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Taking the fall damage

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Moonlight poured into the tiny, cramped, damp alleyway.

A green haired man stood in the centre, hands still slightly shaking as he wiped the blood and grime on to his ripped jeans. His breath shuddering slightly as he calmed his heart beat.

The woman, sat up from her position on the rough ground, her hands dirty and scratched from the scuffle with the now unconcious would-be robber on the floor. She looked between the green haired man and her attacker, face down, hair matted with dark blood, spreading across the grey asphalt. She took a harsh, shuddering breath and tried to clear her throat.

Anti turned round adruptly, anger in his eyes.

"WhY wErE YoU hErE aLoNe!" He screeched, making the woman flinch, his voice like nails on a chalk board. He roughly grabbed her by her shoulder and dragged her to her feet.

"Go." He hissed in her ear, pushing her away. Stumbling for a second, she looked back in shock at the one who just saved her. She then muttered a quick "thanks" under her breath before running out of the alleyway.

Don't get him wrong, Anti didn't mind helping people, he just didn't see the point in helping people who had put themselves consiously in danger, despite the obvious warning signs.

She was lucky that Anti was nearby, rolling a cigarette when he heard her cry out. It was nearly 1 am, and the woman  thought it would be a good idea to walk through an alleyway despite knowing the dangers that lurked there.


Anti looked around the alley again, making sure the coast was clear before pulling his knife from the robber's neck, blood spurting from the wound. Anti flinch automatically as the warm blood sprayed him slightly on his face. He wiped his knife on the dead man's jumper before re-sheafing it in his jacket.

Knowing that the body would be discovered sooner rather than later, he began glitch back through the neon lights, power converters and telephone poles, reaching the docks on the otherside of the city in seconds.


He made his way towards railings that surrounded the canal, leaning against them as he gazed at the reflection of the moon against the water's surface.

Despite the occasional vigilante fight he got into, Anti prefered the quiet and peacefulness of the city at night. There he could glitch to his hearts content, and be the introverted demon he was without disturbing his brothers. As much as he loved his brothers, he enjoyed having his own space and what with the house getting more and more crowded everyday, he found himself enjoying the peace and relative quiet of the night.


He wasn't anything like his brothers; he wasn't a proper hero like Jackieboy, he wasn't as optimistic and carefree as Chase, he wasn't as focused and well planned as Schneep, nor innocent as Robbie and he most certainly didn't have a heart of gold like Marvin.

He was Anti, anti- establishment, anti- culture and an anti- hero. That suited him just fine, he didn't need to be a goody two shoes like the rest of them, he embraced who he really was- a glitch, unwanted, an anomaly.


He lit up a cigarette, hoping to enjoy this one in peace before heading to a bar for the night before he trudged back home. He inhaled deeply, head tilted up towards the moon, eyes closed, feeling a slight breeze brush through his hair. Anti smiled as he exhaled, enjoying this moment of peace.

A peace that ended adruptly after he heard a faint, but familiar, dry sob nearby. With a fustrated groan, Anti threw his cigarette into the canal.

He then languidly, navigated his way through the labyrinth of cargo shipments towards the sobs.

As he drew closer, Anti heard sobs turn into panicked wheezes and the low whispers of "it was an accident, I didn't mean to." Anti quickened his pace.


The labyrinth opened towards a well lit clearing. As Anti looked up to the source of the tears, his heart broke ever so slightly at the sight before him.