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Frozen Love

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POV- Akira- 

im currently walking with Sasuke Uchiha inside a thick forest, it's called the forever falls due to a lot of people dying before they can leave the area, it's funny thinking they can get out of uncharted territory without effort, but it's stupid, 
while me and Sasuke are walking, Sasuke spoke up with an interesting topic 
Sasuke: What is this new village like? Did Naruko say? 
I sighed as I shook my head, I said back at him 
Akira: No... She didn't say... All she said that it's a better place then Konoha 
Sasuke slightly growls at the name Konoha, why? Cuz he hates that place and so do I, they hated demons and they hated me and Naruko even more so they tried everything to get us to leave, so 16 years later, me and Naruko left the place but I had things to do so we split up knowing that we will meet again 
so after 3 months of searching for an item I came across Sasuke who said he got his revenge against Itachi,
So after I told him of my plans he agreed on coming to this new village I heard about during my travels, while we are walking Sasuke looks at me with curiosity
MiSasuke: how did Naruko find this village anyway? And if so, how did they hide from the knowledge of the great nations?
Akira: that will be an eternal mystery, one that's fun to uncover
Sasuke chuckles to himself and he turns his head away from me
Sasuke: I'm interested in what this village is
Akira: I heard that this village has more demons then any other place in the great nations
Sasuke: well THATS comforting
Sasuke says with sarcasm as he replied to my statement, I chuckle at him as we walked into a clearing
Akira: yep, if they think and they probably will, they may think we are humans and they might rip us to shreds
Sasuke shudders abit and he nods
Sasuke: yeah, technically I'm a cursed human, so half demon, what will they do to half humans half demons?
Sasuke says as his mind is filled with himself being tortured, shredded, and killed for there pleasure
Akira: yeah, you'd be screwed, remember do the armadillo if they corner you
Sasuke makes a I'm screwed face and he nods at me
Sasuke: yeah.... Thanks for the advice....
I chuckle lightly and I see the demon village gates coming into view
Akira: well I can see the village,... Let's hope there aren't any losers here....
Sasuke: you may be surprised about that, cuz everywhere we go, there will be losers
I nod at sasuke and we entered the village, after we entered the demon villagers looks at us weird like they want to kill us, after a bit of looking around I got a text from Naruko saying "hey! I sensed you guys entered the village! Can you sense my Power!?" After I read her text I looked up trying to sense Narukos power, after a while I sensed Naruko near a building full of powerful people
Akira: I can sense her, follow me
I start heading towards the school and sasuke followed me

-time skip to the school-

Naruko stands outside the school with 5 other people waiting for Me and sasuke, A man with brown haired is with her, so is a woman with pink hair and large breast, a woman with blue hair tied in a pony tail and also have large breasts that rivals the pink haired girl, a black haired child who looks ten with a witches hat and wand, and a very beautiful violet slightly long blue haired girl with pale skin,
The man speaks up and he asks a question to Naruko, who is tapping her foot impatiently while she is looking at the road
Tsukune: hey... Why are we out here
Naruko: some people I know is coming and there late...
She then whispers to herself
Naruko: unreliable bastards....
Her friends Chuckle slightly at her words, after a while Naruko looks up on the street seeing Me and Sasuke, she smiles and she starts walking towards us as we are walking to her
Naruko: it's about time you lazy cunts
Sasuke: geeze dope, do you kiss your mother with that mouth
Akira: sorry, we are naturally slow
Naruko laughs at us and she glomps on me and Sasuke
Naruko: hey it's fine! I'm just glad that you guys came
We hugged her and she gets off us with the worlds biggest smile
Akira: yeah, I'm just here to see what the people here will do to Sasuke
Sasuke growls at me and he looks down thinking as Naruko looks at Sasuke with curiosity building up
Naruko: what would the people do to you?
Sasuke looks at her with fear filled eyes
Sasuke: the people here will mistake me as a human so they may try to kill me for there enjoyment
Tsukune speaks up, interrupting Sasuke
Tsukune: hey! That's a negative stereotype, don't believe that shit
Sasuke looks at him and the other four
Sasuke: uhhhhh who are you people?
Tsukune huffs and he smirks
Tsukune: I'm Tsukune Alno, and I'm a Ghoul
The pink haired girl interrupted Tsukune
Moka: don't overestimate yourself Tsukune, there's people much stronger then you
Tsukune is now sulking in the corner with Kurumu patting his back assuringly and Sasuke laughs at his situation, Kurumu looks at and she smiles at us
Kurumu: I'm Kurumu, nice to meet yeah
Yukari starts jumping up and down excitedly
Yukari: HI HI, I'm Yukari Sendo, im a witch
Mizore takes out her Lolipop and she smiles sweetly
Mizore: Mizore Shirayuki is my name, and I'm a snow fairy
Sasuke blushes at Mizore and he smiled at her, Moka saw this and she lightly bits her lips, she then speaks up in slightly louder tone
Moka: I'm Moka Akashiya, nice to meet ya
Sasuke smiles at her and he nods
Sasuke: I'm Sasuke Uchiha, sole survivor of the Uchiha clan and this is
He pats my back and I smiled slightly at him
Sasuke: this is Akira Uzumaki, the heroic spirit of the archer class
Tsukune: Archer? Wait?.... Heroic Spirits are real?!
I chuckled lightly at him and I nod
Akira: we are beings of pure magic, once human, during our life span, we have done many great deeds that allowed us to gain Immortality, to continue to do great deeds
Tsukunes eyes widened massively at me and he starts circling me
Tsukune: so your not human?
Akira: I am not human nor demon, for I am a being of magic, only Heroes with Good hearts and souls are given a choice of being a heroic spirit
Tsukune laughs and he pats me back
Tsukune: as long as your not human, I don't give a rats ass! Welcome to the village friend!
I smiled slightly and I looked at Mizore, I blushed at her beautiful pale skin, Tsukune turns to Sasuke and his smile fades
Tsukune: are you human?
Sasuke: technically I'm half human, and half demon... Does that count?
Tsukune puts his hands in his pocket and he glares at Sasuke
Tsukune: show us your demon form....
Sasuke sighs at him and he nods, Sasuke takes off the shirt of his Kimono and he let it drapes over his legs and glowing tattoos starts enveloping his body, everyone besides me and Naruko watched with widened eyes, after a bit the glowing tattoos covered his body and it began turning into a slightly brown skin, his hair is getting longer and it getting turned into a darker white and his eyes turned into the Sharingan while the white part of the eyes turns black, after abit the glowingness goes away revealing Sasuke in his cursed form, he then speaks up at a darker tone of voice then before
Sasuke: those this count as monstrous?
They watched him while Moka and Inner Moka are dreaming of getting plowed by that powerful man, Tsukune laughs and he gave him a thumbs up
Tsukune: hell yeah! Half demon or full demon, a demon is still a demon in my books, nice to meet ya dude!
He high fives Sasuke and Sasuke high fives back and smiles at him while he did, Sasuke then reverts back to his human form and puts the top of his kimono back on his body, Naruko smiles brightly and she began skipping towards the school
Naruto: come on!~ we have to go!~
Me and Sasuke began walking towards the school with her, Sasuke waved as he walked into the school, I looked behind me slightly getting Mizores image into my head so I will not forget her, I blushed when she lightly moved her finger downwards her breast in a lustful way, I quickly turned back around to the front blushing massively, Naruko turns her head slightly, seeing me with one eye and she giggles slightly and she turns back to the front

-time skip to the principles office-

We have just arrived at the principles office, we got lost for like a couple hours because of Narukos poor directions, she is pout ing because me and Sasuke were ignoring her and her ability to sense direction, after we got to his door and I knocked on the door with a distorted and muffled "come in" was heard, we go through the door and we see a slightly furnished office with a heavily cloaked man sitting at the desk, the demon looks up at me and Sasuke,
Grim:.......a heroic spirit....its been century's since I came in contact with one of your kind...
I smirked slightly at him
Akira: which one did you talk to?
Grim gave a distorted chuckle
Grim: if I remember correctly...I believe his name was.....Hercules.... And I almost died that day...heh
I laughed and I nod at the cloaked demon in front of me
Akira: Those in the berserker class tends to be ruthless and unmerciful, I wouldn't be surprised if you did die
Grim gave a distorted laugh and he laughed along with me, after a bit we both stopped, he gets up, he walked over to me and gave me my Schedule
Grim: I know what you are, and you are permitted entrance in my school, welcome
I smiled and I nod, I turned walking towards the door, I turned again and I laid on the door with a slight smirk on my face, grim turned to Sasuke who was sweating nervously
Grim: I can sense your fear young Uchiha..... But tell me why do you come here? And show me your demonic form.....
Sasuke returned into his demonic form which was his Cursed form that he go into earlier, Sasuke then began exerting his power in the room, grim takes a step back from the Overwelmimg power while I'm not effected in the slightest
Sasuke: I have come to get away from the hatred shown by humans, I may be half human but I appreciate what demons have done
Grim chuckled at Sasuke and he hands him his schedule
Grim: I permit you to attend my school, welcome...
Sasuke takes it as he goes back into his human form and he smiles
Sasuke: thanks.
Grim nods and he walks to his desk and he sits down
Grim: shall I go over the rules before you two cause some much needed mischief?
We nodded at him and he nods back
Grim: alright rule 1: your not allowed to Enter your demon form at any time unless it's a sparing match in gym class Rule 2: Sex on school grounds are permitted, just keep the details to yourself along with the location, rule 3: no killing, even if it's the guy you hate the most and rule 4: No. Humans. Allowed. Are we understood boys?
Sasuke and Akira: yes sir.
Grim chuckles and he nods
Grim: alright now get out of here you crazy kids. Go enjoy yourselfs
We nod and we left his office while grim is thinking
Grim: (hehe......I'm going to be expecting some humans to intrude here....considering the Uchiha is also here....hmmmm)

-scene change with Akiras group-
We are currently walking in one of the schools many hallways and we were talking about the principle
Naruko: believe it or not but he's actually a really nice guy
Akira: certainly, he's one of the few capable of standing against a heroic spirit
Sasuke: I'm surprised too, I thought heroic spirits are like walking tanks.
Akira: Berserkers are walking tanks, the rest of us are bomber jets
We had a hearty laugh and we turned to the side as we are walking
Akira: We should've left a longtime ago....
Sasuke and Naruko: Agreed....

Me, Naruko and Sasuke has walked in front of our first class since joining the school which was....15 mins ago..., anyway, Sasuke opens the door to come face to face with a rugged man with blue hair and the "I'm going to eat you" look
Grimmjow: you two the new kids?...
Sasuke: uhhhh yes sir...
Grimmjow: good...get in, sit down and shut up
Naruko happily walks past us and she sits down at her seat, me and Sasuke walks past him and we stand in the front, grimmjow groggily walks over to his desk and he sits down and he faces the class
Grimmjow: alright maggots we have two new students, welcome them or what ever...
He turns to us with very sleepy eyes
Grimmjow: introduce you're selfs maggots....
Sasuke chuckles darkly and he took a step forward towards the class and speaks loud enough that the class heard her with perfect clarity
Sasuke: I'm Sasuke Uchiha, and to be clear, I am a cursed human, and a warning, piss me off, and I'll rip you to shreds
Most of the class chuckles besides Narukos group but they instantly shut up because Sasuke exerted his power at them, most of the class gasped for air from Sasukes power
Sasuke: and I'm not kidding, I'll fuck you all up
Sasuke stops exerting his power and the class can breath again, after a bit they start mummering to each other about how cool Sasuke is and I'd Sasukes single, Sasuke groans lightly and he stepped back next to me, he then motives me to introduce myself, I sighed and I stepped forward towards the class and I spoke up
Akira: I am Akira Uzumaki, a few notes about me, 1: I'm a heroic spirit but that doesn't me I'll be the "hero"
Someone raised there hand and I looked to him
Guy1: then why are you a heroic spirit?
Akira: because the world and the gods recognize my efforts to change everything, because of what I did or what had happen to me, here this is the unspoken truth about heroic spirits it's that we represent ourselves of our time as heroes, I represent betrayal.
The class gasped at my words, Sasukes smile fades completely since he will be hearing this story again
Akira: I am the betrayal of my own convictions, I became a hero to save life whenever possible but I took it instead, for every life I took a stabbed there weapon into the ground to make me remember them when I see it...
Everyone looks at me sad because of my story but my mood changed almost instantly, scaring them slightly
Akira: 2: I don't hold back when I fight, piss me off expect no mercy and 3: I'm single and looking for a great girl
I bowed slightly at them and I stepped back with Sasuke, grimmjow gets up groggily and he walks towards me and Sasuke
Grimmjow: alright you two, take your seats, Sasuke sit next to Moka and Akira, have a seat next to Mizore...
Moka blushes when she heard that she will be seating next to Sasuke, while Mizore smiles sweetly at me, I blushed and I waved at her which she returns the gesture, Sasuke walks over to Moka and he sits in the empty seat that's on her right, I walked over to Mizore and I sat in the empty seat next to her

-time skip to lunch because school is boring-

It's currently lunch time in the demonic village, most of the students are already in the lunch room eating or chatting with there friends, me and Sasuke just came into the lunch room after checking out our lockers, as we walking around the lunch room, looking for our new friends, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned my head slightly to the back, trying to find what ever tapped me, seeing it was Naruko who tapped me
Naruko: hey big brother!
I chuckle at her energetic attitude and i nod at her
Akira: hey baby sister
She laughs excitedly and she jumps around me, after a bit she grabs my left arm and began dragging me somewhere while yelling out
Naruko: come on big brother!~ sit with me!~
Sasuke laughs as he walked behind her as she dragged me to the table in the back, most of her group is here besides Tsukune and Yukari, considering they have a different lunch period, she sits me down with Mizore on my right and Naruko on my left, Sasuke sat down next to Moka who's blushing like crazy at Sasuke, as we began eating, Naruko spoke up
Naruko: so how you guys like the place? Much better then the other place which shall not be named
Sasuke growls slightly which made Moka jump and he nods at her
Sasuke: yeah, much better
I chuckled lightly and I began exert a bit of pressure causing this one corner to shake slightly, scaring the crap out of everyone besides, me, Naruko and Sasuke
Akira: yeah, but expect some annoyances in the future, in there eyes Sasuke is considered human and will try to retrieve him
Naruko yells out angrily
Naruko: OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!!!
Akira: correction, over there dead bodys, I'll rip them apart.
Everyone else in the group looks at us confused at why we are so angry and Moka speaks up with curiosity in her voice
Moka: who are you guys talking about?
Sasuke glances at her and he sighs
Sasuke: we used to be apart of a human village who hates demons with a passion, they tried beyond hell to kick out Naruko and Akira and they succeeded
They were shocked and angry at what the village had done to us but Kurumu speaks up
Kurumu: wait, if you two left at the same time then why didn't you come with Naruko when found this place?
I chuckled slightly at her and I nod
Akira: I had to find something, a fragment of my past that I wanted to recover before I came here, but as luck began following me, I had the good fortune to meet up with Sasuke while coming here and decided to come here together
They all smiled at us and they nodded, I glanced to the side seeing a orange haired kid in a black kimono and carrying a large broad sword walking towards us with "don't fuck with me" look on his face, he walks up to our table and says in a slightly husked voice
Ichigo: hey. You the new kids?
He questioned us and we nod at him
Sasuke: we are. But who are you?
Ichigo: I am Ichigo Kurosaki! I'm a Hollowfied Soul Reaper
I laughed lightly which made Ichigo irritated
Akira: is that supposed to be impressive? Or intimidating?
Ichigo replies back to me with irritation clear in his voice
Ichigo: oh yeah? Are you something better?
Akira: I believe it's a personal feet but yeah, I'm a heroic spirit or in your words a more honorable soul reaper
Ichigo grumbles as he took a seat next to Kurumu, he glances at Sasuke while Sasuke is eating rice out of a bowl
Ichigo: you a human?
Sasuke: half demon....*eats more rice*
Ichigo: ahhhh.
Ichigo nods understandingly, everyone in the cafeteria looks up as the speakers comes on and the principle of the school speaks through
Grim: will the following students report to my office for a quick mission: Sasuke Uchiha, Akira Uzumaki, Naruko Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Mizore Shirayuki, Moka Akashiya, and Ichigo Kurosaki, I repeat, the following students, report to my office for an assignment, thank you-
The speakers cuts off and the cafeteria began to be filled with mummers and talking, Sasuke gets up while the bowl of rice is still in his hands, me and the rest gets up and began walking towards Grims office for the mission, as they are walking though the hall ways, Ichigo speaks up to bring in some conversation to lighten the serious mood of the group
Ichigo: sooooo....anybody has a clue to what this mission is?
Everyone besides me shook there head and I spoke up
Akira: it's a possible chance of old friends...
Sasuke and Naruko growls at me as they agreed
Sasuke: what shall we do if it is?
Akira: we finish our orders....
Everyone agrees as we go through the principles door, after we did, we looked at grim for the assignment, grim looks up and he speaks in his usual distorted voice
Grim: your probably wondering why I called you 6 here
Ichigo: yeah! We were having a nice lunch...
Sasuke nods as he puts more rice into his mouth with his chopsticks, grim gave a distorted chuckle and he nods
Grim: apologizes, but this mission is highly important
Moka: what's the mission, Mr.Grim?
Grim: my scouts have told me that Konoha Leaf ninjas are lurking through our lands, find them, defeat them and scare them to the point of making them never returned
We all saluted to him and he nod
Everyone: YES SIR!
Grim: good, now go and teach these humans a lesson....
We all nod at him and we leave his office while me and grim thought the same thing
Archer and Grim: ( shouldn't have come feel our wrath!)
As we left the school and embarked a journey towards the main gates of the village, Moka speaks up while blushing
Moka: S-Sasuke-Kun?....
Sasuke looks at her while he thought"Kun?"
Sasuke: yeah? What's up?
Moka: do you by chance....have a girlfriend?
Sasuke: no.
Moka blushes immensely and she nods looking ahead planning on getting his Attention

-meanwhile to the hidden leaf retrieval team-
Neji, Hinata, Tenten, Sakura, and Kiba are currently walking though the forever falls trying to find the demon village as the are walking and searching they are talking on what to say to bring Sasuke back with them, as they are walking Neji speaks up "maybe we should give him something, something he will like and come back with us?" "Like bribe him?" Kiba said to Neji who is nodding his head at kibas question, Sakura intervenes in there conversation "it dosent matter, if he agrees, we will decide what to get him, if not, we're are bringing MY Sasuke-Kun home" everyone nods there heads and Hinata growled at her teammates and says "what if we come across Akira and Naruko?" Tenten answers her question with a growl "we kill them, plain and simple" everyone nods at Hinata, looking for the demon village, not aware that I'm watching them from the trees

-meanwhile back with the demon group-

As Naruko group is leaving the village, Sasuke looks around and he turns to Naruko, he then asks her "where's Akira?" Naruko turned to him and she replied "what are you talking about? He's right her-" she points to where I was, she then looks around and starts panicking, she began running around like a mad man while yelling out "BIG BROTHER!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?" Narukos group began laughing at her as she was running around while yelling

-returning back to Akira-

I looked at the direction of the village as I heard Naruko yelled out, I then whispered to myself "dammit gave away our villages hiding spot...." I noticed that the leaf group is heading towards the village, I continued to follow them, after a while of following the leaf, I noticed them stopping infront of Narukos group, naruko and her group looks at the leaf group and she starts growling at them and Sakura began speaking

-POV change Sasuke-

I looked at Naruko as she was close to snapping at the leaf, I chuckled as I got infront of her as Sakura began speaking "Sasuke-Kun! We came to save you!" I replied back to her with venom in my voice "why would I need saving?" Kiba replied to my question "we were told that you were kidnapped by these worthless demons", Ichigo growled at Kiba as he placed a hand on the handle of his giant sword, I raised my right hand into the air stopping him before he could do anything "I did not get kidnapped" they looked at me confused at my words "infact, I went here willingly, this my home" there eyes began widening and Sakura yelled out "YOU FUCKING DEMONS!!!!!!!!! YOU CORRUPTED HIM!!!!!!!!!" Sakura runs towards Moka with her fist pulled back ready to punch her lights out but before she could hurt Moka an arrow grazes her forearm causing a gash, Sakura yells out in pain as she skidded to a halt, she looks at her wound seeing blood gushing out in cups, she placed her free hand on her wound and green chakra starts enveloping her hand healing her wound, after a bit she takes her hand off her arm, revealing her wound to be fully healed, she looked at the demons with rage building inside her but in a split second, Akira materialized infront of the group with his custom bow in hand and he said to the leaf "get out before you regret coming here..." Sakura attempted to punch akira but I kicked her away from him, sending her back to her group and Akira said "alright everyone pick your opponent and ichigo, do us a favor and sit this one out" ichigo grumbled and he nodded at Akira, Akira then looked at Mizore "you pick first" she giggled at him and she nodded "thank you, I pick the girl with the grey eyes" Hinata growled at her "your going to regret that bitch" Akira nodded at her and he looked at Moka, she takes off her rossaire, letting out her true and she said in a slightly deeper voice "I'll pick the flat chested bitch" Sakura growls at Moka, but Moka just winks at me, I blushed at her and I looked away before my face becomes more red, she giggles and turned her attention back to Sakura, Akira turned to Naruko and she said "I'll take Tenten" Akira smiled lightly and he nodded at his younger sister and he said "I'll take Neji then" I chuckled as I pat his back "of course you'd stick me with dog boy" this has caused Akira to smirk and the leaf group look at us confused while Kiba was steamed

-Akira's Pov-
Every scatters to there own side of the plain like battle field and they initiated there own battles but I stood in the middle of the plains field with my bow ready and it's pointed at Neji who's standing 20 meters to infront of me in his usual battle stance, both his feet are apart from each other, his body slouched slightly but not that much as his palms are battle ready and was extended towards me but the right palm is several inches back from where his left palm was extended closer to my location, I smirked slightly at Neji was I start moving my right hand upwards from my side and slowly extended it towards the middle of the string string of my bow as blue aura starts manifesting from my hand that is slowly extending towards the middle of my bows custom handle and I said "well Neji, you always wondered if you could stand up against destiny but I'm not the aspect of destiny so you will have to make due with me" I held my usual unfaltering smile as the blue aura I was projecting from my hand is slowly materializing into a metallic arrow, the arrow has a black tinted metallic body with a white pointed head then I said "guess this is gonna be easy" Neji huffed slightly at me as he slowly moved his left foot forward but not too fast as he was indeed cautious around me even back in our time in the village, so I pulled the arrow back on the string to add power for its launch then he said to me "Akira, I would you you would believe me when I say this but this isn't personal, we just came for sasuke" I chuckled lightly as I fully drew the arrow back, prepared to launch it at the grey eyed ninja then I responded "it's hard to believe that" I let go of the arrow and it flies through the air from the bow, flying at Neji as the bow starts glowing a light blue hue as it charged the grey eyed ninja but Neji jumped right over the arrow, the arrow is flying under him while Neji has lept above it, after several moments he lands on the ground as the arrow kept going in its trajectory so Neji smirked as he starts running towards me with his palms ready to strike at my nervous system and he shouted out "Byakugan!" His grey eyes starts getting a duller grey as vains starts appearing in the skin of his face, and is next to the sides of his dull grey eyes but he turned around as he skidded to a halt to find the same arrow that I launched at him, the arrow was charging at Neji fast as if it had its own mind so Neji limboed low as the arrow was nearly touching his front side fast but it missed as it was charging me, Neji gets back up to his own two feet then turned towards me with a smirk, all I did was smirk back as the arrow turned slightly to the right and purposely missed me so the arrow and starts doing a u turn around me as it starts aiming for Neji again.
Neji was highly shocked about the arrow and he shouted out as he jumped to the right while facing me, then did a roll on the ground to avoid the arrow "what the hell did you do!? What's with that arrow!?" I just chuckled to myself as the arrow starts to lose its mana then the mana that's cloaked around it starts to fade slightly then I said as the arrow starts doing another u turn which it will attempt to attack Neji but as the arrow is getting into position I replied to him "the arrow was made by my mana, meaning my mana as a mind of its own allowing it to serve me without me constently giving out more mana to guide it so it has its own supply" Neji had his eyes widened considering ranged as well as self sustained attacks were next to impossible to cast or conjoin, he growled to himself as he starts charging again and said "that's why you demons are hated! Because of this impossible shit that humans can't do but you fucking demons can!" But my smiled fades as i started to get angry at Neji.
Neji stopped in his tracks again and he starts to spin rapid fast while his palms were out, wind starts traveling around Neji as the wind starts traveling with blue like chakra, but now the wind and blue chakra turns into a spinning down around Neji then Neji shouted out with in the spinning dome "Eight Trigrams! Rotation" the regs at Neji but it the rotating wall and it breaks, then dematerialized into this air.
The spinning down starts to slow down as Neji starts to become visible as well as the wind and blue chakra after several moments he stops spinning while he still has his palms extended and he smirked "weak" he turned towards me but to his surprise is that I wasn't there, Neji was confused on why I ran from the fight until he heard a voice "Explosive Shot" Neji looked up to see me on the tallest tree with a glowing yellow arrow drawn back on his bow, I let go of the string and the yellow glowing arrow gets launched into the air, the glowing arrow is flying through the air but it's course immediately changed as it now is charging Neji, Neji narrowed his eyes greatly as he doesn't know what kind of arrow I just launched but the arrow hits the ground infront of Neji fast, but the arrow starts glowing more as it blinded Neji and then a massive explosion occurred infront of Neji which ingulfed him in a bright fire, Neji screamed in agony as the fire consumed his entire body.
After several moments of the explosion, it dies down but it's been replaced by massive smoke surrounding the area, this smoke was so dense that barely anything could be seen but after a few more moments, the smoke starts to die down as well and in the middle of the crater formed by the glowing arrow was a highly burned up Neji, who is still infact alive, I materialized out of no where infront of Neji, my smile still not there as my eyes didn't feel anger and then I said "your the weak one jackass..." I turned my head to the right at Sasukes fight and I muttered "I wonder how sasuke is faring"

Scene Change-
Sasukes POV-
I'm jumping through the trees trying to gain my own portion of the forest but stealth is starting to get impossible because I'm facing a member of the inuzuka clan, they are master trackers which means I won't be able to hide long but I need time so I can produce enough chakra to start forming my ultimate jutsu but Akira will most likely give Kiba a portion of his mana to heal him I'm settled on using my Blaze Release.
Jumping through the trees I jumped onto the tops of the trees hoping it would get me more speed but as I did that I heard something in the wind "fang over fang!" My eyes widened slightly when I turned my head to the back seeing two Missile like vortexes coming at me at high speeds but I was faster. My body starts crackling in blue lightning then I dipped towards the ground faster then light making me crash through the ground causing a dust cloud but a moment later I crash through the cloud skidding on my feet while Kiba and Akamaru lands several feet in front of me "you gotten faster Kiba but I'm afraid your not ready to face me." I spoke mysteriously while my eyes shifted and changed to the Mangekyo Sharingan but the words confused Kiba who shouted at me "who the hell do you think you are huh?!? Just because you come from a powerful clan doesn't mean you can look down at the rest of us!!!!" "I never said anything about my clan, but you bring up a good point it's because I'm stronger then you" I replied with venom coated words but this chat is a perfect opportunity to start gathering chakra for my blaze release, I closed my left eyes feeling pain coming from it but I knew it was working "you gotten more arrogant ever since you left sasuke, why did you turn your back on your species?" Kiba asked with genuine sadness and curiosity but I replied that made his heart leap in anger "because humans aren't as fun and strong anymore, I seek to gain power that goes beyond human so I seek demons to test against to make me more powerful" Kiba gritted his teeth before getting on the ground like an angry dog "then it's about time I put you down like the demon you are. FANG OVER FANG!!!" He shouted then jumps into the air with akamaru both spinning fast into a wind like vortex charging me but the moment I reopened my left eye, a fire conjoined around Kiba burning him through the vortex causing him to scream loudly in pain sending him to the ground his jutsu turned off, black flames is eating at kibas flesh burning him to cinders but after a few moment the fires disappeared showing a heavily burned Kiba but my eyes which remained the Magekyo stares at him "you should've left when you got the chance Kiba" I looked up to the blue sky but I saw a massive dust cloud arise from mokas side of the battle field "God I hope she's ok"

-scene change-
-Narukos pov-
In the other side of the forest where many dust clouds starts arising from, Tenten stood in the middle of the battle ground with a school opened which she starts producing endless amounts of explosive Kunais causing more and more explosions breaking the grounds, trees and strangely the smoke clouds but if she just think for more then a damn moment she should've known that I was sitting behind her the entire time. Tenten started to scream as she brought out another wave of explosive Kunais which brings more explosions which breaks even more stuff, I sighed to myself seeing that the scene infront of me has lost its amusement "enough Tenten" I started to speak which caught her attention as she looks behind her with A shocked face "your never gonna hit me buddy, I'm just too fast for you" Tenten growled at me when a small handle scythe appeared in her hand then trapping to slash at me while shouting "you don't know anything!! Your a inhuman monster!" She attempted to slash through me but she cuts through my after image, the real man was on top of the tall tree overlooking my grounds "true, I may be a monster, demon but I have a heart with emotions but you never took that into count did you? Ahhhhh but your just blind sided by the flag cheated bitch" exclaiming to Tenten as I checked my nails for dirt then continuing "did you even have a choice to come here? Why not just leave us in peace" "never! Because you monsters may turn your damn claws and fangs against human kind" Tenten shouted back before she unleashed another wave of explosive Kunais at me which I easily dodged them with the lowest fast speed I have which even that surpasses any human achieved speed including chakra enhanced speed, I appeared onfront of Tenten when she was done though her shocked face told me more then she let on "your mistaking us for dogs Tenten, but look at yourselves, if you want my opinion tenny, humans are the monsters while the rest of the monsters just wants to live normal lives" tenten was so shocked that she couldn't respond but in the flash Autosecond(the fastest a human could record) my knee planted into Tentens gut, knocking her out instantly before she had emptied her lunch onto my thigh....gross, after a few moments Tenten fell to the ground while I was on my knee wiping up my shorts of the barf "God dammit Tenten..." I muttered to myself in anger then looking up "this is almost over"

-scene change-
In the other part of the massive battle field between the humans and demons, these battles are coming close to an end but two sets of people has yet to resolve there own battles which are Mizore and Moka but anyway towards Mizore battlegrounds.
-Mizore PoV-
The grey eyed woman is dancing on the battle field while she used her finger tips and palms to hilariously try to hit my pressure points but I'm standing there taking all her chakra enhanced hits like they were mere children attacks which to me, all humans are like children to me, anyway she pressed her fingertips into the side of my neck where a pressure point is located then struck another point which is located underneath my chest cavity "are you stupid?" I asked curiously which surprise surprise, got the bitch mad which she attempted a rage induced punch towards my temple so I ducked under her and slashed across her stomach with my ice claws causing a massive gash in her stomach "do you notice that you entered a losing battle because of your idiotic childhood grudge?" I continued my supposed lecture but she didn't listen because she roared out in anger and pain and attempted to do a gentle fist uppercut but I dodged that shit like its nothing.
After a few minutes of Hinata wheezing hard in exhaustion due to her nearing her limit of battle "why do you keep going?" I asked again hoping she give me something to work with and to my hopes the answer was greater then I had imagined "because you demon bastards took my Akira..." "Akira? Was he your boyfriend?" I asked hoping for more fuel but she remained silent though kept glaring at me...*sigh* this will have to make due for psychological attack "hey what's your name?" I asked for her name in which she responded honestly "Hinata..." "Well Hinata, you don't have to worry about Akira because he never loved in the first place" I executed my psyche attack in which she hitched her breath, eyes widening at my words "infact the moment he got here, he was flirting with me and before we met you humans he kissed me on the lips for good luck" my words are cutting into hinatas mind like fiberglass, she was more then pissed off so pissed that she got off the ground, pulling out a Kunai then attempted to stab me while charging at me but my body was covered in stage two hardened which makes it as hard as black steel, the Kunai clinks with my ice armor which made hinatas eyes widened then I smirked continuing "did you know that Akiras lips tasted like beef ramen? He was absolutely delicious" she screamed loudly while attempting to pierce through my ice armor which she made me chuckle then I kneed her hard in the gut, knocking her out instantly but her resting face was covered in tears "you should've never let him go, now he's mine"

-Scene Change-
-Moka's PoV-
In the last moments of the battlefield in the last part of the field, I stood my ground tough though it wasn't needed as another fist of my enemy pierces through the air which connects to my right breast making it compress and jiggle from the power of the punch but it didn't affect me in the slightest, I looked up with my red Slitted eyes while smirking at my opponent that try's again punching me in my other breast then my stomach and my right cheek though this isn't doing anything to me but I could hear a couple bones break within the girls fist "what's wrong pinky? Tired punching the wall?" She growled at me then punched my cheek again but the bones in her fist break from hitting so hard, I picked up my right leg from the ground then heavy kicked Sakura across the field crashing through the ground causing heavy damage, well before the battle me and Mizore had to use the restroom and she told me to involve a psychological attack on Sakura .
"Sakura do you want to know why sasuke hates you? Not because your apart of a village that hates demons but he hates your weakness, he only goes after woman that are powerful and could satisfy him in more ways then one" I began to torture Sakura who started to get out of her hole while looking at me baffled, scared and shocked though I continued my attack on her "did you know that he just fucked me before we got here? The shape of his dick and how it molded my insides, he was an animal, taking me for a ride and rock my fucking world" Sakura snapped Instantly at my words as she gets out of her hole while charging at me with her fist pulled back ready to punch me again but I just walked backwards dodging her fists then continued my psyche attack "the way he grabbed my hair while he slammed his dick inside my pussy-" she interrupted me by punching me in the mouth...gotta say, it stung abit anyway the punch caused my head to roll backwards a bit but while he happened Sakura had a cocky grin on her face though that grin didn't last long because my head returned to its original position with a small on then finished my sentence "he came inside me." She gritted her teeth then attempted another punch at me that included more of her strength but it still didn't faze me because after that punch connected with my cheek I kicked her again with 20% of my strength causing her to be blown away by the strength and crashed through the ground knocking her out near instantly but as she slowly got back up, her eyes was filled with crippling rage however before she could move again I had appeared infront of her with my leg raised high then brought it down ontop of her head. Knocking her out instantly "think about what I said bitch..."
(Sorry if these fights are short, but I'll make it up to you guys by having the end chapter for these fights be longer then I usually do and did you guys enjoy some of the dirtiness of the chapter ;) later)