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Bite-Sized DC Fluff

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Barry's brain became prickly with panic when he heard Mick ask, "Where is this supposed to go, again?"

"I-is everything okay back there?"

He wasn't supposed to go in the workshop. He also wasn't supposed to be dating criminals, but that ship had sailed out into the sea years ago. So for some plausible deniability, Len and Mick had a locked workshop—or as Barry called it: the crime lab. Mick had rolled his eyes and groaned that he was as bad at Len, whereas Len grinned with pride. Barry trusted them enough not to be planning anything that would hurt anybody in there. Still, that tone was enough to burn Barry with worry.

"Give it here," Len said, more as a warning that he'd be taking it rather than asking permission to do so.

Later, they called out to Barry and told him to close his eyes. Barry was too nervous to keep them shut, so he buried his faced in one of Len's books. Plausible deniability, plausible deniability, plausible deniability.

Barry heard Len and Mick roll something in.

Barry put the book down. He gasped and held up the project like the precious baby it was.

"You made this for me?" he asked even though he knew the answer. He liked hearing it anyway.

They'd built it in the workshop since it was a surprise: a Lego Central City with the Flash fighting Captain Cold and Heatwave. His hero friends were dealing with the rest of the Rogues, and some custom figures were in the Cortex at STAR Labs. They'd put it on a wheeled table so they could move it out of the way or on display wherever Barry wanted it.

Barry may have mumbled you two are the best into Mick's neck when he stepped around the table to hug them.