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A Lesson in Chemistry

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“No, Kev, I have not even sort of considered Reggie’s offer.” You leaned back on your bed, resting on the stack of pillows in front of your headboard.

“Oh, come on, Y/N, it’s just one date,” Kevin groaned, collapsing on the foot of your bed. “He may be a tool, but he’s so hot.”

“You’re just trying to live vicariously through me,” you argued. “You want me to sleep with all the straight guys you can’t just so I can tell you about it later.”

“Y/N.” His voice was matter-of-fact.  "It’s not my fault I’m one of like three guys into other guys in the entire town of Riverdale.  And now that Joaquin’s gone, it may just be me and Moose.“

You rolled your eyes. "I’m still not doing it, Kev.  It’s just begging for trouble.  All I need is my name written in some book for the entire football team to circlejerk over.”

He gave his most dramatic groan/eye roll combo. “Fine, be that way.  I’ll just waste away in my celibate prison of a life.”

“You are disgustingly dramatic, dude.”

He grinned. “And proud of it.”

You turned your attention back to the project at hand.  You had a big Chemistry test coming up, so you had invited Kevin over to help you with equations.  He was doing much better than you in the class, but he seemed determined to waste the whole night talking about Riverdale’s hottest fuckboys.

“So, Kev, any chance we’re going to get any Chemistry done tonight?  The test is on Monday, and my G.P.A. would not recover from a failure.” You sat up straighter, trying to focus, but failing miserably. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He rolled onto his stomach and flipped through your open textbook. “How about we start with some simple equation balancing?”

“Literally, I’ll do whatever you tell me.” You shook your head, staring down at your worksheet with an overwhelming feeling of defeat. “I’m hopeless.”

“Nah, not hopeless, just–” He was cut off by a banging on the door.  


You and Kevin stared at each other, your eyes widening in fear.  Your parents were out for the night, so it was just the two of you there to defend yourself from whoever was out there.  You didn’t like your odds.  The banging and shouting continued—there had to be at least a few people.  What did they want with you?

“What do we do, Y/N?” Kevin whispered, looking around the room frantically.

“Probably call your dad, dumbass,” you replied, thrown off by how snarky your words came out. “But not yet.  Let me see what’s going on.” You slid off the bed and started creeping towards the window.

“Y/N, what the heck are you doing?” He whisper-shouted.

“Seeing who it is,” you snapped.  You reached the window, pushed the curtains aside, and looked down at the front porch.  Standing there, under the porch light, were four Southside Serpents.  Their matching leather coats gave them an imposing look.  All of them were shouting and pacing around, clearly ready for a fight.  Your heart started to race anew. “Kev,” you whispered.

His cell phone was in his hand. “Just tell me when.”

“I swear to god, Andrews,” the leader shouted, “if you’re not out here in thirty seconds, I’m coming in!”

“Wait, Andrews?” You groaned, dropping the curtains back over the window. “Motherfucking Archie Andrews.  Don’t call anyone, Kevin.”  

“What?” He demanded, following you as your stormed out of your room toward the stairs. “What do you mean?”

“Wait here,” you ordered, reaching the bottom of the stairs.  You walked to the door and threw it open to see a tall, angry looking Serpent looking down at you. “Can I help you?”

His eyes widened in shock.  Then, an amused grin spread across his face. “I didn’t know Andrews had a sister.”

“He doesn’t.” You crossed your arms and leaned on the door frame. “You’ve got the wrong house.”

The Serpent’s eyes narrowed in anger, and he turned to his friend. “Fangs, what the fuck?”

“672 Oak Street,” the shorter Serpent responded, throwing his hands in the air. “That’s the Andrews address.”

“Yeah, 672 South Oak Street.  This would be 672 North Oak Street.” You held the tall Serpent’s gaze, trying to read his expression.  His eyes were roaming over you in a way you knew all too well.

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

“Wish I was, skyscraper.  It’s been confusing mailmen, pizza guys, and gang members since it was built.” You couldn’t help but smile.  The group had gone from pissed off, raging gang members to awkwardly confused teenagers in the blink of an eye.

He smirked, licking his lip before speaking. “Well, I can’t say I mind this little detour.”

You felt a heated blush start to creep up your neck, and you couldn’t come up with an adequate response that wouldn’t make you look like a colossal moron.

“What’s your name, Northsider?”

“Y/N,” you replied.  Behind you, you heard Kevin gasp slightly, and you smiled.  He had been watching from the top of the stairs, and you could only imagine how much he was living for the drama unfolding in your doorway. “And you?”

“Sweet Pea.” His said is so sincerely that you weren’t sure if you should laugh or not.

“No way, that can’t be real.”

“Absolutely real, princess.”

Your heart nearly jumped into your throat, and you had to sputter out a fake cough to cover it.  Sweet Pea saw right through you.

“You should probably get to Archie’s, you know,” you said. “I mean, seeing as you’ve probably already drawn a little attention by nearly breaking down my front door.”

His gaze never left yours. “I’m not worried about that.  Not when I don’t even have your number yet.”

Damn, he was bold. “I don’t usually give my number to guys who introduce themselves by attempting to break down my door.” Your eyes drifted to the tattoo on his neck, and you found yourself wanting to do entirely indecent things to it.

“You should be impressed with my commitment to get to you."  His brown eyes looked deep black under the silvery moonlight.

"You know where I live, skyscraper.” You stepped back to make room to close the door. “Maybe stop by without the entourage sometime.”  

A low groan escaped his throat. “You don’t know how tempting that is, princess.”

“Have a good night, Sweet Pea.” You grinned slyly and closed the door.  Your heart was racing with a whole new kind of adrenaline.

Kevin had moved to the bottom of the stairs.  His jaw was hanging open.

“YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE, SKYSCRAPER?” he shouted, unable to contain his wide grin. “Y/N, you beautiful savage!”

You laughed, finally starting to relax before crashing on the couch. “I can’t believe I just flirted with a Southside Serpent.  Holy shit, I see the appeal now, Kev.”

He was nearly shaking with excitement. “That was beyond perfect.  You are a literal legend.”

You rolled your eyes, the image of Sweet Pea smirking still burned into your mind.  It was completely insane, but you really were hoping he’d come back. “Kev, I think I need a drink.”

“I think you need more than one drink,” he laughed. “What about Chemistry, though?”

“Oh, I think I’ve learned more than enough about Chemistry for the night.”