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Naoya Added Tatsuya, Minato, Souji and Akira to the Chat

Naoya changed the Chat’s name to ProtagFam

Naoya changed their name to NaoNya

Tatsuya: What... The fuck?

NaoNya: Nya?

Minato: Why did you make this chat again Nayoa-nii?

Souji changed their name to Crisis

Crisis: Yeah, we already have a group chat for us.

NaoNya: Because Mina-chan

NaoNya: While we have one chat to complain about our problems and help each other and just talk,

NaoNya : This one is for the glorious memes, inside jokes, and for us to gush about our gay crushes.

Tatsuya: Couldn’t that happen the first chat?

NaoNya: Well, yeah, but It’s easier to decipher if we need to be taken seriously if we use different chats.

Tatsuya: Wow, Nao-nii. That’s actually really smart of you

NaoNya: And because that chat’s boring and I don’t get to joke around with you lot often.

Akira Changed his name to FuckBoi

FuckBoi: Aaaaaannnnnndd there is the dear, eccentric Naoya we all know and hate.

FuckBoi: <3

NaoNya: Says the Rebel Delinquent Trickster Thief.

Tatsuya:  Why is our eldest is still a child mentally?

NaoNya: Hey!

Tatsuya: Well Your Pen Name says it all.

FuckBoy: Oooh, Burn!

FuckBoi: Tho Tatsuya-Nii, Minato-Nii, you really should change your Pen Name tho

Tatsuya: Why?

FuckBoi: ....Because... You'll fit in?

Tatsuya: -_-

NaoNya changes Tatsuya's name to StickInTheMud

NaoNya changed Minato’s name to Asshole

NaoNya: Done.

StickInTheMud: I am not a Stick in the mud!

Asshole: Well, if you were to describe my attitude towards you shits, then yeah, I can live with this.

StickInTheMud changed their name to MotorBikeFan

MotorBikeFan: It's my friend's suggestions.

FuckBoi: It works. I guess. You do like your Motorbikes.

NaoNya: ... I have an Idea >:D

MotorBikeFan: Naoya, No

Asshole: Oh no

Crisis: Fuck

Fuckboi: Ooh?

NaoNya Changed their name to EaringBoi

EaringBoi changed MotorBikeFan’s name to SilentBoi

EaringBoi changed Crisis's name to GlassesBoi

EaringBoi changed Asshole’s name to BroodyBoi

BroodyBoi: Oddly fitting... again, describes one aspect of me, but still.

FuckBoi: I like how you don't change my Name

EaringBoi: Well you're already a 'Boi' so I didn't bother.

GlassesBoi: I only wear glasses in the TV World tho.

FuckBoi: Hold up

FuckBoi changed their name to GlassesBoi2.0

GlassesBoi2.0 Changed GlassesBoi's name to CrisisBoi

CrisisBoi: Well, To be fair, I only have an Existential Crisis every week so :/

GlassesBoi2.0: Exactly >:)


EaringBoi: We could meet up sometime soon!

EaringBoi: I miss you all

GlassesBoi2.0: I can't leave Shibuya, cause probation for HELPING ANOTHER HUMAN

SilentBoi: Well I have a Bike so I can get to you pretty easily.

BroodyBoi: I can try to come over? Though everyone my end up following.

CrisisBoi: Same? Like I wouldn't mind leaving to meet you guys but everyone will wonder where I'm going. Shit's still a storm over here.

BroodyBoi: Yep. Cause Bullshit like this has to happen to the protagonists.

EaringBoi: Fine, after the shit goes down, lets meet then. We're free at the same time since school years and shit, right?

SilentBoi: Basically.

BroodyBoi: Hopefully.

CrisisBoi: I may be an emotional wreck, but yes. 

GlassesBoi2.0: I don't wanna leave Shibuya. I wanna live with Coffee Dad. :'(

GlassesBoi2.0: Besides, my parents already hate me. Why do I need to go back to them?

CrisisBoi: Well, unless you can stay with someone after the probation until you can live by yourself, then well... yeah. :| Otherwise you can always visit Shibuya?

GlassesBoi2.0: Forever?

BroodyBoi: Dude. No. Like, maybe a month, but never forever. That’s too much commitment.

GlassesBoi2.0: Oh fuck off XP. I finished his confidant and he sees me as a SONN and honestly I don't wanna leave.

EaringBoi: Confidant...? OH Social Links!

CrisisBoi: Yeah, He calls them Confidants for some reason.

GlassesBoi2.0: What do you expect from the rebel in this fucked up family? ;)

SilentBoi: I hate you all

CrisisBoi: You love us really. <3

SilentBoi: Shit I’ve been exposed.