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Mental dialogues

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Nairin Shepard ... for many the name of the first spectrum of mankind has been a mystery to crew member it was just name, and for Mordin - whole science.

- Six letters ...

- Mordin?

- Shepard, your name is extremely specifically, the more it is common in turians hierarchy.

- My father never treated xenophobia and well -spoke about turians. My name to a good example. Why you suddenly about it started talking?

- In the young years, more on delivery of higher education, I was fond of . Quite a fascinating science and helps to find out the other person pretty quickly and, most importantly, almost without errors.

- Is you what?

- You are interested in its own name?

- You know how to ask questions? Unexpectedly ...

- Sarcasm. Desire to hide awkwardness. Expression of human pride. Nairin, you very spitfire. Recommend to take a couple of lessons meditation in Samara

- Go forest, Mordin!

- People extremely fiery and aggressive and you to fine example.

Mordin look place where a minute ago was Shepard and touched place before was Horn, continued their research as nothing happened. However, the interest in full disclosure of personal Shepard and not lost.