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Tabruzzi Drabbles

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(Written by someone who have only seen season 1 of Prison Break and ships the hell outta these two)
T-bag and Abruzzi's realtionship has changed and even if the whole prison ignored it, Michael saw it. Theodore stopped showing up with  bruises and the white sheet would always be up in their cell. Should Michael care or let it slide? 


T-bag and Abruzzi have shared a cell for almost a month and T-bags was still annoying and noisy, but he also seemed tense everytime Abruzzi were close.
It didn’t hit the others in the group until the second week when Sucre pointed out bitemarks and bruses on T-Bags back.
Abruzzi and he were having sex, not gentle. Abruzzi must have stopped hitting him if he interrupted Michael’s plans.
He must have found another solution. The escape from Fox river is in three days and Michael couldn’t be more irritated because of this. The last thing he should be thinking about is whenever T-bag was okay with what Abruzzi did to him. Michael didn’t have time, he just had to let it slide until they got out.

The whole prison have seen Abruzzi hang a white sheet for days, but today during count, T-Bag's face was covered with  bruises and a purple black eye. He were denying to the guards who did it to him and everyone thought the mafia boss just beat the shit out of him. No one really thought seconds when T-bags brushes stopped coming and the sheet was still up.


Having sex with the redneck could be one of the best things that have happened to Abruzzi here in prison. He loved it, he loved being in control, doing everything the way he wanted and how T-bag let him get away with it. Although he hated that they couldn’t be loud or kiss in public due to his own and T-bags rep. Even if John became rough during sex, he still wanted Theodore to feel good. So if T-bag would shake his head or nod if he wanted to stop, Abruzzi usually respected it. The murderer of children is still a human and Abruzzi loved how his eyes looked at him mixed with lust and emptiness.


Abruzzi and him were alone in the workroom, which is the last thing Theodore wants them to be right now. He had to open up about his feelings or else he won't be given another opportunity.
“You planned this didn’t you? To beat the shit out of me first days” Theodore said, feeling that he was going to start something.
“Well that way it wouldn’t have any effect on your prison rep Teddy” “It still affects me thought!” Theodore said almost screaming it out. John stood up this time walking towards him, Theodore usually didn’t yell at him or ever mentioned anything about how he feels about the whole situation

“Does it now? Me beating you or fucking you?”
T-bag looked down and murmured the word fucking
“Which part affects you Teddy? Do you mean the part where your ass get stretched? Or the part where you are left with a hard on? Or when I make you moan for me like a little bitch?
T-bag spit at his direction and looked him straight dead in the eye "All of it”
“Why did you suggest it then?” Abruzzi said with an annoyed tone on his voice.
“It sounded better than getting beat up” T-bag said and moved closer to the wall when Abruzzi approached him.

Even if he first thought Theodores suggestion about fucking him instead of beating him was crazy, now that he has done it. He honestly couldn’t stop, something about the other man being so obedient made his dick really hard and his mind blurry.
“When we get out of here, I will never see your ass again so it will stop Teddy.”
“So you are just going to stop touching me like that? Toss me away?” Now John confused.
“What?” “N-Nothing” Theodore looked down. Did he just develop a Stockholm syndrome or did he actually have feelings for Abruzzi?
“You want me to stop Teddy?”

There goes the nickname, the nickname T-bag absolutely melted hearing from the other man's lips. John might be rough with him during sex, but he loved every second of it. He loved how John would clean him up after and sometimes give him goodnight kisses on his forehead. Abruzzi got up in T-bags personal space. He took a hold of the smaller man's hips.
“Say it Theodore” John looked him right in the eye, seeing the hatred eyes being filled with lust.
“I don’t want you to stop” He said with a high pitch voice crack and a begging tone.
“Say it again” Abruzzi whispered and started to kiss on Theodores neck.
“I don’t want you to stop” It came out as a whisper and he could feel his own dick getting hard. Abruzzi went back to his face and pulled down the overall zipper all the way, seeing that T-bag was naked under it.
“You are such a bad boy, do you know that?”
“Touch me please” T-bag begged.

Hearing the other man beg made John lose everything he knew about heterosexuality. He went down on his knees and pulled the other mans hard cock out.
“J-John” T-bag gasped.
The taller man started pumping his cock getting it fully hard and then licked from the base up to the head. Theodore moaned this time really loud, he had never seen Abruzzi do something so dirty.
“Don’t get used to this Teddy” John said before sucking with a fast pace.
“Johnny boy if you continue this I’m going to..” T-bag couldn’t handle it. Abruzzi blowing him for the first time is too much, but at the same time he never wanted to stop seeing the man choke on his. Without any warning T-bag came seconds after. When Abruzzi felt the warm load inside his mouth he couldn’t pull out. Then they would make a mess.
“Oh Jesus” T-bag grabbed Abruzzis head and made him swallow all of his cum. After he had calmed down he sunk to the floor. sitting face to face with John.
“If you think you can grab my head like that again. I gonna bite your cock off” John said while wiping some of the cum on his inner sleeve.
“Which means you just admitted that you would have my cock inside your mouth again”
“Whatever Theodore” John said, not looking at him and stood up
“Pull your zipper up” Abruzzi wanted to look at the others small body, it was begging him to touch it, but he need to get his brain under control. Did he, just suck, another guy off? How was he ever going to explain to his wife how great that was, well he wouldn’t need to. It’s not like T-bag would ever be part of his life after prison.