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I mean, yeah, I’m not surprised that (Y/N) decided to catch the train all the way across Konoha, I’m not surprised that I forgot that it was her best friends birthday, and I’m definitely not surprised that the flowers that I bought for (Y/N) have already begun to wilt.

Just like my confidence that we should even be together.

But that’s okay, or maybe it isn’t, it’s always just my luck to do something like this, to mess everything up. All I know is that giving up won't get me anywhere, so I’ll try and at least ask (Y/N).

It’s my fault she doesn't know how I feel, God, it’s always my fault.

“Oi, Konohamaru, big brother!” I blinked rapidly, only now noticing that all of this self-deprecation was being thought while a sat pensively on a lamp post. Ugh, I was scaring the civilians away again.

“Boruto, yo!” I yelled out, leaping off the post onto a ledge and rolled onto the dirt road. Immediately Boruto turned up his nose as if smelling something unpleasant, I checked my underarms, didn’t smell anything there.

“Do I smell?” I asked, dumbfounded and concerned for my sense of smell or his sanity.

“Yes,” Was all he said, I double checked and couldn’t be more confused,

“Wha- What does it smell like?” I was about to go home and take a shower.

“You smell like unrequited love and brooding,” The brat said while crossing his arms and putting his weight on one foot. I didn’t know if I should, A, hit him, B, ask him what the literal fuck ‘unrequited love and brooding’ smelled like, or C, cry and agree. So I spiced it up a little and did all three.

“Oi! What was that for you loveless coward!”Boruto yelled after I hit him in the back of the head. I was so impressed by his accuracy that, after A, I tried B.

“How on earth did you put that together?!” I jabbed an accusing finger into his sternum and all I got was a light blush and a turned head. Oh. OH. WHAT?!

“HOW DID YOU GET A GIRLFRIEND AND I DON’T!?” It wasn’t even 9 AM Monday morning I don’t need this in my life right now, Naruto both you and your kids are beating me at this life thing what sort of unfairness is this. Boruto blushed more and twirled a piece of his hair,

“Ah, boyfriend, actually,” I’ve never really had a filter but at this moment I would trade common sense and a filter for literal gold at this point,
“Oh shit the gay gene is a thing,” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to be a total train wreck, take notes. I hollered,

“OH MY GOD IM SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN-huh?” I expected Boruto to be offended, incredulous, outraged, or a combination, but not this. Boruto was laughing so hard that he was actually rolling on the ground.

“Ahahahha! Oh, oh my god,” Wiping a tear from his eye he stood up shakily, trying to maintain a normal smile and failing miserably.

“That is the best response I’ve ever gotten after coming out, never change dude, never change.” He took one last deep breath and then went into Serious Boruto mode.

“Okay, if Chocho, Denki, Inojin, Sumire, Namida, or even Shikadai were here, I’d tell them to give you pointers, but you just had to chose the day before valentine's day when they’re all so busy and -” I decided to interrupt hoping against all hopes that they were not preparing because they had people they were dating, they were 12! I’m 28! Over two times their age.

“Wait, hold up, so, first off,” This entire scenario was a rollercoaster start to finish and I once had to kill a man using tomato sauce and a perfume bottle, and even that didn’t compare.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” I asked, a mischievous glint in my eye. I didn’t know much about Boruto, I shamefully admit this. But after they turned 11, and started to fight their parents more than what was common, I didn’t really know about who he liked, what he liked, what he did for fun. None of it. If I had to place a bet it would probably be Shikadai, I remember them being close friends at-

“Mitsuki,” Boruto said confidently, but I didn’t miss the tinge of panic, fear, or for lack of a better word, bittersweetness in his voice. Oh. That’s why they fought. Because they were against the relationship.

Wait, hold the mother effing train isn’t Mitsuki the son of Orochimaru or something?

“Aw,” I said, poking Boruto’s cheek,

“My Lil’ bro has a Lil' crush,” I mocked, despite the fact that his big bro had a big crush and a big problem.

“And who are the others dating? I haven’t talked to them in a while,” I stared intently, talking to Boruto and hearing about him and his friends is relaxing and most importantly distracting.

“Ah, Shikadai is with Inojin, the art they make is incredible since Shikadai is the brains, he understands shadows, spacing, proportions, and all that stuff, while Inojin is like, the master of abstract, here,”

He pulled out a phone and showed me a photo of a girls face covered in wires and blue lines, the girl resembled an Ino with brown hair, and, if possible, more feminine.

“Incredible…” I whispered without thinking, not that I would take it back. It truly looked better than the art in museums and art shops.

“Chocho and Sarada, you should see them they’re adorable I saw Sarada buying the most expensive and rare chip bags and Chocho buying at least twelve 1000 piece complex 3D puzzles. Sarada often gets bored of puzzled ‘cause they’re too easy with her abilities.

"And they fit because they both support the other wholeheartedly and inspire each other,” Boruto looked at me as if I was supposed to be catching onto something. When I only listened intently, he sighed and continued.

“Denki is a brainiac,” He waved his hands around his head for emphasis, adorable,

“He can make puppets like there’s no tomorrow and understands problems even Shikadai will fail to get because of how flexible and adaptive his thought process is. Iwabee is the jockey but really he’s so much more than just a guy with muscles. He, as well as Denki, adapts his person but not a challenge, to the environment itself, cherishes the little things that Denki normally doesn't notice and is intelligent in his own way. They both match because they balance each other out.”

I didn’t say anything, I know there was something Boruto was getting at, but I had yet to figure it out. Boruto went on and it felt like he was trying to point at an invisible goal.

“Wasabi is a fireball, and relishes in destruction, probably one of the most determined people I’ve ever met, she’s dark in the right places, I mean, we’ve gotta kill people after all. And holy smokes, I thought I was good at poetry- but after a bit of practice, she outclasses everyone. And Namida? She’s the one who makes her a better person. She doodles flowers on her sad poetry and reminds her of all of the joys in life despite her own issues, ‘cause they both put each other before themselves and cherish each other more than anything in the world. They are better because of each other!”

Nope, not getting it.

The love stories are adorable, I thought this stuff was just a fling but the way that he said it made me realize how serious it was. Because they match… There’s something about that line….

Boruto’s face paled and it seemed like he was going to pull his hair out.

“Ugh, I just, why can’t. Fine, but if you don’t get it after this I’m going to fireball you,”

Weird, I could have sworn that his affinity would be lightning…

“Me and… Me and ‘Zuki. He’s very… self-aware, he listens to his emotions like they’re an entirely different thing and doesn’t lie to himself. He also understands me more then I get me. And I, as a very un-self-aware type of guy, des- desperately need that. We balance each other out.” There’s that word again, balance, match, go together,

“I’m academy smart, I can give you the X’s of quadratics, solve radicals like Chocho eats chips, I can outscore people on exams without trying. But I don’t understand my own emotions, I can’t sympathize well with others and I often act before I can think.” Boruto was a full on tomato at this point, I was going to stop him but I was so close, it was on the tip of my tongue.

“Everything I lack, he has, and we make up for each other's weaknesses, ‘n make each other… better. We. Match, ya know?” He questioned loudly, flailing his arms in the air and in that moment I got it. I understood what Boruto was trying to get at.

“Bro!” I exclaimed loudly, picking him up by the waist and spinning him around, he let out a sigh of relief knowing that I had figured it out.

“You think that-”

“Know,” Interrupted Boruto, rude, but I’ll let it slide for obvious reasons,

“You, “know”, that if I figure out why and how me ‘n (Y/A) go together, then I will know if she’s right for me?” I questioned, but I knew I was right by the gleam in Boruto’s eyes. Not aware of other people my ass, this kid fixed problems I didn’t know I had.

“Anyway, I have to go to Coi Lake, Mitsuki has planned for me too ‘accidentally’ go there in search of something he said he dropped somewhere in the area.” At this I was confused, I mean, Valentine's day is tomorrow.

“Why not tomorrow?” I asked curiously, it’s tradition, then again they weren't traditional after all. Boruto had a light blush on his cheek that only got warmer,

“Idiot, me and the gang spend valentine's day together, friendship bonds is love too, duh,” He tried to play it like his friends didn’t mean the world to him and it was looking at an alternate universe version of Naruto.

“Heh, sounds awesome kiddo, don’t do anything to valentine's day-y,” I winked while walking to where I knew the train would be stopping soon. Boruto’s nose turned up in disgust and replied,

“Nah, he’s ace anyway, and ew. Get your mind out of the gutters Big Bro,” I laughed, although I don’t know what ‘Ace’ really means. That’s okay, I’ll learn eventually.
It took the train five minutes to get to the station, and I had time to think on the train as well, to think about (Y/N). She was beautiful, but I would love her regardless, I love her for her hesitant and yet determined attitude, always trying to outdo people while still being friendly. She treated me like a teammate and a good friend while most people just saw me as the Hokage’s Honorable Grandson.

“Hey, I didn’t expect to see you here,” Came a tired, feminine voice. I looked up from my contemplative position to see the girl I had gone on a roller coaster today just to see.


There are bags under her eyes and her hair is greasy. Not to mention her cut up hands after hours of training in the past weeks. There was a rumor of some unexplainable power, but I hadn’t bothered to listen in. Nine times out of ten gossip and theories are made for selling products.
And God I wanted to run my fingers through her hair, to wash it or let it be, I wanted to kiss her asleep, lying wrapped in my arms because that’s where she fits. Because we fit. I looked at my flowers, embarrassed, some had turned to a darker color as they wilted and I placed them behind my body quickly.

“Ah, (Y/N),” Have I told you how much I love saying her name? It rolls off the tongue and feels like honey, (Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N).

“Ooo, flowers, who's the lucky lady?” She teased, bumping my shoulder and sitting next to me on the seats.

“Well, I-”

Holy shit how did Boruto do this, how did these 12-year-olds do this!? I feel like flinging myself off the train. But no.

She’s a strong, amazing girl who deserves someone who has the gut to ask her out. So that’s what I need to give.

“They’re not the best, but… They’re for you,” I gingerly placed them in her hand, her eyes glazed over and sparkled and I couldn’t look away. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of (YEC), and I felt the cogs working in her head, she was always so smart, but I guess even she didn’t see this coming.

Part two coming within the week ;D