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I wasn't strong enough

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Chapter 1

~ Sakura's P.O.V~

"Naruto!" I shouted, hoping to find my lovable boyfriend of five years. "I got it, he's at Ichiraku!" Jogging to the ramen stand I saw Naruto sitting on one of the empty bar stools. "Heya Sakura" the blonde says after leaning in and placing his lips on mine. "So I heard that lady Tsunade has a mission for us?"
"Yup!" We have to deliver a scroll to the land of the sand. Sasuke then waltzed up to us almost like magic. "Sakura, Dobe." "You wanna go Teme?! I'll kick your ass all the way to the next village! Believe it!" Sensing an approaching fight, I step in between my larger team mates. "Knock it off you two, we have a mission later so make sure you both pack and are ready to go tonight." I huffed quietly, crossing my arms.

Sasuke locked over at me, staring for a few seconds making my face flush slightly under his gaze. "Hnn." He mumbled before finally looking away. "Well, I guess I'll see you two at the village gates tonight ok?" Before I was able to get up Naruto sprung form his chair, "Wait Sakura! I'd like to walk you back home!" Flashing the blonde my biggest smile, I gladly agreed. I walked towards Sasuke and said my goodbyes to him, before walking off with Naruto.

~Sasuke's P.O.V~

I silently watched Sakura who interlaced her fingers with Naruto before they disappeared from my view. My chest tightened at the sight. "Hopefully the dope won't screw up his proposal tonight." I chuckled bitterly at the statement, slowly standing up, before making my way back to my apartment to pack my things.