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I'll keep you safe

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When Lena Luthor was younger she had adored her brother Lex. He was the only person that made her feel at home in the cold and unfriendly Luthor manor. He taught her how to play chess and they could spend hours talking about science. He was the best brother she could hope for.

Until he wasn’t.

After Lex went crazy and blew up a hospital, Lena distanced herself from her brother. They hadn’t seen or talked to each other in months. They weren’t close anymore, but they also weren’t enemies so Lena certainly didn’t expect him to hire a hitman to kill her.
But there she was, standing in her office with a gun pointed at her head.
“You brother sends his regards.” the man said and pulled the trigger.



It was a few hours later, the police were still at the crime scene, talking to her employees, some people had gathered around to see what was happening, at the entrance two men were about to put a body bag into the hearse.

Lena sat in the back of an ambulance, a blanket around her shoulders.
She wasn’t hurt.
At least not physically.

Her mind replayed the scene she had watched over and over again. How Jerry, the head of security, had jumped in and knocked the hitman down. The bullet barely missed Lena. While the two men were fighting on the ground, Lena got to her phone, hurried out of her office and called the police. She stepped into the elevator and right before the door closed, she heard two gun shots and saw Jerry falling through the office door spreading red blood on the white carpet.



Lena still was in complete state of shock, so she didn’t notice the person approaching her and jumped a little, when the man started to talk.

“Miss Luthor, my name is Hank Henshaw. I’m with the FBI, we need to talk to you about your brother.” he said.
Lena slowly nodded. She looked at the Agent in front of her. He was tall, carried himself with pride and he had a worried expression on his face.


Well, that is nothing new. Why is everyone always worried that I’ll freak out and go crazy, too? She thought to herself.


“If you could come with me, Miss Luthor, then we can have this conversation in private.” the Agent started.
“I don’t know why my brother wants to kill me and no, I don’t know where he is.”
“That is good to know, but not what I wanted to say.”
Lena raised an eyebrow and expectantly looked at him.
“Well, we were able to capture the killer, but what he told us was quite disturbing. As it seems, you brother is still after you. We now know that there are at least two more hitmen, who were hired to kill you. Apparently your brother spent a lot of money on this.”

Lena took a second to realize what he’d just said.
“Okay, so my brother really wants me dead. I’m already used to people wanting me dead, but that is clearly new.” she chuckled, “If you would excuse me, I want to go home. I’m in desperate need of a drink.”

She pushed the blanket off of her shoulders and got up. Her legs were shaking a little.

“Miss Luthor, I really can’t let you go. As I just told you, there are killers out there and you’re their number one target. It is important for you to stay safe, so that we can catch them and maybe they will lead us to your brother. We’ll offer you security and-“
“I don’t want a bodyguard, if that’s what you are saying. Today a man died, because he wanted to protect me. I can’t let that happen again!”
“And we’ll do anything to insure that it won’t happen again!” he turned around and called someone over, “Miss Luthor, this is Agent Danvers.” he said as a tall woman, with cropped reddish brown hair and a stern look on her face approached. They shook hands as Hank continued to talk.
“Agent Danvers is now responsible for your safety. I know you don’t like the idea of a bodyguard, but think of it as a necessary step in catching your brother. Also Danvers is my best Agent, you’re in good hands.”

Lena had watched how the woman’s eyes got bigger as her boss talked. She really didn’t look happy with what he had just said.
Agent Henshaw had already turned around and Danvers went after him. They had a whispered discussion and Lena only could make out a few words. Something about “Luthor’s are crazy” and “I’m not a babysitter”.


Great, so now I got a bodyguard, who doesn’t like the Luthor family. Ok, I mean, who does? But that is exactly what I wanted to avoid…


The two Agents finished their discussion. The man walked to his car and got in, while the woman made her way back over to Lena.
“I’m sorry if I seemed harsh or unprofessional, Miss Luthor, I was just surprised, that’s all.” she said, “Usually, I’m not a bodyguard, but seems like there was a… shortage? Yes, a shortage of available Agents.”


That’s an interesting way to phrase: No one wants to risk their life for a Luthor.


“I don’t need your protection. You can go home and tell your boss whatever you want. Goodbye, Agent” Lena said and walked away, but Alex followed her.
“I know you don’t like this, but you’re not getting rid of me that easily. My car is over there. I’m driving you home.”

Lena was about to complain, when she remembered, that she had sent her driver home earlier and so she just kept quiet and let the Agent lead her to her car.



When they entered the apartment, Alex made sure everything was clear, while Lena pulled her heels off, went to her liqueur cabinet and poured some whiskey into a glass. She sat down on the expensive couch and offered Alex a drink, too.
“I’d love to, but I don’t drink on the job.” she said.
“More for me then.”


Later Lena disappeared into her home office and Alex made herself familiar with the apartment. It all seemed cold and empty. It didn’t even look like someone actually lived here. No pictures, no personal touch. Just expensive furniture and huge windows. Even the fridge was empty, which Alex’s stomach commented on with a loud rumble.

“I’m sorry I don’t really keep a lot of food here. I always forget to eat anyway.” Lena said as she entered the kitchen.
“I’ll call my colleague. She offered to bring me some clothes anyway so she can pick up dinner for us, too. What do you want to eat?”
“Oh, right, you’re spending the night.” Lena muttered more to herself.
“Is that a problem, Miss Luthor?”
“Yes, actually it is. I don’t want you here ok? You should go home and leave me alone. It’s not worth it.”

I’m not worth it.

Alex didn’t say anything, she just looked at her. There was no judgement in her eyes, just sadness. Lena went to bed without another word.



The next morning Lena wasn’t sure what really happened or what she’d just imagined. But then her memories started to come back one by one.
Her head was hurting. Partly because of all the things that had happened and partly because she’d had quite a few drinks last night.

When she walked downstairs, she could see Agent Danvers sitting on her couch talking to someone on the phone. It looked as if she had spent the night on that uncomfortable piece of designer furniture.

The Agent hung up and greeted Lena with a neutral, “Good Morning”
“You know I got a guest room, right?” Lena asked her.
“Yeah, but you seemed pretty mad last night and I didn’t want to impose more than necessary.”
Lena sighed. She knew the Agent was just trying to do her job. It wasn’t her choice to be here. So she decided for a peace-offering.
“You can use the guestroom from now on. It also has a bathroom if you want to take a shower.”
“That would be great. Someone is coming over with breakfast, you can open the door.” Alex gave her a smile.
“Do I need permission to open my own door now?”
“Yes.” Alex answered already on her way to the bathroom.


Lena had just finished getting dressed for today, when someone knocked on the door. She went to open it and was suddenly face to face with the most beautiful blonde she’d ever seen.

“Hi! You must be Lena!” the blonde said flashing her a huge smile, that made Lena’s heart skip a beat.
She could only nod and open the door wider to let the woman in.
“I’m here with breakfast! Oh and I’m Kara by the way. I don’t know if my sister told you that I’d come.”
“Oh, you’re… you’re… her sister. No, she hasn’t told me about you.” She also hasn’t even told me her first name. Or did I really forget it?

“Wow! You got a really fancy place!” Kara said as she walked over to the kitchen counter. In the meantime Lena tried really hard to remember Agent Danvers’ first name.
“Do you want coffee, Kara?” She tried to change the subject.
“Yes please, but I can’t stay long, because I have work later.”
“What do you do?” Lena said trying to make small talk.


Why is talking to pretty girls always so hard?


“I work at Catco! I was Cat Grants personal assistant, but I got promoted and now I am a junior reporter! And I love my job, but my new boss is a huge jerk. He just doesn’t appreciate anything I do!”
Kara kept on rambling about her job with impressive speed. The blonde was about to start her second sticky bun, when Alex walked into the kitchen and greeted her sister. Lena didn’t want to interrupt their talk so she poured some coffee into the mugs.


“Do you want coffee, too? Uhm… “ Lena said trying to get her bodyguards attention, “Uhm… Agent Danvers?”
Both sisters looked at her and Lena could feel her face getting hot.
“Do you want coffee?“ she asked again.
“Sure, but you don’t have to call me Agent all the time.”
“Well, maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t think you’ve told me your first name.” Lena said. Her whole face was burning and probably red like a tomato.
“I’m Alex.” she said with a smug grin.
Her sister laughed at that and Lena wanted to go and hide in her closet forever.


Great, you meet a cute girl and somehow manage it to embarrass yourself in less than 20 minutes. That has to be a new record. Lena thought.
She handed Alex a coffee mug and left the kitchen to get her purse.


“She seems really nice.” Kara said after Lena had left.
“That is probably because you don’t have to work for her.”
“Do you know if she is single?”
“Kara!” Alex nearly choked on her coffee.
“When I told you that you should start dating again I didn’t mean someone I work for.”
“What? No! I don’t… I meant for you! So you could start dating again.”
“Kara, I told you I’m not ready yet. Maggie just moved out and… It’s too soon.”
“Okay… I just wanted to ask, I guess.” she was silent for a minute, “Why did you think that I was interested in Lena?”
“Maybe because YOU just asked me if she is single.”
“But I never…with a woman… I don’t… I mean she is pretty?”
Alex snorted into her coffee.
“Can you at least find out if she is single? I want to know… for reporter reasons.”
Alex didn’t get a chance to answer, because Lena was back and said that they needed to leave for work.



Being back at the place where she had watched someone die less than a day ago, was harder for Lena than she would’ve expected. It was also weird to have someone following you around. So Lena found herself making a plan on how to get rid of Alex, at least for a few hours.

She sent her to find her assistant Jess, to get some important documents. When the Agent had left Lena took her Laptop to an empty office on a different floor.
It took Alex less than 15 minutes to find her and she really didn’t seem happy, but Lena came up with an excuse as to why she had looked for a more quiet place.

Later, when Alex went to the bathroom, Lena tried her luck once more. She hid on the balcony of the legal department. This time it took Alex longer to find her, but when she did, she looked as if she wanted to punch Lena in the face.
“If you try to run away one more time, I swear I will chain you to that chair!”
And Lena broke into laughter, for the first time in weeks.



“Miss Luthor? The reporter from Catco is here.” her secretary announced a few hours later.
“Send her in.”

The door opened and Kara walked into her office flashing a big smile at Lena. After Kara had told her about her job this morning, Lena made sure that the blonde would get an exclusive on the story about her brother. She was a little nervous to see the blonde again so soon. She really wanted to make a good second impression and if that meant talking about her brother then so be it.

Alex left the office with a, “Call me when you’re done.” and so Lena was alone with Kara.
“Are you ready to talk about what happened?” the blonde asked.
“I’m not sure.” Lena answered truthfully, “I don’t even really know what to tell you. Someone died because of me and there are still people out there that want me dead and my brother is one of them.” She was silent for a second, “Just ask your questions, Kara.”
“Are you ok?” she asked softly
“Is that a real question or a personal one?”
“I just want to make sure that you’re ok. You don’t look like it.”
She reached over the table and slowly put her hand on top of Lena’s. This small gesture meant so much to the brunette.

“Maybe I’m not ready to talk about it yet. I’m sorry, Kara.” she said. Her throat was dry.
“That’s okay, you don’t have to be sorry.”

Lena could feel her eyes water. She couldn’t cry in front of Kara! They hadn’t even known each other for 12 hours and Lena had already embarrassed herself this morning and that was more than enough for one day. This whole situation was affecting her way more than she had thought. She shouldn’t have agreed to this so quickly, only to impress Kara.


So much for a making a good impression.


“You should go. I’ve promised you this exclusive and you’ll get it, just not today.”
Kara nodded. She squeezed Lena’s hand one more time and got up.
”I hope you feel better soon.” she said with a small smile.

The second the door closed behind her, Lena broke into tears. She really was a mess.