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Say You're Mine (Even If You Have To Lie)

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Loki wakes up slowly, his hands scrambling for purchase on his bed. "What—"

The sensations register one by one; the hands tightly gripping his hips, the raw soreness as he feels himself get tugged forward and dragged back again and again, the puffs of air panted against his cheek.

"Thor?" he asks in confusion, pushing at the figure poised over him.

Thor is holding one of Loki's legs bent back against his chest, and he is thrusting lazily into him. Thor huffs out a snort of air, pulling back just enough to look at him, not slowing his pace. "I see you decided to rejoin me," he says.

The events leading up to this come back in flashes; he remembers the dark elf propositioning him at his father's feast, and Thor's angry jealousy. Loki has suspected for awhile that his brother's protectiveness was rooted in possessiveness and repressed sexual desire, and he supposes this was always inevitable.

Loki had yelled at him that who he chose to sleep with was no business of his, and Thor had promptly dragged him all the way back to his chambers. Thor had apparently intended to lock him inside until the elves had left, but Loki rarely passed up a chance for confrontation and had goaded Thor into admitting his desire.

A few moments later had found him bent over his table with Thor roughly taking him from behind. Thor's sexual exploits had apparently not been exaggerated, as he took Loki steadily with no sign of slowing down, promising all the while that he was going to make sure Loki was never taken this way by another.

Loki had not, it seemed, thought his plan of provoking Thor all the way through.

Thor had hardly finished the first time before Loki had found himself completely stripped and on his back on the bed, being taken again. Thor was insatiable—and while Loki was not exactly protesting, it had all gotten to be a bit much. He could do nothing but lie there panting as Thor thrust brutally into him, going on near an hour. The last thing he remembers is Thor finding his prostate and pounding against it until Loki blacked out.

Which brought him to his current position: well and truly fucked.

"Thor," Loki starts, gasping as another thrust knocks the air from his lungs. "Thor, stop, I need to—I—"

Thor leans forward, bending Loki nearly in half. "I am not finished yet," he whispers silkily. Then he rocks back on his knees, tugging Loki up so his bottom rests tightly against him, supported by his legs. He pulls Loki's legs around his waist and starts fucking down into him with even more force.

"Thor, please, I can't," Loki whines, gasping as Thor hits his prostate again, sending aftershocks of pleasure and pain through his whole body. Thor drags himself out, and for one grateful moment Loki thinks he's going to stop.

Then Thor pulls him flush against him once more, leaning forward fully sheathed to lick a line across Loki's cheek. "You do not have to do anything," Thor tells him, his voice raw with need, and Loki does not know how he can still be so libidinous.

"I need to rest," Loki says, trying to twist away. "Just for a little while, please."

"You can rest when I'm finished," Thor promises, gripping his hips tightly and hauling him back. Loki is too tired to fight him anymore, so he just relaxes into the bed and closes his eyes, trying to block out the sensations.

Thor growls low in his throat, gripping Loki's wrists to drag him vertical and pull him tight against his chest. Loki feels himself sink down on Thor's cock, the new angle allowing the Thunder God even deeper inside of him, and chokes out a gasp.

"No more sleeping," Thor demands, thrusting up into him now, using his strength to bodily lift Loki up and then let gravity drag him back down. "I want you to feel this now, I want you to feel this for days, and think of me every single moment. I want you to know just who it is you belong to."

"I know who I belong to," Loki says, wrapping his arms around Thor's neck to keep his balance. "I belong to me."

In retaliation for that, Thor impales him then with a particularly brutal thrust. Loki whimpers, falling limply against Thor's chest, unable to do anything but hold on as Thor continues to take him. Loki's head is pounding from sensation overload, and he feels raw and torn open, but Thor is relentless. "Say you belong to me," Thor whispers dangerously.

Loki laughs, nearly delirious by this point. He digs his fingernails into Thor's neck as he tightens his grip. "Never," he says. "I will tell no lie."

"You would tell any lie," Thor says wryly. "But I'm rather more interested in the truth."

"The truth is if you don't finish soon, I'm going to disappear and leave you here to take care of yourself," Loki says, and Thor's grip on his hips tightens for a moment in warning.

"Don’t you dare," Thor growls. "You wouldn’t like what would happen when I found you."

"You're assuming that you could," Loki counters.

Thor lets out a sound of frustration and tumbles Loki on his back again. Loki yelps as the sudden change in position drags Thor nearly all the way out of him. Thor enters him again slowly, reaching up to capture Loki's wrists and pin them beside his head. "I will always find you," he promises.

"Only for as long as I want you to," Loki says, wincing now at every thrust. He tugs at Thor's grip on his wrists, wiggling beneath the larger man as he tries in vain to get comfortable. He can't imagine this going on much longer; the first time had not lasted as long as this.

"You have always been mine," Thor says. "And I have wanted this for so long. Now that I have you, I am never letting you go."

"You seem to be under a few misconceptions," Loki says, panting between the words as he tries in vain to catch his breath. "I am not your possession; I know very well how you treat your things. Keeping them close when you want to use them, and locking them away while you're gone."

"That's not going to happen to you," Thor agrees. "You I will take with me wherever I go."

Loki cries out as Thor slams against his raw opening, but he is being held too tightly in place to move away. "Thor," he pleads again.

"You know how to end this," Thor says, stopping for a brief moment fully inside of him. "Tell me that you're mine and I'll come in you again." Thor trails kisses along his nose, undulating his hips just slightly to work himself constantly deeper inside of Loki.

Loki knows the value that can be found in small surrenders—so many let themselves be ruled by their pride, but Loki always does what's best for Loki. "Fine," he snaps, ignoring Thor's pleased grin. "I'm yours."

Thor pushes himself in as deep as he can, and Loki gasps as he feels Thor come inside of him. It seems to go on forever, the pulsing heat filling him entirely. Loki tries to pull away again and Thor releases his wrists only to pin his hips back against the bed. "Not yet," Thor whispers. Impossibly, he was still thrusting in short little jerks, working his cum deeper into Loki with each push. Loki does not know how long this goes on before Thor finally pulls out.

Loki whimpers as they are pulled apart. He tries to compose himself, but before he can convince himself to move and go clean himself up Thor grabs hold of him and rolls them over. He pulls Loki onto his chest, kissing the top his head and wrapping his arms around his back to trap him against him.

"You're an animal," Loki tells him disapprovingly, but he's too tired to move anyway—and there was always the chance he would not be able to walk in any case. There was no way he was going to be carried.

"Maybe," Thor says, winding one of his hands through Loki's hair. "But you belong to me now. You said so yourself." Loki laughs against Thor's chest. "What?" Thor asks in suspicion.

"Oh, brother," Loki says tiredly. "You should know better than to believe anything I say, you said yourself that I will tell lies."

"Loki," Thor warns.

Loki raises his head slightly, grinning up at Thor. "I am not yours," he insists. "You're mine."