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Jimin meets Yoongi for the first time when he's four years old, in the vampire dentist's waiting room.


As a vampire, Jimin's teeth were already fully grown when he was one year old, his fangs still a little spindly but very sharp nevertheless, and he often pricked his own lower lip when he was careless. But other than that, Jimin thinks his teeth are all perfect – white, pointy and shiny and very cool.


He doesn't really understand, therefore, why his dad is taking him to the dentist for a checkup.


His small fingers grip his father's pants tightly when they enter the waiting room that smells just as sterile and weird as the corridor they crossed after they entered the dental office. Jimin can't help but lift his other hand to his mouth to nibble on his fingers, fangs currently safely pulled in so that he can't hurt himself.


Jimin's eyes immediately fall on the other boy who is sitting on the ground of the white room with a black tiled stone floor, playing with toy cars and plastic dinosaurs. He's wearing a thin red jumper and a black T-shirt on top of it, dark hair messily covering sharp cat-like eyes that snap up when he hears the door to the room open.


Their gazes meet and the first thing Jimin thinks is: why is there a human boy playing in the vampire dentist's waiting room?


It doesn't make any sense to him, but he doesn't complain, not at all. All he knows is that he wants to play with the dinosaur figures, too.


He waddles to where the boy is sitting on the ground and points at a four-legged green dinosaur with spikes at the end of its tail and large, upright plates on its back.


"Can I have this?" Jimin asks politely, already plopping down on the ground, not taking his eyes off the human boy who also looks at him in mild wonder. He smells pleasant, Jimin thinks, not like other human children he sometimes meets in the park or at a playground.


The boy doesn't reply to his question, however, only nods and shyly averts his gaze to the toy cars by his feet. Happily, Jimin grabs the dinosaur and starts playing with it, pretends it's stomping over the floor, crushing the cars the boy is playing with.


"Roar! He's going to eats you!" Jimin exclaims when he reaches the boy's knee with the dinosaur and grins up at him. The other just frowns.


"It's a herbivore," the boy mumbles, voice low and reserved, "it doesn't eat meat." The boy picks up another dinosaur and shows it to Jimin. "This is a T. rex. He's gonna eat your dinosaur up."


"Nooo!" Jimin protests and proceeds to make his dinosaur eat the boy's knee anyway, "it's a vampire dinosaur!"


This causes the other to giggle and Jimin smiles brighter.


"What's your name?" he asks, scooting a little closer.


"Yoongi," the boy says and Jimin thinks that's a very nice and pretty name.


"I'm Jimin! Why are you here? You're not a vampire."


"Hmm. My dad is the dentist. I'm just waiting here until my mum picks me up," Yoongi says and Jimin's eyes grow bigger.


"Oh. So you don'ts have to check your teeth?" Yoongi shakes his head, "my teeth are fine too! But dad said it's important."


"The fangs. They must grow straight, right?" Yoongi asks, throwing a curious glance to Jimin's mouth.


"My fangs are perfect!" Jimin says with pride swelling in his chest, ready to show Yoongi his beautiful sharp, white fangs. Just then, however, an assistant opens the door and calls Jimin's name since it's his turn for the checkup. Jimin frowns but quickly gets on his knees before he gets on his feet again, scurrying back to his father to take his hand. He looks over his shoulder and waves. "Bye, Yoongi," he says, not taking his eyes off of the boy until he's out of the door.


Yoongi just waves back with the T. rex still in his hand.

When Jimin enters the white room with the scary chair and even more terrifying items on the small seemingly floating table next to it, everything in him seizes up. He looks up at his dad but he's just smiling down at Jimin before he picks him up.


"Come on, big boy. You have to sit here now and let the nice doctor have a look at your teethies, okay? And remember, no biting! That would be very rude," his dad sets him down on the grey, cushioned chair and lifts his small legs and feet on top of it so that he's leaning against the backrest.


Jimin's pout is growing with every passing second.


He doesn't like this. He doesn't like this at all.


"But, papa!" his lower lip wobbles and he really wants to go home now. Or go back to the waiting room and play some more with Yoongi. Yoongi was nice, and his dad currently isn't.


At the time the dentist enters the room, Jimin doesn't even care anymore. There are tears burning in his eyes and his fangs are that close to snapping out on their own behind his mighty pout, his entire body tense and shaking.


He watches how the adults shake hands before the dentist directs his attention to Jimin, causing Jimin's features to darken even more. The man is not as tall as his own father, his hair is greying at his temples and there are glasses on his nose that his father would never need because vampires don't get bad eyesight.


The dentist looks friendly enough but Jimin won't be deceived by that. He purses his lips and sniffs.


What follows is an ordeal no one, neither human nor vampire has ever deserved.


Jimin is throwing the tantrum of his life, screaming, crying, deplorable tears streaming down his face, snot running out of his nose; his mouth and fangs uncooperative and dangerous for him as well as the poor dentist who somehow has to check all of Jimin's teeth. Jimin can barely keep himself from thrashing on the chair and only stops wriggling when his dad helps to hold him down at the shoulders.


The dentist, however, seems to be neither fazed much nor at all scared of the little vampire boy. He calmly talks to him, does his work and when he's done, he even smiles at Jimin whose face is red and puffy and stained with tears.


"That was it, young man. It wasn't that horrible now, was it?" he says, offering Jimin a kind smile.


"I'm really sorry, Dr Min. I should have known he's gonna throw a tantrum," Jimin's dad sighs and Jimin's lip starts wobbling again as he glares at his father.


"Don't worry, Mr Park, you wouldn't believe how many times a week this happens," the dentist says with a small laugh, scribbling something on a paper that is stuck to a clipboard. "Anyway, there is nothing wrong with little Jimin's teeth. His fangs are straight, sharp and have a good length. They extend and retract just fine. There are no cavities, no infections of the gums or anything. Do his fangs often catch in his lower lip?"


"They did for quite some time, but it's gotten better during the past few months."


"Ah, that's pretty normal. He will soon grow into them and learn how to control them better. Well then, since Jimin's teeth are all healthy, you can make an appointment for next year's checkup at the reception after your own checkup, Mr Park."


"Yes, thank you, Dr Min. Now," his dad lifts Jimin back down from the chair and sets him on the ground before giving his head a loving pat, "will you go back to the room where you played with the nice boy and wait there for me, Jimin-ah? I promise, it won't take long." At that, finally, Jimin's face brightens.


"I can go play with Yoongi?" his dad nods, "Alrights!" He already wants to hurry off when his father holds him back and asks where his manners are. Jimin blushes and peeks up at the dentist. "Goodbye, Dr Min," he mumbles and then finally goes back to the waiting room.


When he enters, Yoongi doesn't immediately look up at him again. He's now lying on his stomach with elbows propped up, drawing something on a blank paper with colourful crayons, the dinosaurs and cars scattered abandoned next to him.


"What are you doing?" Jimin asks as he comes to sit next to Yoongi again. Yoongi looks at him with surprised eyes.


"You're still alive," he deadpans and Jimin pouts. Of course he's still alive! "I heard you cry. You sounded like my dad's pulling all of your teeth out." Jimin gasps, clutching at his mouth with his small hands, suddenly afraid for his teeth again. All the doctor did, was to take a look into his mouth with a small mirror and some other instrument, but Jimin would never admit that.


"I didn't like it," he mumbles. Slowly, Jimin lowers his arms again and looks at Yoongi's drawing. It looks like the green dinosaur from earlier. "Are you drawing the vampire dinosaur?" Jimin squeals, admiring the dinosaur's fangs. At that, he can feel Yoongi's heartbeat spike briefly before it calms down again, leaving a faint blush on his cheeks.


"Yes. You can have it, if you want it," Yoongi says, filling out the dinosaur's body with more green.


"Yes, Jimin want it!" Jimin says happily, getting on his stomach next to Yoongi, propping up his head on his hands, feet swinging back and forth.


When their dads find them like this a while later and tell them it's s time for Jimin to go home, Jimin is on the brink of throwing another tantrum – this time because he doesn't want to say goodbye to Yoongi. Their dads just look at each other, exchange numbers, and decide that Jimin will soon visit Yoongi at his house for a real playdate.

Yoongi's garden is very large, with a big sandbox, a set of swings, a small garden house and lots of tall grass and flowers and butterflies fluttering all around them.


Jimin likes it here, likes it a lot more than the shared playground behind his apartment complex where mostly human children are usually playing. Most of them don't like Jimin. Maybe they would like to play with him if their mothers didn't always tell them not to get to close to him because he's dangerous. But Jimin will probably never find out, for whenever he goes down to the playground, everyone else suddenly has to leave.


Jimin likes to play in the sandbox or to go down the slides, it's just not all that much fun alone.


With Yoongi, everything is better.


Yoongi has played with him all afternoon already and his mother doesn't tell him to stay away from Jimin. On the contrary, she seems to have taken a liking to him and received him with fondness and a kind smile. She baked chocolate chip muffins for Yoongi and blood cakes for Jimin that they have munched at four o'clock and even brought him a blood baggy that he is now slurping on while swaying back and forth on the swings.


"Why don't you just suck my blood?" Yoongi asks curiously, studying the blood bag in Jimin's hands, the orange straw of his own cherry Capri Sun still in his mouth. Jimin blinks at him.


"My parents say, drinking from humans is bad. It hurts them and they'll get sick! I don'ts want Yoongi to get sick," Jimin gnaws on his lower lip, worry about making Yoongi sick filling his chest. Biting him would be absolutely out of the question.


"But there are many vampires biting humans, and they're all fine. Do you really only drink from bags?" Jimin nods. "Hm, that's weird."


"Why?" Jimin asks. He doesn't know anything else. His parents have never taught him how to bite a human, and he never felt the urge to bite one either. After all, his parents don't drink from humans either.


"My dad says, that's what a vampire's fangs are for. What else are they s'pposed to do with them?" Yoongi says and this makes Jimin pause. What Yoongi says is true. Since he already has his cool fangs, why should he not use them? But then again, he's mighty scared of biting a human, and so he'd rather stick to his baggies.


He sticks his lower lip out before taking his straw back between his mouth, sucking on the delicious red liquid in the pouch. He only gets pulled out from his thoughts when he hears Yoongi's voice again.


"Hey, can I touch them?" Yoongi asks, curiosity and eagerness lacing his voice. Jimin blinks.


"My fangs?" Yoongi nods eagerly. Jimin thinks very hard for a moment, but then he shrugs. "Oki."


He opens his mouth as wide as he can and extends his fangs, strong and razor sharp needles that could pierce through flesh easily despite him being so young. But Yoongi is not scared at all. Without hesitation, he reaches out his hand and pokes the side of Jimin's fang with the tip of his index finger.


"So cool," Yoongi says with amazement in his voice, his expression awestruck and fascinated. He rubs over Jimin's tooth carefully and Jimin tries to keep still on his swing seat, his feet barely touching the ground.


He can hear Yoongi's heartbeat, calm and steady, and there's something about it that makes Jimin feel so at ease, so happy and content that he can't even describe it.


If he had a heart of his own, he's sure of that, it would beat perfectly in sync with Yoongi's.

At age five, the world is ending for Jimin because it seems to be ending for Yoongi.


Since his kindergarten is close to where Yoongi lives, he often has lunch with him before Yoongi has to go back to school and Jimin gets picked up by either his dad or his mum. It's no different on this Monday after Jimin leaves the kindergarten building and walks the short distance to Yoongi's house. Yoongi might be two years older than him, but Jimin is already a big boy too who can even find the way on his own.


After passing the gate and the driveway, he rings the doorbell and waits, knowing that Yoongi's mum will soon open the door. When she does, Jimin smiles up at her.


"Hello, Jangmi!" he beams, gripping the straps of his small backpack more firmly, standing on his tiptoes. "Can I come in?"


"Hey, Jiminnie," Yoongi's mother says warmly before she untousles his windswept hair and lets him take off his shoes, "you can come in but you have to be very quiet, okay?" Jimin tilts his head to the side and looks at her questioningly. "Yoongi is sick today and he's napping in his bed, so we should not disturb him."


At the words 'sick' and 'Yoongi' in the same sentence, all the alarm bells in Jimin's head go off and all colour drains from his face. Without thinking or saying anything further, he passes by Jangmi and enters Yoongi's room at vampire speed, the entire distance only taking him the fraction of a second to pass.


When he stands in front of Yoongi's bed, he finds a little heap of miserableness wrapped up in blankets lying on the mattress, only Yoongi's dark mop of hair peeking out from underneath the covers. The air smells sickly around him and Jimin has to keep himself from coughing at the nasty scent.


Yoongi's blood is practically boiling, but not in a very pleasant way.


Jimin lets out a gasp and lets his backpack drop to the floor before he throws himself at the lump on the bed.


"Yoonie," he whimpers, burying his nose in Yoongi's hair. It smells like sweat and a little greasy but Jimin doesn't care. His best friend is sick and humans are so very fragile.


What if he's going to die?


Jimin doesn't understand how Yoongi was still fine the previous day when they were playing in the snow and why he's in this state now. "Are you okay? What's wrong? Why are you so hot?"


The blanket burrito starts moving and grumbling then, a bleary, pale face coming into view. Yoongi's eyes are red and small, his nose runny and as soon as he appears he starts coughing, sounding absolutely awful.


"I got the flu, Minnie," he croaks, voice very hoarse, "don't come too near, I don't want to get you sick."


"I can't get human sick, dummy," Jimin protests, and properly climbs onto the bed to lie down next to Yoongi. He wraps his arms around him and hugs him close. "Please don't die, Yoonie."


"I won't die because of the flu, you twerp."


Yoongi's mum enters the room then and Jimin twists his neck to look at her. "Jimin, sweetheart, didn't I tell you to let Yoongi rest?" she sounds a little exasperated but only sighs and picks up Jimin's discarded backpack from the ground. "Yoongi dear, do you already feel a little better?" she comes to check Yoongi's temperature by putting her hand to his forehead and Jimin observes the entire ordeal intently. Not that he needed to check the temperature in that fashion – since he can smell it – but he wants to learn the human way anyway.


"Is Yoongi going to die?" Jimin asks Yoongi's mother before Yoongi can reply anything to her question. Not that he doesn't trust Yoongi's own answer, but adults sometimes know things that he and Yoongi don't know about, and Yoongi likes to pretend to be tough so often that he could very possibly be doing it now, too. "His heart is so slow and quiet, and he stinks."


Appalled, Yoongi smacks Jimin's arm with the remnants of his energy and Jimin giggles, cuddling his best friend again which the other begrudgingly lets him do.


"No, Jimin-ah, Yoongi is not going to die. In fact, it seems to me that he's already feeling a little better."


"That's because I'm giving him hugs and cuddles!" Jimin says, almost proud, and slips underneath Yoongi's blanket to be closer to Yoongi's hot and sick body.


"Of course, sweetheart," Yoongi's mother smiles at him and ruffles his hair. "Since our big boy is already feeling better, I'll allow you to watch some TV after lunch, how's that sound?"


"Awesome!" Jimin exclaims. Yoongi just smiles tiredly, eyes fluttering closed as he leans his head against Jimin's. It's the first time that they're cuddling like this, but Jimin thinks he could really get used to it and do it over and over again, no matter whether Yoongi is sick or not.


Yoongi's mum leaves again then and tells them she'll call them when it's time to eat lunch. Jimin nods and snuggles up against Yoongi's side. He listens to Yoongi's slow and quiet heartbeat, can feel the weak vibrations of it, can hear the blood pumping in his veins and it calms him down, almost makes him a little drowsy himself.


With a jerk, Yoongi suddenly pulls away, sits up and sneezes, a mighty sneeze that shakes his entire body. Snot runs out of Yoongi's nose and it's green and slimy and yucky but he just says a bad word and wipes his nose with an already used tissue.


"Does anything hurt, Yoonie?" Jimin asks, brows furrowed in concern. He lifts his hand to Yoongi's forehead and checks the temperature, just for the sake of it. His skin is very warm and clammy, and his fringe sticks to it a little wet.


"Yes, I feel like I'm gonna die," Yoongi croaks with a groan and there's a funny sinking feeling in Jimin's tummy. With wide eyes, he gets on his knees and leans over his best friend.


"You can have my blood! Vampire blood is the best medicine in the world!" he says, knowing exactly what he saw on TV about humans drinking vampire blood. Even very sick people felt better after drinking it and there's even medicine being made with vampire blood as an ingredient.


Jimin would give Yoongi his blood without a second thought if that meant saving him, even if his parents would be mad.


"I can't just drink your blood, Minmin. That would be dangerous," Yoongi says and Jimin frowns. Why would it be dangerous if it made the flu go away? He doesn't understand. "My parents say if you drink vampire blood you get addicted."


"What is addicted?" Jimin tilts his head and worries at his lips. How does Yoongi always know these big adult words when Jimin doesn't? It's not really fair.


"It means—," Yoongi pauses, no doubt thinking hard about an explanation for Jimin. But then he sighs heavily and closes his eyes. "My head hurts, Jiminnie, I'll tell you another time." Jimin juts out his lower lip and pouts. Just then, Yoongi's mother calls and they both go downstairs to eat their lunch.


After Jimin sucked on his warmed up blood bag and Yoongi had some soup, they both go into the living room to watch TV. Yoongi tucks himself into his blanket and looks really cosy, so Jimin doesn't think long when he snuggles up to him again to cuddle. After all, his cuddles work at least half as good as his blood would if Yoongi drank it.


Jimin watches the cartoon that is running with eager fascination, his attention directed solely at the TV screen until Yoongi's head starts doing silly things. It's lolling against his shoulder before it rolls back and then drops back against Jimin's shoulder where it stays. Yoongi's nose is red and heat is blooming on his rosy, chubby cheeks, his mouth is open and he's snoring quietly, drool running down his chin.


And somehow that's much more interesting to watch than how the superhero on the screen is kicking the bad guys' butts.


Yoongi feels very warm and even though Jimin is still worried that his best friend is going to die, he kinda likes to have Yoongi close like this.

Yoongi's eight birthday is not the first birthday of his that they celebrate together, but it'll be even more special than when they had celebrated Yoongi's seventh birthday the year before, Jimin is sure of that.


He's been waiting for this day for weeks already, has counted down the days until it finally arrived, has chosen the best birthday present with much care and consideration and has even helped Yoongi's mum put the candles on Yoongi's birthday cake, in spite of not even being able to eat it.


What he doesn't like all that much, however, is that there are other kids at Yoongi's party, too.


Jimin doesn't know them, not really at least, and he has no desire at all to be their friend. One of them he already knows from Yoongi's last birthday and from when he sometimes picks Yoongi up from school with his dad when it's Yoongi's turn to spend the afternoon at Jimin's place. But the other two, Jimin has never seen before.


And they look at him like many humans do: as if there was a reason to be scared of him.


Jimin won't lie, a part of him kind of wants to scare them so that they'll go home and stop looking at him like that. So that he will have Yoongi to himself. But they're playing thieves and police and Jimin has already been put in prison because no one told him the rules properly and he got caught in the very beginning while Yoongi as a police officer is still looking for the other two thieves, not paying him any attention.


Jimin huffs and pouts, wraps his arms around his knees and puts his chin on top of them, sulking as if he's never going to smile again.


His smile only returns to him later when Yoongi is about to blow out the candles on his chocolate birthday cake. Jimin is happily clapping and singing along to Happy Birthday, his resolution to not have his perfect special day ruined by these idiots growing stronger.


Not even when they call him a baby because he's the youngest. Not even when they tell him to close his mouth because it's scary when he's alone with them while Yoongi is in the bathroom. Not even when they get all of Yoongi's attention when he shows them his skateboard that he received as a gift from his parents.


Jimin is not a baby, he's six years old and very brave. He's not scary, he doesn't even have his fangs out. And Yoongi likes him the most out of all of them, they'll see.


"Woah, Jiminnie, this is the best gift ever!" Yoongi exclaims when he unwraps Jimin's beautiful present: a small remote-controlled drone. Jimin puffs out his chest.


"Do you like it?" he asks, smile bright and as wide as his cheeks allow. He knew he's going to have the best present ever.


"It's awesome! We have to try it out," Yoongi says, setting the box aside and giving Jimin a tight hug. Happiness courses through Jimin's entire body because he's the only one that Yoongi hugged after opening their present.


Yoongi's mum helps to get the drone ready by charging it and putting batteries in the remote control before they go out into the garden to try it out.


"Hey, let me fly it too!" one of the other boys says after a while of Yoongi trying to get the hang of it, and Jimin glares daggers at him. He'd like to tell the guy that it's Yoongi's present and that he should keep his hands off of it, but Yoongi, kind as he is, lets him have his way.


"Can I have it too?" the next boy asks and Jimin lets his shoulders slump. He glances at Yoongi who is smiling, apparently not at all bothered by the others playing with his toy, the toy Jimin has so carefully chosen for him. For a brief moment, Jimin is afraid that Yoongi doesn't even like it that much. He lowers his gaze at the grassy ground and gnaws on his lips.


Yoongi is already eight and a big boy and maybe he prefers to play with the other big boys from school now, not with Jimin who with his five years probably is a baby in Yoongi's eyes, after all.


When that thought hits him, it's the first time in Jimin's life that he feels something close to pain.


He rubs his chest with his small hand and tries not to pout too much.


"Jiminnie," Jimin suddenly hears Yoongi's voice and snaps his eyes up to look at him, puzzled, "do you want to steer it, too?"


"Me?" Jimin asks, pointing at himself. Yoongi nods, his eyes as gentle as always. It's amazing how easily a single gaze from Yoongi can calm Jimin down when he feels sad or distressed, the human often having a soothing effect on him that nothing else ever does.


Jimin smiles and skips to where Yoongi is holding the remote control to take it from his hands, his insides fluttering when Yoongi, who's half a head taller than him, puts an arm around his shoulders while Jimin is flying the drone happily.

"Bye, see you at school," Yoongi calls after the last boy who gets picked up by his parents later in the afternoon when the party is finally over. Jimin has been waiting for this moment ever since the first of Yoongi's guests had arrived after lunch, his soul singing with glee about freedom and blissful Yoongi-alone-time.


"Are you sick, Jimin?" is the first thing Yoongi asks when the door is closed again.


"No? I'm a vampire, I won't get sick," Jimin says, confused. Yoongi should know that.


"I mean, just. Never mind."


"No, what do you mean, Yoonie?" Jimin waddles after him to the kitchen where Yoongi's mum is already preparing dinner. It smells good but Jimin never had any desire to taste human food. Eating it would just hurt him anyway.


"You looked like you have a stomach ache or like you have to poop all afternoon," Yoongi says matter-of-factly and Jimin glares at him. Sure, he wasn't in the best mood but now that he's got Yoongi all to himself again he's sure he's gonna feel better.


"I'm fine and I don't have to poop!" Jimin crosses his arms over his chest, pursing his lips. Yoongi just giggles and shows him his gums, his chubby cheeks bunched up and eyes almost hidden behind his long, messy fringe. He really looks like a big boy now with his cool hip-hop style T-shirt and jeans that have holes in the knee area.


"Our Jiminnie here doesn't really like sharing you with the other boys, my dear," Jangmi says with a smirk while she's setting the table. Jimin stares at her with an open mouth. How did she know and why did she have to blurt that out in front of Yoongi? Jimin suddenly doesn't like her anymore. He feels heat curling over his cheeks.


"Oh," Yoongi blinks and Jimin feels very embarrassed at having been caught. Yoongi looks at him with an unreadable expression on his face and Jimin desperately tries to check for any of Yoongi's bodily reactions, but Yoongi's heart remains calm and his scent doesn't spike. So he's probably not angry with him. "Don't worry, Minmin, now we can play aaall night together," Yoongi says and comes to give him a hug which Jimin immediately returns.


Jimin lets out a breath and closes his eyes, his body relaxing into Yoongi's embrace. He fights a twitch of his lips or two and nods against Yoongi's shoulder.


"All night, yes. It's going to be awesome."


It's not like they hadn't begged their parents for a sleepover for months already. The problem so far was just that Jimin is a young little vampire who sometimes doesn't really have control over his urges. Therefore, his parents never allowed for him to stay at Yoongi's place overnight, the risk that Jimin might bite Yoongi or hurt him otherwise being too big.


But now he's already five and a half and Jimin's fangs never do anything he doesn't want them to do. His powers are well formed and easy to handle, have never caused Jimin to do anything he could have regretted.


He lets go of Yoongi again who looks at him with glee shining in his eyes.


"Do you already know what we're going to do?"


Jimin thinks for a few moments, lips jutted out as if he was about to give someone a kiss, before he has a light bulb go off over his head.


"Yes! Let's build a castle!"

Building a castle together with Yoongi is magic.


They're allowed to build it in the living room because it's a special day and everything, and the possibilities this brings with it are endless. There's the couch they can include as a castle wall, the table, the heavy oak wood cabinet and all the cushions and blankets they can find.


They receive some plain white and light green sheets from Yoongi's mum and get some help from her and Yoongi's dad, too, when they want to fasten some yarn from one side of the room to the other to hang the sheets across them and build a roof.


When they're done fortifying their palace with all sorts of pillows and stuffed animals as guards, they carry their sleeping stuff to their new home. Jimin places his beloved stuffed dino plushie next to Yoongi's inside the fortress – they're getting special treatment because they're their favourite plushies and best friends, too – before they go on all sorts of adventures together.


They fight terrible beasts together, Jimin as the vampire knight who is protecting Yoongi, the prince, climb over chairs and tables, jump on the couch, run through the corridor and back, squealing and laughing happily.


Only when Yoongi's mum comes back in the living room to tell them that it's time for bed – and she means the actual bed – they whine and plead until she gives in and allows them to sleep in their castle.


Overcome with joy, they both hug each other and quickly go to brush their teeth before crawling into their palace.


Yoongi's mum tucks them in and kisses both their foreheads before turning off the light and going back upstairs.


But of course, going to sleep is the last thought that crosses their minds.


"We're gonna stay up all night," Yoongi flashes Jimin a big grin and Jimin giggles, both hands curled into fists in front of his mouth.


"This is so naughty, Yoongi."


"But it's gonna be fun! We can talk together all night, Jiminnie!"


When the air is deemed clear by them, Yoongi turns on the flashlight he has and puts it underneath the blanket so that it isn't too bright and obvious in the darkness of the house.


"Sir Jimin, will you accompany your prince on more adventures? I heard that there's a treasure to be found in a far away land!"


"Chubs, why are you talking so weirdly?" Jimin giggles but, oh boy, is he ready for another adventure. They sneak out of their castle but at the smallest noise, they run back in again and hide underneath their blankets.


"Maybe we should go on that adventure tomorrow," Yoongi whispers and Jimin nods fervently.


They choose to read some books instead.


Jimin, as a good knight, holds the flashlight up for Yoongi so that the older boy can read to him. Huddled close to each other, they look at the pictures inside the book together and sometimes they stop to look at each other, faces lit up and an astonished 'woah' or 'cool' passing over their lips.


But if there's something Jimin has learned, it's that plans not always work out the way you want them to, and even if he's trying his best, he's soon losing the hardest battle of them all: the battle against the sleepiness that creeps unbidden into his drooping eyelids.


He doesn't even really notice how he's slowly drifting off against Yoongi's side and how Yoongi helps him to lie down more comfortably before the blanket is pulled up properly over his body. He's already slumbering when Yoongi snuggles up to him, gives him a kiss on the cheek and falls asleep not two seconds later.

When Jimin is eleven and Yoongi thirteen, Yoongi changes.


It's not one of those gradual changes you barely notice, it's like a papercut that you didn't see coming, clean and sharp and you don't realise how much it stings until a while later.


And it all happens on a normal, warm spring day when they're out skateboarding in Yoongi's neighbourhood like they did so often before.


"Teach me how to jump," Jimin demands, his vampire senses zeroing in on Yoongi. He can hear his pulse, calm and steady, smell his scent that comes from deep within him, his blood that is saturated with adrenaline. It's the scent Jimin has come to love the most in the world, the one scent that always feels soothing no matter how shitty his day was or how much he'd been bullied at school.


It feels like the only thing right about this world.


"I told you no. You can already skate well enough."


"But Yoonie, why not?" Jimin whines and shows him a petulant pout. That usually does the trick. "You do those jumps too, why can't I?"


Yoongi shakes his head and crosses his arms in front of his chest. "Because you'll fall and hurt yourself, you baby!"


Jimin huffs, scandalised.


"I'm not a baby!" he protests vehemently, copying Yoongi's arms and stomping his foot.


Yoongi's eyes grow big and his heart suddenly skips a beat like it usually does when he realises that he has forgotten to do homework or something else important, but then it beats again, faster and louder, but Jimin ignores it at first. He isn't done defending himself yet.


"Besides, I'm a vampire, I won't hurt myself, I can't, so please! Please, please show me how to do those tricks. They're so cool!"


Yoongi remains silent and, out of fear of having done something wrong, Jimin starts worrying his bottom lip when Yoongi's eyes keep flickering over his face, the other no doubt in contemplation. After a few moments, Yoongi sighs.


"You're right, Jiminnie. You're not a baby anymore," Yoongi murmurs and puts his skateboard that he was holding in his hand back on the ground. Jimin's face immediately lights up again.


Yoongi finally admitted that he's not a baby anymore!


"So? Are you gonna teach me?" he asks, eyes big and pleading, and waits for his best friend to give in – and it works. He knows it does when Yoongi groans and looks away in a random direction with a pout on his lips.


"Fine, I'll show you," he gives in and Jimin is too happy to notice the blush on Yoongi's cheeks.


"Alright, then let's go!" Jimin squeals, carrying his own board to the top of where the empty street starts to slope a little. He's not scared in the least.


Only when Yoongi steps next to him he notices how fast Yoongi's heart is still beating. He furrows his eyebrows in concern.


"Yoongi, are you okay? Your heart is beating like crazy. You don't have to be so scared, y'know, I really can't hurt myself. And the same can't be said for you," Jimin glances down at Yoongi's knees where a garish band-aid is stuck on each of them; an indication of how often Yoongi practices with his skateboard.


"I'm not scared, silly. My heart is totally fine. That—, it's beating normally like this."


"It's not normal. Your heart has never beaten this fast before!"


"That's because—, I'm becoming an adult. Some adults have faster hearts than others. It's nothing, Minmin," Yoongi waves him off, "you wanna skate now or not?"


And, oh.


Jimin didn't know that about human hearts. He's never heard before of hearts beating that fast without doing any sports or being scared.


Well, he guesses it's just another thing he's learning about humans. There always seems to be something new to discover about their peculiarities every day.


So Jimin stops worrying about Yoongi getting sick and beams at him.


"Sure! Let's skate! Can I go down the ramp at the park, too?"


"Not over my dead body."


"Stop saying that all the time! I hate it," Jimin admonishes him, the fact that Yoongi always has to talk about death seriously bothering him.


But Yoongi laughs and Jimin can't help but grin, too, before he hops on his skateboard. He intently listens to Yoongi giving him tips while trying to hold his balance and ignoring Yoongi's insanely loud heartbeat and the vibrations of his pulse when they're holding hands. Yoongi then shows him how to do it, rolls down the slope and does a little jump at the end before he stops his board skilfully at the bottom.


"Okay, just—, remember to jump off when you think you're losing control," Yoongi looks up at him, worry shining in his eyes. It's really cute how considerate he is of Jimin's well-being, but there's really nothing to be afraid of. "Even if it won't hurt you, I'd rather not see a broken arm."


"I won't break my arm, you worry wart. You'll catch me if I fall, right?"


There's something else reflected in Yoongi's eyes now and Jimin can hear his heartbeat from up the slope, like a throbbing echo inside his head.


"Of course I will," Yoongi says back, quietly, but Jimin hears him loud and clear.


And after that day, Yoongi's heart never really quietens down anymore when Jimin takes him into his arms.

At age twelve, Jimin enters the same middle and high school that Yoongi is going to.


Jimin thought he's going to be more excited about it, but that's not the case, not really.


The small changes that once came so abruptly have gradually reshaped their friendship over time and things like cuddling that was once so normal for them has become a rare occurrence. In fact, whenever Jimin as much as attempts to snuggle up to his best friend, Yoongi finds an excuse to go away, his heart always racing in his chest like crazy.


What has once calmed Jimin down the most is now rather a source of distress.


And he's scared that when Jimin encounters Yoongi at school, Yoongi will just run away again because he doesn't want to be seen with him.


So Jimin doesn't even attempt to go and find him first thing during recess.


Instead, he's getting interrogated by his new classmates who probably don't know better and are just curious, so he forgives them for their irritating aura.


"So, you're really a vampire?" a guy who has huge glasses on his nose asks. Only a notepad and a pen in his hands are missing and he'd make a great journalist for a cheap celebrity magazine.


"I am," Jimin says, bored, already expecting them all to shun and ignore him like his previous peers all during elementary school did after learning everything about him they wanted to know.


"But you don't, like—, bite any humans?"


"My previous teacher said only veggie vamps are allowed at public schools. The traditional ones are going to special vampire schools," a girl with an annoyingly high-pitched voice and too much useless knowledge interjects. Jimin tries to not distort his face at the word 'veggie vamps', a slur he absolutely abhors.


"I'm only drinking from bags, if that's what you mean," Jimin replies, his insides itching to get away. Maybe he should have looked for Yoongi after all. "I've never bitten a human before."


"Oho, 'a human'," a guy snorts and Jimin pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. The classroom suddenly feels a little darker and smaller all around him.


"Be quiet, Jiwoon," another girl slaps Jiwoon's arm before she turns back to Jimin.


"Isn't that a little—, bland?" she asks, "only drinking from blood bags, I mean. Aren't they cold and yucky?" It's actually the first time someone has asked Jimin this, so he blinks at her, puzzled.


"No, it's actually—. It's not bad or anything," he replies truthfully. How can he know if it's bland in comparison with blood drunken directly from the source if he never had it?


"Don't you want to bite anyone?" the guy with the glasses asks again, no hint of trepidation in his voice. Jimin shakes his head quickly, maybe a little too quick, but he's never felt the urge to bite anyone. He usually leaves the house full and satisfied, rarely ever feels any cravings for blood when he's at school or out somewhere.


He doesn't really know why the sound of Yoongi's heartbeat is suddenly reverberating in his head or why images of his neck are flashing in his mind but it's probably just because that's the heartbeat he knows best from all the humans in this world.


He shakes the thought off again and listens to the others' discussion about how bland it would be to eat only one food for the rest of their lives.


After biology class, Jimin finally goes to find Yoongi.


What Jimin sees when he does find his best friend in the hallway near his locker makes his body seize up for the briefest of moments before he moves at lightspeed directly in front of him. He grabs the arm of the very tall guy who currently has his hand fisted in the collar of Yoongi's shirt and pulls it away. From shock, the other instantly lets go of the fabric before he freezes, staring down at Jimin with a dumbstruck expression on his face.


"What the—," he says before he realises how small Jimin is compared to him. He snorts and attempts to pull his arm away but Jimin doesn't let him, his strength much bigger than the bully's.


"What are you doing with my best friend?" Jimin asks and he plays with the thought of flashing his fangs at the guy. But he doesn't because having them out at school has always meant trouble in the past and he doesn't want to risk being put in detention again.


"Jiminnie, let him go, he's not worth it," Yoongi mumbles, his hands coming to pull gently on Jimin's shoulders. But Jimin doesn't budge.


"No," he says firmly, "what was he doing to you?"


The guy gradually starts to become restless when he realises how much strength Jimin possesses and that he no doubt is not human, but Jimin doesn't let go.


"I'm telling you if you let him go," Yoongi begs and Jimin can read in his eyes how mortified he is. Jimin frowns but turns back to the bully, his brows furrowed.


"If you touch him again, I won't be that nice anymore," Jimin says and just lets him go, decides against extending his fangs as a warning. He really doesn't want to be labelled as a threat and be expelled from school or anything along those lines, and on his first day too. The guy looks at him with mixed feelings written on his face but then decides to hurry off with his tail between his legs.


Content, Jimin huffs and wipes his hand on his thigh.


"Why did you do that, you little twerp? What if he's telling a teacher and they'll get you expelled?" Yoongi hisses, concern edged into his features.

"He won't, or I'm gonna throw him off the school building's roof," Jimin replies dryly, coming to smoothen out Yoongi's wrinkled T-shirt. "Does this happen often?" Jimin asks. He'd remember if Yoongi had ever mentioned having these kinds of problems at school.


Yoongi remains quiet and that alone is answer enough. Jimin frowns.


"It's not that bad, okay?" Yoongi mutters, his heart for once beating steadily, "he's just bored sometimes and bullies others, too. Probably didn't get enough love from his parents or something."


"Just call me if he tries to hurt you again, chubs. I'll never let anyone hurt you, you hear me?" Jimin says resolutely, looking Yoongi straight in the eye. There's a blush blooming on Yoongi's cheeks and his heart rate picks up again before he quickly averts his gaze. It makes Jimin remember something from biology class. "By the way, my biology teacher said that it's not normal for a heart to beat that fast!" he pokes Yoongi's chest, right above his heart, and juts out his bottom lip.


Yoongi splutters and his face turns crimson, his blood rushing in Jimin's ears. His scent spikes and clogs Jimin's senses.


"What does he know about that. That's why he's your bio teacher and not a doctor!" Yoongi retorts and while they continue bickering down the hallway Jimin realises that Yoongi has grabbed his hand and doesn't let it go again.

A few days later, on the afternoon of another cursed day at school, something terrible happens.


Jimin is quietly going about solving his math problems in class – something he's really good at, he would say – when he smells it before the boy in question even notices anything.


His entire body freezes and the grip on his pencil tightens while his breathing becomes more and more shallow as the clock on the wall ticks the seconds away. And then he hears the boy's voice somewhere in a seat in front of him.


"Ah, shit. Teacher, my nose is bleeding."


Jimin swallows thickly around nothing, his throat suddenly very tight and his insides burning.


Granted, he's used to small cuts, to the grazes in Yoongi's knees and elbows, to all sorts of minor wounds but by the way their teacher is rushing to get her student a box of paper tissues, there must be litres of blood pouring out of that guy's nose and Jimin almost can't bear it.


It doesn't take long until more and more students notice that there's something wrong with him. They turn their heads to look at him, but he doesn't really notice them, only feels how his instincts kick in, how his vision is becoming a tunnel, zeroing in on potential prey. He's had lunch, but that was a few hours ago and the warm, crimson blood oozing out of the boy's nose smells undeniably good and entrancing.


It doesn't help that he is moving in front of Jimin's eyes with the help of the teacher who asks him to lie down somewhere on the floor.


"Should we lock him in?" he hears whispers around him.


"Should we get someone to take him home?"


"There's that boy he's hanging out with during the breaks."


"I'm scared."


"What if he bites him?"


"Or us," a gasp, and more whispers.


It all melts into static noise inside of Jimin's head and he really has to focus on not getting up from his seat and do something very stupid and impulsive.


Suddenly, the pencil in his hand just snaps with a crack from how hard he's holding onto it and everyone inside the classroom goes quiet, only Jimin's heavy breathing audible in the silence.


The next thing he knows is that he has Yoongi's face in front of him.


He doesn't know how he got here but he snaps his eyes up at him, pupils blown and glowing red, terrified of his bodily reactions. His tense muscles would hurt if he could feel pain and he doesn't notice how the broken pencil is boring into the flesh of his palm, his knuckles turned white. Everything inside of him is screaming to extend his fangs and his limbs are on the verge of moving on their own to hunt down his prey.


"Jiminnie," Yoongi's voice is inside of his head, dull and as if he was far, far away, but he's right there, right in front of his eyes, "Minmin, can you hear me?"


Without a hint of fear, Yoongi puts his hands on Jimin's shoulders while he's standing in front of his desk, solid and warm and real, and Jimin's grip around the poor pencil slowly loosens until it clatters onto the hard surface of the desk.


"Minmin, you gotta breathe through your mouth now, 'kay? He's gone now, but you gotta breathe through your mouth."


As if on autopilot, Jimin's mouth drops open and he sucks in a breath, his eyes never leaving Yoongi's. Yoongi's heartbeat is so calm and soothing it grounds him to reality and makes the chaos inside his body gradually go away.


It takes a while for Jimin to notice that the classroom is now empty except for a few teachers standing a little further away, their faces anxious and marked by unease. He wonders how much time has passed and what happened while he was so spaced out he didn't even realise that all his classmates have left.


"Yoonie?" Jimin can see the vein in Yoongi's neck pulsate, badump, badump, in the rhythm of his heart, and it has never looked more beautiful and alluring. Yoongi's grip on his shoulders becomes harder again and Jimin snaps his eyes up at his face once more with a sharp intake of breath.


"I'm here now, Jiminnie. Everything's alright, you're fine. Everyone's fine, you were just a little overwhelmed," Yoongi looks so grown-up at that moment, so mature and composed. There is his pouty mouth that can curse like a sailor yet still smile so beautifully at Jimin when they laugh about one of their inside jokes, his cheeks that Jimin playfully liked to nibble on when they were little kids, his dark eyes that have not once looked at him in fear. Yoongi has his fringe parted in the middle and brushed out of his face and Jimin can see those eyes clearly, unwavering and unperturbed.


"Yoonie, take me home," Jimin whispers, his voice sounding a little broken around the syllables. He feels very exhausted, shame is burning in his veins and all he wants to do his crawl into his bed and hide from this unfair world that was not made for little vampires to be like everyone else.


Yoongi pets his head gently and Jimin leans into the touch, craving his best friend's proximity a million times more than any fresh human blood in the world.

That night, Jimin lies awake in bed despite the exhaustion in his bones that weighs his entire body down.


He cannot stop thinking about one thing.


The one thing in the world he should never ever be thinking about. The single most forbidden thing Jimin never wanted to experience.


"How did I never realise before how delicious he smells?" he wonders to himself, gaze fixed to the ceiling, "it's almost as if his blood was calling out to me."


Jimin didn't say anything when Yoongi took him home earlier. How could he? Yoongi must never know that Jimin actually thought, in all seriousness, about biting him and sucking his blood into his mouth to quench his thirst.


What would he think of him?


Mortification and shame run through Jimin's body again when he catches himself fantasising about sinking his fangs into Yoongi's neck for the six-hundredth time that day, his breath catching in his throat when he realises that a lot of things in his room smell like his best friend. His blanket, his jacket that Yoongi wore the other day, his dinosaur plushie, the bean bag Yoongi usually sits in when they're playing something on the PlayStation.


Jimin abruptly turns around and presses his face into his pillow in order to dull his senses, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.


"I can't bite him, I can't. I shouldn't even think about it. Get a fucking grip, Jimin, you're not supposed to think like this."


Oh, what would his parents think of him? His dad would be so mad and his mum so disappointed.


And yet images of Yoongi's neck keep flashing before his inner eye, and before long Jimin cries himself to sleep.

"How was your appointment with my dad?" Yoongi asks as they lock their bicycles before entering the public grounds with the open-air swimming pool. Jimin doesn't particularly like the sun, and the smell of chlorine is almost burning in his sensitive nose, but he really wanted to do something else with Yoongi besides hanging out in his garden like they usually do.


"It was alright. My teeth are still perfect. In ten years I never had any cavities or anything," Jimin grins, showing his blunt teeth. He's fourteen now and his fangs have finally stopped growing. They have become long and sharp and Jimin tries not to think too much about never going to use them in his life.


He's never told anyone that he's craving it, the sweet sensation of sinking his fangs into warm flesh. Not even Yoongi. Least of all Yoongi.


Because it's Yoongi's blood that he's craving the most.


"Of course they are. The most beautiful fangs there ever were," Yoongi says with a smile and Jimin replaces the feeling of shame with one of pride. He loves getting praised by Yoongi, he can't help it. Something about Yoongi's approval, no matter what it concerns, just makes warmth erupt in his chest and if he had a heart he's sure it would flutter with happiness.


They go and look for a free spot somewhere to put down their towels before going to the pool, immediately getting into the cool water. Jimin is glad to get some refreshment. His vampire body really isn't made for longer times in the sun.


"Ugh, it stinks like human body fluids mixed with all the contents of a chemistry lab," Jimin scrunches up his nose and brushes his hair back, revealing his forehead. Yoongi just looks at him with a blank expression.


"Must suck having a nose like yours. We humans probably smell like a garbage dump."


"Nah, not that bad," Jimin smirks, biting his lip. Yoongi just rolls his eyes before he wades closer to him. Jimin expects him to halt in front of him, but Yoongi gets into his space, something he rarely ever does anymore, and almost presses his half-naked body against Jimin's.


"Take this! Breathe in my stench and shudder," when Jimin realises what Yoongi is doing, he grabs his upper arms and laughs, throwing his head back.


"Chubs, you don't stink, this won't work with me," he giggles, amused, and holds Yoongi at arm's length. He doesn't know what's gotten into his best friend, but he seems to be very touchy today. Yoongi tilts his head for a moment, expression almost confused.


"I don't?"


"No? Do you really think I would have cuddled with you when we were kids if you were smelly?" Yoongi clicks his tongue and his face morphs into a pout. He looks like he's thinking carefully about his answer but doesn't open his mouth. "Don't be silly, Yoonie," Jimin amicably slaps his shoulder, trying to reassure him, "you actually smell really good," too good, "you really don't have to worry about it."


"Dongwoon wouldn't agree. He said I smell like old, burnt tires," Jimin lifts his eyebrows and looks at Yoongi in disbelief.


"He did what?" Jimin asks. Yoongi just shrugs and Jimin huffs. "Dongwoon doesn't even have any noteworthy fangs, I bet his nose is shit too. Don't listen to him," Jimin says, wondering how anyone could ever mistake the sweet, caramelly, velvety scent of Yoongi's blood with something like old tires.


On the other hand, he's kind of relieved.


After all, he doesn't want any other vampire beside him to touch Yoongi, ever.


Jimin tenses at the thought of this happening and he quickly takes a deep breath through his mouth.


"Hey, the last one at the other side of the pool has to buy the other ice cream!" he says to distract Yoongi and already starts swimming.


"What? Hey, that's not fair, you little twerp. Wait, goddammit."


Jimin laughs and even without using his vampire powers, he easily reaches the other side first.


Fifteen minutes later, he's happily licking his blood ice, sitting with Yoongi in the nearby grass in the shadow of a tree. The wind softly ruffles their hair and the sun feels warm on the skin, their shorts almost dry already.


It is then that Jimin notices a girl constantly glancing in their direction.


She doesn't look away, however, when Jimin catches her. However, she does when Yoongi follows his gaze.


Jimin starts grinning.


"Ooh, I think you got yourself an admirer," Jimin smirks, looking at Yoongi with mischievousness glinting in his eyes.


"Nonsense," Yoongi mutters, biting off the soft ice in his ice cream cone, dark and damp fringe falling into his face.


"A blind man could see that she's checking you out," Jimin nudges him in the side with his elbow and snorts at Yoongi's obliviousness. Yoongi is seventeen now, still a little taller than Jimin with much broader shoulders and a strong back, his stomach flat and his face very handsome. Just his legs are a little thin but Yoongi has never been a leg day man.


In short, Yoongi is a total catch, it's just he himself who doesn't want to see this.


"Well, then let her," Yoongi mutters and he suddenly looks like he's not really enthusiastic about his ice cream anymore. Jimin notices the shift in his scent and the small skips in his heartbeat, how his demeanour changes from relaxed to defensive after Jimin's playful jibe.


"Yoonie?" he asks quietly when Yoongi continues to be silent and brooding, "did I say something wrong?" he puts the wooden stick his frozen blood ice left behind down in the grass and looks at Yoongi's profile, his soft nose and round cheeks and pink, chapped lips.


"No, it's just—. I'm not interested in her. Or any girl, for that matter," Yoongi murmurs after taking a deep breath, and the cogs in Jimin's brain start turning, slowly at first until everything falls into place with a click.


His mouth falls open and he even forgets how to blink for a moment.


"Oh," he says dumbly.


"Yeah. Oh," Yoongi replies.


Jimin slowly averts his gaze from Yoongi and looks at the grass at his feet instead. There's a bee crawling over the petals of a daisy before it flies away, an abandoned silver wrapping of a chocolate bar swaying in the wind, and feet of other people passing them by in the periphery of Jimin's vision.


And the world keeps turning.


"Well, tough luck for her then," Jimin grins, trying to not let the mood become even more sombre between them. Jimin realises that he and Yoongi indeed never talk about girls, the thought never even occurred to him. "Wow, this kind of makes sense. Actually, this makes a lot of sense," he says, therefore.




He scoots closer to his best friend, resting his chin obnoxiously on his shoulder. Yoongi's heart is going crazy when he does and his neck is pulsating, radiating his enticing scent. Jimin should pull back, but he kinda doesn't want to.


Yoongi looks at him, cautiously and with hesitation in his body language, but Jimin just smiles.


"Am I weird, Jiminnie?"


The question throws Jimin off and he juts out his lower lip. Yoongi would never be weird.


"Definitely," he says, watches Yoongi's face fall but then boops his nose, "but definitely not because of that. You have many other weird qualities."


At that, finally, Yoongi snorts a laugh and curls up his lips into a careful smile.


"The weirdest one being best friends with someone like you, huh?"


At any other time, Jimin would have protested, but he'd do anything right now to see Yoongi smile again. So he straightens his back, throws out his arms to both sides and says, "yep, you're absolutely right!"


Knowing about Yoongi liking boys doesn't really change anything for Jimin. Why would it? If anything, the confession seems to make Yoongi more comfortable to lean against him again and find the physical contact they're both craving so much.


And that's all that matters to Jimin. That his best friend knows that nothing will ever change between them. That they'll stay best friends forever no matter what is yet to come.

Jimin is sixteen when he and Yoongi have their first serious fight with each other.


They never argued a lot, simply because there was never any reason to do so. Sure, they did have the one or the other quarrel, but that was usually about which video game to play or which movie to watch, the fact that Jimin took too long in the bathroom or Yoongi too long to reply to Jimin's text messages.


Small things, normal things, the things that occur in pretty much every relationship where both parties genuinely care for each other.


But Jimin's and Yoongi's first real fight is nothing like that.


It's a pretty shitty winter afternoon, the unexpected snow piling up in the driveway of Yoongi's house and Jimin's sneakers turn even soggier than they already were. The wetness sticks to his socks and consequently to his feet and he lets out a soft whine when he finally reaches the door and rings the doorbell, his bicycle discarded at its usual place.


It doesn't take long until Yoongi opens the door.


Jimin smiles at him, Yoongi smiles back and the whole world instantly seems to be a lot brighter.


"You're pretty late, the show has already started, come on," Yoongi grabs his wrist and pulls him in before closing the door. Jimin snickers and toes off his sneakers, kicking them in a corner of the shoe rack to where Yoongi's own shoes are already scattered. Even though Yoongi's are still bigger in size, he and Jimin are of the same height now and he loves teasing Yoongi about it endlessly.


"Sorry, something happened at school and the snow was awful, took me a while to get here. Had to actually push my bike all the way."


"Oh, what happened at school?" Yoongi asks after letting go of Jimin's wrist and disappearing into the kitchen to get what must be popcorn and probably some blood capsule snacks for Jimin – and god damn is he craving a snack right now – before he appears in the living room where Jimin is already sitting on the couch, taking off his wet socks.


"You know that girl, Yeseul, from my class?"


"Mhm," Yoongi keeps scurrying about the room, fetching Jimin a blanket and more pillows, before he plops down next to him.


"She asked me if I want to be her boyfriend," Yoongi freezes next to him and Jimin cannot only hear Yoongi's heart skip a beat, he can almost feel his entire body ceasing activities for the split of a second.


"Oh," is all Yoongi says, fingers curling into the blanket he was in the act of draping over them.


"Yeah, well. She didn't ask me directly but she had this letter for me and kind of formally gave it to me and then in the letter she said that she likes me."


"That's—, cool."


"Yeah, but I don't know what to say. What am I going to do, Yoonie? I mean, she's pretty but I don't really know her at all. I don't know her hobbies, or which TV shows she likes or if she likes video games and I'm pretty sure she doesn't really know what she'd get into with a vampire boyfriend, either."


Jimin sinks into the cushions and sighs.


What if that girl only wants to be with him because he's a vampire? Getting vampire boyfriends or girlfriends has become quite the new trend among young people in recent years and trophy vampires are not unheard of, after all. Not to mention that Jimin is an abstainer and that she'd probably be disappointed when she learns that he really doesn't want to drink from her.


"Well. Do you like her too?" Yoongi asks, voice reluctant and a little terse.


Does Jimin like her? He's not sure. Sure, she's pretty, has long, flowing hair, and she seems nice, but there's just something missing about her Jimin cannot really pinpoint.


"Maybe? I don't know, chubs. I have to think about it for a while."




Yoongi doesn't say anything for a few moments, but his heart is going out of sync and his scent spikes in irregular waves. Jimin knits his brows together and glances at him, not liking the sudden change of atmosphere.


"I mean, it's not like I don't want to be with someone, you know? Just because I never had someone before. Do you think I'd be a good boyfriend? I'm probably a little too impulsive," Jimin giggles but Yoongi remains silent, "dating could be fun but there's something I really have to think about again and—,"


When Yoongi speaks again, he sounds almost angry and a little out of breath.


"Sure, great. Why don't you go home and think about it then?" Yoongi snaps and abruptly stands, shoulders tense and hands balled into fists.


"What?" Jimin says, dumbstruck. Yoongi must be joking but he doesn't look like it, nor smell like it. On the contrary, there's something very unpleasant underlying Yoongi's scent right now and Jimin doesn't like it at all.


What is Yoongi's fucking problem?


Irritation flares in Jimin's chest and his expression darkens but he remains seated. Did he just walk all the way through the fucking snow for this? To be snapped at by Yoongi like this?


"I mean I wanted to watch the show with you but all you do is talking about that girl."


Jimin takes a deep breath.


"Oh, sorry, I thought—.  I dunno, that you are my best friend or something and that I can fucking talk to you about stuff like this. It's not even a new show, Yoongi, what the hell?"


Yoongi huffs and looks away and Jimin stares at the TV without actually seeing anything. He's still grasping his wet socks in his hands when he gets up, feeling for the first time ever like he'd rather be at home alone. Away from Yoongi.


Whatever it is that Yoongi is mad about, Jimin really doesn't deserve to be treated by him like that.


"Fine, then have fun with your stupid show. I don't care. I got better things to do anyway," he lies, stomping towards the entrance corridor. He can hear Yoongi's footsteps following immediately but ignores them, his mind too clouded by anger and confusion, his actions controlled by his impulses.


"Jimin, wait—," before Yoongi can finish his sentence, it happens.


Jimin only feels Yoongi's hand on his shoulder and it's enough for him to whirl around and push him away.


A grave mistake, Jimin realises the moment it happens.


The thing with his vampire powers is that he hardly ever uses them. They're a remnant from the past when vampires still hunted humans, when they had to hold their prey down by force, which they have an abundance of. Jimin doesn't need to hunt, he doesn't even drink from humans, not even if they offered themselves up to him.


He has no idea how to properly control his energy, not when he's angry.


He only becomes aware of how dangerous he is when he sees Yoongi flying through half the room before landing on the floor and almost crashing into a potted plant next to the window. Yoongi lets out a high-pitched groan of pain and holds his arm, curling into himself.


Jimin is paralysed.


He can feel his body trembling and his thoughts jumbling and swimming in his mind in a complete mess, his limbs seized by fear.


When he finally regains his senses and takes a step closer to Yoongi, Yoongi winces and snaps his eyes at him.


"Stop," he says, and Jimin freezes, "don't—, don't come any closer."


Jimin lets out a whimper, pain filling his chest.


He doesn't know if it's fear in Yoongi's eyes, he only knows that it's something that he's never seen in them before.


And it hurts like hell.


"Just get the hell out of here, Jimin. Get. Out," Yoongi's voice is almost eerily calm despite the slight quiver to it and all Jimin can do is dig his fingernails into his palms, turn on his heels and grab his stuff before he walks home through the cold snow that he barely even feels.

Jimin doesn't sleep much that night and somehow he has a feeling that Yoongi doesn't either.


Yoongi hasn't texted him like he usually would and Jimin cannot bring up the courage to text him first either. Instead, he has the moment he hit Yoongi replaying over and over in his mind, Yoongi's shocked expression, his voice that told him not to come closer, the thick scent coming off of him that Jimin only really registered later when he was out of the door.


It makes Jimin feel numb and he cannot even bring himself to cry.


When he goes to find Yoongi at school the next day, he's not there. Sick, his classmates tell him. Jimin knows that's a lie.


He needs to do something about this mess.


The driveway is shovelled free from snow when he arrives at Yoongi's house in the evening. It's dark already but the light is on in the kitchen and the living room and Jimin knows that Yoongi must be at home. As always, he rings the doorbell and waits, his chest fluttering with nervousness.


He really hopes that Yoongi will let him see him.


When the door opens, Jimin lifts his gaze from the ground and looks into Yoongi's mum's eyes. There's a frown on her face when she sees him and Jimin instantly has a feeling that she knows what happened.


"Jimin," she starts, voice soft, "maybe you should better go home today. Yoongi doesn't—. He's not feeling very well."


"Oh," Jimin says. She doesn't sound angry or anything, rather disappointed, but it stings just as much, if not more. "I—, I just wanted to—. Apologise. I won't take long, just—. Can I see him for a moment?" Jimin grips the strap of his backpack tighter. He's bought popcorn and Capri Suns for Yoongi, packed his pyjamas and toothbrush, but maybe it will really be better if he left again after apologising.


Jangmi contemplates this for a moment before she steps aside and lets Jimin in. He whispers a faint 'thank you', takes his shoes off to not get the floor dirty and then wants to go in the direction of the stairs to go up to Yoongi's room.


"He's in the living room," Jangmi says and Jimin stops in his tracks.


Well, that's unusual.


Yoongi hardly ever spends time in the living room, unless they want to watch a movie together on the big TV in there.


Jimin nods and changes direction. He steps into the room and finds Yoongi sitting on the couch, wrapped in his baby blue blanket that he already had when they were kids.


Jimin's jaw drops when he sees him.


Where there used to be a mop of messy, black hair are now blonde, almost white, fluffy strands that stick out in every direction and Jimin almost doesn't recognise his best friend with his new hair colour.


The next thing he realises is that Yoongi's skin is paler than usual and that his eyes are red, just like his nose, and although Jimin has learned that Yoongi won't die that easily, the old fear he had as a kid that something might happen to his best friend seizes his body again.


Yoongi is staring at the TV but Jimin can tell that he's not really watching it. He doesn't even seem to notice him standing there.


"Yoongi," Jimin says carefully and Yoongi seems to snap out of it, stares at him with big, round eyes. Jimin lets his backpack slide from his shoulder and puts it on the ground before he takes a step closer to the couch. Yoongi doesn't wince this time but Jimin can hear his heart rate picking up quickly, his bodily reactions betraying him.


Yoongi licks his dry lips.


"Hey," he says, voice barely above a whisper, but Jimin is glad he doesn't remain silent. Without looking at him, he sits down next to the blanket heap and starts fiddling with his own fingers.


"You weren't at school today," he starts dumbly, all the words he had actually prepared to say suddenly gone and his mind blank.


"Yeah. Didn't feel like it," Yoongi mutters, pulling the blanket closer around him.


"I'm sorry, Yoongi," Jimin stares at his lap, the nail of his index finger scratching over his thumb. The tension between them is so thick he almost suffocates. "I wish I could undo what happened yesterday and I'm so sorry I hurt you. I—, I didn't want this to happen."


"Me neither," Yoongi says and Jimin slowly turns his head towards him, "I mean. I didn't want to be such a bitch. That was… not fair. I'm sorry, too."


Jimin lets out the breath he didn't know he was holding.


"We were both idiots, right?"


"Yeah, we were."


"But I was—, I actually hurt you and I'd sworn to myself I'd never let anyone hurt you, least of all myself and look what I have done, I—," Jimin gets stopped in his ramblings when he feels Yoongi's finger press against his mouth. He blinks and goes cross-eyed for a second before he glances at Yoongi again.


"You hurt me, yes, that happened. But it was an accident and I know you won't do it again. It's fine, Jiminnie, don't worry about it too much."


Jimin pulls in his lower lip between his teeth and gnaws on it.


"You were bleeding yesterday. Right?" he asks quietly, gauging Yoongi's reaction.


Yoongi nods. "I was," he uncovers his arm from underneath the blanket and shows it to Jimin, a skin-coloured band-aid stuck to the spot where Jimin had hit him. Jimin swallows.


He only realised much later that the thick scent he smelled yesterday after he pushed Yoongi was actually Yoongi's blood clogging his senses. And when it hit him, it suddenly made so much sense. He's still not sure whether Yoongi sent him away because he was scared or because he wanted to protect them both, but whatever it was, Jimin is glad that he did.


He doesn't know whether he would have had his urges under control had he stayed.


"I'm so sorry," Jimin forces out again, feeling miserable.


He's a horrible best friend.


But then he feels Yoongi's arms around him, pulling him closer, and Jimin curls up into his side, fingers grabbing the fabric of his shirt. Jimin inhales Yoongi's scent that is free from distress now and sighs. He's finally able to calm down again.


"Stop apologising, Minmin. We're good."


"Mhm," Jimin hums, not letting go of Yoongi, "we're good. We're perfect."


After a few more minutes and Yoongi's mum poking her head into the room to ask if everything is okay, they both migrate to Yoongi's room instead to have more privacy. Jimin changes into his pyjamas before they both curl up on Yoongi's bed and watch the movie Jimin brought on Yoongi's smaller TV, Yoongi drinking his red cherry Capri Sun and Jimin a blood bag, just like always.


They're both sharing a blanket and Jimin suddenly realises how long ago it's been that they have both cuddled like this, calm and so close to each other. He listens to Yoongi's even breathing and closes his eyes, doesn't even really watch the movie that is playing on the TV. He has one arm put across Yoongi's stomach and his cheek pressed against his shoulder.


It feels absolutely amazing.


"Please don't be her boyfriend," Yoongi whispers out of the blue and Jimin's eyes fly open.


He pulls his head away from Yoongi's shoulder and looks at him, not really shocked, just mildly surprised. He studies Yoongi's face but his expression is unreadable. His eyes are calm, if maybe a little uncertain, and he's gnawing on his lower lip.


"Why not?" Jimin asks just as quiet, as if he didn't want to disturb anyone, enjoying how Yoongi gets a little flustered. Yoongi clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes before he shrugs his shoulders.


"You're still a baby. You're not supposed to get a girlfriend before I get a boyfriend."


"Ts," Jimin clicks his tongue and squishes his cheek back against Yoongi's shoulder.


For some reason, he feels like he wanted to hear something else.


"Don't worry, chubs. I already told her today that I'm not interested." Jimin feels Yoongi turn his head, his astonished gaze on him, but he keeps his eyes fixed on the TV.


"You did?"


"Mhm. Her scent was really unpleasant," Jimin murmurs and Yoongi snorts.


"You told her no just because of that? Because of her scent?"


"You know how important that is for a vampire. It was not horrible, but I know it would have gotten annoying the longer I'd spent time with her. And besides—," Jimin pauses, his chest fluttering.


"Besides—, what?" Yoongi audibly swallows and his heart is pounding. But Jimin doesn't really register it. He's too nervous himself.


"You know. I've been thinking lately—," Jimin starts and Yoongi fake gasps.


"You can think?"


"Yoonie!" Jimin whines, petulantly shoving his elbow in Yoongi's side, making Yoongi stop chuckling and muttering 'ow, ow, ow' instead. Jimin holds his breath and instantly frets over him. "Oh god, I'm sorry, did I hurt you? Are you fine? Did I—,"


"Calm down, Minnie," Yoongi groans, "it's just—, the side I fell on. Yesterday, y'know."


"O-oh. Yeah. I'm sorry," Jimin says, dejected, remorse and guilt burning in his core. But Yoongi's hand is in his hair then and ruffles it gently, the corners of his mouth lifted up and his gaze so soft Jimin would like to melt.


"Sorry for interrupting you. What have you been thinking about?"


"That I might like boys, too," Jimin finally says and doesn't wait for Yoongi's reaction. Doesn't really want to because he's too nervous. "I mean, I think girls are pretty and stuff, but boys are too? And actually, I don't really care about it at all? I only know I don't want to be with a vampire, so maybe I'm just humansexual and, you know, nothing against vampires but they're so complicated and self-centred and I really like humans so—,"




"Hu-huh?" Jimin feels his cheeks burn with heat and he reluctantly peeks at Yoongi through his fringe.


"Don't forget to breathe," Yoongi smirks and puts his arm around Jimin's shoulder, pulling him closer to his side before he hugs Jimin properly. Jimin takes a deep breath and inhales Yoongi's scent before he lets out a heavy sigh.


Oh yes, he loves breathing when it's so close to his best friend.


He burrows his face in Yoongi's neck and ignores the shudder that runs through Yoongi's body, the blood rushing in his ears. Yoongi's reaction pulls on his instincts, but he won't lose control again, just enjoys his proximity and forgets for a while that he's a vampire who would like to sink his fangs into Yoongi's soft flesh and drink his warm blood.


"You smell so good," he murmurs, nose pressing against the vein in Yoongi's neck, "you're the best human with the best smell, Yoonie. No one compares to you anyway."


It's true. Out of all the people, regardless of human or vampire, Jimin loves Yoongi the most in this world.


Jimin has his eyes closed but if he looked at Yoongi's face he'd see the wide and happy smile on his lips.

Jimin is leaning against Yoongi while the motor of the bus is droning on, making him sleepy. He has a hard time keeping his eyes open as they fall closed again and again, the warmth inside the vehicle on this hot and humid early summer's day making it extra hard to stay awake.


"Jiminnie," Yoongi repeatedly pokes Jimin's cheek that is bunched up against his friend's shoulder and annoys him into looking up at him. Jimin glares at him with droopy, barely open eyes and pouts. "Jimin your fangs are out," Yoongi says, hushed and Jimin startles, suddenly wide awake.


He quickly retracts his fangs and hides his mouth behind his hands, mortified.


"Sorry, I was almost falling asleep and didn't pay attention."


"It's okay, don't worry," Yoongi ruffles Jimin's hair and smiles that smile Jimin always sees when he closes his eyes lately. "Your fangs must be tired too because you never use them."


"My fangs don't have a life of their own, chubs, thank you very much."


"They don't?" Yoongi says, mock-shocked, "they're not drinking coffee in the morning or check their phone while taking a dump?"


"Oh my god, why are you like this," Jimin groans and elbows Yoongi in the side, careful as to not hurt him, and they continue to bicker and giggle amongst themselves while waiting for their stop.


There's an older woman observing them, she has been for a while, but Jimin ignored her expertly until now. Usually, humans don't recognise him as a vampire if he doesn't let it on but when they do, they normally leave him alone when he doesn't pay them any attention.


So he just briefly glances at her before looking away again.


"No but seriously, isn't it annoying? I mean, to never use them?" Yoongi asks and Jimin bites his lip.


It's unnerving how quick Jimin is to think of biting Yoongi again. That's his fangs' intended use: to bite a human's flesh and pierce their veins in order to drink their blood. But Jimin is basically a vampire herbivore and he's never used his fangs for what they're intended.


But he wishes he could do just that.


He pushes the feelings of guilt and shame far, far away and shakes his head.


"Nah. I mean, I extend them every day when I'm brushing my teeth. That should be enough use per day, right?" Yoongi is staring at his mouth and it makes his chest flutter so much it almost hurts. "Why are you still so curious about them?" he snickers, "you've already seen them a hundred thousand times."


"Excuse me," the old woman suddenly says to him and oh no, "would you mind getting off at the next stop and take the next bus?"


Jimin's heart would stop if he had one, but he doesn't and so he just stares at her, dumbfounded.


"I'm—, I'm sorry?"


"There are children on this bus and they're scared. You're making everyone uncomfortable," Jimin's eyes flicker to the two little girls with bouncy pigtails sitting a little further away on two slightly elevated bus seats opposite of him. They're staring at him with big, curious eyes, no hint of fear visible.


"Why don't you get off at the next stop," he hears Yoongi says next to him, his voice having a sharp bite to it. Jimin is still too paralysed to retort anything himself.


"Yoonie, just let her, let's just get off, it's only two stops now anyway, we can walk the rest," he whispers to Yoongi, gently grabbing his wrist. He doesn't want to cause any trouble.


"Are you insane? Just because an old woman thinks she can be an asshole to you, we should get off the bus?"




"Hey lady, you make me uncomfortable too, could you get off at the next stop and take the next bus?" Yoongi, brazen as he is, says to the woman without any hint of hesitation. The woman has the audacity to gasp, offended.


"Lady, the boys are right, you're being rude," the mother of the two girls chimes in, very calm and collected, "and I'd be very glad if you didn't use my daughters as an excuse to be so."


At that moment, next to Yoongi, that mother is Jimin's hero.


He looks at her with thankful eyes and sucks in a deep, shaky breath, Adam's apple bobbing up and down when he swallows the lump in his throat.


Other people are giving the old lady the stink-eye now, too, Jimin notices. His grip on Yoongi's wrist tightens and one of the little girls waves at him while the other giggles into her hands when he shyly waves back.


The old woman gets off at the next stop.

It's always the same for Jimin when Yoongi walks into a room.


Time stands still for a moment.


It's not like there's a halo around Yoongi's head or as if he drew all the attention of everyone present onto himself. On the contrary, Yoongi has a habit of making himself mostly invisible and unnoticed by everyone, like a shadow in the background.


But Jimin's eyes are always drawn to him, he is able to discern his heartbeat among all the other heartbeats in an instant, all his senses focusing on him like on nobody else. His head moves almost automatically when Yoongi finally walks through the wide open doors of the dark sports hall that is plunged into a myriad of flickering and colourful lights.


And Yoongi looks jaw-droppingly stunning.


Jimin doesn't understand this weird fluttering feeling inside his stomach when he sees him, all dressed up in a suit with a black bowtie sitting askew between his collarbones, blond hair slicked back revealing his forehead. He doesn't get it at all but he's not able to will it away anyway.


Yoongi's eyes are scanning the hall, obviously in search of someone.


Jimin's stomach flops because he knows that the person Yoongi is looking for is him.


He just briefly glances back at his classmates who are all busy talking to each other or are already sucking each other's faces off, before he pushes himself away from the table he's leaning against and sidles up to Yoongi who still hasn't detected him.


"Boo," he shouts against the loud music and grabs Yoongi from behind by the shoulders in order to startle him. Yoongi whirls around with wide open, dumbstruck eyes, his heartbeat accelerating from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye. Jimin laughs at his stupid face.


"Jimin, you fucking brat," Yoongi huffs and pushes his palm flat against Jimin's chest.


"Sorry, chubs, it was just too tempting," Jimin giggles with glee and mirth shining in his eyes, biting his lower lip. "You should've seen your face, I didn't know your eyes could go that big."


"Shut up, Minnie, my eyes are beautiful."


Jimin cannot disagree with that.


They're quiet for a few seconds, their eyes flickering over each other's body to subtly take each other in, and Jimin almost melts at the fond gaze in Yoongi's beautiful, beautiful eyes.


Jimin has his hair styled too, parted in the middle and deliberately tousled, eyes adorned by dark, smokey eyeshadow. He's wearing a black suit as well, but instead of a bow tie, he has a tie around his neck.


Jimin briefly forgets how to breathe when Yoongi extends his hand and takes the tie between his thumb and index finger, letting the fingers glide down the fabric until they reach the tip.


"You look amazing tonight," Yoongi whispers and Jimin almost misses it. He fights a smile that he can't do anything against and quickly brushes some strands of hair back behind his ear.


"You look great as well, Yoonie. Would have never thought a suit would—,"


"—suit you so well?" Yoongi finishes his sentence and Jimin looks at him dumbly before he lets out a laugh, body curling against Yoongi's side.


"Yes, suits suit you very well, you dumbass," he snickers and hooks his arm around Yoongi's in order to drag him towards the bar.


"They don't have any blood here," Jimin says with disappointment written on his face when they're studying the list of drinks that are being served.


"There's no alcohol either, so—. This party is shit," Yoongi mutters and Jimin snorts. They turn away from the bar again to look at all the bodies that are moving on the dance floor to a peppy song.


"I'll never get why you humans are drinking that stuff just to lose control over your bodies."


"We don't just lose control over our bodies, but also our minds. Some people want to forget their shitty lives for a while, you know."


"Do you want to get drunk, chubs?" Jimin asks curiously. Yoongi has never really gotten drunk before. He's nineteen now but neither Jimin nor Yoongi are the type to go to parties or the like. But it's the end of the school year and Yoongi has graduated high school, and the graduates usually get shitfaced every year.


Yoongi looks at him, a cryptic expression in his eyes, before he pouts out his lips.


"I guess I do."


"Want to forget something, too?"


"Yeah, your ugly mug," Yoongi grins, but it doesn't reach his eyes. Jimin just rolls his eyes at his best friend and leans his chin onto his shoulder from behind, watching the dance floor absentmindedly. Yoongi feels warm against him, his steady heartbeat thumping against Jimin's chest, and Jimin wouldn't mind spending the entire evening just like this, basking in Yoongi's proximity.


"Don't you want to dance?" Yoongi asks into his ear after a few moments, "or hang out with your classmates?"


"What am I supposed to do with my classmates? They're all busy making out or talking about weed. I'd rather stay like this," he'd like to stay like this forever. He puts his arms around Yoongi's waist and snuggles up to him, inhaling Yoongi's soothing scent.


"Minmin—," Yoongi whispers, but Jimin has no trouble hearing it.




"This is—. I think I gotta use the bathroom."


"Do you really wanna do that? The restrooms must be overflowing with people right now," Jimin murmurs, subconsciously swaying a little to the rhythm of the music.


"I'll be back soon," Yoongi practically tears himself away from Jimin before he storms off, leaving Jimin behind with a dull ache inside his chest. Jimin looks after him, the cold seeping into his skin with the warmth of Yoongi's body gone.


He averts his gaze to the floor and realises—


He realises that he's fucked.


He realises that best friends don't cuddle like this, he realises that best friends don't find each other hot or want to kiss their necks and he realises that Yoongi probably just thought exactly that and wanted to get away from him.


He swallows dryly and licks his lips, tries to force a smile back onto them but the action just stings and burns behind his eyes.


Jimin is fucked because on top of wanting to bite his best friend and drink his blood he has also fallen in love with him.

The chains of the swings in Yoongi's garden creak again when Jimin swings forward a little and he grips them a little harder despite his sweaty hands slipping over the metal.


Maybe it's weird to still use the swings at age eighteen and twenty-one, but Yoongi and Jimin didn't really care when they came out here to enjoy the warmth of an early summer's day. It's still their favourite place to have long conversations, still the place that gives them the same comfort as when they were kids.


And Jimin really needs that comfort right now.


He has spent the past year and a half holding back, suppressing his feelings, scared of his urges to bite Yoongi. He's thought long and hard about doing this, if it's a good idea at all, but he came to the conclusion that he owes Yoongi this; he owes him the truth.


Every truth about his feelings.


And that includes the fact that he wants to drink Yoongi's blood.


"Sometimes I'm thinking about biting a human and it's getting harder and harder to resist the idea," he mumbles, the toes of his right foot poking and boring into the hard earth beneath his feet. Yoongi's heart starts picking up speed at his confession and, damn, if only he knew how good that makes him smell.


Jimin knows that Yoongi is looking at him, but he can't bring himself to meet his gaze just yet. Yoongi's heart keeps pounding and Jimin wonders why. Is he afraid of him now? Does it make him nervous to know that Jimin would like to bite someone?


Damn, his scent makes it hard for Jimin to think clearly.


Yoongi clears his throat and licks his lips. It makes Jimin's body go tense and his hold on the chains tighten, his stomach churning with unease because he doesn't know what Yoongi is going to say.


"That's pretty normal, I guess? You're just curious about what it's like, I think that's nothing bad."


"Really? Sometimes I'm scared of myself when I'm thinking about it."


"You know, it's like—, wanting to know how it is to kiss someone, I guess."


"Have you ever kissed someone, Yoonie?" Yoongi is silent for a few heartbeats before he audibly swallows.




Jimin takes in that information and nods slowly to himself, wondering how someone as precious as Yoongi is still unkissed at the age of twenty-one. Not that Jimin has ever kissed anyone before, but Yoongi is more than two years older than him, after all.


"Why not? You—, you're handsome and everything, pretty sure there are guys out there swooning over your cute button nose and pouty lips," Jimin teases, but in truth, he wants to murder anyone who as much as looks in Yoongi's direction.


He wants to be the one to kiss Yoongi, his first and his last.


Yoongi huffs a laugh and musses up Jimin's hair by reaching across the distance between their swing seats. Jimin giggles and swats his hands away.


"I'm gonna tell you why not if you tell me one thing," Yoongi says, cryptically, his eyes fixed on the ground before him.


"Since it's in my nature to be nosy, sure," Jimin grins, wondering what Yoongi's question will be.


He would have never expected Yoongi's next words.


"Is there any particular human you have in mind when you're thinking about biting one?"


Yoongi's voice is hushed and reluctant, as if he's scared of the answer, but it's like a stab in Jimin's non-existent heart, like being thrown into a pond and engulfed by icy cold water. He snaps his head towards Yoongi and when their gazes finally meet he can swear there are sparks flying between them.


There's only one single human being on this planet Jimin would ever consider doing something as intimate with as drinking their blood. Only one, and the thought makes his head spin because he loves Yoongi so much it's almost physically painful.


Jimin takes a deep breath but before he can answer, Yoongi interrupts him.


"Sometimes I wish you would bite me."


Jimin lets out a whimper and his grip on the chains tightens impossibly harder, to the point that he's deforming the iron links with the pressure of his fingers. His breathing is getting shallower and all he can think about is how Yoongi's racing heart is making sense now.


Yoongi wants Jimin to bite him.


Without having expected it, all of Jimin's fantasies are suddenly only a bite away and his world turns upside down.


He abruptly stands, takes a few steps backwards and puts the back of his hand against his nostrils, blocking Yoongi's enticing scent that is calling to him. His blood that is calling to him.


"I should leave," Jimin says.


Or I can't control myself anymore, is what he doesn't say.


He puts some distance between them by walking backwards, away from Yoongi. He stops in his tracks when Yoongi speaks up again and there's hurt and despair in his voice as his scent spikes in pain.


"Don't," Yoongi whispers, his hands trembling around the chains of his swing. Jimin can feel his veins vibrating with his pulse and it's driving him insane. "I just—, I wanted to know, Jimin. Because if you tell me you want to bite someone else, I'll finally know where I stand," Yoongi sounds so defeated, so lost, and it strikes something inside Jimin's chest like a match lit on fire.


"Yoongi?" Jimin whispers, staring at the back of Yoongi's head but Yoongi doesn't look at him.


"I tried so hard not to love you, Jimin. I tried and I failed. You want to know why I haven't kissed anyone yet? I can tell you why. It's because every time I see you I think, how in the world could I not love you? Joke's on me though, 'cause I know you can hear my heart beat like crazy every time I look at you but you never said anything so I guess—," Yoongi pauses and takes a deep breath, drawing his shoulders closer to his neck to make himself smaller. "I'm sorry."




Wait, what?


Did Yoongi just say that he's—


He's in love with Jimin, too?


"You—, what?"


Yoongi swallows audibly, his head drooping a little between his shoulders, but he still doesn't turn around to face Jimin.


"Did you really believe me when I told you my heart beats faster than other humans? That that's normal?" Jimin remembers that day clearly. That day when Yoongi's heart beat so fast in his ribcage for the very first time, on the small hill of Yoongi's street near the skating park.


"I—," yes, he did. For the longest time Jimin believed that what Yoongi said was the truth, and after such a long time he never really questioned it again. He actually believed such a silly thing just because it was Yoongi who told him so.


Finally, Yoongi twists his body to look over his shoulder to look at him, eyes slightly wide, and huffs through his nose. "Oh my god, you really did."


Jimin feels heat creep up his neck and cheeks from embarrassment. He'd probably believe Yoongi that water can burn and that kidney beans are actually real kidneys from small animals if he told him so.


Yoongi sighs and turns around again, poking his toes into the ground beneath him.


"It's 'kay, Minmin, I'll get over it eventually. Maybe I should go out, meet new people, all that jizz."


Jimin can smell and feel the pain erupting in Yoongi's chest as he says those words, and for once Jimin doesn't believe him at all.


"Don't you dare," he says and crosses the distance between them. He wraps his arms around Yoongi's shoulders from behind, his cheek pressed against the back of his head, and pulls him close against his chest. "You're an idiot, chubs, a real idiot. Who do you think I want to bite, huh? You! I only want to bite you. I'd never bite anyone else but you."


Jimin can feel Yoongi's heart race and he's so tempted to bite him. He almost does, but just almost.


Yoongi remains frozen before he grips Jimin's lower arms with his hands and holds him tightly, leaning his head against Jimin's, searching his proximity.


"Was that—, was that a love confession just now? I'm not sure, y'know. You need to be a bit clearer," Yoongi murmurs, his fingers feeling cold and clammy against Jimin's skin. Jimin lets out a soft laugh before he nods against Yoongi's head, inhaling his scent.


"It was. The greatest love confession there ever was, very romantic and shit," he says with a smile on his lips, and hugs Yoongi tighter.


"Wow, you're the idiot here."


"No, I'm a vampire."


At that, Yoongi lets out a laugh, a genuine one that explodes right from within him.


"Yeah. My vampire."


A burst of pride and happiness rushes through Jimin's chest at Yoongi's words.


"Only yours," Jimin whispers, still trying to catch up with what is going on and if it's really happening right now. All his previous worries have simply evaporated and yet all these jumbled feelings are too new to be at ease completely as he presses his body closer to Yoongi's.


Yoongi shudders in his arms, his fingers stroking over Jimin's skin like feathers, causing the hair on Jimin's arms to stand upright. Both of them are silent for a moment and Jimin tries to understand that Yoongi must have been in love with him all that time; all those years without him ever getting the damn hint.


But it doesn't matter anymore, no, for he can feel how much Yoongi relaxes in his hold when he lets out a sigh, his heartbeat calming down and then racing again, jumping up and down in Yoongi's chest like the thoughts in Jimin's head.


"Do you want to bite me now?" Yoongi asks in a hushed voice and Jimin almost chokes on his own saliva.


"Min Yoongi!" he exclaims, exasperated.


"What? I've waited for this for, like, fifty years!"


"You're exaggerating," Jimin mumbles, feeling his insides flutter when Yoongi trails his fingertips over his lower arms.


"But it feels like it, Minmin."


Jimin sighs. He can understand Yoongi's eagerness. He can barely control his urges right now, but he has to and he wants to.


"I won't bite you now. Not here and not like that," he says, soaking up Yoongi's warmth. He finally turns his head and runs his nose along Yoongi's temple, feeling a little ecstatic. "Though you're not making it easy for me. Whenever your heart is racing like that I feel the urge to pin you down and drink you up."


Yoongi gasps and shudders, but instead of being scared and trying to get away from Jimin, he turns his head so that their noses are pressed together, their breaths mingling and heating up each other's faces. They're looking at each other with half-lidded eyes and the thought of kissing Yoongi's lips enters Jimin's mind just as violently as did the thought of biting him so many years ago.


"I'd really like to kiss you, though," Jimin says.


Yoongi's breath catches in his throat, his lips twitching into a smile, causing Jimin to do the same.


"I won't stop you," Yoongi mumbles and his gaze flickers down to Jimin's lips, the gravity between them too strong to resist.


Jimin twists his neck a little further, leans in and presses his mouth against Yoongi's.


His eyes fall closed at the same time Yoongi's do and he can feel Yoongi melt into his touch. Jimin is not completely sure what he's doing, how he's supposed to move, but neither is Yoongi and so it's okay.


He opens his mouth a little and instinctively sucks Yoongi's soft bottom lip between his teeth before he runs his tongue over it, causing them both to gasp. He pulls away for a second, but only to open his eyes for a moment and take in Yoongi's flushed cheeks and his beautiful hooded eyes that are so close to his own.


When Jimin claims Yoongi's lips again, his body shivers with the sparks that run down his spine. He licks into Yoongi's mouth the moment he opens up for him, as if he's done just that a million times before.


But it's the very first time and Jimin is sure it's definitely not going to be their last.

Yoongi is already sitting topless on his bed, the towel he usually uses for his hair dying sessions spread out underneath him.


Jimin is in the middle of removing his oversized jumper as well and lets it drop to the floor of Yoongi's room without a care.


Are they too eager for this? Too reckless?


Maybe, maybe they are, since, after all, it has not even been half an hour since their long overdue confessions. But on the other hand—


They've been waiting for this for fucking years, so what is there to still be waiting for?


"Are you sure your parents won't rip your head off for this?" Yoongi asks, lying down so that his head is resting on the already mottled towel. Jimin hopes he won't spill too much of Yoongi's precious blood onto it, but he's never learned how to bite a human properly so he just has to hope for the best.


"I'm eighteen now, I can do whatever I want. The question rather is, are you really sure you want to do this?"


"There's no turning back after this, huh? Once you know how it is, you'll always crave it."


"Guess so, yeah," Jimin says softly. He brushes his hair out of his face and joins Yoongi on the bed. He moves over him on his knees before he straddles his hips and settles on his thighs, their shared proximity familiar despite having never been this intimate before. "So, are you sure you'll want me to nibble on you from time to time, for the rest of your life?"


"You promise me you'll never drink from anyone else?"


"Ts, why would I when I have you?" he leans down and kisses Yoongi on the lips, the sensation still new and making his insides flutter with countless electric sparks. When he pulls back and opens his eyes again, he sees that Yoongi's are still closed. He can't help the smile that spreads on his lips, can't help admiring Yoongi's pretty eyelashes and his cute nose, the soft curve of his lips' cupid's bow. Yoongi sighs then and his hands come to rest on Jimin's thighs.


"I'll be your mate, right?" Yoongi asks, hopeful, peppering more kisses on Jimin's plush lips. Jimin snorts a laugh.


"My mate? Yoongi, that notion is like—, a hundred years outdated."


"I know but—. Being a human mate means we'll always be together and you'll only drink from me and—, mbml," Jimin shuts him up with another kiss before playfully biting into his lower lip.


"You'll be my boyfriend, Yoonie, and I'll be yours. We'll be equals and care for each other, and when you don't feel well, I'll immediately go back to my prepackaged blood and not touch yours until you're a hundred percent well again."


Yoongi takes a deep breath and nods, brushing a stray strand of hair out of Jimin's face and behind his ear.


"Alright, let's do it then. Let's hope I'm tasty," Yoongi jokes and Jimin's eyes turn darker. He licks his lips and smirks.


"Oh, believe me, you are," he says and presses his nose against the vein in Yoongi's neck, making Yoongi shudder and his scent spike. Fuck, Jimin has dreamed of this for so long he can't believe it's finally really happening. "God, don't stop," he almost moans and nibbles on Yoongi's skin, his fingers gripping Yoongi's hips, hard.


"W-what? I'm not—, not even doing anything," Yoongi's voice sounds strangled and his scent is clogging up all of Jimin's senses, making him dizzy.


"Your heart is fucking racing and it's—, it's so good. So good, you have no idea."


"Oh god," Yoongi wheezes, eyes rolling back, and it's enough.


Jimin's fangs extend almost on their own when he opens his mouth to find the perfect angle to bite down on Yoongi's neck. When Yoongi tilts his head to give him better access, his scent wafting against Jimin's nose at the movement, Jimin digs in.


He clamps his teeth down on the column of Yoongi's neck and pierces his veins with inherent precision, his instincts leading him blindly. Yoongi yelps in pain and starts writhing underneath Jimin's body but Jimin is not deterred in the slightest. He grabs Yoongi's hips harder and holds him down by his sides, thumbs pressing in so much they're no doubt going to leave bruises. He can feel Yoongi's arms wrap around him and lets the rush take hold of his body.


Yoongi tastes better than anything he's ever dreamed of.


Yoongi tastes rich and thick and velvety, like the sweetest, most silky nectar, absolutely addictive and like the only thing Jimin will ever want for the rest of his life.


For the first time in his life, Jimin feels starved because he now knows what it's like to actually be starved of this.


How has he survived until now without ever getting a taste of this piece of heaven?


Jimin drinks from Yoongi messily, all care for Yoongi's bedsheets long forgotten. He slurps and licks along the small circular wounds in Yoongi's neck with his fangs still deeply buried inside of it, savours the warm blood that pulsates into his mouth with every single one of Yoongi's heartbeats, lets it fill his mouth and caress his tongue before he swallows it like humans would savour an expensive vintage wine.


When Yoongi moves his legs a little, Jimin presses his face harder against his neck, his instincts demanding him to keep him in check. It's a weird feeling, one that makes him a little apprehensive, but it somehow feels right and he isn't scared. Yoongi becomes completely pliant in Jimin's arms after more moments have passed and his racing heart gradually calms down until it's a steady rhythm that echoes in Jimin's mind and calls for him to stop.


He pulls away from Yoongi with a shaky gasp before he instinctively closes the wounds he's left behind by licking over them and spreading his saliva across the punctured skin. The bleeding stops instantly but Yoongi's neck looks like a battleground, like it's actually been ripped apart, smeared over and over with blood.


Jimin can't take a proper look at it for he just drops down next to Yoongi and curls up into a ball, body shaking and breathing heavy. He feels high, like he's floating, and time and space suddenly don't matter to him anymore.


Nothing matters to him anymore.


Jimin is drifting in and out of consciousness, his mind swimming with images of Yoongi's beautiful smile, his soft nose, his adoring eyes, and his body feels light and free of sorrow with Yoongi's blood coursing through his system.


"Minnie?" he hears Yoongi's voice, but it sounds like he's underwater, dull and far away. He cannot even bring himself to turn his head to look at his best friend – no, his boyfriend. That's right. Yoongi is his boyfriend now. The thought makes Jimin giggle with giddiness but he doesn't really register it at all. He feels too good and too far gone, wallows in the liquid fire that burns through his body in the form of Yoongi's heavenly blood.


"Minmin," Yoongi tries again and this time Jimin can feel arms snake around him and weakly pull him closer. Jimin sighs at the touch and shivers a little, his body feeling sensitive and raw, nerve endings tingling.


"Yoonie," he murmurs and wipes his mouth absentmindedly with the back of his hand. The scent of Yoongi's blood instantly fills his nostrils again and he moans, latching his mouth onto his own hand to suck off the blood he's wiped from his lips and chin.


"Oh god, you're really such a baby," he can hear Yoongi mutter, and Jimin thinks it almost sounds like a coo, that's why he doesn't protest. Yoongi's fingers lazily thread through his hair then, caress his scalp tenderly and Jimin thinks he's going to melt.


"Am not," Jimin whines. He presses his face into Yoongi's naked chest and licks at it with the tip of his tongue where his chin smears more of Yoongi's blood. He can feel Yoongi chuckle, the vibrations of his voice tingling in Jimin's entire body.


"I love you, baby," Yoongi whispers and Jimin smiles dopily.


"Love you too, chubs."

The thing about getting high from Yoongi's blood, as they both learn after their first bite, is that Jimin is absolutely unable to move for a while afterwards.


From a vampire standpoint, that's probably neither completely normal, nor in any way beneficial. If Jimin still had to hunt for his meals like vampires did in the olden times, he'd probably not survive for a single day.


But these are better times and he gets to cuddle with Yoongi for as long as he's passed out, instead of having to flee and hide after a hunt.


That is, until Yoongi's dad gets home and finds them in the remnants of their bloody massacre, Yoongi's neck still stained with blood and Jimin's jaw over and over coloured crimson.


Moreover, they're both half naked and cuddling on Yoongi's bed, but Yoongi's dad doesn't even really seem to register that when he starts shrieking at them in panic.


"What have you done? What were you thinking, boys? You can't just—, oh god. Jimin, why did you—. Your parents will—,"


"Dad, calm down," Yoongi mutters, his scent spiking with mild embarrassment. Jimin is sobering up quickly now and he tries to not immediately feel remorse for what they've done.


His senses are so heightened that he can see every single vein beneath Sungho's skin, can almost hear and feel the irritation that is radiating off of him before it turns into something like surrender.


"Ah, I knew this was going to happen one day," the dentist laments, leaning against the door frame, "it was only a matter of time until you got the glorious idea to try this out."


"Dad, we didn't just—, try it out," Yoongi starts carefully gauging his father's reaction. Jimin doesn't know if this is a good idea, but they couldn't hide it forever anyway. He shifts a little on the mattress and slowly sits up, trying to keep his balance. "Jimin and I, uhm—, we want to be together. As in, boyfriends."


Jimin tries to read Sungho's face, doesn't avert his eyes from his as he stands there with his features hard as stone. But there's no shock on his face, not even any form of surprise. Rather, his features soften and the wrinkles in his skin seem to smoothen out when he takes off his glasses to rub the bridge of his nose.


"You're gonna talk to your parents about this, young man," he addresses Jimin, "they've already looked into courses for a while and you're gonna take one."


"C-courses?" Jimin asks dumbly. He has an inkling what Yoongi's dad is alluding to but he asks anyway, just to be sure.


"Yes, where you'll learn how to control your instincts, how to bite a human properly, how to balance your diet between prepackaged blood and blood directly from the source—,"


"Wait," Yoongi interrupts his dad, "why have Jimin's parents already looked at such courses for him?"


Jimin freezes at Yoongi's question.


Yes, why the hell did they do this and why did they not tell him anything about it?


Now it's Sungho's turn to sweat profusely.


He wipes over his face again, puts his glasses back on and lets out a heavy sigh. "When you're older you'll understand that parents sometimes know their kids better than they know themselves. And now excuse me, I got a phone call to make to inform your parents that it's finally happened."

If anyone thought Jimin and Yoongi couldn't spend any more time together than they already did, they were wrong.


It's like they've discovered a whole new world full of kisses and fluttering tummies, long stares and holding hands under the table, and Jimin is more addicted to his best friend than he's ever been before.


Yoongi's blood has left a warm buzz in Jimin's system that he still feels a week later, the physical as well as the mental connection to Yoongi stronger than ever. Jimin can't help but constantly nuzzle his face into the crook of Yoongi's neck and kiss the bite marks he's left there, can't help but just press his nose into his pulse and inhale his scent with closed eyes for hours on end while Yoongi is playing video games on his bed with Jimin clinging to him like a koala.


Jimin has never felt so alive and so free of worries his entire life as in those moments.


He loves Yoongi more than anything else in the world.


He never wants to be without him again.


And Yoongi loves Jimin, which he wants to show him by taking him out on their first date.


Granted, Jimin had to call the restaurant that Yoongi wanted to take him to because Yoongi is too anxious to make phone calls to people he doesn't know, but they reserved a table like proper adults would do and Jimin is all proud of that.


Jimin has made himself pretty, wearing a nice patterned shirt and tight black pants, hair parted in the middle and eyes accentuated by some kohl. Yoongi, too, looks absolutely amazing with his freshly dyed blonde hair, black denim jeans and black blazer that he wears over an equally black T-shirt.


He looks amazing – but also very nervous.


He's been fretting over the date for days already, and now that they're standing in front of the entrance of the nice, fancy restaurant, his nerves are getting the better of him. Jimin cannot only smell his nervousness, he can almost feel his jittery nerves.


However, Jimin can relate.


He does feel kind of out of place as well.


"This is so weird, chubs. Can't we like—, go to KFC or something instead?" Jimin asks and Yoongi almost chokes on his own spit.


"I saved up for this!"


"When? It's only been a week since we became boyfriends!"


"I—," Yoongi blushes and looks at the restaurant window, his lips pouty. Jimin's eyes grow huge.


"You—. Yoongi, you've really been saving up for this before that?"


"Only for about two years," Yoongi mumbles quickly and unmistakably wishes to be somewhere else right now by the way the tips of his ears turn red and his hand that finds its way to his neck to rub it abashedly.


Touched by Yoongi's confession, Jimin's gaze softens and his insides are thrumming with warmth.


"Okay, fine. Let's go in then, come on, I'm starving," Jimin grabs Yoongi's wrist and pulls him inside the restaurant. Yoongi almost stumbles over his own feet but Jimin keeps him steady.


The interior of the restaurant really looks quite fancy, the walls a champagne colour and decorated with golden ornaments, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that reflect their lights everywhere. The tables are beautifully set and the staff looks impeccably dressed, ready to fulfil the patrons' every wish.


There are no weird stares inside because the restaurant serves both vampires and humans and at least this makes Jimin feel a little more at ease.


Jimin throws stolen glances in Yoongi's direction as they'll get shown to their table by the maître d' and sit down opposite of each other. There is a fucking candle on the table that is lit for them and Jimin has a hard time to not grin from ear to ear.


This feels much too grown-up for a high school graduate like him but he loves it anyway, loves that Yoongi wanted to treat him to something special like this on their first date.


Yoongi stares at the menu card that the maître d' handed them and Jimin wants to do the same. Only, he gets distracted by Yoongi's blood that keeps rushing through his veins at high-speed and Jimin gets too captivated by how adorable Yoongi is trying to not let it show.


"Yoonie," he says, reaching across the table and taking Yoongi's larger hand into his smaller one, "it's just us. We're just going to eat and talk and have fun like we always do. Nothing to be so nervous about," he gently squeezes Yoongi's sweaty fingers and rubs over his knuckles with his thumb. Yoongi lets out a stuttering breath before he nods.


"I know, it's just—. You look so beautiful and I still can't believe you're actually my boyfriend and that you're going on a date with me."


Jimin can't help but smile so wide his cheeks almost hurt and his eyes disappear.


"You look very handsome too, Yoonie."


"Y-y'know, you got prettier and prettier over the years and I thought you'd never notice me and think of me as more than just a friend, so—," Yoongi trails off, his expression clouding over with the pent-up feelings he carried inside of him for so many years. Jimin swallows dryly and licks his lips.


"But I did. I did for a while now. Ever since your graduation," Yoongi's eyes grow bigger, "but I was too scared to tell you because even before that, thoughts of how I wanted to bite you entered my head and I was scared, really scared, until I just couldn't hide it any longer."


Yoongi pauses for a moment, his eyes flickering over Jimin's face.


"Were you scared 'cause of your parents? Because they wouldn't want you to drink from a human?"


Jimin shakes his head.


"No, I was scared of hurting you. Mostly. And I'm really fucking glad I didn't when I bit you." Yoongi smiles, eyes oozing warmth.


"I know you'd never hurt me, Minmin," Yoongi squeezes his hand again and Jimin ignores the fact that some years ago, he already did hurt Yoongi in a moment of carelessness.


The waiter comes to their table to take their order then and Jimin unwillingly lets go of Yoongi's hand again. Not wanting to show that they were just talking and not really focusing on picking a menu, they pick something in a rush and pretend to be total pros at that whole fancy restaurant thing with serene smiles on their lips. Jimin cheekily bites his lips when the waiter leaves again and grins at Yoongi who has a sheepish smile on his face.


"How did they take it? Are they okay with it?" Yoongi further asks about Jimin's parents and Jimin sighs, playing with his napkin on the table before Yoongi takes his hand again as if he couldn't stand the loss of physical contact for even one second.


"They were initially not very happy. Not about us being together, but me drinking your blood. But apparently, they've been expecting it for a while already. They didn't seem very surprised about it at all, just like your dad said. They said I'm old enough to know what I want and to make my own decisions. So they gave me their blessings."


"I'm glad they accepted it so easily," Yoongi smiles, playing with Jimin's fingers, "I was ready to fight, despite shitting my pants."


Jimin has to laugh at that. "And rightly so, they would've kicked your scrawny ass," Yoongi shows him his kissable pouty lips and Jimin has to suppress the urge to lean over the table and kiss him breathless, "but I'm glad to know you would've fought for us."


They look into each other's eyes, get lost in them even though they've already done so a million times before. Yet, Jimin still finds something new in Yoongi's beautiful eyes every time they do.


When the waiter comes back, Jimin slowly lets go of Yoongi's hand to sit more upright and mumbles a thanks when they receive their plates. Jimin blinks at the pudding-like, half-sphere blob of blood on his plate and hopes it's going to be worth Yoongi's hard earned money.


"We hope that everything will be to your satisfaction, Sirs," the waiter bows slightly and Yoongi nods before he glances at Jimin, pressing his lips to a thin line and Jimin can practically smell how much he has to hold back from laughing.


Jimin clears his throat when the waiter is gone and takes his wine glass filled with finest type 0 blood into his hand – though nothing is ever going to be as good as Yoongi's. "Sir," he says and grins at Yoongi who starts chuckling, "I hope this night will satisfy your expectations, Sir," Yoongi grins when he picks up his glass as well and cheers with Jimin while snickering into his fist.


The food turns out to be delicious but Jimin isn't sure if it really is because this is a high-class restaurant or simply because he was really hungry and craved any type of blood at this point.


They talk about this and that while eating their food, about old stories from their childhood, about feelings that developed when they turned into teenagers, about the here and now and about what they will do in the near future, and Jimin enjoys every minute of it.


Whenever Yoongi is telling a story, Jimin is just sitting there with his elbows on the table, his fingers curled against his chin, his eyes full of stars and his lips spread into a bright smile that just won't disappear in the slightest and turns into a laugh whenever Yoongi tells a joke. He could listen to him talk for hours and never get tired of it.


When they leave the restaurant, Yoongi is already holding out his hand for Jimin to take, flashing him a cheeky smile while mumbling another 'Sir' that causes Jimin to laugh so much that he basically crashes into his boyfriend, holding onto his hand for purchase. Yoongi's thumb is stroking over the back of his hand from time to time while walking back to the car and Jimin couldn't enjoy this any more than he already does.


"That was a beautiful evening, Yoongi. Thank you," Jimin says when they sit inside of the car, all buckled up. He leans his temple against the passenger seat, body slightly twisted, just looking at Yoongi to appreciate his handsomeness.


"Oh please, it was kind of awkward and a little over the top, too," Yoongi snorts but looks happy nonetheless, causing Jimin to grin.


"Yeah, maybe it was. But I still enjoyed myself, Sir."


"Shuddup, Minmin," Jimin just laughs and shakes his head, watching the world pass by outside the window as the car rolls through the streets, the city lights shining beautifully in all sorts of colours. Nevertheless, he can't wait to reach Yoongi's home and spend the night with him.


They begged Yoongi's parents so much to have the house to themselves just for one night and it was a horrible piece of work but finally they gave in and decided to make a short trip to a hot spring, leaving Yoongi and Jimin alone. Jimin even endured Yoongi's parents' teasing remarks and knowing smirks even though they were completely unnecessary.


They're just having a sleepover, just like in the past.


When they reach home and get rid of their shoes and jackets, they stand in the corridor and look at each other, a little clueless about what to do now.


"So," Yoongi says.


"So," Jimin repeats. Yoongi grins.


"Now that we have the house to ourselves, what are we going to do?"


Giddy, Jimin tries to suppress a grin and purses his lips instead.


"We're going to build a castle, of course!"


Yoongi laughs and takes his hand. "My thoughts exactly."


Like so many years ago during their first sleepover on Yoongi's birthday, they gather all sorts of pillows, sheets, blankets and whatever else they can find and start building a blanket fort in the living room, conveniently placed in front of the TV.


"This is too small, chubs," Jimin laughs and almost doubles over when he sees how Yoongi has tried to make the inside of the castle the exact same as when they were children, apparently without taking into account that they've grown since then. "Oh my god, this is too much," Yoongi sits there in front of it, looking at his work with a blank expression, and Jimin falls to the floor from laughing until he has to gasp for air.


Yoongi snaps his head towards him then with a mighty pout on his face.


"I'll show you who's too much – too much of a fucking brat," Yoongi shuffles closer to Jimin on his knees before pouncing on him, unforgiving hands starting to tickle Jimin's sides and his stomach. Jimin screams before he curls into a ball, tears pooling in the corners of his eyes. He just can't stop laughing as Yoongi keeps wiggling his fingers against his body and only half-heartedly tries to stop him. He doesn't want to risk hurting him and ruining their perfect evening.


"I surrender! You win, you win! Your castle is beautiful! It's beautiful, I swear!"


All smug, Yoongi huffs in approval with a complacent smile on his face and lets go of him.


"I know," he says in that cocky voice of his before his shoulders slump a little, "we need to make this bigger though. It's too small."


Jimin looks at him, scandalised and shoves at his butt with his foot. "That's what I've been saying, dude!"


They keep bickering about each other's craftsmanship until they've built a blanket fort that is big enough to fit them both and also allows them to watch TV. They change into their pyjamas and get comfortable on the mattress they put on the floor and crawl under the blankets together. Jimin immediately snuggles up to Yoongi's chest and cuddles with him during the entire duration of the movie they're 'watching'.


When the movie is over and they missed half of it because they were busy kissing, they turn the TV off and their flashlight on.


"Yoonie?" Jimin asks into the darkness of the living room, only the flashlight glowing underneath the blanket.




"Can I bite you again?"


Yoongi snorts a laugh. "We just had dinner."


"I know but—," Jimin sighs. Maybe he is too greedy, maybe he wants too much all at once, but he craves Yoongi's blood so much, like an itch beneath his skin he cannot scratch. He tells himself that just a drop would be enough to make him satisfied, just a little taste.


He studies Yoongi's dimly lit face, his calm eyes that are half covered by his fringe, and lets the silence settle between them for a while. All he can hear is Yoongi's calm breathing and his mellow heartbeat that reverberates loudly in Jimin's ears. He can read on Yoongi's face that he is turning the thought around in his mind, that he's toying with the idea of letting Jimin have another drink.


Jimin can tell that they both want it, but it's Yoongi who has to give his okay.


From one moment to the other, Yoongi sits up and takes off his shirt, pulling it over his head. Jimin just looks at him with big eyes.


"C'mere," Yoongi says and takes his wrist, pulling him closer and on top of him. Jimin's breath hitches in his throat as he clambers onto Yoongi's lap, feeling the warm body beneath him. "Don't hold back," Yoongi says as he tilts his head to present his neck and a shiver runs down Jimin's spine.


He immediately has his nose on Yoongi's neck and inhales deeply, feeling Yoongi shudder underneath him.


"Is this really okay?" he whispers, gently caressing Yoongi's sides, spreading light kisses on the column of his neck and his throat. He loves how that alone makes Yoongi's heart race and his enticing scent float around them, engulfing him with warmth.


"Y-yes," Yoongi sounds choked up with a hint of something else in his voice, "told you to not hold back. Don't you dare to hold back on me."


Jimin feels another shudder run through Yoongi's body when he licks over his delicious skin and that's when he smells it. He gasps against Yoongi's throat before he lets out a whimper, causing Yoongi to bury his hands in his hair.


There's arousal in Yoongi's blood.


Jimin presses his lips against the prominent vein in Yoongi's neck before he licks over the two small scars he's left there from the first time he drank his blood. It causes Yoongi to moan and Jimin's instincts kick in even harder.


"Yoonie, I want you. So much," Jimin breathes, his gaze turning darker. He wants Yoongi, in more than just one way. He wants to feel all of him. He wants to be between his legs and suck the blood from his thigh, he wants to bite his wrists, his collarbone, his neck again.


He wants to lick off his blood of every trace of his body.


Jimin looks up at Yoongi through his lashes while he's kissing down Yoongi's chest that is rising and falling at a quick pace with shallow breaths. He lets his tongue dart out and drags it over his soft tummy before he dips it into his navel, listening to the small noises of pleasure that fall from Yoongi's lips.


The scent of Yoongi's arousal becomes stronger the further down he goes, and it almost explodes when Jimin extends his fangs.


"Shit, Yoongi," he rasps and sucks in another breath, his lungs filling with the enticing smell of Yoongi's pheromones, his insides tingling, "you smell so fucking good."


"Hurry up and take off my pants," Yoongi rushes out and Jimin doesn't waste any time to do just that, gets Yoongi's pyjama pants off with the other's help and unabashedly presses his nose into the junction of where his hip meets his thigh, inhaling deeply, causing Yoongi to tremble and moan his name. He lets his hands run over the outsides of Yoongi's thighs before he lifts his head a little, meeting Yoongi's intense gaze with one of fierce hunger.


There's this something between them. Something that has never been there before, something new that had awoken with that first bite a week ago and has changed their friendship to something different forever.


But Jimin would ruin the platonic nature of their relationship over and over again, without any hint of hesitation, to let this kind of desire bloom between them.


With their eyes locked, Jimin sinks his fangs into the vein in Yoongi's thigh and gets lost in the savoury sweetness of Yoongi's blood.

"Why won't you still not let me suck your dick?" Jimin asks, a petulant pout on his lips. He's stomping over the grass in the direction of the riverbed, a parasol jammed between his arm and his side, a cooling box in his other hand.


"Because," Yoongi starts pointedly, "my dick is full of delicious blood when I'm aroused and I don't wanna risk you going all bitey-bite on me down there."


Jimin splutters and huffs in disbelief. "How many times do I have to tell you I won't bite you there? Have I ever bitten you anywhere you didn't want me to during the past year?"


"No? But that doesn't mean you could resist biting me in the heat of the moment, or just—, graze your fangs over my rock-hard dick," Yoongi shudders exaggeratedly. "No, Jimin. Not over my dead body," Jimin takes a breath and before he can say it out loud Yoongi shuts him up by mimicking him, "'stop saying that', yeah yeah, I know."


Miffed and sulky, Jimin pouts and throws the parasol and the cooling box to the ground when they've found a nice place to build the fire they'll need for their barbecue.


Ever since they went on their first date together at that fancy restaurant one year ago, they've decided that they're not a fancy couple at all. That they'd rather spend their first anniversary as a couple like this: simple, in nature and far away from other people.


"I swear to god, Min Yoongi, if you keep talking about dying, I'm gonna—,"


"What? Are you gonna kill me?"


"Yoongi!" Jimin whines, watching with hands clenched by his sides how Yoongi sets up the folding table with a grin on his lips. "May I remind you of the pneumonia you had last winter and almost died? I never want to go through something like this again!"


Yoongi's gaze softens and he lets the table be table before he walks up to Jimin and hugs him close.


"Don't be so upset, Minmin. I'm sorry, yeah? I won't die anytime soon, 'kay?" Yoongi leans in and softly kisses Jimin's lips, Jimin's eyes fluttering closed when he does so. "You're protecting me and should it ever become really necessary, I can still drink your blood."


Jimin looks at him through his lashes and puts his hands on Yoongi's shoulders, stroking them with his thumbs.


"I know. I'm just sensitive about this cause you could hurt yourself while I cannot, and I don't really know what it's like. I just want you to be unharmed."


"I know, baby," Yoongi nuzzles their noses together and kisses him again. Jimin's chest flutters. "Try not to think about it too much, okay? Today we're gonna enjoy our first anniversary. The first of many to come."


Jimin nods quickly and spreads his lips into a smile. "Yes. Let's enjoy it to the fullest."


There's nothing for Jimin to barbecue, but he does get to suck Yoongi's blood from his wrist as a treat. Unfortunately, the insides of Yoongi's wrists seem to be very sensitive spots and Jimin hiccups in surprise when Yoongi cannot hold back a moan.


An intense gaze and some heated moments later, Jimin is lying in the grass with Yoongi on top of him, and he lets himself be consumed by Yoongi's passion with his hot blood coursing through Jimin's system like a current of electricity.


Afterwards, they're lying in the grass, spent and very satisfied.


"Didn't think you'd be so open to some exhibitionism," Jimin chuckles as he traces random patterns on Yoongi's damp skin.


"What can I do? Not my fault we don't really get too many opportunities to do it in our beds, thanks to our parents. Especially when we're at yours, 'cause damn I swear they can hear everything."


Jimin lets out a full-bellied giggle at that, his entire body curling into Yoongi's side.


"Yeah, sadly, that's true," he says, kissing Yoongi's shoulder. "Chubs?"




"Are we ever going to live together? In our own apartment, without any parents around to disturb us?"


"We're nineteen and twenty-two, Jimin. We don't have to rush, we got all the time in the world."


"But do you want to? Live together, I mean."


"Of course I do," Yoongi says softly, brushing a stray eyelash off of Jimin's cheek with his thumb. "I just think we should get a little more financially stable before we move out of our parents' homes. We still see each other every day anyway."


"You're always too mature, babe," Jimin sighs before his gaze fills with longing, his insides tingling at the sweet thoughts of living with Yoongi in a little apartment they could call their own. "Just imagine how wonderful it's gonna be if we can fall asleep next to each other every night. And then wake up every morning with you by my side, snoring like a sawmill," Jimin sighs dreamily before he guffaws at Yoongi's derailed face.


"I'm not snoring that loud!"


"Oh, if only you knew," Jimin snickers, hiding his mouth behind his loose fist, and snuggles up to his boyfriend, "but I love it anyway. It's cute."


"Ts, you're snoring, too, mister, just so you know," Yoongi grumbles before he wraps his arms around Jimin and pulls him closer, pressing a kiss into his hair. Jimin grins.


"I can live with that. I can live with that very well."

At age twenty-one and twenty-three, Jimin and Yoongi spend their first proper vacation together. And proper means: abroad in a country they don't know the language of, for at least two weeks and without anyone else to accompany them.


It goes well.


Apart from Jimin not taking into account time zones and freaking out when he thinks they're gonna miss their connecting flight while Yoongi remains too fucking chill in such a life or death situation.


Or the fact that Yoongi gets a sunburn of hell because he didn't put sunscreen on before going out for like five minutes.


Or the fact that they soil the bedsheets of the hotel they're staying at after Yoongi gets shitfaced drunk one night and Jimin with him when he sucks his intoxicated blood like a headless maniac.


But they get to visit the most beautiful sights during the days, dance at clubs at night, fill their camera roll with the cutest couple pictures and wonderful memories.


When they get back home, they feel closer to each other than ever before.


And as they're now pretty sure that they won't kill each other when spending a prolonged time together, they finally feel ready to move in together.


"Ah, chubs, this is such a lovely flat," Jimin beams, clasping his hands together in front of his chest. His eyes are sparkling as he takes in the tiny but very cosy and bright flat that consists of a living room and a bedroom, a tiny kitchen and a bathroom with a tub. Pure luxury. Jimin feels elated.


His voice echoes inside the empty walls and it feels kind of weird because it vibrates inside his skull.


He can't wait to fill it up with their things.


Yoongi flashes him a happy smile, eyes crinkling at the corners, before he takes his hands and kisses him.


"I can't wait to come home to you every day," Yoongi mumbles against his lips and Jimin's insides erupt in a firework. Even after having been together as boyfriends for three years, Jimin's knees still go weak when he feels Yoongi's lips against his own.


"Me neither, Yoonie," Jimin whispers back, his cheeks bunching up with a smile.


"Ahem," the voice of the woman who is showing them their flat rips them out of their revery and Jimin can feel the blood in his system rush to his cheeks, "so I take it that you're applying for the flat?" Jimin rubs the back of his neck while Yoongi scratches his ear and they both nod as confirmation.


"Yes, we're gonna take it, gladly," Yoongi says and Jimin tries to ignore the woman's wary glance at him. She's been nervous ever since she saw the bite marks on Yoongi's neck and wrists, and Jimin knows she can't stop wondering if he's the one who gave them to him.


Jimin doesn't mind though. He's gotten used to receiving sceptical stares or people even asking Yoongi if he's okay or needs help. Jimin knows that Yoongi loves him, and that is all that counts for him.


"Alright," the woman says, writing something down on the sheet of paper on her clipboard, "in that case, the flat is yours. Congratulations."

"Jimin, we've gone grocery shopping before, even when we weren't living together. Why are you making such a big deal out of this?" Yoongi asks when they put down their shopping bags on the empty kitchen counter.


"Because this is the first time we're actually buying stuff for our own flat, chubs! That's something special!" Jimin pouts, starting to arrange his blood bags inside the fridge. "Didn't you like pushing the shopping cart through the store together?"


Yoongi rolls his eyes before he gives Jimin a quick peck on the cheek. "You're so cheesy. I love you, baby."


Jimin closes the door of the fridge and grins dopily, his dull front teeth sinking into his bottom lip.


"Love you too, Yoonie."


His gaze falls on the white fridge door where he stuck the drawing of the vampire dinosaur that Yoongi drew for him so many years ago first thing after moving in. They had just met for the first time then, and now they're here, in their own little apartment without any parents around who could potentially burst into their rooms without knocking, with their own furniture (which they still mostly have to buy), with no one telling them to go to bed when they're up playing games all night long.


Jimin really can't wait to cuddle with Yoongi on the couch in front of the TV, to wake up next to him every morning, to prepare food for him that Jimin will never get to taste but learned how to make anyway cause he's a vampire in love with a human.


When they're done with putting away all the food they bought, they prepare some popcorn for Yoongi and some blood capsule snacks for Jimin before going to their living room. They only finished unloading and hauling up everything to the third floor a few hours ago and the room explodes in chaos with boxes and bags and stacks of all kinds of things piling up everywhere.


The only thing properly set up already is the TV.


"Cleaning all of that is going to be so much fun," Yoongi mutters sarcastically, heaving a sigh when he takes everything in.


"Oh, come on," Jimin slaps his arm, "you'll see, together even cleaning up is going to be fun!" Jimin chirps, not letting his good mood be tainted. He's probably going to die as soon as they start to tidy up this mess, but right now he feels like he could move mountains.


"I'll remind you of that when you start whining about where the hell to put everything."


They don't have a couch yet, so what they did was inflate an air mattress that they've covered with blankets and pillows to make it a little more comfortable. Dead as they feel, they both plop down on it next to each other and it couldn't be any more perfect.


"Damn, we really need a couch," Jimin chuckles, "look at us losers basically sitting on the floor."


"Our asses are gonna be so sore," Yoongi groans while putting the snacks on top of a makeshift table consisting of a moving box filled with books and turns on the TV, switching to Netflix, while Jimin prepares a blood bag and Yoongi's cherry Capri Sun with the straws.


"Don't worry, I'm gonna be gentle if you are," Jimin wiggles his eyebrows and Yoongi snorts, shaking his head with a grin.


"Oh god, you're impossible. I guess this is gonna be a long night."


Jimin snuggles up properly to his boyfriend under the blanket they're sharing and puts his legs across Yoongi's lap, his cheek squished against his shoulder.


"Nah. I'm probably going to be way too tired anyway," as if on cue, he yawns and hands Yoongi his drink.


"That's understandable, baby. We worked hard today," Yoongi raises his Capri Sun and Jimin glances at it briefly before he grins and lifts his blood bag as well, cheering with Yoongi as if they had expensive champagne glasses between their fingers.


"But it was worth it because I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with my best friend."


Yoongi looks at him with a soft smile on his lips and fondness in his eyes before he kisses him softly and mumbles against his lips.


"Yes. Forever and always."