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Build a Rocket for Me?

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Grimes PD (Claire lmao)

May, 7 2018 at 7:37 pm



       Claire are you ok?


I guess it's not really my business
but are you really going out with
the tesla dude?


He seems... interesting?



8:22 pm

uhh sorry bye



May, 8 2018 at 10:17 pm

hey sorry about yesterday i guess i
was just surprised and curious...


Pics from the Met are coming out.
you two look really cool


I'll get a choker like that

but of the new svt logo lol





May, 9 2018 at 2:52 am

oh vernie... ..

ur silly,,

3:32 am


can i tell u a lil secret ?


i'm gonna go to space


:,,* ○☆


Elon thinks it'll be soon

i've got some buddies out there
who really want to hear what i've
been working on ;P


he's ok tbh but ..


i'm here for the spacetravel lmao


why tf else would I wear his brand
logo as fashion ? do u know me??


im taking the tunes to space vern0





11:49 am



That's crazy


Why did'nt i think of this

just got 2 b smart V !

I've always wanted to go to space omg


can u hook me up with a
rocket? please?



he REALLY likes me... hehe


he said this is special


just for me

12:11 pm


lol get ur own billionaire
bf with a space program






9:43 pm

maybe I will.