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Where You Roam Behind My Closed Eyes

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Chapter 1:
A Glimpse Of Emerald

"Run! RUN! And don't bloody stop until I say so!"

Their boots thundered through the forest as they ran away from the clearing,the screams and shouts behind them arose,indicating that the Evil Queen had now noticed their hasty escape--Or more importantly,Snow White's escape. They moved past a never ending stream of pine trees that went as tall as the buildings in New York,covering everywhere they turned,impossible to see where the expanse finally ended. They pushed hanging branches out of the way and jumped over logs,landing on their feet again to pick up the pace even faster. He slashed away the leaves with his hook,panting heavily,ignoring the increased ache that had began to settle in his muscles,but yet he still continued in a zigzagging run around the trees,making himself a harder target to strike if anyone got the idea to use bullets for capture.


He abruptly came to a stop,hesitantly turning around to stare into the green to pinpoint where their voices were coming from.And at the same preparing for any unwanted enemy. He released a sigh when the prince came into view,slashing away the leaves and branches that were in his way with his metal sword. He remained standing there for a minute,frozen as he listened intently for any indication of guards or the Evil Queen herself,but the only sounds that came were the grunts of Snow White behind David. He took the moment to crouch down by the stump of a cut tree to catch his breath and arch his back,rubbing at his neck to relax the stress that quickly accumulated from the sudden run and beating down sun.

"Thanks for waiting,Hook," David said,panting from his own run but still holding out a hand to his wife to help her step over a log and then have her sit on it so she could calm her own uneven breathing. "Snow's in a delicate condition to be running."

"I'm fine,David," Snow assured him,softly.

"We'll sorry,mate,but our only option right now is to run or suffer Regina's wrath,and I don't think you'll want to do the ladder,'' Killian said,unaware of how irritated his voice sounded.

"What are we going to do?" Snow wondered,the worry written all over her fair features. "Everyone from Storybrooke is still back there. Our people. We left them, David. What kind of leader are we to do that?."

Killian stood up,rolling his eyes in an annoyed gesture at the queen,princess,whatever she was at this point in time they'd been randomly thrown in. "Look,love. Right now you are not the queen,the Evil Queen is. And as for your peasants,they do not remember a single thing from your time in..the town? island? I don't bloody know what it was,but the point is something happened with the wicked witch's plan and now suddenly we're all back here to the glory of this damned forest. And my crew has no doubt been captured. Half of them are probably dead by now."

David sighed,rubbing at his chin a little too hard. "We'll get your crew back,Hook. Snow and I promise."

"It's not like those idiots can do anything without me,anyway," Killian muttered under his breath.

"What?," David asked,taking a step toward him as he looked up,flashing David a smile that David could only take as mocking.

"Oh,nothing,mate. Just being joyful of our new life,that's all." Killian said,turning away,letting his happy facade drop.

"You're not seriously blaming us for this,are you?," David said,his brows knitting together and his jaw tightening to the side the way it did when he was angry.

"Of course not,mate! this was all due to that damned wicked witch and her bloody plan," Killian said,tone and face giving away his indignation to David's accusation.

"Well I'm sorry,pirate,but for a second there-."

"Both of you stop." Snow ordered,voice taking to a higher octave than the one before. She stood up. "None of us are to blame for this,alright? this is all on the wicked witch and until we figure out what to do,you both need to get along and stop blaming each other for it."

Killian scoffed. "I wasn't blaming the prince for anything,actually."

David let out a fake laugh in Killian's face before turning around,shaking his head. "Oh please,Hook,that sounded resentful to me."

"Well it wasn't!," Killian almost shouted. The two men both turned away from each other,huffing in frustation. Snow sighed,taking a deep breath and then coming to place herself in between them.

"Listen. David,Hook. We need to work together right now-."

"I'm sorry,Snow,'' David interrupted,barely containing his exasperation as he turned around to face her. " My daughter is missing. Our daughter is missing. AGAIN!. Emma is missing. We've lost her again,and just..."

"David," Snow stepped toward him,putting her hands on both his cheeks to caress them gently with her thumb. He closed his eyes at her touch. "We're still not sure if she's missing." She brought his forehead down to touch hers and he sighed,exhaling and then opening his eyes to look into hers. Killian turned away from their moment,hearing her whisper: "It's going to be okay. We will find her again.''

Killian himself walked a few feet away from them and then stopped to inspect the land around them,wondering which way led to the docks; there were no trails.

"I'm sorry,Hook,'' David said,and Killian spun around to see that he and Snow White were now holding hands.''

"It's quite fine,your highness,'' he responded,walking back toward them. ''After all,we are all caught distressed with the current events."

"Yes,'' David breathed out, ''everything is messed up again with another stupid curse. It's always curses that villains choose to cast every time,like,why can't it be a sunshine and rainbow day?''

"You know that's not very ideal,mate,'' Killian said,a bit disgusted by the thought of rainbows and too much sun.

"I was just saying," David sighed,sitting down on a log to put his face in his hands while Snow gently massaged a shoulder with a small smile,looking down at her husband.

"Well then," Killian interrupted,clearing his throat. "let's think about what happened before this point,because I don't know about you two but my mind is a bloody mess from all those..things."

Snow nodded,eyes brightening. "You're right,Hook. Let's just think back on what was going on and then we can find a solution. There's still hope.'' She turned to look down at her husband." David? ''

He looked up and nodded. "We were on our way to stopping the wicked witch. Emma and Regina were with me,and Emma had told me that Henry was safe with Hook doing some sort of..navigation learning...?''

Killian nodded to his question. ''Aye,mate. Navigation.''

Snow gasped.

David immediately stood up,alarmed at her wide eyes and open mouth. He put his hands on her shoulders and shook her gently but firmly. "Snow what is it? Is it the baby? Did you feel something?''

Snow shook her head,still only staring at him as she stepped away,causing his hands to drop to his sides. "Henry," she exhaled.

He looked at her with a lost expression,and Killian caught up quickly."Did any of you see the boy in the clearing?,"

"No." David said,the worry lines appearing on his forehead as the realization hit,concern lacing his tone for his grandson. Snow stood there,and Killian observed them for a minute before breaking their tortured silence with a sigh.

"The lad must have been captured."

"Hook,'' David admonished firmly,and Snow closed her eyes,gathering air and puffing it out slowly.

"Aye,mate,you heard me. Either that or he's still in that Storybrooke town."

''Yes,'' Snow said,pointing at him. "he's not from the Enchanted Forest so that explains why the curse wouldn't bring him back here with us."

"But what about Emma?," David asked,sitting himself back down.

"She was born here."

"Aye," Killian agreed. ''And the boy wasn't. It would only make sense for the wicked witch to send all the ones back who originated from here. What is that going to mean for Henry?."

"We don't know.'' David responded,giving a slight shake of his head. ''If he's all alone,he's going to want to find us. If all of us are here then the whole town is empty. They would probably put him in a foster care system,like they did for Emma.''

"That's horrible,David. Look at what it did to Emma. We can't let that happen to Henry too." Snow said," We need to find Emma and break this new curse and free our people from the Evil Queen..or Regina. Both."

"But we don't even know where the bloody hell she is!" Killian exclaimed,finally releasing his annoyance and frustation of not being on a ship and rolling his eyes at the prospect of everything they would have to do. That wasn't the only thing causing him to be overwhelmed. There was a light pounding in his head that had started since he arrived and had now grown intensely so,that he felt he would bash his brains in if it meant relinquishing it. "Hell." he muttered,turning away.

"Hook,are you okay?," Snow asked.

"Yes,love,I'm fine,don't worry about me. Worry about finding Emma so she can be the savior and break this--BLOODY HELL!" Killian shouted suddenly. Snow White and David startled back as he brought his fists to the sides of his head,trying to control his breathing as the pounding got louder,and for a second it was all he could hear.


He could hear the two of them asking him questions and reaching towards him,but he couldn't make out the questions and he pulled away from them each time they managed to get close. He managed to avert his hook from Snow's belly. David threw himself in a protective position in front of his wife,and his vision suddenly swayed,blurring everything together.

"What is..."

A flash of green eyes suddenly crossed his vision and clouded him in an almost delightful matter,but he shook his head,stepping away and dropping onto the ground where David took the opportunity to go up to him,dropping on his knees and putting a tentative hand on his shoulder before shaking him with more force once he was certain he wouldn't lash out.

"Hook!" David called,and Killian tried opening his mouth to speak but it shut without permission,still heavily overcome with what had just gone over him. "Hook,can you hear me?"

" I can..." He managed to get out in between breaths; the pounding had died down,and his sight was slowly becoming clear,blurry images coming together into one until David's face was there and Snow behind him,watching him intently with a hand on her bump and concern mirroring the same that the prince wore in front of him. "I'm fine now,mate," he said,and David took his hand back from his shoulder and stood up. Killian remained sitting on the ground.

"Are you sure?''

''Yes,yes,I'm sure. I'm sure." He exhaled sharply,waving him off. He would stand,but he didn't feel ready steady enough for it yet so he remained there while they continued to look at him. "Maybe cut down on the observing,mate. It's not all that fun to be looked at with that expression your wearing,'' he smirked,bringing himself more upright. "some people might even get the wrong idea."

David rolled his eyes,his expression turning more serious when he took a step towards him. ''You saw something."

"Aye.'' He confirmed.

''Well who was it?'' Snow asked. "Someone you know?''

''Can it help us?," David cut in,desperation behind his tone. "Was it like a vision? A memory? Something that could help us get back to Storybrooke? Talk Hook!."

Killian sighed,finally relenting in a quiet voice. ''It was Emma.''