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Build a Rocket for Me?

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Grimes PD (Claire lmao)

May, 7 2018 at 7:37 pm



       Claire are you ok?


I guess it's not really my business
but are you really going out with
the tesla dude?


He seems... interesting?



8:22 pm

uhh sorry bye



May, 8 2018 at 10:17 pm

hey sorry about yesterday i guess i
was just surprised and curious...


Pics from the Met are coming out.
you two look really cool


I'll get a choker like that

but of the new svt logo lol





May, 9 2018 at 2:52 am

oh vernie... ..

ur silly,,

3:32 am


can i tell u a lil secret ?


i'm gonna go to space


:,,* ○☆


Elon thinks it'll be soon

i've got some buddies out there
who really want to hear what i've
been working on ;P


he's ok tbh but ..


i'm here for the spacetravel lmao


why tf else would I wear his brand
logo as fashion ? do u know me??


im taking the tunes to space vern0





11:49 am



That's crazy


Why did'nt i think of this

just got 2 b smart V !

I've always wanted to go to space omg


can u hook me up with a
rocket? please?



he REALLY likes me... hehe


he said this is special


just for me

12:11 pm


lol get ur own billionaire
bf with a space program






9:43 pm

maybe I will.



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Google Search: how to go to space no math

Google Search: space companies

Google Search: people who own space companies

Google Search: jeff bezos space

Google Search: jeff bezos twitter

Google Search: ROBOT DOGS?

Google Search: does jeff bezos like star wars

Google Search: blue origin rocket memes

Google Search: how to meet billionaires

Google Search: how to get billionaire old guys to like you





remember when i said i wanted to go to space??


Which of the 37 times you've said this are you asking me to remember?


i'm not joking 

i have an idea


Should I be worried?


uh no but you probably will be haha

well, it's claire's idea really...


Okay, so I should be worried. 


oh my god listen 

her bf the tesla guy is gonna send her to space


So you're gonna go with her? 


no I asked and she said no


(img message) 

he's not the only dude with a rocket

He's really not. I'm pretty sure that is something you can buy in the dirtie shop at the mall... 


 shut up lmao


lol ^-^

but.. if claire can get musk dude to take her to space.. 

maybe i can get mr. blue origin mr. amazon jeff bezos to take me to space


How are you gonna do that Vernon? 


Be his friend? date him?? whatever it takes dude 

i'm going to space

and i'm gonna beat claire to it too!



Sorry I thought you just said you are going to date Jeff Bezos because you want to go to space???


maybe so


This is a bad idea for 100000 reasons dude


gotta blast



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uhmm hello ?





why are u being weird lately?

weirder than normal

...what do you mean?


pls don't pretend like youre not up to something.. 

just some big plans

WHAT PLNAS?????????!!





rocket mom (Claire LMAO)

Hey grimes?

Can I ask you for something??

you need a flavor vernny?

.. yes

remember when you said i should get my own space bf..? 

do you



ur after a baezoz???

gross. please do not say that but yes

i mean he is kind of like the boyf's top rival so we're not frindz 

but.. ,,,,,. 

he follows me on twitter lmao

ill see what i can do



I just wanted his number or contact somehow... 

I'll see what i can do 

hmmmm okay

wait why are you helping me? you're trying to get there first.

tbh itll be fun lol

a little competition heehee!