over the Spindrift were torn off piece by piece by each member of the party. Chipper did his best to help, and the others laughed at the sight. Once it was done and over with, the small Spindrift looked good as new. Steve had smile on his face seeing his mid-orbital ship ready to fly.  Flight 612 was ready to go home. The bunks had been dissembled to become seats again. Their supplies were set up should the trip back end up yet another giant occupied planet instead of their little planet.

"Got you in the feels?" Dan asked.

Steve wiped a tear off.

"It's just that. . ." Steve was unable to finish at first. "After all this time, I thought we were going to spend the rest of our natural lives here."

"So did I," Dan said, patting on Steve's back. "I used to believe that I would be buried in this uniform."

Steve looked over, bemused, toward the dark man.

"You?" Steve asked. "Never," he shook his head. "We would have never allowed that."

"Going home," Dan turned his head toward the Spindrift. "I still can't believe we got it."

"It's a miracle," Betty said. "A true miracle that the Giants didn't interfere this time."

Chipper barked while running into the Spindrift.

"I know who's ancy to be big again!" Barry said.

"We all are, boy," Fitzhugh said, then sadly smiled watching the teenager go in.

"What's with the sad look, Fitz?" Mark asked.

"I'm a con man, Mark," Fitzhugh said. "I blackmailed a man into giving me a million dollars in bills. They probably know by now," he waved toward Valerie beckoning her on. He looked toward the graying man beside him. "But I'll be happy to be giant again."

"Giant," Mark said.  "Giants and everyone is splitting up. Never going to have reunions. . ."

"Don't make me cry, Mark," Fitzhugh said.

"Thanks," Mark said.

"For what?" Fitzhugh asked. "Whatever for?"

"For the laughs," Mark said, then walked after Betty and her one month old child.

Fitzhugh turned away from the Spindrift then observed the greenery for one last time. Admiring what was once his purgatory. His hellish prison. His brown two piece outfit had endured three years of giants. The ads hadn't lied about durability in the new clothing line. He found himself silently crying, wiping off tears, and shoulders trembling.

"Fitzhugh!" Valerie called. "We're getting  ready to go!"

"One moment," Fitzhugh replied, then she went in.

Barry came back out coming over to Fitzhugh's side.

"Are you okay, Commander?" Barry asked, as Chipper barked from the Spindrift.

"You don't have to call me that, Barry," Fitzhugh said, looking over toward Barry tearfully.

"You are one to me," Barry said. "Always have been."

Fitzhugh grabbed Barry into a hug.

"I am so happy I got to be your friend," Fitzhugh said.

"Me too, me too," Barry said, then stepped out of the warm and comforting hug with a smile.

Barry walked into the Spindrift. Fitzhugh gave one last glance to the greenery then walked toward the vessel. The door slid open before him and he came toward his seat that had the familiar long coat with the Commander insignia's on the shoulders that felt heavy on him rather than light as a feather. He buttoned the jacket up then sat down into the chair.  Betty was set in the front seat ahead of Mark holding onto Gina Erikson.  The scene panned back to show members of the passengers wore smiles, they were radiant, and optimistic. The camera panned back  to reveal that they didn't lift off. They had vanished among the foliage. Moments later, a long continuous agonizing girly scream came from where the Spindrift had been attracting giants.