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Demons of Revenge

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It's currently a Monday morning in Konoha, the trees are green, the crops are growing but nobody would know that a cloaked figure is about to set the series of events that will cause millions of deaths across the world, as the cloaked figure entered the village, he turned to the guards in the guard house and he said in a distorted voice "do you have a laptop, I could barrow?" One of the guards looked at his partner then at the cloaked figure and he said "uh, sure, but for what purpose?" The cloaked figure replied back to him "I'd like to get on the leaf chat, to see if a friend of mine is on, otherwise, I'd have to hunt him down personally" the guard nodded handing the cloaked figure the laptop and said "alright, good luck" "I don't need luck" the cloak figure walks to a cherry blossom tree that's ten meters away from the guard house, the man hits his back to the trunk of the tree sliding down to a criss cross on the ground, he opens the laptop and placing it on his lap, entering the leaf chatroom

-entering the leaf chatroom-
TheTrueDemon has logged on
TheTrueDemon:*has set settings to invisible*
RamenKing has logged on
CursedUchiha has logged on
Cherryblossom has logged on
CursedUchiha: son of a bitch....
RamenKing: HAHAHA you got some serious bad luck Sasuke!
CursedUchiha: go fuck yourself dope
RamenKing: go cut yourself emo bitch
CursedUchiha: jokes on you, I already did ha!
RamenKing: why should I apologize for something I wanted to say
CursedUchiha: Holy shit dude......, isn't that a bit past the line? Just a little?
RamenKing: not really teme
CursedUchiha: Dope
Ramenking: Teme
CursedUchiha: Dope
RamenKing: Teme
Cherryblossom: not's like me and ino but worse...
BlondeFlower has logged on
CagedDestiny has logged on
KibatheMasta has logged on
ShyPrincess has logged on
Staring at the Clouds has logged on
RamenKing: YAY more people!
KibatheMasta: hey Naruto, did we miss anything
CagedDestiny: yes I'm also curious
CursedUchiha: yeah you did, he just threw one of the greatest insults I ever heard at Sakura, she seriously couldn't comeback from the literal shock, it was funny
Staring at the Clouds: you serious? Naruto what the fuck? You Aren't ever aggressive, what happen?
RamenKing: maybe because I lost my cool
BlondeFlower: it's alright Naruto, we all have our breaking points....some quicker then others...
Cherryblossom: hey!
CagedDestiny: not to ruin this fun parade but it's getting boring so whatcha guys wanna do?
Shyprincess: I-I-I think w-we sh-should play t-truth or d-d-dare....
KibatheMasta: great idea Hinata, but let's not, it'd be too difficult but there's one thing I want to know
Shyprincess: w-what's t-that...
KibatheMasta: Sakura I have a question for you
Cherryblossom: whatcha need Kiba?
KibatheMasta: why do you hate Naruto so much?
BlondeFlower: geeze Sakura
CagedDestiny: yeah, it would've been wise to keep that to yourself
CursedUchiha: even if he did die, I will never in a hundred years that I would date you
*TheTrueDemon has sent a privet message to the RamenKing*
-TheTrueDemon: are you going to take that?-
-RamenKing: who are you?-
-TheTrueDemon: names Michael but call me Master and you didn't answer my question, are you going to take her insults or are you gonna do something about it?-
-RamenKing: what am I supposed to do?-
-TheTrueDemon: where I come from, if someone insulted me has just officially resigned there right to live-
-RamenKing: I can't kill her.....can I?-
-TheTrueDemon: there's no restrictions on power, if you have unlimited power you can do anything your heart desires...what do you desire Naruto?-
-RamenKing:......I want Sakura Haruno Dead!!-
-TheTrueDemon:then use your power, use the tailed beast that's inside you to make your wish come true-
-RamenKing: Yes! Mark....-
*RamenKing deleted the privet message*
KibatheMasta: I swear that my foot is getting greener, is that medical issue?
CagedDestiny: yeah is, get it checked out
CursedUchiha: that was ten minutes of my life that I'm never getting back, thank you for taking ten minutes off my life Kiba...
RamenKing: hey guys....I'm gonna head out for a bit...ill be back
RamenKing has logged off
Cherryblossom: I wonder what that idiots doing...
BlondeFlower: maybe! He's getting away from you! He's like this because of you
Cherryblossom: how is this my fault-....uh guys...Naruto just broke into my hou- AHHHHH!!!!!!
Cherryblossom has been disconnected
CagedDestiny: what just happen?!
KibatheMasta: no clue man! All I saw was Naruto breaking into her house
CursedUchiha: I hope she's dead
BlondeFlower: SASUKE!? WHAT THE FU-......yeah I hope she's dead too
TheNewNaruto has logged in
CursedUchiha: Naruto? What's with the new username
TheNewNaruto: I have changed Sasuke, I was doing my masters bidding
CagedDestiny: who's that Naruto?
TheTrueDemon: that will be me
All Except Naruto: who are you?
TheTrueDemon: I am Michael, also known as TBOD
KibatheMasta: what does TBOD mean?
TheTrueDemon: The Bringer Of Death
KibatheMasta: oh ok- WAIT YOU KILL PEOPLE!?!?
TheTrueDemon: yep
The5Hokage has logged in
TheNewNaruto: that'd be me you old hag
The5Hokage: WHY!?!?
TheTrueDemon: because I told him to do it
The5Hokage:M-Michael? Is that you?

The5Hokage: Michael what are you doing here?
TheTrueDemon: I was picking up my new student
The5Hokage: oh that's good, who's your new student?
TheNewNaruto: that will be me
TheNewNaruto: do you really think you have power over me tsunade?
The5Hokage: my office NOW!!!
TheNewNaruto: bite me
TheTrueDemon: Naruto go to her office, I'll meet you there and will come up with an alternative for your execution
TheNewNaruto: alright alright, I'm coming...
TheNewNaruto has logged off
The5Hokage has logged off
TheTrueDemon has logged off
TheCursedUchiha:......what the fuck just happen?
Staring at the Clouds: what happened guys I was asleep for most of that but I woke up when Naruto was getting yelled at
KibatheMasta: Naruto killed Sakura
CagedDestiny: I could not Believe my eyes ether but I saw Sakuras house and I believe them, I wonder what punishment naruto will get
TheCursedUchiha: the only two harshest punishments she can give him is life in prison or banishment
-scene change, to tsunades office--pov none-
Three people is currently in the office of the Hokage, tsunade the 5 Hokage, Naruto and the cloaked figure called Michael, tsunade yelled out "YOU BETTER GIVE ME A GOOD REASON WHY YOU KILLED SAKURA!!!!" Naruto replied back to her not in his usual tone "because she insulted me, so I killed her" "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?!?!" Michael intervened in the conversation "because I told him to do it tsunade" tsunade glares at Michael who glared at tsunade back "you do know Michael that I have to put Naruto to death because he killed a fellow villager" Michael thinks for several moments then he said "actually if I may propose an alternative, how about you banish Naruto so he'll come with me for training" tsunade thinks for several moments and she nodded at Michael "ok, that may be the best we can come up with, alright I agree with your terms Michael" michael nodded at tsunade and he said to Naruto "go on the leaf chat Naruto and tell your friends that you are leaving" Naruto nodded at his new master and he pulls out his laptop going on the leaf chat, Michael then looked at tsunade again "I'll also need the clone DNA along with the files I wanted" tsunade sighs as she nodded at Michael "alright it's going to take a while, so you'll have to wait" "I have time" Michael replied back to her and he then said to his student "you in the chat yet Naruto?" Naruto replied back to the cloaked figure "I'm entering my password now"
-going to the leaf chat-
TheNewNaruto has logged on the chat,
*whos online-CursedUchiha, Staring at the clouds, KibatheMasta, Shyprincess, BlondeFlower, and CagedDestiny*
CursedUchiha: Hey Naruto, welcome back
TheNewNaruto changes username to leaving Konoha
Leaving Konoha: hey guys I'm leaving
BlondeFlower: I'd assume that would happen,
CagedDestiny: my money was on the execution
Leaving Konoha: fuck you too Neji anyways guys iv been banished so I'm leaving when my master tells me it's time to go, so until then make some time to hang with me or not, I don't fucking care
CagedDestiny: we're going to miss you little buddy, hope you return soon
Leaving Konoha: :)
CursedUchiha: when you come back, expect a challenge
Leaving Konoha: yeah with me as the winner hehe
CursedUchiha: :)
Leaving Konoha: I'm heading out guys, I hope I see you never
Leaving Konoha has logged off
-off the chat-
Naruto closed his laptop and he looks at Michael "it's done" Michael nodded as he placed a couple files and a tin can looking thing into his cloak and he said "let's go" Naruto nods, they both get up from the seats and they leave without saying another word to tsunade

-No one pov-
It's been exactly three years after narutos banishment and ever since then was the leafs most boring and sad years because of not having Naruto around, but during narutos banishment a group from the country of demons has set out a deceleration of taking over the world so yeah, the army from the empire(countries name) was called the ODST, also known as the Orbital Drop Shock Troop, in local legends from the empire, the ODST is so elusive and can't be stopped when they are in the air, they can take over countries in the least amount of time which is just the standard two weeks for them, so there conquest has just began and in a year they will have taken over the world but anyway, in the hidden leaf, they have been supplying the enemy of the empire with weapons and secret routes through there lands which they hope to strike a bigger blow then the very minor stopping the one or two of there scouting soldiers.
Inside the Hokage building, five people are walking inside the building talking about the news of the empire, the people are shikamaru, Neji, Kiba, Tenten and Hinata, they were also talking about how sad Naruto left and of the could do anything to stop it, but anyway after a few moments of walking the arrived at the hokages door and saw sasuke laying next to the door on his iPhone, sasuke looked to the side and said "about time you fucks got here..." Neji huffed at him and replied as he and his group walked up to him "fuck you Uchiha, anyway did you hear the news?" "News?" Sasuke said with curiosity building up fast then Shika indulged sasuke a bit "yeah news, there's been chatter among the ranks that the empire is sending a ambassador here to discuss a treaty for them to not destroy us" Kiba scoffed slightly as he responded "well I don't know why they want to make a treaty, because they could just destroy us at any moment" Hinata nodded shyly as she added in the conversation "w-why would th-they do th-that? W-we ar-aren't sp-special..." Tenten responded while she placed her right index finger and thumb onto her chin as she starts to think about the whole situation "maybe we have something they an item they need or some land" "I doubt we have an item they want and I'm sure as hell if they wanted land they would take it even if they asked" sasuke said suddenly but Shika looked at sasuke with narrowed eyes then said "your completely sure about that sasuke?" Sasuke nodded as he was typing a text in his phone that he is sending to Ino then he replied "dude, the empire has been fighting against human kind without any losing battles, we are on the short side man, we lost before we started" everyone signed in defeat as they didn't know what to do except to wait for this so called demon ambassador from the empire
They waited for 30 minutes to be let into tsunades office and after another five mins a booming voice was heard on the other side of her door "get in here now!!!" The booming voice started the group slightly as sasuke looked at Shika and Neji all three of them were sweating nervously trying to figure out tsunades rage, so all six of them turned towards the door of the Hokage and they walked to it, they then walked through the now open door, Curtsy of sasuke, they walked into the furnished Hokage office, the office is ten feet away from the door, the desk was facing the door with tsunade behind if and shizune behind her, also in the office was two couches facing each other and with a coffee table In between them and a bowl of jolly ranchers on them
Tsunade was resting her head on her hands and resting her elbows on the table so she could rest her head in her hands, she had a very serious look, her eyes narrowed into a glare as she didn't smile, nor joke about anything, just...silence in rage, she then said to the group of six "I assume you guys have heard the ambassador from the empire is coming here..." They all nodded but they don't speak up because they fear of what tsunade might do, then she continued "what do you think they want from us..." "To kill us" Sasuke had added his opinion into the convo, tsunade sighed as she nodded her head slowly, she responded with despair in her voice "I'm afraid that was the case, or they could want something, I do not know..." They all started looking Grimm but a knock appeared on the door, tsunade smiled lightly as she said "ah that must be the demon ambassador, come in!" The doorknob starts to turn then the door starts to open and a man in orange pants, a white t shirt and a brown trench coat comes in that's accompanied by a man in black metal armor and leather clothing,
the man in the trench coat was somewhat familiar, as he had spiky blonde hair and whiskers but the only thing that was different was the orange silted eyes, this man had a toothpick in his mouth and a scowl, like he didn't want to be here, tsunade narrowed her eyes at the man as if he felt so familiar that she somehow seen the man before but after a few minutes of looking at the man's scowling face then the puzzle pieces clicks together and she recognized the man. It was Naruto!
Her mouth dropped to the ground when she saw Naruto and she yelled out "Naruto!?" Narutos scowling face turned into a smile and he responded "tsunade! It's been a while. Was it 3 years since you banished me?" "How are you here!? Your the demon ambassador!?" Tsunade yelled out as she was too shocked to keep her questions, Naruto chuckled slightly at her then responded casually "well, I have checked then got my men to triple check the laws and rules for banishments. And I found a loop hole in the law, the law doesn't allow me to be apprehended when entering the leaf controlled lands if I am on official business which can be confirmed by my superiors" tsunade was baffled by Naruto and his highly intelligent brain while everyone else besides the black armored knight was staring at Naruto highly shocked at him.
Tsunade blinked at him then she gotten serious and she started the meeting "ok then sir.....let's discuss the terms of our treaty" Naruto nodded as his scowling face returned then continued with the discussion "alright then lady Hokage, we know your supplying the rebels with weapons and passages through your lands. We must ask you to stop, and we must ask you to allow us to establish a base of operations within the village." Tsunade glares at Naruto and she slammed her hands into her desk, destroying her desk at a result of her anger then she shouted out "that was NOT apart of the deal! I agreed to a treaty to keep you out of my lands!" Naruto snorted then began to chuckle which confused Tsunade and the rest of her group but after a few minutes of chuckling, Naruto responded darkly "you really think your in control of this little meeting? Think again hag..." Tsunade was seething with rage at Naruto but Naruto slowly looked towards his dark knight and he muttered something to him "send word to commander thorn....tell him to kill everyone in sight until I say otherwise..." The knight nodded at him then placing his right bottom fist to his chest and responded obediently "as you wish lord Uzumaki..." The knight turned his back to Naruto then left the room with a series of clanks made from his armor, Naruto scanned his fox like eyes then they landed on tenten, he smiled at her and said "Tenten, after this meeting I will need to see you in private" Tenten looked around slightly then hesitatedly responded "oh....ok" Naruto nodded at her but in a split second, there's about several dozen sources of guns being shot at as well as over twenty dozens of people screaming for help or just screaming in general, Tsunade looked at the window and said "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!?!?" Naruto chuckled darkly at her then responded "that's probably my men laying waste to your precise villagers" Tsunade glares at Naruto even more and shouted out "TELL THEM TO STOP!!!" "I will....after you agree to my terms or if you don't, you won't have any people to govern" Tsunade was absolutely explosive at Naruto like she's about to socket him good until a voice is heard within Narutos trench coat, Naruto took out the voice within his coat which is his waki taki then he replied to it "repeat that soldier" the voice comes through the taki "i repeat, lord Uzumaki. There's a group of children trying to fight off one of my men, orders!?" "My orders still stands Commander Thorn...kill them all until I say otherwise" "yes sir!!" The waki didn't cut off when Naruto grins evilly at Tsunade who watched him in horror when a series of gunshots is heard through the taki along with the screams of children, Tsunade then yelled out "STOP PLEASE!!" "Agree to my terms, and this nightmare will stop" Naruto said plainly when he kept his taki near his face, Tsunade was on the verge of tears as she muttered "what happened to you..." She swallowed hard then said "fine! I agree to your blasted terms! Just stop killing the innocent villagers!" Naruto smiled in victory then he said through the taki "commander, order all men to stop all hostilities then regroup outside the hokages mansion" "yes sir" thorn responded back then the taki cuts out, Naruto chuckled as he placed the taki into his coat "you know what's funny Tsunade...your arrogance and pride to the people. You think they are innocent? Well your wrong on so many levels" Naruto turned his back to Tsunade, he said again "well that concludes my business for today, so I'll head home" Naruto disappeared in a red like flash, Tsunade fell into her chair, baffled and scared at what happened then she said into the air, "what happened to you..." While in the background Narutos former friends was staring at the stop where Naruto disappeared, sasuke turned towards shikamaru, gloated at him "am I right or am I right?" Shika growled at sasuke and countered "ok you asshole, no need to rub it into our faces" "wh-what hap-happened to him?....he's n-not t-the same na-Naruto..." Hinata said highly scared, Tenten responded back to her "well he's certainly changed and not for the better but i wonder what he wants to talk to me about"
-scene change-
Outside the hokages mansion, over several dozen squads of ODST soldiers were standing around reloading their guns while talking at chatting to each other but at the front of the horde was two people standing out, one of them was wearing phase 2 arc clone trooper armor, both sides red of his armor red, while the second man was the silent black knight that was guarding Naruto inside the mansion, the trooper is looking at his men with pride filling him then saying to the knight "how was that Jacob? Did my team perform beyond expectations?" The knight responded with a modulated voice that sounded like he's a massive heavy smoker "they indeed performed well but their actions is determined my lord Uzumaki, so don't get your hopes up Thorn" Thorn huffed at Jacob then turning back to the mass of his soldiers but he hears a voice behind him that said "if you want my word, I believe they performed exactly as they should" thorn and Jacob turned there heads to the back to see Naruto standing there with a smile, thorn and Jacob stands at attention for their lord while saluting, Naruto chuckled at the two then said "don't, I'm just here to say I'm heading home" Naruto then vanished in a flash of red, not even waiting for their responses

It's been exactly 2 months since the hidden leaf village was annexed into the imperial control but tsunade kept in power as Michael thought keeping her in the office was the perfect way on controlling her and by extension the village. But during the annex the empire had built a training facility for those who think they are willing to build a name for them selves or even gain some favor or tide within the empire but that won't happen considering the leader or emperor, Michael never allows any human to assume any sort of political power or even just commanding a small squad because within the Demonic Empire discrimination runs very high which most of the policies heavily favors demons or half demons but mostly full demons with exceptions of jinchurikis.
Anyway within a demonic country of the empire which is known as Bloodlake, in the very middle of the country stood a highly durable castle made from sandstone, lime stone and anything built from sand because General Garra of Garra of the Desert is the owner of the castle and ruler of Bloodlake, within his castle where the sand man is resting in his conference room where he has bean bag chairs and a low table which Garra is currently sitting one that over looked the whole low table and bean bag chairs where his master, mentor, leader and friend Michael was sitting in a bean bag chair across from Garra "it seems are very much enjoying your new castle my friend" Michael commented while keeping his white glowing eyes from under his cloak on Garra while a sickly evil smile crept on the emperors darken face "aye!" Garra shouted happily "I love it! It's everything that I could imagine but it's the maids I enjoy the most and being in an isolated section anyone of them is ripe for the 'plucking' heheh" Garra said while having a dark smile but he does enjoy the maids as they were used more then cleaning and cooking. Michael chuckled to himself before commenting "I only wish Naruto could make better use of his position was Master Lord of the Empire, he could have anything he could ever want and he could just say who he is and that was all, he couldn't be questioned nor would he be stopped" Garra nodded his head to Michael completely agreeing with his statement but he knows why Naruto isn't making more use of his position "well, speaking of Naruto I think he has arrived." "Oh you sensed him too? Hm I thought I only could do that" after about ten minutes of waiting Naruto came through the door with a casual smile "sup douchebags, why am I here?" Michael replied while patting a bean bag chair next to him "sit down and I'll get to why I called for this meeting" Naruto nodded and sat down in the chair next to Michael then Michael started the meeting "it seems after the annex of the leaf, our enemies starting to shake at our might but in order to relief traction with the humans. We need you Naruto to Resurrect Sakura Haruno" Naruto was sipping some tea but he spat it out in a spit take "what?!?" He yelled out in surprise and anger while black tea is dripping from both corners of his mouth but Michael wasn't amused but is slightly angry at Narutos expression "this isn't up for discussion Naruto, you need to do so in order for us to move to the next step of my plan" Naruto grumbled to himself while shutting up but he knew Michael was always rig when it comes to plans but after a few moments of silence "ok so Naruto you said you had a informant in the leaf that was giving us info about the leaf and the surrounding area?" "Yes Michael" "get him into the leaf chatroom, you still remember the code?" "Yeah" Naruto got out his lap top from a travel pack he always carries and he gets into the leaf chatroom
-entering leaf chatroom-
Leaving Konoha has logged in
Leaving Konoha has changed Display Name: Imperial Leader
Imperial Leader set status to invisible
Hyuuga_Leader has logged
Hyuuga_Leader: Lord Uzumaki are you here?
Imperial Leader: of course I'm here dongus. Do you have a report for me?
Hyuuga_Leader: yes my lord, I have discovered a base where the traitor sasuke uchiha has gone, as well as an experimental drug had reached tsunade. I don't know what it does but all I know is that it can hurt a low level demon a lot
Imperial Leader: where's the drug being held in?
Hyuuga_Leader: in the forbidden Hokage library, where no one but the Hokage and her advisors could go
Imperial Leader: where's sasuke
Hyuuga_Leader: in a base constructed under the statues in the valley of the end
Imperial Leader: I'll send the usual payment for your services
Imperial Leader has logged out
Hyuuga_Leader has logged out
Shy_Hyuuga has set status to uninvisible
Shy_Hyuuga: Oh my God...
-Leaving Leaf Chat-
Naruto smiled after he had placed his laptop back into his travel bag then informed his two friends "my informant hisashi has told me that a experimental drug had made its way to tsunade and it could help humans fight back, if it's strengthen to fight a high level demon and mass produced then we could lose the war" Michael smashed his fist into the low table breaking it "I will not allow that to happen! I'd rather kill them all!" Naruto nodded at him before continuing "and I know where sasuke is so our plan to mass produce the sharingan could still be pushed through" Michael nodded at him before thinking "I'll get the drug, Naruto go take Sasukes eyes" "yes sir" Naruto said before disappearing into a red like flash and Michael disappeared into darkness.
-scene change to Michael-
In the night of darkness where a rebel armored car is rushing through the countless numbers of trees trying to reach the leaf before the demons could figure out when they came but a rebel advisor Kakuna, Former Jonin of the sand has been trying these rebels to fight like a ninja but as the car is rushing they see a cloaked figure standing in the middle of the road, it's white emotionless eyes stared the humans down but Kakuna knew it was a demon which caused him to turn a sharp right going through the woods trying to lose the demon but as it is going through the endless trees they see the same demon infront of the car but they couldn't turn without risking the drug being damaged so they went into a ramming course to the demon but he stops the car completely by a small step to the bumper, causing the car to flip out of control over the demon the crashed into a tree, killing nearly everyone on board. After a few moments the doors to the back crashed open and a heavily injured Kakuna walks out bleeding hard while holding a undamaged case containing the drug but Kakuna couldn't move anymore as a hand went through the man's throat killing him near instantly with his head falling off the body but the demon caught the box grinning evilly "this drug is worth investigating..."